What are blind skateboards good for?

Norene Muller asked a question: What are blind skateboards good for?
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Blind Skateboards components

Regarding Blind wheels, they are generally larger than comparable brands. They are quiet rolling, have a lot of rebound, and very good traction, which makes them great for skating tight corners but not so easy to break into slides.


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❓ Are blind skateboards good?

I know the company is legit but they also have darkstar under the same distribution so thats kind of iffy ahahaha. Plus I hated enjoi boards. The shapes seemed weird and they get janky super fast. I wouldnt be surprised if the Blind dudes get their own special boards and the shops get some cheaper wood. The price just seems too good to be true hahaha.

❓ Are blind skateboards any good?

Blind is a really awesome skateboard company that's been around for awhile and they were founded by the legend himself the Gonz... Their boards are also really solid. 6

❓ Are blind skateboards still good?

Blind skateboards are fairly priced and are of great quality. They are well made and riders the world over consider them to be reliable. Unlike a lot of other brands, they specifically cater to younger riders, with complete skateboards tailored made with them in mind.

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Blind Skateboards has helped make skateboarding history for decades and continues to do so with high quality decks, performance shapes, and stunning artwork and skateboarding videos. It’s one of the core legendary brands and products that Dwindle Distribution markets and produces.

Blind Skateboards, originally founded by Mark Gonzales in 1989. Team: TJ Rogers, Sewa Kroetkov, Cody McEntire, Kevin Romar, Micky Papa, Morgan Smith, Yuto Horigome, Trey Wood, and Jason Thurtle. Damn it feels good to be a skater.

If you want a skateboard for your kid, Blind has some good options. For example, the Blind OG Water Color board. It comes in a small size of 29.2inches in length and 7.25inches in width. The perfect size for a kid. You can check it out here on Amazon.com. And like the Zoo skateboards complete below, Blind also has an affordable complete for bigger riders.

I noticed that a lot of sites and skateshops are selling Blind decks on sale for 20 bucks and change. I skate on and off these days but I usually skate a deck for 2 weeks 3 maximum because Im really picky about pop. Plus, I used to get hooked up from some industry homies with boxes of Zoo and LE boards for super cheap, so Im already used to changing boards often.

Blind (stylized as bLind) is a skateboard company founded by Mark Gonzales in 1988 under Steve Rocco's World Industries distribution company. Gonzales has since left the company and today the company continues under the ownership of Dwindle Distribution .

They also have Blind skateboard posters available for purchase. They’re perfect to hang in your bedroom, and even provide a glowing effect when viewed under a blacklight. Your poster will be the envy of every Blind supporter! Blind has everything you need when it comes to skateboarding, from boards to apparel.

Blind is a really awesome skateboard company that's been around for awhile and they were founded by the legend himself the Gonz... Their boards are also really solid. 6

Hikole Skateboards has been in the business for over 20 years and specializes in beginner and intermediate boards. The 31-inch long by 8-inch wide double deck comes in a classic shape that’s perfect for newbies because it helps improve balance and maneuver corners with precision and speed.

The boards released by bLind are developed and marketed for hardcore skaters and top other skateboarding brands. We like that bLind goes all out providing one of the most active boards out there, and without sacrificing the flex needed for tricks. They also do it all with a sick style and an innovative business plan that has made them one of the top skateboard brands. BLind Skateboard Products Comparison Chart

Herein, are real skateboards any good? About Real Skateboards Real decks are great for any riders' skill level, whether a beginner or pro. Choose from their selection of colorful, graphic boards featuring images of Green Day, animals, and their brand logo. Real skateboard hats will keep your head warm during long riding sessions.

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Which is the best brand of blind skateboards?
  • Many serious street skaters love the full concave, steep kicks, and full tail Blind Skateboard’s shapes offer – similar to other Dwindle brands including Darkstar, Almost, Enjoi, Globe Skateboards, etc. They feel these decks’ big side concaves and multiple pockets allow for comfortable riding and better board control.
What are really good skateboards?

Best Skateboards 2020 – Comparison Table #1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard. #2. RockBirds Skateboards 31-inch Pro Complete Skateboard. #3. PUENTE 31-inch Complete Skateboard. #4. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard. #5. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete. #6. Rimable ...

What are some good skateboards?

Which are the best skateboards for beginners? Here are 5 best skateboards for beginners. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard; Meketec Complete 22 Inches Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard; WhiteFang Skateboard; Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard- Best for Kids; Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard; Are there any water-resistant skateboards?

What skateboards have good pop?
  • 1.1 Baker Skateboards.
  • 1.2 Toy Machine Skateboards.
  • 1.3 Plan B Skateboards.
  • 1.4 Enjoi Skateboards.
  • 1.5 Girl Skateboards.
  • 1.6 Zero Skateboards.
  • 1.7 Birdhouse Skateboards.
  • 1.8 Deathwish Skateboards.
What stores sell good skateboards?

What are the best brands of skateboards?

  • Globe Skateboard is the best brand of skateboard. They are known for their purpose-built apparel, skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, etc., footwear and major surfing and skateboarding events (to name a few of their ventures).
Are blind skateboard decks good?

