Why do hairy caterpillars walk in a line?

Mireille Collins asked a question: Why do hairy caterpillars walk in a line?
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They travel in long lines of hundreds or more in search of food or a suitable place to begin the transformation into their adult form: the bag-shelter moth (Ochrogaster lunifer). Together they present a formidable number of irritant hairs to predators and the conga line helps prevent them getting lost.


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❓ Why would caterpillars walk in a line?

Caterpillars preferentially follow trails marked by larger numbers of caterpillars. Trail marking enables the caterpillars to aggregate at feeding sites and allows them to find their way back to nest after feeding. When they move over the branches, caterpillars may travel head to tail in small groups or alone.

❓ How do caterpillars walk?

with their tiny legs

❓ How are caterpillars able to walk on their own?

with their tiny legs. Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species Ask Question

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