Should skateboards be wobbly?

Marc Wiegand asked a question: Should skateboards be wobbly?
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A wobbly skateboard isn't a bad thing, some actually like to ride their trucks super loose. Beginners will have a harder time learning to ride a skateboard with loose trucks. After all, a more stable board will help you keep your balance. Just be sure to break bushings in and don't tighten them until you squish them.


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❓ Are skateboards supposed to be really wobbly?

If you skate street or skate park, then loose is better. If you do flat ground trick, then loose isn't good because if you fall on the edge of the board, you will fall forward. It's all a personal preference. I think you should get a tool and try tight and loose.

❓ Should my skateboard be wobbly?

I skated all my life until about 5 yrs ago but I was never good. Recently I've been dealing with a lot of stress in my life & remembered how much I loved skating to just forget about things. At 25 I feel like a new skater again, but this time my wife asked me to teach her how to skate along the way!

❓ How wobbly should my skateboard be?

Some people like they're trucks really tight and some like them really loose there really isn't a gauge set of rules with that . For flip tricks, they should be pretty tight as to provide stability. For cruising, they should be pretty loose, and for vert you'd want them to be somewhere in the middle.

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In this scenario, you won’t expect to have a very wobbly skateboard with you. Keeping the truck tight will let you gain good speed easily and give your more control over the ride. How Tight Should Be the Trucks for Cruising While cruising with a skateboard most people focus on enjoying the ride rather than speeding with it.

This basic principle should apply for skateboards as well, shouldn't it? I know that the vast majority of riders leave the small gap of play, making the wheels spin freely in the air. But is this really good practice?

As you ride at speed your weight distribution should be heavily shifted toward the front truck. If you start to wobble, the very first thing to do is to lean to front even more – around 90% of your weight should be positioned in front. Also, it’s very important to lower your center of gravity.

When free riding you are looking for some speed, so lean towards a medium/stiff board which will give higher stability also at moderate speeds. For downhill riding you want stiffness so the board doesn’t start to wobble when you pass the speed limit, you want to keep complete control and stiffness is a must.

Skateboard can be wobbly and it’s a matter of getting used to or you can tweak the board to your liking. Wobbly skateboards are caused by bushings being too soft or the skateboard trucks being too loose. With just a few minor adjustments to the kingpin nut, you can solve this problem.

Yes you read it right, ankles. Your ankles play a major part in riding and can be a major player if you are experiencing speed wobbles. If you aren’t comfortable either on the board, or at the speed at which you are riding, your body will tense up. Once your ankles tighten up it becomes a major problem, especially at higher speeds.

Should I tighten a bit the bearrings (?) to prevent wobbling or just kinda deal with it? Today I fell once from the skateboard sending my board head on a slab of stone XD. Was lucky that wasn't me

Once your trucks are tightened, your skateboard will not be wobbly. But you may have to deal with turning difficulties likely to develop when you resort to this method of solving the issue. The faster you move using your skateboard or longboard, the higher the chances of your trucks becoming loose.

The main turning of the skateboard comes from the front. If you do not position yourself in such a way to take control of your front truck, you are positioning yourself to fall. Steeze LVL 9000 on these Orangatang Kegels. Another common method for overcoming wobbles on your longboard is to carve them out.

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How to make your skateboard less wobbly?

Sometimes wobble occurs when the bushings in your trucks are too loose or soft. When your trucks are too loose they are more sensitive to weight distribution and they turn more easily - at a high speed this can cause the board to react to external factors and wobble back and forth… Make sure your board is the proper size for your height. If ...

Is a skateboard supposed to be wobbly?

If Trucks Are Too Loose; 1. Do several spins on one and the other truck in turn: 1. Twist each truck so that you do not feel any swaying: 2. Get on a deck in the normal position as usual: 2. Try to test the skateboard: 3. Test your feelings: 3. You should feel sufficient tightness: 4. If you feel tight, repeat the movements again: 4.

Is your skateboard supposed to be wobbly?

If you are asking this question my default answer is, “Looser than yours are right now.” This is because (1) skateboard trucks tend to be pretty tight right off the shelf and (2) beginners especially feel uncomfortable on loose trucks — but that’s...

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Is it normal for a skateboard to be wobbly?

Regardless of how tight or loose your trucks may be, you have to be going extremely fast on a skateboard to encounter speed wobbles – much faster than you could possibly push. Loose trucks are not normally a danger, though tight trucks sometimes can be. The tighter the truck, the tighter the turning radius.

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What do i do if my skateboard is wobbly?
  1. Turn it clockwise to tighten the trucks, getting tighter turning.
  2. Turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the trucks, getting a softer turning feel.
What's the best way to fix a wobbly skateboard?
  • Solution: Loosen up. Riding is a mind game. Make a conscious effort to relax your body and “become one” with the board. Allow it to become part of your body. Flow with it. When it moves move with it.
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How big should my skateboard hardware be at warehouse skateboards?

Skateboard wheels are typically hard and have less grip compared to big soft longboard wheels. While some longboard wheels can handle wet conditions, skateboard wheels can’t. Even if they are soft, the small contact patch just can’t get enough grip and will start sliding when you make a sharp or even mellow turn.

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