What does bunker mean in paintball?

Madelynn Huels asked a question: What does bunker mean in paintball?
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A paintball 'bunker' can be defined as any barrier that can be used to conceal yourself from the enemy – whether it be a structure, an object or embankment… By definition, 'bunkering' is a blanket term used by paintballers to describe the elimination of an enemy player hiding behind a bunker.


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❓ What does it mean to bunker in paintball?

  • To understand what ‘bunkering’ means, let’s first clarify what a paintball ‘bunker’ is. A paintball ‘bunker’ can be defined as any barrier that can be used to conceal yourself from the enemy – whether it be a structure, an object or embankment.

❓ What does it mean to hide in a bunker in paintball?

  • A paintball ‘bunker’ can be defined as any barrier that can be used to conceal yourself from the enemy – whether it be a structure, an object or embankment. By definition, ‘bunkering’ is a blanket term used by paintballers to describe the elimination of an enemy player hiding behind a bunker.

❓ What is a bunker in paintball?

Il bunker. La costruzione del bunker risale alla seconda guerra mondiale. All'inizio del 2013 abbiamo aperto il bunker e la foresta adiacente per il paintball. Ci sono diverse stanze, la maggior parte delle quali sono accessibili a te, fornendo una protezione ideale o una posizione ideale per un'imboscata. Nella parte posteriore del bunker c'è ...

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A paintball ‘bunker’ can be defined as any barrier that can be used to conceal yourself from the enemy – whether it be a structure, an object or embankment. By definition, ‘bunkering’ is a blanket term used by paintballers to describe the elimination of an enemy player hiding behind a bunker.

Tony explains what bunkering is, how to bunker, and signs to avoid being bunkered. Oh, and Rob gets bunkered over and over.....

Bunkered: Shot close range in your own bunker. Often by surprise, often by a player running through. ci: Cubic Inches. This is term used for how much space is inside a paintball tank and does not completely define the overall volume of a paintball tank because tanks have various psi from 3000 psi to 4500 psi. See psi.

Bunker – anything paintball players use for cover while being shot at by opponents, a bunker on a paintball field can be anything from a pile of stacked logs or sticks to elaborate constructions built from corrugated tubing, concrete, construction material, cable spools, pallets, inflatable air-filled materials and more!

In the game of paintball, the act of catching someone behind their bunker and shooting the shit out of them. That kid was camping behind his bunker. He camped so long I ran through and bunkered his ass.

Why Would You Ramp In Paintball? When you are trying to keep someone bunkered the more paint you can throw at them the easier it is to keep them stuck behind the bunker while you move in. It is in your favor to be able to fire as many balls per second as you can manage while staying legal in the tournament you are playing in.

At best, a bunker with two players in it allows one player to play the left side, and another player to play the right side both covering for each other. When you lose teammates the middle becomes a kill box – leave the middle to established players

It is a general term for a game in which the playing field is composed of bunkers, of the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing. It was created in this way to give a better format for competitive paintball, both in playing and viewing the games.

A paintball marker which is broken and has been deemed not worth fixing by its owner. Bunker - An obstacle on the field of play used to block opposing players' view and field of fire. Bunkering - The action of one player eliminating another player hiding behind a bunker.

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What does dwell mean in paintball?

That means the paintball digs into your skin and muscles a little bit more, making you more likely to develop a bruise or injury upon contact. If it doesn’t break at all, it’s going to hurt a lot!

What does eyes mean in paintball?

With the eyes off, the marker will fire every time you pull the trigger. With the eyes on, the marker will only fire if the eyes detect something in the breach. Most markers now are defaulting to a lower capped firing rate when you turn off the eyes to prevent chopping paint

What does fps mean in paintball?

It depends, some guns purely work on spring technology however, some works on CO2 o get more accuracy and FPS. What does FPS mean in airsoft? FPS means the shooting velocity of guns.

What does gat mean in paintball?

With the growth of the Paintball Industry, the word Gat became a popular slang expression for one’s paintball gun: I just got a new Gat – Check out my Gat! Obviously “Splat” is what a paintball does when it hits, so GatSplat is really a fun slang expression for Paintball Gun.

What does gog mean in paintball?

