Who is alex ovechkins' favorite hockey player?

Harmon Harber asked a question: Who is alex ovechkins' favorite hockey player?
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Ovechkins favourite hockey player is Wayne Gretzky or Mario or himself

He was a fan and team favorite during his stint with the Capitals, but left the team for the New York Rangers after Washington failed to re-sign the enforcer, but he never went after Ovechkin when the teams met. Brashear eventually joined MMA, something he probably should of done years before because he knocked his first opponent out in 21 seconds.

Ovechkins favourite hockey player is Wayne Gretzky or Mario or himself. Wiki User. ∙ 2011-01-16 17:52:06. This answer is:

As talk turned to who Ovechkin’s idols were growing up, The Great Eight named multiple NHL players including Owen Nolan, whom he called his favorite in an interview with Graham Bensinger last year. Nolan was the popular captain of the San Jose Sharks from 1998 to 2003.

He has won the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy, awarded annually to the NHL's leading goal scorer, an NHL-record nine times, first doing so in 2007–08, when his 65 goals and 112 points also earned him the Art Ross Trophy for most points scored, the Hart Memorial Trophy for most valuable player, and the Lester B. Pearson Award for best player as voted on by the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA).

In his bedroom, he carefully stashed away the cards of many players, including his idol, Mario Lemieux. Considered a hockey phenom in his native country, Ovechkin soon earned the praise of NHL scouts.

Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin is regarded as one of the greatest ice-hockey players in the world. Also known as “The Great Eight” and “Ovi,” he is a Russian professional winger and the captain of the ‘Washington Capitals’ of the ‘National Hockey League’ (NHL). He combines great skill, speed, and physical domination in the game.

Alex has stayed put with the Caps since 2004, but his favorite team growing up was the San Jose Sharks. When he was asked if there were any players or teams he admired when he was younger , he responded: "My favorite team was San Jose...I was cheering for them, especially when [Owen] Nolan was there...You grow up and you watch them and you want to be just like them."

He has been playing in the field for a long time and is considered to be one of the best ice hockey players all around the world. He is not only a professional player, but he is also a captain of the Washington Capitals, a team he used to play for due to his efficiency and skills in the sport.

Since 2007, the English Wikipedia page of Alexander Ovechkin has received more than 5,764,544 page views. His biography is available in 36 different languages on Wikipedia (up from 34 in 2019). Alexander Ovechkin is the 30th most popular hockey player (down from 19th in 2019), the 1,711th

Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League (NHL). Prior to entering the NHL, Ovechkin played for HC Dynamo Moscow of the Russian Superleague for four seasons, from 2001 until 2005, and returned to play for them briefly during the 2012 13 NHL lockout.

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But “Ovie” has proven himself a great hockey player. After making his National Hockey League (NHL) debut in 2005 with the Washington Capitals, Ovechkin frequently led the league in scoring, winning the Maurice Richard Trophy, for most goals scored, five times (2008–09, 2013–15).

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