What has caused the brown spots on bottom of pebble tec pool?

Lance Leffler asked a question: What has caused the brown spots on bottom of pebble tec pool?
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❓ How do you get rid of brown spots on bottom of pool?

Try Putting some chlorine granules in a sock and lay it directly on the stain for a little while.

❓ Why is the bottom of my pool brown?

In this instance, brown pool stains can have one of a few causes: algae, metal, or dirt buildup… And brown stains concentrated on the bottom can likely be attributed to dirt stains, typically enhanced by calcium buildup. The first step to deal with organic materials is to shock your pool, and scrub it.

❓ What are brown spots on the floor of an above ground pool?

The brown spots may look as if someone threw dirt balls into your pool. You may vacuum them up and a day or two later you have more. This is the start of algae and you are about two weeks away from having an all green pool. Your water is warmer and algae is growing fast. Treat your pool now or pay for it later.

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A brown stain could be many things. Copper, iron, organics... I work at Jack's Magic and we specialize in swimming pool stain id, removal and prevention. I would recommend using a Jack's Magic Stain ID kit to identify what type of stain you have and know EXACTLY which procedure will clean up your pool.

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How much is average cost to pebble pool?

  • For example, you can expect to pay between $5,000 and $7,000 for a pebble finish with small pebbles. On the other hand, costs can run as much as $13,000 to $15,000 for a pebble pool with large pebbles. Pebble Tec designs speckled with blue and black pebbles also tend to cost more than the light-colored ones.

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What is the life of a pebble tech pool surface?

  • The pebbles comprise the majority of a spa or pool surface to simulate the natural beauty of creeks and riverbeds. This product has a typical lifespan of about 18-22yrs with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty on material and should seriously be considered if you plan on staying in your home for an extended period.

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What can i use to remove pebble sheen from my pool?

  • Vinegar is an affordable, effective stain remover that is safe to use on just about any pool surface, including those made by Pebble Tec. Pebble Tec is a company that makes pool finishes out of pebbles fused together to create textured pool surfaces. Drain your pool as you normally would.

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Can you drain a pebble tec pool in summer?

Yes just be careful that the hydrostatic valve works in case of ground water causing the pool to start floating.

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How to get algae stains off of pebble pool walls?

  • Mist the Pebble Sheen walls with the vinegar and soap solution. Spray more solution to work up a good lather with the vinegar and scrub until the algae stains are gone.

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Will shock clear a brown pool?

If you shocked your pool water and it turned brown you probably have metals… Use the No-Drain Metal Stain Eliminator Kit to reduce, sequester, and eliminate the metals to clear up your water and prevent recurrence or staining of your pool surface.

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What goes in the bottom of an inground pool?

The two most common materials for the bottom of your pool are vermiculite and grout. Whichever material you choose, you'll apply it right on top of the soil with a round-edged pool trowel, and then the liner goes on top of it.

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How do you remove calcium deposits from a pebble tec pool?

If your pool has calcium carbonate deposits, you can remove them with a pumice stone, stain eraser or scale remover. A pumice stone should only be used on hard surfaces, such as tile and concrete. Simply use the stone to scrub the deposits.

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How to sink to bottom of pool?

Is it safe to sink to the bottom of a swimming pool?

  • If you want to sink to the bottom of a pool, you may think choosing a spot near the wall is safest. But, remember that people will be entering the water around all edges of a pool. It may be better to find a relatively isolated place, away from where people may be entering the water and away from large groups.

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What is the hole at the bottom of my pool?

They are called Hydrostatic Relief Plugs or “Hydrostats”, for short. Hydrostatic openings in the pool floor are put in place to allow ground water to enter the pool – rather than lift the pool out of the ground with immense pressure.

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What is the valve in the bottom of a pool?

A hydrostatic valve prevents the build-up of ground water under the swimming pool exerting upward pressure on the shell. The hydrostatic valve opens inwards allowing ground water to flow into the bottom of the swimming pool to relief the pressure.

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What should i put under the bottom of my pool?

  • Impervious to Cuts from Sharp Objects, such as Glass, Roots and Rocks, Virtually Eliminating Vinyl Liner Bottom Leaks! This is a good way to add a decent amount of padding under your pool bottom. Without lots of padding, you can feel every texture of the ground under your feet in the pool.

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What to do if your pool has a slimey bottom?

  • I usually just increase the chlorine level in the pool and brush the sides and bottom. If no one is going to use the pool in the next day-or-so, I will pour more chlorine in the pool, but still brush the sides and bottom. Brush the sides and bottem of you little pool with a brush or maybe a soft broom.

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How do you get rust stains off of a pebble sheen pool?

If the stain(s) are just on the surface then a spotting bag is an easy solution. If the stain is coming from the shell of the pool then it's re bar and will have to be cut out and patched the most difficult part being the patch . search the net for someone that specializes in this skilled practice.

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How often do you have to acid wash a pebble tech pool?

I believe if you check with pebble tech they will say never.

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How can brown pool water be cleaned?

Clean out your skimmer baskets and your pump basket. Double shock the pool and add algecide. Backwash the filter for 5 to 7 minutes and rinse for 1 minute. Depending on the size of your pool your water should start clearing in 4 to 8 hours.

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Why is your pool water brown looking?

This is an easy - the water is brown because the pool owner is lazy.

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Can you patch the bottom of a pool?

If your pool did not come with a patch kit, or you have already used it, check your local pool supply store for one. Use a brick to hold the patch down if the hole is located on the bottom of the pool. Patch small holes in an above-ground pool with the included patch kit.

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Can you vacuum algae from bottom of pool?

Vacuum green algae through the Waste Method (Easiest and Safest for Equipment) The easiest way to eliminate the algae that has settled on the bottom of your pool is to bypass the filter and vacuum from the pool to waste… Turn the system off and refill the pool and repeat until the whole pool is vacuumed.

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How do you repair a concrete bottom pool?

  1. Inject epoxy or polyurethane into the crack to seal it off.
  2. Apply hydraulic cement over the crack.
  3. “Staple” the crack closed with rebar staples.
  4. Tear out and redo the damaged area of the pool.

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Why is the bottom of my pool black?

Dark pools – also known as black bottom pools – easily stand out from others thanks to their bold, dramatic color. One of the main advantages of a dark bottom pool compared to light colored pools is that the darker color will help absorb more of the the sun's heat to increase the water temperature accordingly.

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Why is the bottom of my pool green?

Green algae are the most common cause of a green pool bottom, according to PoolCenter.com. Poor filtration or simply Mother Nature blowing green algae spores into the pool water can cause algae to grow.

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Why is the bottom of my pool rough?

Calcium Deposits

Without the proper pH, your swimming pool becomes susceptible to algae growth… This problem most often occurs in concrete pools. If the floor and sides of your pool become so rough that you can no longer enjoy the pool, draining and re-plastering the pool will remedy the problem.

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