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❓ On a swimming pool solar cover should the bubbles face up or down?

I always place the bubbles down.

❓ How are solar blankets laid in the pool bubbles up or down?

bubble side down, smooth surface side up.

❓ Best solar pool cover?

I have had several pool covers over the years, blue, blue and black, clear, clear with diamond shaped bubbles. Last year I purchase a "Gold Series" solar cover. It is blue on the top with a reflective good metallic layer that faces down. This cover is by far the best cover I have ever owned. It's high quality but more importantly I have 5-7 more degrees in water temperature then I have ever had. In July I had to take it off the water was so warm. Very pleased.

❓ Which side of solar pool cover goes up?

You should put the bubbles down. The bubbles need to face the water and the smoother side faces up. Solar covers work by trapping heat that would otherwise be lost.

❓ Is clear pool solar cover better than blue solar cover?

Clear solar covers will allow more light energy, across the spectrum, to penetrate the water… Light Blue solar covers do a better job at trapping heat in the pool, reflecting the heat back into the pool that can radiate out of a clear solar cover more rapidly.

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When to take solar cover off of pool?

  • My rule of thumb is to always use it at night, and to take it off in the day only when the sun is shining and there is little wind (or when I'm using it!). This seems to be the best combination.

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How many degrees will a solar cover heat a pool?

Heat Retention

Solar covers work to raise the temperature by the pool up to 12 degrees because the tiny air pockets capture heat from the sun and transfer it to the pool water while also acting as insulators to prevent heat from escaping off of the surface of the water.

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Why does the ph of my pool go up or down?

  • If the pH is low, a pH increaser is added to raise the pH. If the pH is high, pH Down is used. pH Down comes in two forms: liquid acid or dry acid. Changes in the pH of pool water can be caused by many factors but one of the most significant cause is the sanitizer used.

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Can a solar pool cover heat the water faster?

  • If your ambient temperature is decent and there is not much wind, leaving the pool cover off will heat the water faster (and not just heat the cover and the water near it). And, yeah...they shouldn't really call them solar just confuses everyone.

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Can a solar pool cover keep the water warm?

  • Yes, solar covers do warm the water, up to 15 degrees. And they also prevent up to 95% of evaporative heat loss. Does not matter if the pump is running, although that will help to distribute the heat.

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When does a pool need a solar heat cover?

  • At the beginning of each sunny day, an above ground pool begins to warm up from the sun’s rays and once the sun sets or is no longer shining directly on the pool, it slowly begins to cool. A pool solar heat cover is the perfect way to make sure that your pool keeps all the heat that the sun has given it.

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How fast does a solar cover heat a pool?

  • You may ask how fast does a solar cover heat a pool. Well, it takes 12 hours to heat up the water if the pool is covered correctly during day time. This cover holds heat and reduces evaporation to warm up the water.

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Should i run pool pump with solar cover on?

Tip: Running your pump while your solar blanket is on is completely safe… Pumps also serve to “stir” the water, which helps distribute chemicals better throughout the pool, minimizing localized algae blooms, etc. You may find one or possibly two one hour runs per day is enough with the cover on.

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When should you put the solar cover on pool?

Basically, the best time to use a solar pool cover is anytime you're not swimming. This will help maintain your water level and keep your pool water to a nice heated swimming temperature. Especially during the nighttime when temperatures are most likely to drop.

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What is the best solar pool cover to buy?

BEST OVERALL: Sun2Solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover. RUNNER UP: Blue Wave 12-mil Solar Blanket. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Intex Recreation Solar Cover. BEST FOR ROUND POOLS: Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot Round Solar Cover.

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Air bubbles when vacuuming pool?

DO YOU HAVE AIR BUBBLES BLOWING BACK INTO YOUR POOL FROM THE RETURN INLETS ALL OR MOST OF THE TIME? This means you are sucking air. The water is pulled from the skimmer on the side of the pool or the main drain in the bottom of the pool through the pump basket into the impeller.

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What is better pool fence or pool safety cover?

From the point of view of safety without surveillance the pool fence is safer. This is because the fence is always there, with a gate that closes automatically and locks so that toddlers cant open it. A pool safety cover is fine when it is in place however when it is not a toddler can approach the pool and there is nothing that protects him or her when they are not being watched.Another contributorI agree with the above answer, pool fence is definitely the way to go. In fact, in most areas it is law or soon will be. I say it will soon be law is because in December 2007 The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007 was signed into law. Even if some law does not require it, most insurance companies will make you do it or cancel your policy.

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How to cover up a pool pump?

The simplest way to hide your pool pump and filter is to put up a small wall or screen to block the view, and the noise from the pump. If you are handy with wood, you can saw-up your own pool filter screen to hide the pool pump, or you can buy vinyl privacy walls at most home stores and garden centers.

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Is it better to cover up a pool or leave it open?

