Which sport is ranji trophy associated?

Lydia Nolan asked a question: Which sport is ranji trophy associated?
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❓ Which sport would you associate with ranji trophy?

It is associated with the sport of cricket.The Ranji Trophy is a first-class cricket championship played in India.

❓ Which sport is ranjhi trophy associated?


❓ Which sport is wills trophy associated?


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Ranji trophy is associated with cricket.

The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India between multiple teams representing regional and state cricket associations. The competition currently consists of 38 teams, with all 28 states in India and four of the eight union territories having at least one representation. The competition is named after the first Indian cricketer who played international ...

2. With what game is ‘Ranji Trophy’ associated? (a) Bridge (b) Lawn Tennis (c) Cricket (d) Football. 3. ‘Leg Bye” is associated with the game of: (a) Hockey (b) Cricket (c) Tennis (d) None of these

Trophies and Cups associated with Sports. Hockey. Aga Khan Cup. Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup. Dhyanchand Trophy. Sindhia Gold cup. Murugappa Gold Cup. Wellington Cup. Nehru Trophy.

The Ranji Trophy is named after one of India’s first test cricketers, Ranjitsinhji, who played for England and Sussex. Largely regional in nature, the Ranji Trophy can be summed up as a domestic first-class cricket series played by various regional teams against one another.

Ranji Trophy: Cricket: Rovers Cup: Football: Ryder Cup: Golf (UK) Santosh Trophy: Football (India) Stevens Cup: Tennis (USA) Swaythling Cup: Table Tennis: Subroto Cup: Inter School Football (India) Thomas Cup: Badminton: Uber Cup: Badminton: UEFA Cup: Football (Europe) Walker Cup: Golf: Wightman Cup: Lawn Tennis: Westchester Cup: Polo: Wellington Trophy: Rowing (India)

Nehru Trophy: Hockey: Nizam Gold Cup: Football: Rangaswami Cup: Hockey (National Championship) Ranji Trophy: Cricket (National Championship) Rovers Cup: Football: Sanjay Gold Cup: Football: Santosh Trophy: Football: Sheesh Mahal Trophy: Cricket: Subroto Mukherjee Cup: Football: Todd Memorial Trophy: Football: Vittal Trophy: Football: Vizzy Trophy: Cricket: Yadavindra Cup: Hockey

LIST OF CUPS AND TROPHIES (ASSOCIATED. WITH SPORTS & GAMES) Hockey. Aga Khan Cup, Begam Rasaul Trophy (women’s), Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Lady Ratan Tata Trophy (Women’s), Gurunanak Championship (women’s) Dhyanchand Trophy, Nehru Trophy, Sindhia Gold Cup, Murugappa Gold Cup. Wellington Cup etc.

Singhania Trophy. Chess Cups and Trophies. Khaitan Torphy; Naidu Trophy; Lin Are City Trophy and World Cup. Cups and Trophies Associated with Cricket. ICC World Cup; Ranji Trophy; Duleep Trophy; Rohinton Baria Trophy; Benson and Hedges Cup; Charminar Challenger Cup; G.D. Birla Trophy; Anthony D; Mellow Trophy; Ashes; Asia Cup; Bose Trophy; Champions Trophy; C.K Naidu Trophy

Each zonal team is a composite team of cricketers who play for the Ranji Trophy state/city teams situated in that region of India. The teams which compose each zone are as follows: North Zone

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Which sport has which trophy?

Lochore Cup – the secondary trophy in the Heartland Championship; Ranfurly Shield – a trophy between provincial teams; South Africa: Currie Cup – South Africa's premier domestic competition; Southern Hemisphere: Super Rugby Trophy – to the winners of the Super Rugby competition

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Wimbledon trophy for which sport?

Wimbledon Women’s Singles Trophy – (Venus Rosewater Dish) Venus Rosewater Dish is handed to the winner of Ladies singles event in Wimbledon every year. It was first presented back in 1886. It is made of sterling silver and became one of the most iconic sports trophies for women.

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Nehru trophy belongs to which sport?

