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The Celtics have lost four of their last five games.

How worried are you on a panic scale of 1 to 10 and what is the Celtics biggest issue?

Bill Sy: I’m at a 5. Watching everybody’s body language and listening to the postgame pressers, it seems largely mental at this point — missed shots leads to frustration leads to lapses and low effort on defense. If head coach Joe Mazzulla is unfazed by Boston’s shot selection, I’ll try to be, too.

Gregory Maneikis: I’m at a 3. It’s hard to sustain elite success over an entire 82-game season, and there aren’t quite as many cupcakes on the schedule as previous years. I know some might differ, but the Magic, when healthy are a real NBA team with some dogs. Losing back-to-back is inexcusable, but it shows the importance of execution, boxing out, etc. if you want to win the average NBA basketball game.

To me, their biggest issue is just that. Things were so easy early in the season, they didn’t need to worry about all of the little things. Now the book is out on how to slow down the offense, so the C’s will need to recommit to playing mistake-free basketball because when the offense isn’t there, the real game begins.

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

William Weir: It’s a 3 for me. Gotta tighten things up for sure but a lot of it comes down to a poor shooting stretch. They are 29th & 30th respectively shooting the 3 and from the field the last 5 games, but 4th and 6th in the NBA on the season for those categories. A lot of the role players are going through shooting funks at the same time, but water will find its level. They are still getting good looks, just not good results. Rob is back. Defense is improving They’ll be fine.

Mike Dynon: Level 5. I’d like to believe the offensive slump is just the flip side of the way-above-average first 20-25 games. That would be normal. But the problem is, when the shots stop falling, the Celtics tend to revert to bad habits. The ball movement disappears, hero ball creeps in, and as we saw in Sunday’s game, they still have difficulty executing winning plays in the final minute of a close contest.

Joe Mazzulla is facing adversity for the first time as a head coach. How will he respond? What will it take to get back on track? They need to restore some confidence before the Christmas showdown with Milwaukee, or the panic level will rise for sure.

Ben Vallis: I’m at a 2. This team knows what they’re capable of. They’ve demonstrated what they’re capable of. Better to get that wakeup call now (as opposed to the playoffs), that reminder that, despite their talent and depth, their wins won’t just come easy.

There’s also a few things in flux that I’m happy to give them a few more games to get in control of. Rob is a major piece who is still in the early stages of being reintegrated, White and Hauser are experiencing their first ever true NBA shooting slumps, and Tatum is perhaps experiencing some fatigue after starting the season in “Finals revenge/MVP overdrive” mode.

It’s more about how they respond, and at this point there’s not been much reason to doubt they can respond appropriately. Maybe a lame analogy, but whenever I get myself into half decent shape, I’m always like “okay, that’s done” and then start eating like crap again. The Celtics are in this phase of their basketball diet currently.

Jake Issenberg: 2 for me as well. The core of Tatum/Brown/Smart have proven that they can win at the highest level for years now. But if we know anything about that core, it’s they can fall into bad habits from time to time. They likely heard the outside noise, “Best offense in league history”, “Best scoring duo since Shaq and Kobe”. It’s human nature to fall into bad habits once in a while. The question will be how fast can they pull out of it. They will see on film the stark difference between what made them the best team in the league and where playing like they did against the Magic will get them. It’s a good test for Mazulla and the core to pull the team out of the tailspin, because there will be more adversity down the line. There’s no better time to go through some adversity than when you are (were) the 1 seed.

Trevor Hass: I’d say I’m at a 2. Hiccups are inevitable, even in a championship season. A six-game road trip against largely good teams is inherently tough, and a couple duds against the Magic don’t mean the parade is off. At the same time, it’s fair to be a little concerned short term. If this continues, and they drop, say, 8 of 10, then it’s fair to be worried big picture (I’d probably go to a 4 at that point). I expect them to get out of this slump and return to their winning ways in the near future.

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Boston is down bad right now: 10 Takeaways from Celtics&Magic Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Photo by Brian Fluharty/Getty Images

The Celtics have lost their mojo heading into the holidays

1. Ugh.

Just ugh.

The Boston Celtics seven-game homestand is off to a terrible start with back-to-back losses to the Orlando Magic. We said after Friday’s loss that Orlando is better than most realize, especially now that they are getting healthy. But this is still a team Boston should be handling at home, even if Jayson Tatum is out.

The Celtics have the New England Patriots to thank for keeping them off the front page as a “What’s wrong with the Celtics?” story and as the lead topic of every sports radio show. The Pats epic debacle in Las Vegas knocked the Celtics off the map for at least a day or so.

2. Boston cleaned up a lot of their defensive issues from the first lost to Orlando. That included the defensive rebounding…for most of the game.

Late in the game, it became a problem again for the Celtics. And, as per usual when this is an issue, Boston is just outhustled for the ball.

No one gets a body on Markelle Fultz here and he finds Franz Wagner for the second-chance triple:

Down by one, the Celtics get the stop. But Two-Way player Kevon Harris outraces everyone to the loose rebound. Also, why is Grant Williams holding is block out for so long and not pursuing the rebound?

Needing to get a stop again, Boston comes up with one. But once again, Fultz outhustles everyone to come up with the big rebound:

Three times in the final two minutes of a close game the Celtics let guards beat them to the boards. That can’t happen.

3. The last Markelle Fultz rebound above didn’t come back to kill Boston, because Fultz committed a turnover on the inbounds play. Unfortunately, the Celtics gave it right back.

It’s unclear who was at fault here and no one was talking postgame, beyond “Didn’t execute”. Did Grant Williams lead Jaylen Brown too far? Did Brown stop his cut too early? Either way, this was bad:

Still, the Celtics had life. Down three, there was more than enough time left to get a good look up. Credit to the Magic for having everything covered, but the Celtics have to get a better shot than this:

Ball game. Back-to-back losses and four losses in the last five games.

4. The above were just the late-game follies that cost Boston. The main issues throughout the game were poor shooting and turnovers.