  • Usually, if you cover up the pool, you can feel the top of the water is warm and the bottom will still be cool, but what happens if you leave it open most of the time to warm the entire pool. The theory is it would be heated by the sun, and guess what, it actually does heat the pool more.

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Can i shock my pool with a solar cover on?

the solar blanket in the high sun position of the day adds about 3 degrees celcius of heat to my pool versus the morning. You should remove the solar cover if shocking. The high chlorine levels will eat away at the cover.

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Should i put a solar cover on my inground pool?

  • Solar Cover Use Generally speaking, you should have the solar cover on the pool whenever the pool is not being used. During the day, having the cover on the pool helps to prevent water and chemical evaporation in the hot sun and also warms the pool. At night it will help to insulate the water, to retain the heat you have gained throughout the day.

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Are baseball ejections up or down?

If MLB keeps its current pace, there will be 162 ejections this season, just a 10.0% drop from 2013*. It is not clear why players and coaches are being ejected more often, but they are making up ...

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Can you run a pool filter with a solar cover on?

Yes, so long as there is water getting to the filter it wont do any harm to have the cover on.

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How fast will a solar cover heat an above ground pool?

Technically it won't heat the pool (and in some cases slows the heating process), but it helps to prevent it from cooling as quickly. Below is the best link that I was able to find that explains all aspects of allowing your pool to heat naturally and "trapping" the heat in. There are way too many variables to answer the question with an actual number, but you should be able to get a pretty good idea here.

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How do you use a solar cover on a swimming pool?

There are two main types of solar covers for swimming pools. One is a solar ring which lays on the pool and has magnets around the edges to easily hook two or more together. A common brand name is the Solar Sun Ring. Another option is a solar blanket that would work much like a rain cover or tarp at a baseball stadium. It would be rolled up on a solar reel and then unrolled across the pool when the pool was not in use. Here's a few examples:

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How long do you leave solar cover on after shocking pool?

  • While you can safely put your cover back on the pool right after you’ve added chemicals, it’s always best to wait 30 minutes to an hour, just to help your cover last longer. And definitely always remove it while shocking your pool and keep it off until chlorine levels return to normal (about 1-2 ppm). 6. How do I clean my solar cover?

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Is a mesh or solid pool cover better?

Solid covers are more expensive than mesh covers as they are more durable and insure clean pool water in the spring… Those particles of debris can be easily cleaned out in the spring with a pool vacuum. Mesh covers are less expensive than solid covers and are light in weight so they are easier to install and remove.

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Can you use a solar cover on pool while heater is on?

no u cant cause it might break the heater.

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Is there an inexpensive place online to order a solar pool cover?

Leisure Living offers solar swimming pool covers starting at $16.99 . Prices depend on size and type of liner. For more information please visit the following link, and click on "solar pool covers" on the right hand side:

  • I reviewed this web site and it seems like a good place to start looking.

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Does intex pool cover heat pool?

Use the Intex Solar Cover

This Intex Solar Cover can reduce the evaporation by 95% and allows the air bubbles to transfer sun heat into the pool water efficiently. Keep your pool water warmer with this environmentally friendly heating method!

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Does solar blanket heat pool?

  • A solar blanket helps to both heat the water, and retain the heat at night, or prevent heat loss from cool air temps or heat robbing winds. Solar Blankets will add heat to the pool to a greater or lesser degree, depending on 1) amount of surface coverage and 2) amount of direct daily sunshine.

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Do solar pool heaters work?

Yes, they are well worth the cost.

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What causes the ph level to go up or down in an above-ground pool?

PH is lowered by acidic conditions such as leaves rotting in the pool or the filter Your PH shouldn't bounce around to much but old water will lose its buffers. When you top your pool up check the tap water for the PH Balance to see if you are raising or lowering it by adding water. A high PH is obtained by adding chemicals to do just that but the area you live in might have very alkaline water which would cause that to be high.

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Will a pool heat up faster with the cover on?

Air bubbles in the pool cover act as an insulator in a similar way that your thermos would keep water warm. A pool cover will, therefore, keep your pool water warmer for longer.

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How to cover up a pool table for a party?

  • Go to a hardware store as well if you need more ideas. Employees can offer you creative solutions using a wood cover. Place the cover on the pool table and make sure it fits. Put a tablecloth over the cover and your table will barely be recognizable as a gaming table anymore. Fit your table with chairs, settings and food to complete the conversion.

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What causes air bubbles in a swimming pool?

Why do I have air bubbles in my Pool?

  • Air bubbles in your pool is a common problem caused by air being introduced into your plumbing. The main culprit of pool bubbles is a suction leak in the plumbing going into your pump or around the lid of your pool pump.

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Why are bubbles coming out of pool jets?

Low water levels in your pool cause the skimmer to suck in air instead of water. If the skimmer sucks in air, you'll see air bubbles burst from the return jets down the line… If the water in your pool is lower than that, simply adding more water should fix the air bubble problem.

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Why does my pool pump keep blowing bubbles?

