What does the idiom walk on mean?

Sonya Stracke asked a question: What does the idiom walk on mean?
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noun One who has joined a sports team without having been recruited, drafted, or awarded a scholarship. The phrase is often hyphenated when used as a noun. The quarterback was a walk-on in 2011 but quickly became one of the star athletes on the team. No, I wasn't recruited or anything, I'm a walk-on.


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❓ What does the idiom cake walk mean?

  • The cakewalk or cake walk was a dance developed from the "prize walks" held in the late 19th century, generally at get-togethers on black slave plantations after emancipation in the Southern United States. Alternative names for the original form of the dance were "chalkline-walk", and the "walk-around".

❓ What does walk on clouds idiom mean?

walking on clouds. When you meet a girl in your Spanish class and speak with her for 2 minutes, and decide you want to marry her. To not walk on clouds: see, "shitting the moon". I am walking on clouds right now !!!!!!! by Brucey Bonus November 07, 2006.

❓ What does the idiom walk on eggs mean?

walk on eggs definition: 1. to be very careful not to offend or upset someone: 2. to be very careful not to offend or upset…. Learn more.

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The idiom walk on air usually appears in the progressive form as walking on air. It is even possible you have experienced this feeling yourself. Many people feel like their feet, or even their whole bodies, are heavy when they are depressed or going through a difficult time.

walk on ˈeggshells be very careful not to upset somebody: I always felt as if I had to walk on eggshells around him so that I wouldn’t hurt his feelings.

Idiom: walk the walk (and talk the talk) Meaning. Note : This is often used in combination with: talk the talk. When someone "talks the talk," they talk about... Example sentences. Step 2: Walk the walk. Step 3: Don't criticize yourself. Begin immediately again after any setback. Synonyms. You ...

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What does jay walk mean?

It means to cross the street at a red light or in the middle of the road other than at a crosswalk... pretty much crossing the street illegally.

What does lean walk mean?

The idea of a gemba walk is central to how lean manufacturing attempts to increase organizational learning, reduce waste, increase value, and generally improve over time. And since we figure you’ve got an interest in lean manufacturing, we’ve included a free What Is 5S? infographic for you at the bottom of this article.

What does plug walk mean?

Means they plugged their butt hole with drugs now they're walking funny alternatively and usually means you are fucked up and got that plug walk cause you got drugs or also alternatively your pants are full of drugs and money keep falling down now yojre walking with a hand on your pants walking a lil funny. 2.5K views. ·.

What does race walk mean?
  • Racewalking, or race walking, is a long-distance discipline within the sport of athletics. Although it is a foot race, it is different from running in that one foot must appear to be in contact with the ground at all times. This is assessed by race judges.
What does walk around mean?
  • Walk Around. Definition - What does Walk Around mean? A walk around is an integral part of effective safety management that involves a line manager or supervisor observing work taking place, inspecting the workplace, and discussing the safe performance of work with staff.
What does walk away mean?

3. To leave freely and without obligation: The two sides walked away from the deal when they failed to reach a compromise. With no evidence to hold them on, the officers let the suspects walk away. 4. walk away with To win some prize or award easily or unexpectedly: The film walked away with ten awards.

What does walk gingerly mean?

(dʒɪndʒəʳli ) Explore 'gingerly' in the dictionary. adverb [ADVERB with verb] If you do something gingerly, you do it in a careful manner, usually because you expect it to be dangerous, unpleasant, or painful.

What does walk into mean?

1 : to become involved in or fooled by (something) because one is not aware of what is really happening He walked right into our trap. "I can't believe you fell for that old joke!" "Yeah, I guess I walked right into that one." 2 chiefly British : to get (a job) very easily After college, she walked straight into a job.

What does walk lamely mean?

adj. lam·er, lam·est 1. Disabled so that movement, especially walking, is difficult or impossible: Lame from the accident, he walked with a cane. A lame wing kept the bird from flying.

What does walk mean slang?

Slang The walk home from a place where one unexpectedly spent the night engaged in activity, especially casual sex, considered embarrassing or shameful.

What does walk out mean?

Define walk out. walk out synonyms, walk out pronunciation, walk out translation, English dictionary definition of walk out. v. walked , walk·ing , walks v. intr. 1. To move over a surface by taking steps with the feet at a pace slower than a run: a baby learning to walk; ...

What does walk through mean?

verb To instruct someone in a process by carefully demonstrating or having them perform each and every step. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "walk" and "through." Let me walk you through some of the tasks you'll be doing while I'm on vacation… As a noun, the phrase is usually hyphenated.

What does walk upright mean?

n. the condition of being two-footed or of using two feet for locomotion. [1905–10] ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Noun.

What does walk ups mean?

walk-up (plural walk-ups) (US) An apartment or block with stairs rather than an elevator. quotations ▼ (aviation) An informal visit to a control tower by a pilot, typically used as part of pilot training. A mountain that can be climbed without specialist equipment.

Is the idiom walking the ramp an idiom?
  • It is idiomatic. "Walking the ramp" means being a clothing model at a live show in the same way that "treading the boards" means acting on stage in a theater. If it is an idiom then why can't I find it any book of idioms like this can be found -'tread the boards'.
What is the meaning of the idiom to walk on air?

Feel elated or exuberantly joyful, as in She was walking on air after she found out she'd won the teaching award. This metaphoric term likens feeling happy to floating. [

Recreation.gov what does walk up mean?


"Walk-up" means first-come-first-served. If reservable sites are not reserved they become first-come-first-served sites between reservations. What does a brisk walk mean?
  • A brisk walk is a relative term, since “brisk” for some, is either slow or quite speedy for others, depending on levels of fitness. One measure to quantify brisk walking is “steps per minute,” and 100 steps per minute is considered moderate intensity or brisk walking.
What does being slow walk mean?

What does it mean to walk slowly? Filters. (idiomatic) To delay a request or command, to drag one’s feet, to stall, to obstruct, to drag out a process. Is slow walking healthy? Ever heard of “slow walking”? It may sound too good to be true, but simply walking slowly and consciously is good for your health.

What does dog walk mean slang?

Time to get the leash. The slang dog walk is "to overpower" or "outsmart" someone, as if in utter control of them, as when walking a dog.

What does dog walk u mean?

The Root of the Behavior. The way your pup carries his tail while walking points directly to their current social standing as well as their mental state. In general, dogs who portray this type of behavior are most likely afraid or upset about something. But this also depends on the dog’s breed and personality.

What does final walk through mean?
  • A final walk-through is an inspection performed anywhere from a few hours to a few days before settlement of the transaction. Its primary purpose is to make certain that the property is in the condition you agreed to in which to buy it.
What does forest walk mean mtg?

(Redirected from Forestwalk) « All Ability Pages. All Ability Pages. Landwalk is a creature ability that was introduced in Alpha and has been used ever since. This ability makes the creature Unblockable if the opponent has a land of the specific type of landwalk.

What does it mean walk along?

walk along

1. To continue to progress on foot… To move or follow alongside something on foot.