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❓ Can you paint vinyl pool liner?

yes, you can . my dad did it and it worked out fine

❓ What is a vinyl liner pool?

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure… Because of the flexibility with the steel walls, a vinyl pool offers unlimited design options, sizes, and shapes for your backyard. A vinyl pool may be less expensive than a fiberglass pool or concrete pool.

❓ What typically damge a vinyl liner pool?

The use of bleach, frequent shocks, and consistently high chlorine levels in your pool water can corrode the vinyl liner, making it brittle and causing its colors to fade.

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❓ What is a vinyl liner swimming pool?

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure… All of the wall panels are secured together to make up the perimeter shape of the swimming pool. There are many advantages to installing a vinyl liner pool. Vinyl pools are very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool.

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❓ Can you heat a vinyl liner pool?

yes. Personally, I just use a solar cover, but the people who owned it before me used a heater.

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How to remove pool stains!

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Ask the pool guy - how to brush and shock your vinyl pool - cleaning {maintenance}

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How to patch a vinyl pool liner

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What does a vinyl pool liner warranty cover?

  • Carefully follow guidelines on caring for your vinyl liner so that you can rest assured that you won't be held responsible for damages. A pool warranty ensures that you're covered against any defects in workmanship in the vinyl liner, but won't protect you against improper installation or maintenance of the pool liner.

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What makes vinyl pool liner soft and pliable?

  • High chlorine levels will dry out the liner and suck out the material that makes vinyl soft and pliable. Improper water balance will affect the health of your liner. Using a fast dissolving shock or pre-dissolving your shock is extremely important to prevent weakness and bleaching.

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Can you drain a pool with a vinyl liner?

One of the most important things any owner of a vinyl liner pool needs to know is you should NEVER drain the water from your vinyl liner swimming pool. The water in the pool helps hold the liner into place… A vinyl inground pool should also not be drained for cleaning, as again it will likely damage the liner.

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How low can you drain a vinyl liner pool?

The exact amount of water that you need to leave would depend on a few different unique factors, and so a general rule of twelve inches of water covering the shallow end floor is the minimum safe amount.

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How do you get scale off vinyl pool liner?

you must put alot of muriatic acid to burn off the liner

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Is there a problem with my vinyl pool liner?

  • Leaks in vinyl pools are patched with an underwater vinyl patch kit. Most vinyl pool owners do not have a problem with leaks in the vinyl liner per se, in fact – it’s more common to leak in other areas, than it is to leak through a rip or hole in the vinyl. Areas like the skimmer, returns, drains, steps and pool lights.

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How to prevent a floating vinyl pool liner with?

  • Put a sump pump into the pit to take out all the water Existing customers that have this type of sump have come to accept that their liner floats. The problem that generally happens is that the liner has already floated by the time the water gets to the pipe. Re-actively, all you can do is put a sump pump in the pipe to get rid of the water.

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What do you clean a vinyl pool liner with?

  • and Vacuuming the Liner. Clean the liner with a pool brush…
  • Method 2 of 3: Applying Cleaners to the Liner. Apply a bleach cleaner to the liner…
  • use a pool cover when you are not using the pool often.

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What causes a tear in a vinyl pool liner?

  • A vinyl pool liner tear usually results from a sharp object hitting the liner. Pool toys should be the inflatable variety for this type of pool. You shouldn’t use hard metal, or plastic floating material in vinyl lined pools. Repairs. It’s possible to repair a small pool liner tear with a patch kit.

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Can a dog be in a vinyl liner pool?

  • If you really want vinyl covered steps I would recommend dog shoes while they are swimming. P.S. Large dogs can actually damage a safety cover with their claws if the conditions are right. I have/had large dogs in my lined pools for years with no problem.

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Why are there holes in my vinyl pool liner?

  • Crescent moon shaped holes are common on the vertical pool walls and are caused by people's toenails climbing out and not using the ladder. So yes it's very possible your dogs will damage the vinyl, maybe not at first but it can definitely happen.

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What causes vinyl pool liner to bleach and fade?

  • It’s no shock that chemicals and the sun are the biggest culprits when it comes to bleaching and fading your vinyl pool liner. While slight fading usually occurs gradually over time, there are some things pool owners can do to prevent it and keep their liner bright and vibrant for as long as possible.

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Can i apply a vinyl border to an exsisting vinyl swimming pool liner?

Fo Show! Pool and Spa News Magazine has an ad for a stick on border to give older liner a facelift.

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Can you use a patch on a vinyl pool liner?

  • Draining the water out of a vinyl liner exposes it to the elements and dries it out. This can make it brittle and more prone to tears. Pool patches and adhesives are waterproof and made to be used underwater.

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Can you put a vinyl liner over a concrete pool?