Only Malcolm Brogdon (3-of-6) and Marcus Smart (3-of-7) were decent from downtown. Everyone else combined to shoot 6-of-34 on three-pointers. And, for what it’s worth, Brogdon and Smart combined to shoot 2-of-10 on two-point shots.

When you start out historically good from behind the arc, there’s only one place to go. The Celtics have rapidly gotten to that place in the span of a week or so. Will that re-level some? Of course.

Right now, Boston is going through it. The shots are still mostly good ones. We don’t want the Celtics to pass up open or wide-open looks too often, but finding another way to score is a must.

As for turnovers, the overall numbers are starting to creep up. Jaylen Brown is clearly frustrated with getting called for so many travels. There seems to be a fairly easy answer for that: stop traveling so much. None of the calls against Brown are bad ones, nor are they him being officiated unfairly. He’s traveling and he’s getting called for it.

Marcus Smart and Grant Williams both had four turnovers on Sunday. Smart’s will come, to some extent, as a result of his role as the team’s point guard. But he’s committing some bad giveaways by trying to make highlight plays when a simple pass will do.

For Williams, he’s just trying to do too much sometimes. His improvement has been so good, that it’s fine for Williams to explore the studio space on occasion. But he has to remember his role and dial it back too.

5. The defense was better. Much better, actually. But Jaylen Brown falls asleep off-ball and gives up a layup at least once per game. In close games, these plays are killers:

Brown has no idea Markelle Fultz cut out of the corner until Fultz is catching the ball and laying it in. For a team with title aspirations, Brown has to be better than this.

6. The Celtics could be 81-0, lose the regular season finale and someone would suggest they need a trade. That’s sort of how our overreactionary world works now.

Boston doesn’t need a trade. They need the guys they have to play better. Sure, the next month-and-a-half may unveil a need for something Boston doesn’t have right now. But today, in mid-December, the Celtics don’t need to make a trade.

Also: If you say they need a trade, be prepared to suggest who Boston should trade for and, just as importantly, who the Celtics should trade away. And make sure it’s reasonable and legal too. There’s an awful lot of “Payton Pritchard and a first for (insert borderline All-Star here)” stuff out there that is completely nonsensical.

7. That said…the Celtics do need to shake up the rotation some. We hinted at this last Takeaways, but here’s a more fleshed out idea. Note: This is most effective when Rob Williams is able to play 25-30 minutes (which should be his top-out range in the regular season).


· Rob Williams

· Al Horford

· Jayson Tatum

· Jaylen Brown

· Marcus Smart


· Malcolm Brogdon

· Derrick White

· Grant Williams

· Payton Pritchard

· Luke Kornet

In this scenario, Boston returns back to their starting group that dominated the NBA from January until Rob Williams got hurt. Brogdon and White get their 25 minutes per game off the bench, but by playing a lot in three-guard alignment. Both can hold their own against bigger players. Grant Williams plays his customary role as the third big. (On nights when Horford or Rob Williams sit, it’s Blake Griffin time.)

That leaves Pritchard and Kornet to get about 8-12 minutes a night as deeper depth. That should keep everyone fresh and rested, while still affording Joe Mazzulla the lineup versatility that makes the Celtics special.

Eventually, Sam Hauser can regain his rotation spot. But Hauser needs a little while to reset. When he gets back to making shots, drop Kornet or Pritchard, depending on what the game calls for.

8. Monday and Tuesday will be the first time the Celtics have had two consecutive days off without travel in a month. That means Tuesday should be a practice day, and that should do Boston wonders.

NBA teams rarely practice in-season. There just isn’t time. The every-other-day nature of the game schedule rarely affords it. The day after a game is a recovery and film day. The guys who are out of the rotation may scrimmage, but the regulars will get in a recovery workout and do film work.

With a practice day, and a healthy roster, Joe Mazzulla and staff can address some of the recent issues and maybe install a few new wrinkles. This practice day is hitting at the exact right time for the Celtics.

9. This is the last time we’ll address it (hopefully!), but Rob Williams looked good again. Williams hit the floor a couple of times, which was enough to catch the breath in the throat of Celtics fans. But he bounced right up and got back to it. Rhythm and conditioning are off for Williams, but that will come within the next week or two.

Yes, the last week has been crappy for the standings and the play on the floor. But if Williams stays healthy and the Celtics get back to being the Celtics again, this mid-December stretch of woe will be just a footnote.

10. As noted above, Boston doesn’t play again until Wednesday. That’s a couple of days to get things right. The Indiana Pacers are tough. They come at you in waves, as they play pretty fast. Indiana can get loose with a bunch of different guys who can shoot the ball.

This is a nice test for the Celtics and their mindset. Boston lost a couple to good teams out west and then came home and seemed to think they could just walk over the Magic. If they take a similar casual approach to the Pacers, the Celtics will lose again.

After a couple of days off, and a practice day, let’s hope Boston can rediscover what made them special to start the season. This is a good chance to get back on track building up to the big Christmas Day matchup against the now first-place Milwaukee Bucks.

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College basketball rankings: Kansas, Arizona move into top five, Virginia drops in Coaches Poll Mon, 19 Dec 2022 11:03:34 -0800 Sportsman College basketball rankings: UConn moves up to No. 2 in AP Top 25 poll; Purdue keeps top spot Mon, 19 Dec 2022 11:03:34 -0800 Sportsman College basketball rankings: Purdue and UConn are in a battle for No. 1 in Top 25 And 1 Mon, 19 Dec 2022 11:03:34 -0800 Sportsman PORTAL WATCH: Georgetown Guard Dante Harris Commits to Transfer to Virginia Connecticut v Georgetown
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The 2021 BIG EAST Tournament Most Outstanding Player moves on to UVA

Junior point guard Dante Harris has committed to transfer to Virginia. After a few months away from the Georgetown Hoyas team due to “personal reasons,” Harris entered the transfer portal and he ultimately has chosen to continue his collegiate basketball career with UVA and Tony Bennett.

Earlier this month, Georgetown confirmed to Bobby Bancroft that Harris had submitted his name to the transfer portal.

