What causes crank walk in mitsubishi 7 bolt 4g63?

Delmer Bosco asked a question: What causes crank walk in mitsubishi 7 bolt 4g63?
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When you have a crank walk issue, the engine crankshaft thrust bearing is wearing down and causing the crankshaft to 'walk' forward and back. This is a very common issue with the 2G DSM 7-bolt engines… 2) If the main bearing clearance is tighter than the rod clearance, the engine will walk.


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❓ Why did my evo 5-9 4g63 crank walk fail?

  • They changed the thrust arrangement in the EVO 5-9 4G63 and we never saw any failures in these engines. It'd be possible I imagine to still destroy the thrust bearing in the late model engines but it'd be the result of some basic issues like a clutch system that maintains pressure on the thrust bearing or low oil pressure.

❓ What causes a crank walk to break down?

  • With stronger pressure plates and/or a poor supply of oil the oil film that is needed to prevent metal to metal contact can break down and cause rapid wear - it is the same principle as the big-end or main bearing operation, and failure.

❓ Is crank walk bad?

The movement is usually due to the crankshaft not fitting inside its bearings correctly. While not bad for the crankshaft, the movement can place excessive or uneven loads on the bearings, causing premature failures. Many 2G owners have suffered from walking crankshafts.

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