Zilianop can walk?

Chad Dicki asked a question: Zilianop can walk?
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A Twitch user by the screen name ZiloanOP made clams that he could not walk and asked people to give him money to help him buy things that he "needed" such a...

ZiloanOP performs a miracle v2 (Wheel in, walk out) - YouTube.

Of course if he had actually gained mobility through therapy, ZilianOP most likely would have asked for everyone’s attention in his twitch.tv channel to watch him slowly stand up. The resultant tears and donations would have flooded in! Instead, ZilianOP chose to show the medical miracle of him walking with no warning at all.

Moments later in his stream chat, he says he didn't walk, he "threw himself" from his chair, hitting his desk chasing his dog off, which left him mulling on the floor, having a hard time breathing. And then his gf says in wow chat that even though he can't feel anything waist-down, recent therapy allows him to pull himself up and stand from time to time "so he just stood up".

This guy just scammed the entire D3 community. Glad I never donated to that piece of shit!!!!

He claims he can't walk, and scammed alot of money from people, on that statement.

ZilianOP Miraculously Walks. Shane Blume / 8 years ago. There are tons of internet personalities streaming live shows of them playing their favorite video games. Today I will tell you about Angel ...

A Twitch streamer by the name of ZilianOP, who has claimed for two years to be wheelchair bound, had his lies come tumbling down upon him during a recent stream where he got up and walked away ...

ZilianOP walks - Pastebin.com. Scumbag gamer fakes being crippled to receive 8k+ in donations. Seems not only did zilianop bot, get caught and lie about it. He claimed to be a cripple and received thousands in donations under those pretenses, in actuality he can walk and is not a cripple.

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