On Sunday, Joe Tipton reported that “Harris plans to play for the Cavaliers beginning next season and will have three years of eligibility remaining.”

Harris also told Tipton that “Coach (Tony) Bennett is a great coach and one of the best in the business. He says he runs his program through God’s word, which is very big for me. I’m huge on the scripture and to have a coach that runs his program through the Lord. What else can you ask for?”

Harris will be best known for his 2021 freshman efforts that carried the Hoyas through the BIG EAST Tournament as the awarded Most Outstanding Player into the NCAA Tournament.

Unfortunately, the ensuing winless conference season that followed for the Hoyas forced a complete overhaul of the Georgetown roster. Last spring, Ewing shed 6 players to the portal and added in 8 transfers and two freshmen. Harris was expected to be the only returning starter, but he never played a game.

Many fans have been pointing to the addition of Duquesne point guard Primo Spears as an exterior catalyst for Harris’ decision to leave, but additions of guards Brandon Murray and Jay Heath likely also spelled a reduced role for Dante.

While Dante Harris is no longer listed on the roster, there have been no formal announcements from

In 2021-22, Harris averaged 11.9 points per game in 32.2 minutes per game, with 4.1 assists and 2.6 turnovers. Last year, he shot 37% from the field and 27.5% from three. In 2020-21, Harris averaged 8.0 points per game in 30.3 minutes per game, with 3.2 assists, and shot 35% from the field and 26% from three.

Harris will always be remembered for leading the BIG EAST Tournament Championship team, but his game unfortunately followed a path of a few other guards under Patrick Ewing who carried low field goal percentages with inconsistent assist and turnover statistics.

Ultimately, Ewing promised the world to each of his recruits and failed to uphold his end of the bargain, leading to their transfers.

Harris joins Ewing-era (2017-2022) transfers Donald Carey, Collin Holloway, Tyler Beard, Timothy Ighoefe, Jalin Billingsley, Kobe Clark, Jamari Sibley, T.J. Berger, Mac McClung, James Akinjo, Josh LeBlanc, Galen Alexander, Myron Gardner, Grayson Carter, Antwan Walker, Chris Sodom, and Qudus Wahab (returned).

Best of luck to Dante. We wish him well.

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Saturday Big Ten Recap: Tight Losses Syndication: The Topeka Capital-Journal
Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Recap all the Big Ten action from Saturday.

The Big Ten had a loaded slate on Saturday, highlighted by multiple marquee matchups. The headliners were matchups between Indiana and Kansas and Ohio State and North Carolina. Teams like Purdue and Rutgers also faced notable opponents.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

Game of the Night:

-North Carolina Tar Heels 89, No. 23 Ohio State Buckeyes 84 (OT)

This matchup was part of the CBS Sports Classic and took place in Madison Square Garden on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately for fans, the game lived up to the billing, as it went down to the wire and needed an extra session to get decided. Unfortunately for Buckeye fans, things didn’t end well for Ohio State as the team fell 89-84 in overtime.

The big story in this one was Ohio State’s underwhelming defense. While the Buckeyes got productive nights from most of the starting lineup, the team couldn’t slow down North Carolina inside the arc and gave up 59.1 percent from two-point range. Armando Bacot also destroyed the Buckeyes, finishing with 28 points and 15 rebounds. Brice Sensabaugh led the way for Ohio State with 22 points and eight rebounds.

The loss dropped the Buckeyes to 7-3 overall heading into the final stretch of non-conference play. The team will return to action on Wednesday at home against Maine and then wrap up play for the year on the 29th against Alabama A&M. Don’t expect either game to be competitive.

The Rest:

-No. 18 Illinois Fighting Illini 68, Alabama A&M Bulldogs 47

This game wasn’t expected to be competitive and fit that billing, as Illinois cruised to a 21-point win over the Bulldogs. Matthew Mayer led the way with 21 points and seven rebounds. Terrence Shannon also had an impressive performance with 18 points. The win pushed Illinois to 8-3 overall heading into an interesting game against Missouri in St. Louis on Thursday night. It’s the team’s last chance to build its non-con resume.

-No. 8 Kansas Jayhawks 84, No. 14 Indiana Hoosiers 62

It’s rare to see blue blood programs tangle in a home-and-home like this, but fans got to enjoy one of them on Saturday as Indiana went on the road to face Kansas. The crowd was electric and fans got to enjoy a really fun matchup. Unfortunately for Hoosier fans, Kansas took control early on and never looked back en route to an 84-62 win as the Hoosiers limped to 0.82 points per possession.

Indiana fell to 8-3 overall with the loss. The team has now lost two straight and three of its last four, dating back to a 15-point road loss against Rutgers earlier this month. The losses have derailed what was shaping up to be a fantastic start to the season in Bloomington, especially since all three have come by double-digits.

It’ll be up to Mike Woodson and company to resolve some of the issues in the coming weeks, or Indiana could be in big trouble with Big Ten play approaching. Fortunately, the team will get a few weeks to recover. That effort will begin on Tuesday at home against an overmatched Elon squad.

-Iowa Hawkeyes 106, Southeast Missouri State Redhawks 75

The Hawkeyes rolled in this one, beating down a terrible Redhawk squad at home by 31 points. Filip Rebraca led the way with 30 points, nine rebounds, and six assists. Patrick McCaffery also finished with 20 points. Iowa improved to 8-3 overall with the win and will now prepare for Eastern Illinois at home on Wednesday. Expect another easy win.

-Michigan Wolverines 83, Lipscomb Bison 75

While Michigan escaped this one with a win, it was certainly too close for Wolverine fans’ comfort. The game ended up going own to the final minutes as freshman point guard Dug McDaniel struggled offensively and the team’s defense gave up 1.04 points per possession to an underwhelming Bison squad. Fortunately for Michigan fans, the team found a way to get the job done and escape with an eight-point win.

The win pushed Michigan to 7-3 overall heading into a marquee showdown against North Carolina on Wednesday. It represents Michigan’s last chance to get a marquee non-conference win this season. Fans will hope the Wolverines fan pull off the upset.

