Will wolves kill for sport?

Jessie Hauck asked a question: Will wolves kill for sport?
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Events like these often paint wolves as bloodthirsty animals that are interested in killing for sport. Science, though, shows that wolves do not merely kill for sport. Do they kill more food than they can eat at the time? Yes, that does happen.

Unlike humans, wolves do not kill for sport. Wolves and all other predators kill for sustenance and survival. Sometimes carcasses are found that are only partially consumed, leading to the assumption that the kill was abandoned and wasted.

The case could be made that some sportsmen kill for sport and not food. But unlike that segment of the human population, wolves do not kill for sport. The word “sport” refers to activities engaged in for fun, amusement, recreation and pleasure. For wolves, hunting their usual prey is particularly difficult and dangerous.

Not in the wild. Nope. Only humans do this because we are ill and have too much time on our hands. Nearly everything wolves kill is big and dangerous. Killing is serious business because the possibility of getting injured is very high. Remembe...

Do Wolves Kill for Sport? No, but sometimes they hunt down more than they can eat.

Folks who don’t like wolves, they like to call it “sport killing,” or “thrill killing”—all a variation on the theme that, any time wolves kill more than they can eat at once, it’s evidence that...

Feedground Manager Russell Chadwick reported several instances of wolves killing multiple elk and eating just a few bites. In a two-week period in 2014 wolf sport killing totaled 11, seven, seven,...

Wolves, like all wild carnivores, do not kill for sport. They kill to sustain themselves. Though it is uncommon, “surplus killing” (killing more prey animals than can be immediately consumed) has been observed in many predator species.

"Unlike humans, wolves do not kill for sport," writes the Idaho-based advocacy group Living With Wolves. Instead, the animals are often chased off their kills, either by other predators or by...

Wolves do not kill for sport. There are various factors which are responsible for surplus killings by wolves: 1.) Only 6-8% of their attacks are successful as compared to other predators like lion, tigers (avg of 27-30%) which gives them a natural instinct to hunt more.

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