The topic of the day started out as a question; can you install a vinyl liner into a concrete pool? Yes, you can, and I've done it before, on a concrete pool from the 1950's. Perched on a steep hillside, the pool was crumbing and cracking, and would one day soon need replacement.

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Can you change the coping on a vinyl liner pool?

Standard Pool Coping for Vinyl Liner Pools comes in many different styles… When it is time for a renovation, the coping/liner track combination could be replaced by a new coping/liner track combo, but only if the liner and the concrete patio are both being replaced.

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Can a vinyl liner be used in a fiberglass pool?

  • Following the process below during your vinyl liner conversion, will give you a trouble free pool for years. Remove the liner and pressure wash. Most vinyl lined pools have a sand/grout bottom. Be sure to expose all deficiencies and remove loose debris.

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When do i need to replace my pool vinyl liner?

  • Late Winter Pool contractors have time on their hands before mid to late March when pool installation season ramps up…
  • is another slow time for pool companies. Most pool liners are already installed and up and running.
  • Post-Season

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How do you treat insect problem under vinyl pool liner?

With respect. You won't bother them if they don't bother you.

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How do you drain an in ground vinyl liner pool?

The best way to empty a pool is with a portable water pump, they have small pumps that can pass 2280 gallons a hour (small 43cc 2 cycle motor and pump). You can buy one or they have them to rent at hardware stores and tool rental places. OR Use the pool's existing pump. Set the spider valve to waste and the suction to pull only from the main drain.

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How do you find a leak in vinyl pool liner?

i have a small rust stain and small hole on outside half way down the pool wall will my hole be right only makes sense to me.the water has drained down just past that mark.should i patch it there or use the food colouring to make sure.

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What do you call a vinyl pool liner that floats?

  • It is commonly called a “floating” liner. Issues with ground water are not unique to vinyl liner pools only – ground water has been known to lift entire pools out of the ground if the surrounding drainage is not sufficient. Fiberglass style pools and even concrete pool shells have been known to “pop” or move in severe ground water situations.

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What should i use to test my vinyl pool liner?

  • The dye test is a convenient way to discover the location of the source of a leak. Just make sure to use dye colors that will stand out from the color of your liner. Red is often used, but you can also use yellow dye if your liner has a dark color, and blue if your vinyl liner has a lighter shade.

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What happens to a vinyl pool liner when it leaks?

  • In most cases, leaking pools do not damage the pool liner, except when the pool leaks to a low point, during winter perhaps, exposing the liner to the elements. If a vinyl liner pool leaks below the shallow end floor, the liner can relax and pull away from the walls.

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What happens when you put vinyl liner in pool water?

  • Below the pH neutral level of 7.0, pool water becomes acidic and corrosive to vinyl. Over time, this can suck out the plasticizers and resins that keeps vinyl pliable. Over more time, a liner in a low pH “acid bath” will become brittle, fade in color and eventually begin to literally fall apart.

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What can i use to clean my vinyl pool liner?

Mix vinegar, baking soda and hot water in a bucket. Use a mop to clean the liner. This will kill mold and mildew and leave the liner clean and fresh smelling.

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Faded pool liner?

Buy Borderlines adhesive tile borders, makes your pool look new again.

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What are the different colors of vinyl pool liners?

  • Sure, 99% of pool owners say “Blue,” but there are many different shades of blue and knowing what you want the result to be is the fastest way to cut out liners that won’t achieve your desired look. There are four main color groups for vinyl liners: Deep Blue, Light Blue, Vivid Blue, and Aqua.

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What is vinyl liner pools?

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure… All of the wall panels are secured together to make up the perimeter shape of the swimming pool. There are many advantages to installing a vinyl liner pool. Vinyl pools are very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool.

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Can you patch a vinyl pool liner with water in it?

You can patch a pool liner hole or tear above or below water. A dry patch might be an option if the water receded below the tear, for example, or if your pool has already been drained for other repairs or maintenance work.

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How do you fix a vinyl pool that has no liner?

That depends on what is wrong with it. If the missing liner is the problem sort out who the manufacturer is and get a new one.

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How much does it cost to replace a vinyl pool liner?

Homeowners with pools can generally expect to spend between $1,000 and $3,400, or on average about $2,200, to repair or replace an inground or above-ground vinyl swimming pool liner. If you're looking to just patch a small hole, that should only set you back around $350.

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How to repair a large rip in a vinyl pool liner?

  • Hold the patch in place for one minute. Check behind the liner to be sure there isn't an obstruction that might cause another rip. Keep hard or sharp items such as glassware or ladders out of the way of the liner. Never use duct tape to repair a pool liner.

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Is a salt water system good for a vinyl liner pool?

Yes there is no problem with using salt in a vinyl lined pool.

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What happens if you put a vinyl liner on your pool?