-Kansas State Wildcats 71, Nebraska Cornhuskers 56

This looked like a pretty fun one on paper, as Nebraska faced off against Kansas State in a throwback game from the program’s former days in the Big 12. Unfortunately, the Huskers got behind double-digits in the first half and couldn’t get enough offense going to hang with the Wildcats. Notably, all five of the team’s starters failed to score double-digits.

The loss dropped Nebraska to 6-6 overall as the team prepares for its final non-conference game of the season at home against Queens on Tuesday. At this point, it’s fair to have mixed feelings about this Husker squad. The team is clearly improved, but probably no enough to make a serious postseason push. We’ll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

-Northwestern Wildcats 83, DePaul Blue Demons 45

This projected as a fun in-state meeting between two teams who were hoping to play improved basketball this season. However, the game ended up being a complete blowout, as Northwestern scored a 38-point win over the Blue Demons. It was one of Northwestern’s better performances of the season as the Wildcats held DePaul to 0.61 point per possession.

The win pushed Northwestern to 8-2 overall. The team is quietly putting together a pretty solid resume with a lot of wins of this variety, i.e., not against quality opponents, but against teams good enough to count on the resume statistics. Fans will hope the momentum can keep buildin gon Tuesday at home against Illinois-Chicago.

-No. 1 Purdue Boilermakers 69, Davidson Wildcats 61

This game proved more competitive than Boilermaker fans would have liked, but still ended in the win column for Purdue thanks to 29 points and 16 rebounds for Zach Edey. Freshman Braden Smith also had 10 points and 12 rebounds. The win pushed Purdue to 11-0 on the season. It was the program’s eighth win over a top 150 opponent already this season.

Purdue will now get a few days off before hosting New Orleans at home on Wednesday. The win should be more than enough to keep the Boilers atop the weekly polls.

-Rutgers Scarlet Knights 81, Wake Forest Demon Deacons 57

The Scarlet Knights got a quietly important win in this one on Saturday, thanks to 15 points from Cam Spencer in just 19 points of action. It was only Rutgers’ second win over a quality opponent this season and pushed the team to 7-4 overall. Rutgers will now get a few days off before facing off against Bucknell at home on Friday.

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All&Star 5 – Week 12 It’s an All-Star 5 led by in-form players as the overall appearances leader Jeremiah Bailey put in his performance of the season so far, appearing for the second week in a row alongside Great Britain guard Patrick Whelan, while former NBA man Sam Dekker returns to the line-up.

Jeremiah Bailey – Caledonia Gladiators
Gladiators remained unbeaten at home with a sixth win on the bounce as Jeremiah Bailey led a first quarter blowout of Cheshire Phoenix at Emirates Arena on Friday night, leading to his fifth All-Star 5 appearance of the season and, amazingly, his fourth in a row. The dynamic American forward finished with a huge haul of 36 points, including 6-7 (85%) from the three-point line, with 11 rebounds and six assists, including 14 points in a first quarter where Gladiators scored 40 to lead by double-figures from the fourth minute and throughout.

Patrick Whelan – Leicester Riders
Also gaining weekly honours for the second week in a row, and third time overall, is GB guard Patrick Whelan after Leicester Riders made it four straight wins in all competitions on the road at Newcastle Eagles on Friday. In typical fashion, Whelan got an efficient 24 points on 7-11 (63%) shooting from the field and 4-6 (66%) from three-point range, also contributing seven rebounds and six assists while playing 37 minutes in the absence of backcourt duo Kimbal Mackenzie and Conner Washington. He had eight points and five boards as Riders jumped out to a big first quarter lead, and then scored four points in the last two minutes to secure victory after Newcastle had come all the way back to lead themselves.

Sam Dekker – London Lions
Former NBA star Sam Dekker also makes a third All-Star 5 appearance, but first since week three, as London Lions continued their dominant run of form atop the BBL Championship table by beating Bristol Flyers at the Copper Box Arena live on Sky Sports. He scored 25 points on 10-13 (76%) shooting in under 25 minutes, with five assists and three rebounds, including six points and two assists in a 17-0 start that all but settled the game in the opening six minutes.

David Sloan – Caledonia Gladiators
American guard David Sloan also had a double-double in Caledonia’s big win over Cheshire, leading to a first All-Star 5 showing for seven weeks. He scored 23 points on 10-12 (83%) interior scoring and handed out 10 assists, also grabbing five rebounds. Sloan had eight points and two assists in seven first quarter minutes as Gladiators led 27-11, and then added seven points and seven assists to keep the hosts in control over the third and fourth quarter break as Phoenix threatened a late comeback.

David Cohn – Newcastle Eagles
Newcastle scored a big road win at Surrey Scorchers on Sunday for a first win in seven games against the other side currently outside of the Play-off places, led by a do-it-all performance from point guard David Cohn as he also makes his third All-Star 5 appearance of the season. He scored 21 points on 7-8 (87%) shooting from the field and a perfect 5-5 at the free-throw line, with seven assists and four rebounds, including pulling the strings with 10 points and four assists in a fourth quarter that Eagles won 32-21 to come from behind and snatch the victory on the road.

Off the bench: Larry Austin Jr. (Cheshire Phoenix), Kipper Nichols (B. Braun Sheffield Sharks), Kyle Johnson (Newcastle Eagles), Javion Ogunyemi (B. Braun Sheffield Sharks), Tahjai Teague (Cheshire Phoenix), Tajh Green (Manchester Giants), Zach Jackson (Leicester Riders).

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WEEK 6: Coach of the Week presented by Just Play Solutions Congratulations to the following coaches who have been selected as the Week 6 Coach of the Week presented by Just Play Solutions. These coaches are now eligible to receive the National Coach of the Year Award presented by Just Play Solutions which will be announced at the conclusion of the 2022-23 college basketball season.

This is the fourth season that has run the Coach of the Week and Coach of the Year programs. The list of 2022-23 Coach of the Week winners, as well as previous Coach of the Year winners can be found below this week’s recipients

To nominate coaches for future weeks, please email [email protected] with your selection(s).

