Which is the best skateboard wheel for cruising?

Gus Tillman asked a question: Which is the best skateboard wheel for cruising?
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  • Cruising requires softer wheels with a hardness between 78a and 87a. The softer 78 wheels will give a comfortable and smooth ride but also have more friction. They feel bouncy and doing tricks on them is a bit more difficult. 87a still are great for smooth cruising but you’ll be able to ride faster.
  • Ricta Clouds – Cruising and/or Tricks Like most wheels, Ricta Clouds come in different sizes and hardness. These wheels will do fine for someone who wants to ride comfortably and still do technical tricks but they don’t excel at any.


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âť“ Which is the best cruiser skateboard for cruising?

The first name that comes in our best cruiser skateboards list is Magneto Mini Cruiser because of its comfortable size, stability, maneuverability, and good rolling over rocks and cracks. Besides, whenever it comes to beginner skateboard for cruising, Magneto always wins in every expert’s reviews.

âť“ Which is the best skateboard for street cruising?

  • Combine the intensity of extreme sports with the classic thrills of skateboarding to deliver the best power boarding experience available! When it comes to street cruising, the On Road 600w has the highest speed and distance available. If you're looking f Our new 1600w board now comes with dual motors!

âť“ Which is the best skateboard setup for cruising?

  • The Arbor Oso Foundation Cruiser is a classic 80s style cruiser and comes with 169mm Paris trucks that offer a lot of stability. This setup has the smallest wheels (58mm) in the lineup and are 80A on the durometer scale. This board can also be used to ridie pools. What I like most about this board is its size.

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The Best skateboard wheels for cruising we found is a Ricta cloud made of soft urethane with a hardness of 78A and a diameter of 54mm. It’s perfectly designed for cruising around town or any surface you want to. Due to its hardness level and 78D core, it rolls smoothly. No matter how rough the surface is, these wheels roll very smoothly.

5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising (as of March, 2021): 1. Ricta 32927 Clouds Skateboard Wheels for Cruising Review. These Ricta 32927 Clouds wheels bring a nice balance between cruising and trick practicing. It’s very difficult to find such a wheelset that you can use for both while figuring out what works best.

Cloud Ride is a set of bulky wheels meant for longer skateboards. These are some of the best cruising wheels to install on your favourite skateboard despite their bulky design. These wheels are super soft, and you hardly feel any pebbles or bumps while you skate on them. However, don’t expect any tricks on these wheels, as these are meant for cruising only. Things to Consider When Buying Cruising Wheels

FREEDARE wheels are our top priority as the best skateboard wheels for cruising and performing tricks. If your city has many bumps, cracks, and pebbles on the road, these wheels will serve you the best. These polyurethane wheels come with pre-installed ABEC-7 bearings that are great for riding fast on a bumpy surface.

The Shark Wheel 60mm 78a Skateboard Wheels is one of the best wheels I use whenever I go for rugged terrain rides and uneven surfaces. These wheels for cruising feature scientifically proven advantages like less friction and a long lifespan. And I think these make this cruiser brand reliable at all times.

Spitfire Formula 4 Classic Skateboard Wheel brings for you the best cruising with its 02 types durometer wheels. It’s 101A durometer & 99A durometer; both wheels are perfect for all-around versatile street and park cruising and tricks. The wheel is classic in shape, and the surface is smooth, shiny coated.

Soft and small skateboard wheels are perfect for cruiser skateboard/longboard. This one is the best longboard wheel for cruising. Special Feature. The most interesting feature of the Ricta, Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheel, 54 – mm is that these wheels contain a 78D center set core which lets them flip easily and provide a better grip.

BELEEV is famous for the best skateboards for cruising. This mini Skateboard has a compact and portable design. First of all, it has a good design that suits everyone’s needs. The reason behind it is the mini shape that makes everyone to ride with it. Besides, its Deck is flexible and versatile when it comes to its performance.

A wheel around 78a or 80 will be the best of both worlds. Soft skateboard wheels will feel the best after riding harder wheels for some time. Other factors. Typically, the cruiser wheel you get will be dictated by what you want to do with (how you want it to feel) and what your setup will allow. For example, if you have traditional kingpin (tkp) trucks, they will lean more and be lower to the ground so you will be prone to get wheelbite if you get 70mm+ wheels.

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Is skateboard cruising dangerous?

If you're just going to cruise around the neighborhood there isn't very much danger at all. Other types of longboard activities such as going downhill or dancing may be more dangerous but if you wear the necessary safety equipment then you'll be okay.

What kind of skateboard wheels are best for cruising?
  • We found these wheels to be super quiet and smooth for cruising. For a smoother experience, you can choose between 58MM to 60MM versions as well. However, for the 60MM version, you will need risers to make the wheels compatible with your truck. Soft skateboard wheels are not suitable for doing tricks.
What are the best skateboard wheel bearings?

Dark Wolf has developed probably one of the best inexpensive skateboard bearings on the market. Due to the packaging, it would make some really good birthday gift to your friends and family. As a matter of fact, it seems Dark Wolf is even offering a gift box packaging as one of their services.