At GOG Paintball our mission is to deliver markers and barrels that represent the pinnacle of performance and value. Our products represent years of experience and research to provide the best paintball experience possible to players of all levels. From your first day on the field with an eNMEy 50 cal. to your first national title using the ...

What does low impact paintball mean?

So What Is Low Impact Paintball? Low Impact Paintball is a NEW type of game play that promotes the same physical activity, teamwork, and thrills as regular paintball! The biggest difference is that it HURTS LESS! The paintballs shoot just as far, are just as accurrate, and still leave a small paint mark when making contact.

What does marker mean in paintball?

A paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun, paint gun, or simply marker, is an air gun used in the shooting sport of paintball, and the main piece of paintball equipment… The term "marker" is derived from its original use as a tool for forestry personnel to mark trees and ranchers to mark wandering cattle.

What does mercy mean in paintball?

Paintball: Paintball sites will almost always allow some physical contact between players. You have the option of tagging opponents using a barrel, toy sword, etc. There is also a ‘mercy rule’ instigated for players close by. The verdict: Both airsoft and paintball games will allow for some type of physical contact. Always check with the site to see what is allowed and what is not.

What does millennium mean in paintball?

Millennium Ramping is similar to PSP Ramping, except that it won’t hold the ramped state. Once the trigger is released for that brief moment, the ramping is deactivated and will remain deactivated until you begin shooting in rapid succession once again. o-o-o-o-ooooo——o-o-o-o-ooooo.

What does nxl mean in paintball?

The NXL (National X-Ball League) is a paintball league based in the United States of America. The league consists of franchised and non-franchised teams and was owned by the franchise teams. NXL competition was held in conjunction with PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) events circa 2009.

What does psi mean in paintball?

When it turns from a liquid state into a gas it expands and creates pressure; this pressure is what fires the paintball. This pressure fluctuates due to elevation, temperature and other variables but the benchmark is 850 psi (Pounds per Square Inch).

What does psp mean in paintball?

PSP stands for Paintball Sports Promotions. It is professional paintball league. PSP Ramping is the type of firing mode they use in that league.

What does ramping mean in paintball?

Ramping is a mode on a paintball gun that allows the gun to shoot a controlled bps(balls per second) once you reach and certain number of trigger pulls in a certain time period and will maintain that as long as you maintain the minimum required trigger pulls.

What does rps mean in paintball?

Within paintball ramping is legal but when you are playing in tournaments it is expected as the volume of paint being thrown is impressive. Within the pro context and games, it is legal and normal for players along with being monitored in case they ramp faster than allowed. The approved methods of ramping modes in tournament paintball games are:

What does surrender mean in paintball?

Surrender. If a player gets within 20 feet of their opponent, they must offer a surrender. To offer your opponent a chance to surrender, simply point your gun at them and shout, “surrender”, or, “you're out”. If you're given an opportunity to surrender, simply raise your arms above your head and announce, “I'm out”.

What does the name paintball mean?
  • paint·ball. (pānt'bôl') n. 1. A game in which players on one team seek to eliminate those on an opposing team by marking them with a water-soluble dye shot in capsules from air guns. 2. The dye-filled gelatinous capsule shot from guns in this game.
What does vasa mean in paintball?

They have a vertical air adaptor (VASA) in front of the grip frame) and have a full back block.

What does ci mean for paintball tanks?

-HPA tanks are categorized by their Cubic Inches (ci) and their max PSI rating (typically 3000 or 4500). They are typically expressed as CI/PSI. Thus, a 48 cubic inch, 3000 psi air tank is a 48/3000 or 48/3k. A 68 ci 4500 psi air tank is a 68/4500 or 68/4.5k. - Aluminum HPA tanks are up rated to 3000psi max.

What does dwell mean on paintball guns?

"Dwell" is the amount of time the solenoid remains open (measured in milliseconds, or ms for short), which translates to how long the bolt will stay forward. This determines the length of time the Ion's valve will release air to fire the paintball.

What does eyes on mean in paintball?

Electronic eyes allow the user to pull the trigger as fast as they can without risking “chopping” a paintball with the bolt as it moves forward. Electronic eyes will only allow the marker to process a shot if something is “breaking the beam” between them.