Talking parakeets: why do they mimic human speech?




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❓ Why do parrots mimic human speech?

According to this theory, birds that are raised in captivity might mimic their human owners as a way of gaining acceptance as a member of the family. If they hear “pretty bird” a lot, they’ll...

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According to this theory, birds that are raised in captivity might mimic their human owners as a way of gaining acceptance as a member of the family. If they hear “pretty bird” a lot, they ...

Talking birds are birds that can mimic the speech of humans. There is debate within the scientific community over whether some talking parrots also have some cognitive understanding of the language. Birds have varying degrees of talking ability: some, like the corvids, are able to mimic only a few words and phrases, while some budgerigars have been observed to have a vocabulary of almost 2,000 words. The hill myna, a common pet, is well known for its talking ability and its relative, the Europea

The obscene or vulgar parrot is an old standby in Western humor and lore. In Othello, Shakespeare refers to swearing as “speak[ing] parrot.” (Some scholars think “speak parrot” means ...

Parrots have a structure called a syrinx that is similar to the larynx at the top of the trachea in humans. The syrinx, located in the chest at the bottom of the trachea, can be used to speak human words. As the parrot attempts to use speech, the sound passes through the throat and mouth and is manipulated by the tongue.

But why do they copy human speech? Peer pressure, it turns out. Parrots naturally try to fit in, be it among other parrots or other people. In the wild, parrots use their vocal prowess to share important information and fit in with the flock, says Irene Pepperberg, a research associate and part-time lecturer at Harvard. Pepperberg is best known for her work probing the intelligence of an African Grey Parrot called Alex, who lived in Pepperberg’s lab for 30 years, until his death in 2007.

Maybe this is the best reason for these parrots to imitate: to better command the attention of a potential listener by producing sounds for which the listener already has a memory (or a "neural ...

But around humans, parrots often imitate human words because they see their owners as part of their new family, or “flock.” They copy human sounds to fit in with their human flock.

Creatures''Talking parakeets Why do they mimic human speech May 6th, 2012 - In the wild flocks of parrots don’t talk like people but they do seem to develop distinct local dialects and mated pairs may even sing unique duets It’s unclear exactly why they evolved this capability but research suggests they use it to tell members of

Firstly, mimicry and mirroring, like much of nonverbal communication, often occur subconsciously. This holds true for the person doing the mimicking as well as the person on the receiving end.

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