It sells quite more than just boards, but speaking boardwise, in my experience, it is real stiff. It has really good pop but has a mellow concave and sometimes feels too stiff. I recommend you try their deck out.

Are blind skateboard wheels good?

It comes with good components. With 92a, 52mm tall wheels, and tensor trucks. So if you have a younger rider who wants a wider board, this is a good option. In this blind skateboards review, I would say this is the best board. For just under $100, you get a high-quality board. Find out more about the Blind skateboard complete here on Amazon.com.

What are good hardware for skateboards?

11 Best Skateboarding Hardware kits in 2021

  1. Fireball Dragon Stainless Steel Skateboard Hardware Set…
  2. Independent Genuine Parts Cross Bolts…
  3. Bones 1-Inch Skateboard Mounting Hardware…
  4. 4 Ever Hardware Skateboard Hardware 9PCS…
  5. Loaded Boards Button Head hardware…
  6. Sector 9 Bolt pack…
  7. ⅜ – 16 Self-Locking Nylon Nuts.
What are good names for skateboards?
  • Fast wheels.
  • Hot surface.
  • Board o board.
  • Fast and heat.
  • Skating done right.
  • Creature skateboards.
  • Sk8mafia.
  • Spitfire wheels.
What are penny skateboards good for?

Penny Boards were designed as cruiser boards, and are quite good for commuting. They are small and lightweight so they can easily fit in a backpack. The wheels are larger and softer than most street/park skateboards, so they are able to tackle cracks, pebbles, and rougher terrain. Much easier than with a smaller and harder street wheel.

What are some good quality skateboards?

Though professional skaters prefer wood or bamboo skateboards, plastic skateboards are also reliable and sturdy. The kick-tail design helps in smooth turns and also in performing tricks. Its 59mm wheels are perfect for providing the rider with smooth and balance maneuverability.

What skateboards are good for hills?

Almost all electric skateboards are designed in order to climb a certain grade of hill, some boards more than others. I’ve seen brands like Evolve and Meepo, claim their boards can climb hills with as much as a 30% incline. Other brands with smaller batteries and weaker motors might be as little as 10%. YouTube.

What skateboards are good for surfing?
  • 1 CARVER. Carver skateboards have been used as a training tool for surfers for a while…
  • 2 SMOOTHSTAR. Smoothstar skateboards (see featured image) are specially designed for surfers…
Are 40 skateboards good?

If you’re looking to fine-tune your tricks on the park and street, this 31-inch Enjoi skateboard is a good option. The 8.375-inch resin deck is lightweight and features carbon steel speed ...

Are 7.5 skateboards good?

Skateboard Decks 7.5”+ with an average deck length: 29”+ This is a good skateboard for all skaters over age 13, taller than 5’3” with a shoe size of 9 and up. Once again, this is where personal preference will come into play, so use this and all of our skateboard sizing as a general rule.

Are 7.75 skateboards good?

This deck is 31″ x 7.75″ (wheelbase 13.8″), so a smaller deck compared to the Typhoon above. It boasts a similar classic popsicle shape and full concave. The G2 From Beyond comes with narrower 5.0″ Tensor trucks – to match the smaller deck width – and slightly smaller 52mm (101A) wheels.

Are 80s skateboards good?

80s Skateboard Brands are still among the best skateboard brands today. Not only have they served the test of time, these companies innovated and pushed the boundaries of what skateboard manufacturing could mean. This innovation freed skateboarding to new heights.

Are active skateboards good?

The Skateboarding Can Be Good For Your Cardio. A fundamental element of any exercise regimen. Cardiovascular exercise develops anything that boosts your heart rate. The skateboarding for more than thirty seconds will boost your heart rate sufficient to kick your cardio exercise into high gear.

Are arbor skateboards good?
  • However, normally Arbor longboards are usually made for general cruising as well as they are perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters. Arbor skateboards are famous for giving you smooth riding, skating, as well as transporting. They are best for simple rides to take you one place to another.
Are atm skateboards good?

ATM is widely known for their quality board shape. Constructed with lightweight 7 ply maple, their decks are able to maintain a sturdy flex. With a very steep concave and slightly rounded nose and tail, ATM decks have excellent pop and enable better handling and control.

Are bacon skateboards good?

Designed by skaters for skaters, Bacon makes superior skateboard decks that are a favorite among pros. Constructed of 100% Wisconsin rock-hard maple, Bacon skateboard decks are unlike any other! From sliding to free riding, these decks are designed for any style of skateboarding. They are perfect for every skill level, from beginner to advanced.

Are baker skateboards good?

yes baker skateboards are the best skateboards you can ever get

Are bigger skateboards good?

Riding a wider deck will make it easier to keep your feet on your deck, and to remain stable at high speeds. If you see yourself predominantly skating transition, a deck width of 8.38" or wider is probably best for you.

Are blueprint skateboards good?

Blueprint is was a legendary UK based company. The brand sold, then they kicked everyone off, tried to make it a "lifestyle" brand which failed and it shut down. The intellectual property was bought and now it's just some faceless brand owned by who knows that recycles old graphics. For that reason alone I'd never buy a blueprint board.

Are braille skateboards good?

Braille skateboarding boards are great for any random skateboarder regardless of their skill levels. We do believe that high-quality equipment is easier for you to learn on.