Why does my odyssey beep when i walk away?

Katrina Goldner asked a question: Why does my odyssey beep when i walk away?
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it will beep when any door, tailgate or hood is ajar. If all your doors are closed then something is wrong. if you leave one of the doors open and walk away, it will beep.


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  • If all your doors are closed then something is wrong. if you leave one of the doors open and walk away, it will beep. I have a 2019 also, mine does this too. Best guess is it’s thinking that the fob is still in the car. If I open and shut the driver door it doesn’t usually do it a second time.

❓ Honda crv 2019 beep when i walk away?

The continuous beeping indicates that the auto lock function did not initiate and your vehicle is still unlocked… The vehicle is not turned off and you exited with the smart entry remote. You may have walked away from the vehicle too quickly.

❓ Why does my honda crv beep when i walk away?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • The smart entry remote is inside the vehicle.
  • A door or the hood is not closed.
  • The vehicle is not turned off and you exited with the smart entry remote.
  • You may have walked away from the vehicle too quickly…
  • Your phone or other electronics may be interfering with the smart entry remote signal.

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If you walk away very quickly, or if there is no key in the car or in your pocket as you walk away, it will beep a lot and not lock. Said alternatively: if there is no key in the car (probably meaning no person in the car) and the doors are closed and the Odyssey doesn't detect a key leaving, it won't autolock and will beep.

If the warning beeper sounds, check that you are carrying the smart entry remote. Then, open/close a door and confirm the auto lock activation beeper sounds once.-----It seems to me that Honda has designated this behavior as: "Auto Lock function operation stop beeper" Their last sentence is totally consistent with what I've experienced.

Feb 11, 2016. #11. if it is beeping quickly that means the car thinks your fob key is still in the car. just use your key and manually lock it or just open the door and close it again. if it beeps once that means you are good. it is telling you that all doors are closed and the fob key is with you.

Discussion Starter · #13 · Nov 24, 2015. KC_703 and snider00 have the right answer. If you walk away from the vehicle while the tailgate is closing once it closes fully and the key fob (you) is/are out of range, the 6 rapid beeps. tell you that the doors are not locked.....and you have to do that manually on the fob.

Does my car automatically lock when I walk away? The Walk Away Auto Lock technology becomes activated by exiting the vehicle and having the key fob on your person within five feet. Once you step beyond the five feet range, the doors and tailgate will lock while the exterior lights flash and the beeper sounds.

I have the "walkaway" lock option turned on. When it works correctly, I exit the vehicle and hear 1 beep, walk away, then hear another beep and the doors lock. Sometimes when I exit the vehicle I hear a quick series of beeps after closing the drivers door. When I walk way I don't hear the...

The continuous beeping indicates that the auto lock function did not initiate and your vehicle is still unlocked. Here are a few reasons why: The smart entry remote is inside the vehicle. A door or the hood is not closed. The vehicle is not turned off and you exited with the smart entry remote. You may have walked away from the vehicle too quickly.

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