  • Here’s what might happen, based on the type of pool you have: Vinyl Liner Pools: On a vinyl pool, if the water level inside the pool becomes lower than the water on the outside, the result is something we refer to as “floating the liner.” It’s not a good thing.

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How do you patch pin holes in vinyl pool liner if pool is full?

Hi, Use underwater glue to stick a peice of vinyl over the hole, It works very well, available from any good Poolshop.

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What's tricks pool liner?

  • Vacuum up any algae or debris on the liner. Get a pool vacuum that has a tele-pole, a vacuum head, and a vacuum head. Make sure the vacuum head is made for a vinyl pool liner, as it will have brushes so it does not snag the liner. The vacuum can be used to remove debris and algae on the pool liner.

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How can you clean the stains in a vinyl inground pool liner?

The only stains that we ever incurred, were from alage, even when pools were opened the only stains that were found were just alage of different colors. if your pool is open all you should have to use is a soft scrubbing brush and the stains should come right off, Sometimes we would scrub the sides of the pools down because of alage on the walls, once again a soft scrubbing brush should make your liner look new again. "one note" if your pool is up and running and your chlorine level is normal to high that is good enough for a cleaning agent. *** My chlorine levels were good, water was balanced, no algae, but I had yellow stains on the vinyl on the bottom of my inground pool that could not brush away. Poured granular PH Decreaser into an old white cotton sock, tied it closed, dropped the filled sock in the water over the stains and used my pool brush to rub the stain with the sock. It worked wonderfully to make the stains disappear. It was easy.

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How do i find a leak in above ground vinyl pool liner?

One way to find a leak in a pool liner of an above ground pool is by using food coloring. When you add the food coloring in small amounts, you can see it leaving the pool through the leak.

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What to do if you have a hole in your vinyl pool liner?

  • A common problem with pool liners is that small holes or tears can develop from impact damage or sharp debris in the pool. Use a vinyl patch kit specifically made for swimming pools. Cut the patch into a circle, as sharp edges on the patch will tend to peel off over time.

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Will salt hurt pool liner?

Saltwater is extremely corrosive to certain types of metal pipes and pool equipment. Occasionally, saltwater pools are equally corrosive to pool liners. If saltwater wears away the lining of a pool long enough, it will create holes or tears in the liner. Once the liner tears, you'll have no choice but to replace it.

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What is pool liner material?

What is the best liner for an inground pool?

  • The smooth surfaced Vinyl pool liner is the best because it provides equal cover to all parts of the pool wall. Another important feature could be its thickness. The thicker the liner the better it would be. A pool liner beautifies the pool along with adding safety from any sort of leakage issues.

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How to fix pool liner?

When to repair or replace your pool liner?

  • The most common pool liner repair problem is fixing a rip or tear. A good guideline to follow is if the rip is smaller than 3-6 inches it might be repairable but if it's longer than 6 inches you may need to replace your entire liner or consult a pool service professional.

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How yo clean pool liner?

Combine one part chlorine bleach and one part water. Use a spray bottle or a small garden sprayer to apply the bleach cleaner to the liner. Let the cleaner dry on the liner so it can remove the stains. You can clean any spots on the liner while the pool is full by applying the cleaner above the water line.

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What ruins a pool liner?

High concentrations of chlorine (above 1.5 ppm) will attack the liner and bleach it, thus damaging it. Any level below this range will weaken its ability to kill off bacteria. The addition of chlorine to your pool water has to be done in a careful manner.

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What is a pool liner?

  • A swimming pool liner refers to a covering placed over the swimming pool structure, completely overlaying the walls and floor. The primary purpose of the pool liner is to retain the pool water within the swimming pool while providing a clean appearance. The liner usually is made of vinyl,...

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What causes pool liner wrinkles?

wrinkles in a pool liner are caused by

  1. failure to smooth the ground under the liner
  2. failure to diffuse the water after placing the liner
  3. not checking the liner while filling the first 8 - 10 inches of water

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How to clean inground pool liner?

How to Clean Organic Liner Stains

  1. Get rid of any debris in the water, vacuum the pool and clean the filter.
  2. Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of any easy-to-remove stains.
  3. Balance the pool's water chemistry.
  4. Shock the pool.
  5. Brush the stains again after shocking the pool.

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How do you replace the light in an inground pool with a vinyl liner?

I am assuming some variables here but if it is just the bulb then there is one screw (Phillips head small) at the 12oclock position unscrew and the bulb unit should float to the surface there should be enough cord to reach the deck unscrew the 10 or 12 flat head screws and pop the casket from the glass take out old bulb replace it with new and reverse the process. The new lights have just one Phillips head screw that holds the gasket so even easier

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How do you install a niche in an inground pool with a vinyl liner?

Have you considered measuring exactly where it is to go then manufacture it from fibre glass outside the pool install the plumbing into it and drop it into place. that way you can easily remove when you wish and make repairs when needed.

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