Nehru trophy is related to the sports game football. Subject: Sports. Exam Prep: AIEEE , Bank Exams , CAT. Job Role: Analyst , Bank Clerk , Bank PO. Q:

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Which sport has the oldest trophy?

photo source: BBC News The Carlisle Bells date back to sometime in the 16 th century and are believed to be the oldest sports trophy in the world. The bells are given to the winner of the The Carlisle Bell horse race in Carlisle, Cumbria, England.

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Which sport caster semenya associated?

Madeleine Pape (left) raced Caster Semenya in the 2009 World Championships. In the picture, the South African runner is between Ukraine's Petyuk and Kenya's Jepkosgei. It was such an impressive ...

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Which sport is wimbledon associated?

The sport of tennis.

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American trophy is related to which sport?

List of International Sports Cups And Trophies: Cups And Trophies: Related Sports: Founded in the Year: American Cup: Yacht Racing: 1851: The Ashes: Test Crickets (England & Australia) 1882: Colombo Cup: Football (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka And Myanmar ) 1952: Corbillon Cup: World Table Tennis (Women) 1933: Davis Cup: Tennis (Men) 1900: Lord Derby Cup: Rugby: 1934: Billi Jean King Cup

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Charminar trophy is related to which sport?

Charminar Trophy is associated with ? 10th. General Knowledge. Sports and Games of India and World. Sports and Games of India and World. Charminar Trophy is associa...

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Indira pradhan trophy related to which sport?

Indira Pradhan Trophy is associated with volleyball.

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Naidu trophy is related to which sport?

The C. K. Nayudu Trophy is related to the sport of. a. cricket. b. Hockey. c. Football. d. Chess.

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Which cup trophy is associated with the game of hockey?

Title: Which of the following Trophies/cups is associated with the game of Hockey ? Description: This is a Most important question of gk exam. Question is : Which of the following Trophies/cups is associated with the game of Hockey ? , Options is : 1. Durand Cup, 2. Santosh Trophy, 3. Rangaswami Cup, 4. Ranji Trophy, 5.

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Back alley associated with which sport?

Here is a list of some of the terminology used in the sport of badminton. Alley - side-extension of the court by l½ feet on both sides that is used for doubles play. Back Alley - Area between the back boundary line and the long service line for doubles.

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'beamer' is associated with which sport?

Beamer is associated with cricket. beamer is a type of delivery in which the ball, without bouncing, passes above the batsman's waist height. Such a ball is often dangerously close to the batman’s head, due to the lack of control a bowler has over high full toss.

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Derby is associated with which sport?

Explanation: Derby Cup is associated with horse racing in United Kingdom. Subject: Sports. Exam Prep: AIEEE , Bank Exams , CAT , GATE. Job Role: Analyst , Bank Clerk , Bank PO. Q:

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Offside is associated with which sport?

For offside rules in other sports, see Offside (sport). An assistant referee signals for offside by raising his flag. Offside is one of the laws of association football, codified in Law 11 of the Laws of the Game. The law states that a player is in an offside position if any of their body parts, except the hands and arms, are in the opponents ...

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Tripping is associated with which sport?

Football: Advantage Clause, Blind Side, Centre Forward, Corner Kick, Dead Ball, Direct Free Kick, Dribble, Goal kick, Golden Goal, Hat-trick, Marking, OffSide, Penalty Kick, Penalty Shootout, Red Card, Striker, Throw In, Tripping.

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Which sport is associated with lords?

Lord's Cricket Ground, commonly known as Lord's, is a cricket venue in St John's Wood, London.Named after its founder, Thomas Lord, it is owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and is the home of Middlesex County Cricket Club, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the European Cricket Council (ECC) and, until August 2005, the International Cricket Council (ICC).

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Which sport is associated with wimbeldon?


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Which sport is marc stcherbina associated?

With which sport is Marc Stcherbina associated? Marc Stcherbina (born 7 December 1976 in Sydney) is a retired Australian rugby union player who last played for Newport Gwent Dragons. He was educated at Sydney Boys High School, and then University of New South Wales. He also played for the Waratahs, Northampton, and Cardiff Blues. He captained Australian schoolboys, and is one of the few players to make three Australian schoolboy teams and captained the team in 1994 and 1995. He then ...

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Wimbledon is associated with which sport?

Wimbledon is the name of a tennis tournament; no other sport is played there. However, the location where Wimbledon takes place is the All England Club, which also hosts croquet. What is the home...

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