What's the best way to tape a baseball bat?

Hermina Hegmann asked a question: What's the best way to tape a baseball bat?
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  • Continue to wrap the bat grip tape around the handle until complete. Next, cut a small piece of electrical tape to wrap around the final grip revolutions. This can help secure the grip to the handle. If available, you can finish off your baseball or softball bat grip with the finishing sticker.


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Angle the tape about 45 degrees to your bat, press the tape to the bottom of your bat and begin taping upwards. You can choose to wrap the tape at a different degree …

The unfinished end is the flat side of the bat tape, while the tapered end should face toward the barrel. While applying tension to the tape, begin wrapping the grip …

In this step you will wrap the coiled tape around the bat. Because the tape will no longer stick to the wood when coiled, you will need to begin with a horizontal …

So grab your chosen roll of tape and begin from the very base, just below the knob on the handle. While the first round should be made parallel to the ground …

Best Way To Tape A Baseball Bat - YouTube.

Recorded by @TBradley9.

To find one of the “sweet spots” on a baseball bat, hold the bat, hanging down, loosely between your thumb and index finger, just below the knob on the bat’s handle.

About an inch above the bat's trademark, start a line of tape around the barrel. Wrap the tape slowly, being careful to keep the tape moving toward the end of the bat.

Step 1 Baseball Bat Grip. Place the bat on a firm surface with the grip hanging off the edge. Draw a line on the top of the old grip using a marker. Practice caution …

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Wrap your bat for about 8 to 12 inches, depending on your preference. Cut the end of the tape at an angle and secure it to the bat.

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