Why can't apes walk as good as human reddit?

Yazmin Sporer asked a question: Why can't apes walk as good as human reddit?
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Did humans walk the earth 3.2 million years ago? - Apes - BBC

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It has been argued that knuckle walking was adopted by the African apes as a way to ameliorate the consequences of repetitive impact loadings on both soft and hard tissues of the forelimb via...

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Answer to: Do apes walk on two legs? By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions. You can also ask...

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Generally, they likely would have made it difficult to do the one thing humans are physically good at: walking long distances. We could out walk most ancient human prey, it’s one of the theories of why we are full bipeds. And to cover the contrarians: yes, there is a good counterweight us for a counter weight for mammalian features on bipeds.

No one knows why we walk. Out of some 250 species of primates, we are the only ones that have elected to get up and move around exclusively on two legs. Some authorities think bipedalism is at least as important a defining characteristic of what it is to be human as our high-functioning brain. Many […]

furthermore, apes have shown zero evidence of becoming human beings, they apes. Well, humans are great apes as well, but the theory doesn't predict other apes will evolve into humans. where are the missing link half man half ape things? that are 50 50 ape man hybrids, they not yet "found".

As for "why are there still apes", there is no reason for there not to be apes. They are a separate group of animal species in their own right, living, breeding and evolving. The existence or non-existence of humans has no impact (other than the obvious direct stuff like killing them, destroying their habitat) on the life and times of your ...

The humans treated her like an ape, the apes treated her like a human. That's fine, but unlike the other scenes we talked about to far, this scene i feel is bad no matter how good the rest of the film could have been, this was to me, simply a bad scene.

Share on Reddit. Share on WhatsApp… than it would be for the same ape to go straight to walking on plains," says Isabelle ... View image of Unlike other apes, humans mostly walk on two feet ...

Even if you were determined to shovel all that vegetation in your mouth, it wouldn't do you much good. Threads on Reddit's AskScience forum have probed the gorilla question, revealing that the apes' intestines digest foods differently to humans'.. Gorillas have gut bacteria that's better at both converting cellulose (plant matter) into energy and synthesising amino acids, which supercharge all ...

The new apes have now been baptized in fire! When you hear us talking about the 14.01 battle, or the 8.01 battle, or even the 5 battle, for you it was theoretical. It sounded fun and exciting, but without anything on the line, it lost flavor. The past few days I hope have helped put things in perspective.

Great apes can also easily catch a cold or the flu from humans. 3. Why great apes can't speak… Great apes can't swim. As a result, zoos have to think twice about using water-filled moats ...

29 I have goals dreams visions. Taking an opportunity of a lifetime. Why not. God is good Money is NEEDED PATIENTS IS GOLDEN.

The answer: we spend too much time sitting and not enough time walking. As much as humans are built to sit, we are built to walk, AND RUN! We should naturally spend a good portion of our day walking and running. EVERY DAY! But we don't. Most of us sit too much and eat too much, and that's why the statistics suggest that sitting is a risk factor..

Apes must have changed, step by step, into humans." This same person will often follow up with this observation: "If apes 'turned into' humans, then apes should no longer exist." Although there are several ways to attack this assertion, the bottom-line rebuttal is simple -- humans didn't descend from apes.

The apes were created because of human greed and hubris in the first movie, and the violence in this story is also caused by our escalation of power and need for technology. As Oldman's character ...

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