What mlb players have hit 3 homeruns in a game?

Rubye Cartwright asked a question: What mlb players have hit 3 homeruns in a game?
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Mookie Betts accomplished something in Thursday's Dodgers-Padres game at Dodger Stadium that only two other players in MLB history have -- he hit three home runs in a game for the sixth time in his career. And he's only 27 years old, playing in his seventh Major League season.


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âť“ What mlb players have hit 4 homeruns in a game?

Five-of-the-seventeen men to hit four home runs in a game are in the Hall of Fame (Lou Gehrig, Ed Delahanty, Willie Mays, Chuck Klein, and Mike Schmidt). The RBIs received during a four homer game range from four (Cameron) to twelve (Whiten).

âť“ Who hit 4 homeruns in one mlb game?

Lou Gehrig, Yankees, June 3, 1932

Gehrig was the first AL player and the first in the modern era to hit four homers in a single contest during the Yankees' 20-13 win over the Athletics at Shibe Park.

âť“ Has a pitcher ever hit 2 homeruns in a game?

The following pitchers have each had two games with two home runs hit during those games during the same season: Wes Ferrell (1934, Boston AL), Don Newcombe (1955, Brooklyn NL), Jack Harshman (1958, Baltimore AL), Dick Donovan (1962, Cleveland AL), Tony Cloninger (1966, Atlanta NL) & Rick Wise (1971, Philadelphia NL).

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Did you know that Seby Zavala, on July 31, 2021, became the first player in Major League Baseball history without a career home run to have a 3-HR game? On July 23, 2002 , Nomar Garciaparra hit three home runs in a game, the first and only player in baseball history to hit 3-homers on his birthday !

A Brewers’ player has hit three or more home runs in a game 20 times in franchise history. It was accomplished by 14 different players. The last Brewers’ player to hit three home runs in a game was Aaron Hill last season on May 16 against the Cincinnati Reds, a 13-7 win for the Crew.

These four players have three home runs in a single World Series game: Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco, Oct. 24, 2012, consecutive. Albert Pujols, St. Louis, Oct. 22, 2011, consecutive. Reggie ...

MLB Most Consecutive Games with HR 5; MLB 40-HRs by 4-Letter Players 4; MLB 30 HR Seasons (1990s) 3; MLB HR Leaders (2000s) 2; MLB Single Season HR Leaders (A-Z) 2; MLB 30 HR Seasons (2000s) (Teams Hidden) 2; MLB 250+ Home Runs At 1st Base 1.333 Batting Average, 33 Homers 1; MLB Home Run Leaders by Two-Decade Span 1

Writers of Sporting News described hitting four home runs in a single Major League Baseball (MLB) game as "baseball's greatest single-game accomplishment". Eighteen players have accomplished the feat to date, the most recent being J. D. Martinez with the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Los Angeles Dodgers on September 4, 2017. No player has done this more than once in his career and no player ...

This is a list of some of the records relating to home runs hit in baseball games played in the Major Leagues.Some Major League records are sufficiently notable to have their own page, for example the single-season home run record, the progression of the lifetime home run record, and the members of the 500 home run club.A few other records are kept on separate pages, they are listed below.

The only players to have had two 3-HR games and yet finished there major league careers with fewer than 100 home runs are: (1) Dusty Rhodes (54 career HRs); Darnell Coles (75); Pat Seerey (86 – in his second such game on July 18, 1948, he hit four taters – less than a year later he was out of the majors for good); and Erubiel Durazo (94).

Martinez became only the third player on record (since 1913) to hit four home runs off four different pitchers in one game, while also becoming the first midseason acquisition to hit four round-trippers for his new club since Pat Seerey (White Sox from the Indians) on July 18, 1948.

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