Stan Wawrinka reflects on 'crybaby' feud with Roger, Mirka Federer at 2014 ATP Finals

Wawrinka was sad to see Federer leave professional tennis.

Stan Wawrinka reflects on 'crybaby' feud with Roger, Mirka Federer at 2014 ATP Finals

Stan Wawrinka, 37, said there was no way he would let "a little argument" ruin the relationship between him and Roger Federer.

During their 2014 ATP Finals match, Mirka Federer was apparently taunting Wawrinka by calling him "a crybaby."

After the match was over and tensions calmed, Wawrinka and Federer resolved the issue in a very friendly and calm manner. 

“We could have made some movies together (laughs). For sure, it was very, very tense right after the semi-final. Very, very hot, very, very complicated, on both sides. It’s a good thing there were no cameras in the hallways and locker rooms back then. But once again, at some point, when you get caught up in the emotion, for things that don’t necessarily happen because of your fault, you have to know how to take some distance. Don’t forget everything we’ve been through together, let the night and the next day pass, don’t see each other and then simply discuss it. We had to remember that we had a Davis Cup to win. I wasn’t going to let a little argument, which became a big one because of the emotions, disrupt this victory," Wawrinka said on the RMC podcast, per We Love Tennis France. 

Wawrinka was very emotional after Federer announced his retirement 

"I cried for Roger (Federer). It was hard, a strong feeling. Even talking about it is difficult. When I came on the tour, he was already there. He was like a big brother to me, a friend," Wawrinka said. 

After Federer announced his retirement, Wawrinka paid him a very special tribute.

"Thank you my friend for everything you have done for me over the years. It was a true honor to share the court against you but it was even more special to be in the same team as you. Forever grateful for all the memories on and off the court. Tennis will never be the same without you. Enjoy the next chapter in your life with your beautiful family," Wawrinka wrote on Twitter after Federer announced his retirement. 

Wawrinka and Federer helped Switzerland win the 2014 Davis Cup title and they also competed as a doubles duo at the Olympics Games.