The Week 6 winners are:

NCAA D1: Kim Mulkey – LSU

Weekly Record (Overall): 3-0 (12-0)
Past week’s results: 88-42 W vs Lamar, 91-52 W vs Montana State, 87-55 W vs Oregon State.
Highlights: Three more wins last week, including two in Hawaii kept #11 LSU perfect on the season. Mulkey’s Tigers are undefeated through its non-conference schedule for the first time since the 2002-03 season, and outscoring opponents by 44.0ppg.

NCAA D2: Kerry Phayre – Assumption University

Weekly Record (Overall): 2-0 (10-0)
Past week’s results: 55-42 W at New Haven, 81-73 (3OT) W at Queens.
Highlights: Assumption won two games on the road this week, including a 3OT thriller to stay undefeated on the season. The 10-0 start is the best for the Greyhounds in over a decade. Earlier this season, Phayre became the all-time winningest coach in Assumption athletics history with her 413th victory.

NCAA D3: Maria Williamson – University of Chicago

Weekly Record (Overall): 2-0 (10-0)
Past week’s results: 63-58 W vs #13 UW Whitewater, 59-54 W at Wisconsin Lutheran.
Highlights: #21 Chicago trailed #13 Whitewater by 10 entering the 4th on Wednesday, then exploded for 28 in the final frame to claim the upset win – their highest-ranked win for the women’s program since defeating #11 Trine in 2019. UC capped off the week with a win at Wisconsin Lutheran on the road to remain undefeated.

NAIA: Ginger High Colvin – Campbellsville University

Weekly Record (Overall): 2-0 (11-0)
Past week’s results: 96-59 W at Asbury, 79-60 W vs Shawnee State.
Highlights: The #3 ranked NAIA team in the country stayed unblemished on the season (11-0) with two more wins last week. They are also a perfect 8-0 in the Mid-South Conference.

JUCO: Jamarra Robinson – Indian River State College

Weekly Record (Overall): 3-0 (13-2)
Past week’s results: 86-48 W vs Santa Fe, 71-53 W vs Bishop State, 104-41 W vs Wayne County.
Highlights: Robinson’s #13 squad racked up three more wins last week, and stretched their winning streak to 6. They captured both games in the IRSC Holiday classic over the weekend, and remain unbeaten at home on the season (5-0).

2022-23 Coach of the Week Winners:

Week 1

NCAA DI: Carrie Moore – Harvard University
NCAA DII: Charlie Avercamp – Hillsdale College
NCAA DIII: Cherri Harrer – Baldwin Wallace University
NAIA: Alico Dunk – Stillman College
JUCO: MJ Baker – Eastern Florida State College

Week 2

NCAA DI: Ashleen Bracey – UIC
NCAA DII: Taylor Harris – Fort Lewis College
NCAA DIII: Lynn Hersey – Smith College
NAIA: Darrick Matthews – University of Science and Arts
JUCO: Kim Muhl – Kirkwood Community College

Week 3

NCAA DI: Larry Vickers – Norfolk State
NCAA DII: Grahm Smith – Lenoir-Rhyne University
NCAA DIII: Juli Fulks – Transylvania University
NAIA: Jeff Hans – Thomas More University
JUCO: Tanya Kaufmann – Western Technical College

Week 4

NCAA DI: Teri Moren – Indiana University
NCAA DII: Jenepher Banker -Daemen University
NCAA DIII: J.R. Fredette – Albertus Magnus College
NAIA: Candace Walker – St. Thomas University
JUCO: Clenita “Penny” Belford – Pensacola State College

Week 5

NCAA DI: Tricia Cullop – Toledo University
NCAA DII: Stephanie Lawrence Yelton – University of West Florida
NCAA DIII: KJ Krasco – Middlebury College
NAIA: Bill Harmsen – Dordt University
JUCO: Riley Maye – Harcum College

Previous / Coach of the Year Award Winners:

Division I

Division II

Division III



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Lakers vs. Suns prediction and odds for Monday, December 19 (Trust Phoenix to win big at home) The Phoenix Suns finally got the better of their new rivals, New Orleans Pelicans, on Saturday night behind a heroic 58-point outing from Devin Booker. Now the Suns play host to the Los Angeles Lakers, who will be without Anthony Davis for the foreseeable future after he suffered a foot injury late last week. The […]

Lakers vs. Suns prediction and odds for Monday, December 19 (Trust Phoenix to win big at home) - Valley of the Suns - Valley of the Suns - A Phoenix Suns Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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Devin Booker has taken a playmaking leap for the Phoenix Suns Devin Booker has needed time to develop as a playmaker with the Phoenix Suns, and now he is becoming an elite facilitator. Devin Booker has been an elite scorer for years – no one can deny that. This is his 6th consecutive season averaging 25+ PPG, and he’s been relatively efficient throughout that span. He […]

Devin Booker has taken a playmaking leap for the Phoenix Suns - Valley of the Suns - Valley of the Suns - A Phoenix Suns Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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Raptors vs. Sixers Prediction and Odds for Monday, December 19 (Value on Total) The Toronto Raptors are in a dire state at the moment, losers of five straight and eight of 10. Toronto is on the heels of a 16-point loss to the banged up Golden State Warriors at home and hit the road to face the Philadelphia 76ers on the second night of a back-to-back. The Sixers […]

Raptors vs. Sixers Prediction and Odds for Monday, December 19 (Value on Total) - The Sixer Sense - The Sixer Sense - A Philadelphia 76ers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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College basketball rankings: UConn rises, Kentucky slides, North Carolina returns Mon, 19 Dec 2022 10:23:49 -0800 Sportsman Where Alabama basketball is ranked following loss to Gonzaga

Alabama Crimson Tide forward Noah Gurley (4) shoots against Gonzaga Bulldogs forward Anton Watson (22) during the first half at Legacy Arena at BJCC. Photo | Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports After falling to Gonzaga 100-90 in the C.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 10:12:20 -0800 Sportsman
Coaches Poll Top 25 College Basketball Rankings Week 7

USA TODAY college basketball Coaches Poll top 25 rankings, Week 7

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 10:12:19 -0800 Sportsman
Purdue still No. 1 in USA TODAY Sports men's basketball poll, while Virginia, Alabama fall from top five

Purdue hung on to the No. 1 spot in the USA TODAY Sports men's basketball poll but there was one major change to the top five this week.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 10:12:19 -0800 Sportsman
Noles Hang Tough But Fall at No. 9 UConn UNCASVILLE, Conn. – Despite out-scoring No. 9 UConn 42-32 in the second half, Florida State Women’s Basketball came up just short in an 85-77 loss to the Huskies at the Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Sunday.

