Will trees ever walk?

Kareem Rice asked a question: Will trees ever walk?
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His 2005 analysis of the plant and its roots (published in the journal Biotropica) shows that, contrary to popular belief (and its name), the walking tree can't walk because its roots don't move. A few roots on one side or another may die off, but the trunk itself remains, well, rooted to the spot.


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As long as the injury is incomplete (the spinal cord is not severed all the way through), recovery to some degree is possible. SCI patients with less severe quadriplegia may be able to move their arms and hands with weakness, while those with more severe quadriplegia may not be able to move their arms at all.

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If a bit of bacteria can turn into a person over time surely a tree can learn to walk ?

However, it is indeed true that trees can walk (of sorts). It’s also something you’re not likely to witness real-time because, well, trees don’t do anything quickly! In the following few words, I’m going to outline a few of the more common trees known around the world for “walking”: The Walking Palm

The travels of trees (and other plants) are different from the migration of animals in another way. Animals are guided by their by their senses—of taste, of smell, of sight, of Earth’s magnetic field. Trees, though, are guided only by conditions, by the fact of where each seed sprouts or fails to sprout. When conditions change, the forest follows.

Trees talk to each other through their roots. :lol: No they don't. Trees can't "talk".

Association, we created our first ever tree walk in High Point. This tree walk will highlight our heritage trees along with different varieties of trees that we have. We welcome you to Seattle’s first green mixed income neighborhood! Tree Walk begins at Neighborhood House Parking Lot next to the Sports court. DBH and height recorded on 03/22/2021

Some finite trees are too large to represent explicitly, such as the game tree for chess or go, and so it is useful to analyze them as if they were infinite. A basic requirement for traversal is to visit every node eventually. For infinite trees, simple algorithms often fail this. For example, given a binary tree of infinite depth, a depth-first search will go down one side (by convention the ...

If you wonder about trees and flowers and birds and other animals that you come across on your walks, you probably know that you can jump onto the EW App go to our Nature Club. Our erudite, curious, and ever-knowing naturalist Mel Grosvenor is at the ready to explain in delicious detail just what you’re observing out there. Just post a picture and PRESTO, you won’t wait long before Mel has come back to you with all you’ll want to know about that moment in nature you’ve ...

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  • Trees, as we all know, are pretty stationary: they stay more or less where you plant them, and no one worries about finding a tree wandering around a park or back yard. There is one unique exception, some say: the so-called walking palm tree (Socratea exorrhiza) found in Latin America.
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As long as the injury is incomplete (the spinal cord is not severed all the way through), recovery to some degree is possible. SCI patients with less severe quadriplegia may be able to move their arms and hands with weakness, while those with more severe quadriplegia may not be able to move their arms at all.

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