Would a sane round earth believer answer a flat earth believers question?



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Most of the time, no. But sometimes yes. For the most part it is hard to find flat earthers anymore, but when some do appear they are quite fun to argue against. I can only speak for myself but I will debate literally anything if there are people who believe it and it is not held up by science.

Questions for flat earth believers… One can play mathematical games to warp the conventional round earth model to a flat earth, or a hollow earth, or into many other grotesque geometries… Not one flat earth believer I've ever corresponded with even knows about such mathematical models, or has the ability to understand them…

5 Questions About Believing In A Flat Earth That You Were Afraid To Ask ... the edge of flat earth is and they expect us to have an answer.” ... believe in flat Earth love calling non-believers ...

Questions from a round earth believer . The Flat Earth Society; ... Australia it's 3:23pm which is still light outside but if the earth was flat wouldn't everybody have day at the same exact time and night at the same exact time since there is no curve to the earth? ... « Reply #1 on: ...

It’s difficult for me to believe anyone is so gullible and, yes, stupid, to believe the earth is flat. But as with so many other nuggets of nonsense, social media has brought forth its exhibits to demonstrate that reality. Those of in the sane world might wonder where the question comes from.

If you're gonna answer "Perspective" (of course you will...) you need to explain HOW your perspective works. "Because reasons" is not an answer!1: On the fla...

Flat earthers (mostly) believe that NASA, all astronomers and the United Nations are all well aware that the Earth is flat and conspire to produce fake photos and videos to try to keep the rest of us believing that it’s round.

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Yes, true believers in the flat earth theory are certifiable. To ignore empirical evidence the earth is a sphere and to subscribe to a physically impossible theory is the definition of insane. One would only need a boat, a large body of water, a tall land based object, and a clear day to test the concept of a curved earth.

« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2018, 05:19:51 AM » Quote from: JRoweSkeptic on March 27, 2018, 04:42:14 AM Evidence not based on the presupposition of the RE hypothesis.

Physics, 09.03.2021 17:50 martinezlittleman. What can you tell a flat earth believer

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