The Seminoles (11-2) showed resilience in battling back from a 23-point deficit to take control of the rest of the game, although it wasn’t enough at the end. Freshman guard Ta’Niya Latson led FSU with 24 points in just under 27 minutes, fouling out midway through the fourth quarter of a game that became tight.

Redshirt senior forward Erin Howard added 18 points and buried four 3-point field goals, highlighting a Seminole unit that refused to go away. Sophomore Mariana Valenzuela stepped up with 11 points off the bench while sophomore Makayla Timpson added 11 points but fouled out late in the game.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Howard hit a 3-pointer that cut FSU’s deficit to 76-71 with 5:08 remaining. She then hit another one from downtown to leave FSU trailing by just four at 80-76 with 3:19 left in the game.

The Huskies (8-2) were able to execute down the stretch and get stops defensively, thwarting FSU’s promising comeback. After allowing 53 first-half points, the Seminoles buckled down in the second half and surrendered just 32 to UConn’s high-scoring squad.

Latson continued to get to the free throw line, proving why she has the most made free throws in the country. The Miami, Fla., native was a focal point of UConn and continued to attack, going 9-of-10 from the charity stripe. She now has 12 20-point performances in her first 13 games played.

FSU capitalized on points off turnovers all game, out-scoring UConn 21-11 in the category. The Seminoles generated 14 fast-break points while limiting the Huskies to eight. FSU’s high-ranked shot-blocking department added seven more blocks on Sunday.

UConn’s Aaliyah Edwards led all scorers with 26 points, while Lou Lopez Senechal added 23.

UConn jumped out to a 26-11 first-quarter lead, using a 10-0 start before Latson’s block and fast-break basket gave FSU its first field goal of the game. A 3-pointer by Sara Bejedi cut FSU’s early deficit to 19-9 with 1:31 left in the first, but UConn respond with a quick 7-0 run. Timpson ended the first on a positive note when she banked in a mid-range jumper right before the buzzer.

Latson led the Seminoles with 11 points at the break, hanging with UConn in the second quarter in what was a high-scoring 27-24 frame. Valenzuela had some effective minutes off the bench as well, carrying eight points at halftime, but the Seminoles trailed by 18 going into the locker room.

FSU had a tremendous third quarter, out-scoring UConn 27-18 which included a key 9-0 run. Latson got up to 22 points score in the third frame, although the Seminoles were hurt by eight fouls called against them that put them in foul trouble heading into the fourth.

FSU ended the game with 27 personal fouls, while UConn committed 19.

Florida State begins ACC play this Wednesday when it hosts rival Miami at Noon at the Tucker Center.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 10:08:23 -0800 Sportsman
More Basketball Video Breakdown and a Catching and Passing Drill Coaches have commented that they're enjoying the breakdowns. Strengths and weaknesses occur at every level of play. Sharing them with players informs them AND reminds them not to make the same mistakes.

"Do more of what works and less of what doesn't." 

Several lessons - 1) I encourage guards to attack from the middle whenever possible 2) that opens both sides and forces the defense to cover more space. 3) "The ball is gold." Turning the ball over when not a threat is a wasted possession. 

VDE - vision, decision, execution. Not sure that the "look-ahead" pass was open but the second certainly wasn't. 

"Win this possession." Excellent conversion establishing legal guarding position and taking the charge! Make winning plays and impact the game without scoring. 

Lackadaisical play creates a 'live-ball turnover' and a transition basket. Turnovers drive coaches crazy - a zero percent possession turned into a high quality scoring chance at the other end. 

This play doesn't work because the offense doesn't hustle to set it up properly to establish the curl cut. Good read to get a rescreen and something out of nothing. 

Attention to the small things. "Little things make big things happen." This is a nothingburger but was the on-ball defender ready to defend a give-and-go cut? 

Basketball is a game of mismatches. Give credit to the player who takes advantage of it. She has "mouse in the house" but Black doesn't get her the ball. Eventually, she capitalizes in the mid-range. 

Impacting winning...three plays...1) blocked shot, 2) controls the rebound, and 3) look-ahead pass to set up free throws. 

"Great offense is multiple actions." But execution is key. How can we improve catching. We used to do "two ball passing" with one of the balls a medicine ball (you could also use a no-dribble weighted ball). Here's a diagram below. Start slowly and increase pace. 

The initial passer (1) passes sequentially to each teammate while getting a return pass. 

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 10:04:32 -0800 Sportsman
Pelicans news: Anthony Davis injury and New Orleans’ lottery odds The New Orleans Pelicans have lost three in a row and dropped to second in the Western Conference standings. They hope to get back on track tonight against the Bucks, but Pels’ fans have to be excited about what they’ve seen so far considering where this team is and the fact that they have rarely […]

Pelicans news: Anthony Davis injury and New Orleans’ lottery odds - Pelican Debrief - Pelican Debrief - A New Orleans Pelicans Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:55:35 -0800 Sportsman
Special Pelicans Offer: Bet $10, Win $200 if We Make ONE 3&POINTER Tonight Against Bucks We’ve got a potential Finals preview tonight as the Pelicans battle the Bucks in New Orleans. The Pelicans average 11 made three-pointers per game and just drilled 14 in a narrow loss to the Suns. That’s great news for bettors thanks to BetMGM, where you’ll win $200 free if the Pels make at least one three-pointer […]

