Who won the most nba dunk contest?

Breana Gleason asked a question: Who won the most nba dunk contest?
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  • The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has had really famous winners, among them Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter. Nate Robinson won it a record-setting 3 times while Wilkins, Jordan and Jason Richardson won the contest twice.


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❓ Did dominique wilkins win a dunk contest?

In 1990, Dominique Wilkins of the Atlanta Hawks edged out Kenny Smith of the Sacramento Kings to win his second Slam Dunk Contest (first won in 1985 over Michael Jordan).

❓ Did kobe bryant win the dunk contest?

Bryant was 18 years and 169 days old when he won the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest in Cleveland as a rookie. It wasn't one of the most memorable dunk contests, but Bryant beat out Michael Finley and Chris Carr in the final round.

❓ Did kobe bryant won a dunk contest?

Kobe Bryant won the Slam Dunk Contest when the 1997 NBA All-Star Game was played in Cleveland (video) ... The then-18-year-old claimed the 1997 NBA All-Star Game Slam Dunk title in the contest held at the then-Gund Arena in downtown Cleveland.

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If you think MIchael Jordan your wrong Nate Robinson won 3 dunk contest while MJ won 2 fact: Nate Robinson was the shortest person to win a Dunk contest

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What channel is nba all star dunk contest on?
  • The three skills events will be held on Saturday, with the Skills Challenge starting at 8 p.m. ET. The 3-point Contest will follow, and the Slam Dunk Contest brings the night to a close. All of the All-Star events will be broadcast live on TNT except for Friday's Celebrity Game, which is on ESPN.
When did dominique wilkins win the slam dunk contest?
  • Wilkins, nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film,” was particularly known for his dunking skills, especially his signature two-handed windmill dunk. He won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest twice, in 1985 and 1990, and placed second two other times.
Who won the 2020 nba all star dunk contest?

Derrick Jones Jr.

WINNER: Derrick Jones Jr. How many people are in the 2021 nba dunk contest?
  • Typically the main event of All-Star Saturday night, this year's Dunk Contest will take place during halftime of the All-Star game and will only feature three contestants. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2021 NBA Dunk Contest. When: Halftime of the All-Star game on Sunday, March 7 (Game starts at 8 p.m.)
What time does the dunk contest start at nba all-star game?
  • TNT's All-Star broadcast kicks off Sunday at 5 p.m. ET, followed by the Skills Challenge and 3-point Contest. The Slam Dunk Contest will serve as the halftime entertainment for those watching the All-Star Game. The Slam Dunk Contest features three players competing in two rounds.
Can charles barkley dunk?

Barkley couldn't palm a ball to dunk but had great hands. "Soft enough to catch a bullet," said Smith, his college coach. Despite his weight, he had a 39-inch vertical leap and terrific quickness. Said former coach Jack Ramsay: "I've never seen any big man quicker in reacting to the ball."

Can chris paul dunk?

Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns is not known for his dunking, but Paul threw down a dunk during warmups before Game 3 against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night (his first game of the series). The video can be seen in a Tweet below from the NBA… More on the Los Angeles Clippers and the series can be read here.

Could george mikan dunk?

And you won't see a dunk. It was illegal because of him, he says. In college, at DePaul, he would bat the ball out of the basket, so they instituted rules against goaltending, and included offensive goaltending.

Does lebron james dunk?

That LeBron, at age 36, is still able to dunk when taking off from 13 feet away, is ridiculous… In LeBron's case, he begins the gather in the middle of a step. He has both hands on the ball right before his left foot hits the ground at the top of the key. By rule, that's his first step.

What exercises help dunk?

Twenty minutes of plyometric training, including broad jumps, one-foot jumps, box jumps, depth jumps (jumping off a bench, and immediately springing off the floor), and full squat jumps.

Can all nba players dunk?

Nearly every NBA player, at some point, takes part in the league's most marketable ritual. But a handful of mainstays have never attempted an in-game slam. What keeps some athletes from trying to dunk? ... Of all the choices he could make with the ball, dunking, he says, isn't even an afterthought.

Can bill russell still dunk?

Bill Russell was a legendary defender, but he dunked on dudes, too. Bill Russell is, objectively, our coolest retired basketball player. He won 11 goddamn titles in 13 seasons and should have won 12; he got injured in '58 and had to sit on the bench while the sad-ass St.

Can dunk a tennis ball?

To be able to dunk, you typically need to clear an entire basketball above the rim and have downward trajectory with the ball.

Can julius erving still dunk?

The Doctor also revealed that Erving, one of the most influential dunkers in the history of the game, can still throw it down at age 63, more than 25 years after he retired in 1987.

Can michael jordan stand dunk?

#2 Michael Jordan (46 Inches)

There, he reached a maximum running jump of almost 46 inches and also showed a 42″ vertical or one-handed dunks.

Can michael jordan still dunk?

It should come as no surprise that Michael Jordan, once described by his own father as having a "competition problem," will gladly show off his remaining skills—even if they come over a decade after he exited the game as a player.

Can michael jordan's mom dunk?

In a 1980's documentary about Michael Jordan's career, MJ's mother made an appearance teaching MJ how to shoot and dunk the ball. The stunt was obviously for fun but it showed how much MJ's mother was in touch with the GOAT and his passion for playing ball.

Can ronaldo dunk a basketball?

So yes, Ronaldo can absolutely dunk.

Can shaq dunk without jumping?

That's right, he's so tall that he doesn't eve need to jump. I mean, even Shaquille O'Neal had to jump while attempting a dunk… And while the smaller player simply lays up his shot, the towering Adegoke performs his signature move by dunking the ball without even jumping.

Did oscar robertson ever dunk?

14. Oscar Robertson. Oscar Robertson never actually dunked in an NBA game, but that's not to say that the couldn't do it.