What means gemba walk?

Jarrod Ortiz asked a question: What means gemba walk?
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Gemba is a Japanese term defined as “the actual place”. In manufacturing, the shop floor is the gemba, the “actual place manufacturing is completed”. A gemba walk is a tour of the shop floor. The “gemba walk” bridges theory and practice by bringing leaders to the shop floor to observe processes as they happen.


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❓ What is the gemba walk?

What is a Gemba Walk? Gemba also sometimes spelled as ‘Genba’ means “the real place” in Japanese. In a business sense, the word is used to explain “the place where value is created”. While the word Gemba, or Genba, is ordinarily used in the manufacturing industry, referring to the factory floor, the term can be used to explain any location or place where a service provider interacts directly with their consumer.

❓ How to gemba walk?

A gemba walk is a direct, in-person observation at the place where the work is being done. This popular management technique is the ideal way to gather information and interact with your employees.

❓ Is gemba walk effective?

The purpose of Gemba walks is to develop leaders who develop their team members to continuously improve operations… The effectiveness of Gemba Walks is greater as processes are more stable and there is good visual management making abnormal conditions visible.

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What questions you want to ask during the gemba walk?
  • What is the standard? ...
  • How do we develop a standard? ...
  • How clear is the standard to those doing the work? ...
  • How clear is the standard to those not doing the work?
How do i prepare for the gemba walk?
  1. Prepare the Team…
  2. Have a Plan…
  3. Follow the Value Stream…
  4. Always Focus on Process, Not People…
  5. Document Your Observations…
  6. Ask Questions…
  7. Don't Suggest Changes During the Walk…
  8. Walk in Teams.
How often should you do a gemba walk?

Depending on the size of the facility, this may mean doing one walk per day to ensure each of them are visited on a somewhat regular basis. A department supervisor, on the other hand, may only need to do a walk once every week or two since they only need to visit one area.

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Are gemba walks only for managers?
  • The main idea of the Gemba walk is for managers and leaders on every level to take regular walks around the shop floor and to be involved in finding wasteful activities. Ask why. A Gemba walk's main objective is to explore the value stream in detail and locate its problematic parts through active communication.
Why are gemba walks are important?
  • Gemba walks allow you to observe any process and they can even be broken down into smaller walks, allowing managers to focus on particular parts of the value-creation process. These walks can help bring inefficiencies and other problems to light that do not add value to the end products you sell to your customers.
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