Special Pelicans Offer: Bet $10, Win $200 if We Make ONE 3-POINTER Tonight Against Bucks - Pelican Debrief - Pelican Debrief - A New Orleans Pelicans Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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'Every win is a good win': Nebraska women dominate Wyoming 66&39 for 4th straight victory Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:36:17 -0800 Sportsman NBA News: Davis’ injury. Lakers trade imminent? Expansion coming? More Hello Hoops Heads! Here’s the latest NBA news from around the league. NBA News: Anthony Davis’s injury, Lakers forced to make a trade? The news that Lakers forward Anthony Davis will miss at least a month isn’t surprising, but it is unfortunate. Davis was having a career year and had managed to stay relatively healthy […]

NBA News: Davis’ injury. Lakers trade imminent? Expansion coming? More - Hoops Habit - Hoops Habit - NBA News, Rumors, Analysis, Opinion and Stats

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:29:51 -0800 Sportsman
Donovan Mitchell on getting his number retired in Utah: I don't think I did enough
Even with his impact on and off the court in Utah, the former Jazz star does not believe his No. 45 jersey deserves to be hanging in the rafters retired at Vivint Arena. “I don’t think I did enough,” Donovan Mitchell told Andscape. “I hold myself to a high standard. Now, other people may feel that it should. I’d be happy and forever grateful, honored and blessed for sure for that to happen. But I don’t think I’ve done enough in five years to have my jersey up there with Karl, John [Stockton], Pistol Pete and Darrell Griffith. I got a long way in my career to go to continue to be better.”
Source: Marc J. Spears @ Andscape