  • Most filters will self-bleed the air out through the return jets by blowing bubbles. If air is accumulating in the filter and possibly draining the pump out when you switch it off your pump will be sucking air but you may not have enough back pressure to bleed the air.

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Elbow up or down when hitting a baseball?

This is one of the many confusing topics when discussing the baseball or fastpitch swing. Some recommmend 'elbow up' in the stance. Some recommend 'elbow down 'in the stance. The truth is, it doesn't matter where the elbow is in the stance. This truly is personal style and does not effect the swing.

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Does an above ground pool with a blue solar cover on heat better with the filter on or off?

To evenly distribute the water and mix the cold with the warm the pump should be on.

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How effective are solar covers in pool?

A solar cover minimizes heat loss from evaporation by acting as a barrier between swimming pool water and the air. Specifically, you can reduce your swimming pool heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar cover.

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Do solar covers heat the swimming pool?

In addition to heating the water, a solar blanket helps prolong the effectiveness of pool's chemicals. A solar blanket looks like a large sheet of bubble wrap. It effectively heats the pool water by allowing more of the sun's rays to enter the pool, while its air bubbles trap the pool's heat during the night.

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Can solar pool heaters heat spa?

A solar pool heater will heat your spa and pool water simultaneously, but because there is such a large volume of water to heat, temperatures may not reach your desired spa temperature, and you probably don't want your pool at spa-like temperatures anyway… Pool water needs to be circulated.

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Are diy solar pool heaters effective?

Use less expensive black hose or tubing and save money while heating your pool water to a relaxing and comfortable temperature. Two 4 feet by 4 feet homemade solar panels is efficient enough to effectively heat a normal sized in-ground pool. One panel can heat a small pool and three can heat a large pool.

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How good are solar pool covers?

Obviously, each brand differs, but generally they work very well. Be prepared for a very hot pool!

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Do solar pool covers blown off?

Re: Cover blows off pool.

Another DIY possibility is to get a 30' round solar cover, like this one from InTheSwim (not a recommendation; just the first place I found one). A cover like this will not blow off *IF* the wind can't catch an edge. you can weigh all the edges down, so they dip under water.

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Do solar pool heaters really work?

  • Solar swimming pool heaters only work during daylight hours, and work best on bright sunny days. They are somewhat limited in terms of how much they increase the temperature of the water. As a result, they may not be very effective during extremely cold temperatures, or on cloudy days.

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How do solar pool covers work?

The pic associated with this answer has nothing to do with a Solar Cover or Solar Blanket. It looks as if these are solar panels for electricity. Solar blankets look like a stronger version of bubble wrap. Their primary purpose when they are laid on the water (bubble side down) is to keep whatever warmth the pool water has in it from escaping into the cooler air at night. They are usually a light blue or clear in color. Clear allows more sunlight into the pool to heat the water better.

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Which pool cover is best for your pool?

  • The thermal covers are seen to be the best kinds of pool blankets. The aim to block the sun rays and thus damaging the algae that might grow in the swimming pool. They are also good in terms of retaining the heat better than the solar covers mentioned above. This is possible thanks to the insulating foam material used to make it.

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Does medicare cover pool lifts?

While Medicare often covers chair, stair, and power bath lifts, when it comes to aquatic therapy, it is nearly impossible to obtain coverage for an at-home pool lift… When approved, Medicare will often cover up to 12 sessions of lift-assisted aquatic therapy with a licensed therapist in an approved facility.

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Should you cover intex pool?

Covering will keep it cleaner and keep you from losing as much chlorine. It will also prevent some heat loss at night so the water will stay warmer. But, you don't have to ever cover it if you don't want to. It is just a matter of personal preference.

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When should i.put cover pool?

  • Pool covers should be used during your swimming season. If you use your pool during the daytime, take off the cover just before swimming and replace the cover as soon as you're done using the pool.

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What is best pool cover?

The 10 Best Swimming Pool Covers

  • Safety Pick: Happybuy Pool Safety Cover…
  • Intex Solar Cover…
  • Blue Wave Solar Blanket…
  • Sun2Solar Solar Cover…
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Leaf Net. BUY ON AMAZON…
  • Blue Wave Rectangular Pool Safety Cover. BUY ON AMAZON…
  • Blue Wave Solar Blanket. BUY ON AMAZON…
  • Robelle Swimming Pool Cover. BUY ON AMAZON.

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Elbow up or down when hitting a baseball cleats?

Chipper Jones elbow up 99% of major league hitters have their back elbow up at toe touch/weight shift. You should too. Most current MLB hitters have their back elbow somewhere in the 60-90 degrees UP1 range at toe touch. You can hit with your elbow down, you will just not generate as much power.

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Can you heat a pool without a pool solar blanket?

  • In fact if you have hot days and warm nights there is a good chance that you will not need to use your solar blanket all of the time. The pool will stay warm especially with warm summer nights without the solar blanket. There are other benefits as well to using a solar blanket.

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