What can i do at a walk in at dmv?

Niko Dare asked a question: What can i do at a walk in at dmv?
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Here some other great ideas of times you can go to the DMV and expect shorter-than-usual lines. The day of a popular sporting event. Whether it’s a popular local team or a major national event (like the Super Bowl), going to the DMV on a day when the rest of the world is glued to their TVs is an ideal time for lighter-than-usual lines.

With state Department of Motor Vehicles locations accepting only those with appointments Mondays through Fridays, those who show up to wait in line do so at their own peril.

That is the best part about DMV FASTPASS, it is just like the amusement park “Fast Passes”. After you get our confirmation text, walk past the long line to the “Appointments Only” window, tell the DMV Staff your “Appointment Time” and they will give you a “Now Serving” number, saving you from extra hours of waiting.

You can book a North Carolina DMV appointment if you call them by phone or book in person. The North Carolina DMV does not have online bookings, as mentioned on their web page. In-person reservation or walk-in Ladies at the

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