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?
  • Best Skateboard Wheels - Buyer's Guide of 2021 Bones Wheels 100's - Best Wheels for Street Skating Beginners. Your first skateboard needs wheels that provide control and versatility across different surfaces… Spitfire Classics - Best Wheels for Vert & Technical Skating… Bones Wheels STF V4 - Best Wheels for the Streets… Ricta Clouds 78a - Best Wheels for Comfort… More items...
What is the best skateboard wheel size?

Mostly, wheels’ diameter is measured in millimeters. The size ranges from 50 to 75 mm. Here is a list of conditions for the different diameters and when they are suitable for you: Wheels with the diameter ranging from 50-53mm are ideal for accomplishing stunts on skate parks and bowls.

Which side of skateboard wheel faces out?

If both sides are covered the same amount it probably doesn't make any difference though. I used Bones Red bearings and have the removable shields facing out. The logic for this is the other side had a slight gap where sand and dust can get in. Yes, the shield is the part that is removeable part, those face out.

Which side of skateboard wheel goes out?

The first thing you want to do is, take the bearing in your hand, there is two sides to Swiss bearings, the side that you want to have facing out is actually the flat face. So this is the side that will face out from the wheel, facing into the wheel is the inside plate.

Is a skateboard good for cruising?

Cruising on a board with small and hard wheels is just the worst. At some point, your feet are tingling and you feel like your teeth are about to droop right out of your mouth. In order the get the most out of your cruising exprience make sure you get quality parts. The best skateboard setup for skateboarding should consist of the following parts.

What is cruising on a skateboard?

What Is Cruising on a Skateboard? Cruising is a skate style where riders ride for long periods of time without stopping or doing tricks… These boards have a wide deck and wheelbase, allowing skaters to travel faster, longer, and with more control than normal skateboards.

What skateboard is good for cruising?

A cruiser board is the best type of skateboard to use for cruising short distances. Longer than a standard skateboard but shorter than a longboard, cruiser boards are easily maneuverable mid-length boards designed for cruising streets. Longboards are an excellent choice for a long, comfortable ride.

Which skateboard is best?
  • Best Overall: Minority Maple Skateboard at Amazon…
  • Best Budget: KROWNE ROOKIE Skateboard Complete at Amazon…
  • Best for Beginners: Hikole Complete Skateboard at Amazon…
  • Best Longboard: Atom Drop Through at Amazon…
  • Best Cruiser: ...
  • Best for Kids: ...
  • Best Electric: ...
  • Best for Tricks:
How to choose the best skateboard wheel size?
  • There's a few key dimensions to consider when choosing which skateboard wheel size to get. Watch the video and read below to learn how diameter, contact patch and shape affect the way a wheel skates. Smaller wheels are lighter, weigh less, and give you a quicker, more responsive pop, which is good for street and technical skating.
What's the best rating for a skateboard wheel?
  • Most range between 75a to 104a. Any wheel in the 78a to 90a range is considered a soft wheel, 90a to 98a is in the middle, 99a+ is referred to as a hard wheel. TIP: Bones Wheels sometimes uses the "Shore B scale" instead of the A scale. The measurement is similar, but the rating is 20 points below the A scale.
What's the best size for a skateboard wheel?
  • Diameter 1 50-53mm: These are considered the smallest skateboard wheels… 2 54-59mm: Medium or average size is perfect both for beginners and intermediate riders 3 60mm+: Made for the professional riders and especially for longboards, these wheels can roll on any terrain and are made for speed and to smoothly run over rough terrains
What are the best skateboard wheels for cruising only on bad roads?
  • Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels.
  • MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels.
  • Shark Wheel 78a Skateboard Wheels.
  • CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels.
  • FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels.
  • Orangatang 85mm Longboard Wheels.
  • Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels.
  • JOSOPA 52mm Skateboard Wheels.
Can you use a skateboard for cruising?

You could just use an ordinary skateboard. They don’t offer as smooth of a ride as a cruiser does, but they do the job. If you are still a beginner to skateboarding, it would probably be best if you used whatever board you’ll be doing tricks on, as you’ll want to get comfortable riding it before attempting anything else.

How much does a cruising skateboard cost?

Cruiser Skateboard Pricing

$50 and up: You will find some plastic cruiser skateboards at this price point as well as many with wooden decks. High-end options are usually made with higher-quality components, including trucks, wheels, and bearings.

How to use a skateboard for cruising?

Balance on the board and lean in from side to side using your knees, toes, and heels. Jump on and off the board and learn how to fall. Once you get comfortable, try to push your cruiser with one foot on the ground and the other on your deck. Make sure you know what your preferred front foot is.

What does cruising mean on a skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard is a specific type of board designed for cruising down streets, city environments, or basically any level pavement. Many cruiser boards have a kicktail, which is the part that ...

What is the best wheel size for a skateboard?

Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Riding

Street skateboard wheels typically range from 50 mm to 53 ml. This allows the rider to make tight turns more accurately. Anything above 53 mm is ideal for cruising or riding faster. Choosing a harder wheel is a good option if you plan on doing tricks.