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Marc J. Spears @MarcJSpears
Donovan Mitchell will face his old #Jazz squad for the first time tonight in Cleveland. With @andscape, the new #Cavaliers star looks back at the memorable, the forgettable and his legacy from his five seasons in Utah and why major changes were made. #nba – 11:53 AM
Eric Walden @tribjazz
Donovan Mitchell has said he’s “having fun again” playing with the Cavs, and that he’s “thankful” to the Mavs because he’s glad to be in Cleveland now. Ahead of his first matchup with the Utah Jazz, a few of his former teammates addressed his comments.…11:05 AM
David Locke @DLocke09
Of players with at least 120 3 point above the break 3 point attempts (54 players) Donovan Mitchell is shooting the best percentage at 43.5%. Steph is next at 43%. Donovan has taken 5th most in the NBA AM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
Let’s just have another overtime‼12:44 PM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
BRUHHHH WHAT?!?!?? – 12:37 PM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
So the bench player can just punt the ball to waste time?? ???????????? – 12:33 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
Former #Cavs legend JR Smith was back in Cleveland Saturday. He got a rousing ovation. He celebrated made 3s. He angrily protested a late-game call against Donovan Mitchell. I caught up w/ JR briefly. He sees some 2016 title team qualities in this group…2:29 AM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell on Isaac Okoro tonight on the defensive end: “Isaac set the tone all game. Isaac Okoro really, really was like the catalyst.” – 11:44 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Wow. #Cavs hold on in that last possession to beat the Mavs 100-99 in OT. It was NOT a pretty game, but they pulled this one off.
Donovan Mitchell: 25 pts, 3 assists, 4 rebounds
Darius Garland: 18 pts, 12 assists
Evan Mobley: 17 pts, 8 rebounds
Jarrett Allen: 8 pts, 15 rebounds – 10:49 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell called for an offensive foul. – 10:33 PM
Eric Walden @tribjazz
FINAL: Bucks 123, Jazz 97. Sub-ideal losing to a Milwaukee team missing both Giannis and Middleton. Utah got worked on the boards (54-29), outshot from 3 (18-16), transition D was bad (14 turnovers—>22p), gave up 21 second-chance points. Donovan Mitchell/Cavs up on Monday. – 10:08 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs trail Dallas 87-81 with 6:03 left. Donovan Mitchell will have a pair of free throws after this timeout. Offense has been a struggle all night, but they’ve got time for a run here. – 9:57 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell is 0-of-7 from deep tonight. – 9:52 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell once again willing them back into this game. He has 14 points, 6 of which have been in this third quarter. His last driving layup cut the deficit to 2. – 9:34 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs trail the Mavericks 29-27 after the first quarter. Dallas is 6-of-11 from beyond the arc thus far and Kemba Walker leads them with a game-high nine points. Donovan Mitchell has six points and Kevin Love has six points off the bench to lead the Cavs. – 8:35 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
At the end of the first quarter, Mavs lead #Cavs 29-27. Cavs shot 11 of 25 (44%) from the field and 3 of 12 (25%) from 3.
Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Love lead the Cavs with 6 points each. – 8:35 PM
David Locke @DLocke09
Top Pick and Roll Combos in the NBA with at least 90 picks
1. Donovan Mitchell/Jarrett Allen
2. Durant/Claxton
3. Doncic/ Hardaway
5. Lillard/Eubanks
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs starting lineup tonight against the Mavs is Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Isaac Okoro, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen
Stevens is out. – 7:19 PM
Marla Ridenour @MRidenourABJ
From @ByRyanLewis: #Cavs‘ Donovan Mitchell takes over yet again: ‘You don’t poke the bear, and they poked him’… via @beaconjournal12:25 PM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
For the rest…
Donovan Mitchell, who’s never made an All-NBA Team, would be an All-NBA 1st Team selection as of now, per @Alberto de Roa‘s Global Rating. PM
Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade @PDcavsinsider
Donovan Mitchell sank a technical free throw midway through the fourth quarter Friday and recorded his 9,000th career point, becoming the fourth-fastest active NBA player to reach 9,000 career points.…11:32 AM
Joe Vardon @joevardon
Donovan Mitchell has been the best guard in the East. Amazing timing — the All-Star Game is in Salt Lake, the Utah Jazz are coming up on the Cavs’ schedule, and he’s elevating Cleveland’s entire operation, ⁦@The…10:22 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
If Donovan Mitchell makes his next four free throws that would put him at 90% from the charity stripe for the season. He’s also currently shooting 50.6% from the floor and 43.6% from 3-point range. Just something worth watching. – 9:56 AM
Joe Vardon @joevardon
This week, it’s the Dallas Mavericks and next, his first meeting with the Jazz. All-Star voting starts next week and yeah, THAT game is in Utah. So now is the right time for Donovan Mitchell to piece together a career year and ‘elevate’ the Cavs too…9:33 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell and Bennedict Mathurin both grasped the basketball for 14 seconds before Mitchell won control Friday night. After that, he took control of the game for the #Cavs, too.…8:16 AM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Donovan Mitchell found the spark the #Cavs needed tonight. His 18 points in the fourth quarter helped fuel their comeback to beat the Pacers 118-112.
“You don’t poke the bear, and they poked him, and he went on and did what he did.”…3:10 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Every time the NBA MVP conversation is had this season, Donovan Mitchell’s name deserves to be mentioned in it. Friday night against the Pacers was another reason as to why.…1:15 AM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell on the talk in the fourth quarter of tonight’s game.
“It ain’t nothing besides basketball. But, sometimes you gotta just – I don’t mean to be corny – let ‘em know,” and starts to laugh.
He then goes, “That was terrible. I’m sorry, that was terrible.” – 11:11 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell on the trash talk with Indiana and the face-to-face, chest-to-chest tie-up with rookie Bennedict Mathurin in the fourth quarter:
“Sometimes you just have to … (pauses because he knows it’s going to sound corny) … let ’em know.” – 10:51 PM
Donovan Mitchell with a big performance in the W ???? PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
What a fourth quarter for the #Cavs, as they rallied from behind to beat the Pacers 118-112. They outscored the Pacers 35-18 in the fourth quarter.
Donovan Mitchell had 41 points. Darius Garland finished with a double-double of 20 points and 10 assists. – 9:55 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell and the Pacers scored the same number of fourth quarter points tonight: 18. – 9:52 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Donovan Mitchell tonight:
41 PTS
14-24 FG
8-15 3P
Only LeBron and Kyrie have recorded more 40-point games as a Cav. PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell is a real MVP candidate, and he showed why tonight. Put the #Cavs on his back in a come-from-behind 118-112 win over the Pacers. Mitchell finishes with 41 points, including 18 in the fourth quarter. Wow. – 9:51 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Pacers won each of the first three quarters, but were dominated in the 4th. Outscored 35-18.
Cavs win 118-112 behind a 41pts and eight 3s from Donovan Mitchell.
Mathurin scored 22. Haliburton with 17/14a.
Next: Sun. v NYK. – 9:51 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
The M-V-P chants for #Cavs Donovan Mitchell are back once again as he stood at the FT line. He has 41 points tonight and willed the Cavs back into this game. He’s been on fire. – 9:48 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell with his third 40-point game as a member of the #Cavs. He’s up to 41 after making a pair of free throws. Cavs up 117-112 with 1:05 left. – 9:48 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell has 16 points so far in the fourth quarter on 5-of-6 shooting. – 9:44 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Donovan Mitchell with 33 points after that 3 to bring the Cavs within 2. He has 10 of the #Cavs 20 points in this quarter alone. 6:43 left in the game. – 9:33 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell knocks down an open 3-pointer in semi-transition and cuts Indiana’s lead down to just 105-103. Closest the #Cavs have been in the second half. Timeout, Pacers. 6:43 left in regulation. – 9:32 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs are down 12. Their defense is getting shredded by the Pacers and they’ve got no flow offensively right now. Donovan Mitchell is the only starter to reach double figures for the Cavs so far tonight. 74-62 Indiana with 8:57 left in 3Q. – 8:58 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Donovan Mitchell with 8pts in 2mins to start the second half. Already up to a game-high 21pts, including five 3s. – 8:56 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Donovan Mitchell has the first 8 points for the #Cavs in this third quarter. – 8:55 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs with a poor first half defensively here against the Pacers. They’re down 61-54 at the break. Bennedict Mathurin has 12 off the bench for the Pacers. Donovan Mitchell has 13 points on 12 shots for the Cavs. Neither Garland nor Mobley played more than 13 minutes. – 8:38 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
At the half, Pacers lead the #Cavs 61-54.
Donovan Mitchell: 13 pts, 3 assists
Cedi Osman: 10 pts – 8:37 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs trailing the Pacers 31-29 after the first quarter. Evan Mobley was really aggressive in his six minutes tonight. Donovan Mitchell leads all scorers with 10 points. Buddy Hield has eight for Indiana. – 8:05 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
At the end of the first quarter, Pacers lead the #Cavs 31-29. Cavs shot 11 of 20 (55%) from the field and 3 of 9 (33.3%) from 3. They have 7 assists on those 11 made shots.
Donovan Mitchell is the high scorer for Cleveland with 10 pts. – 8:05 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs will be sticking with their recent starting lineup once again tonight against Indiana, which shouldn’t be a surprise because they’re 5-1 since making the change.
Darius Garland. Donovan Mitchell. Lamar Stevens. Evan Mobley. Jarrett Allen. – 6:25 PM

More on this storyline

When did you know the end was near in Utah? Donovan Mitchell: Realistically when we lost [to Dallas]. You just felt it early. I didn’t think it would be this immediate. I didn’t think it would be everything. But I knew something was going to change this summer. I didn’t know what. And then with Quin leaving I was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ And then Rudy getting traded, it’s like ‘All right, let’s go.’ -via Andscape / December 19, 2022
What’s the reality of your relationship with Rudy and where is it now? Donovan Mitchell: Honestly, basketball just didn’t work. We live in such a world where it has to be really negative. Basketball just didn’t work. We didn’t see eye to eye. We wanted to both win, but we wanted to do it two different ways. It didn’t work. But as far as him and I go as people, I don’t hate him, and he doesn’t hate me. I wouldn’t say we’re the best of friends, but we’re not at the point where it’s like, I can’t stand him. [When I see him], I’m going to give him a hug and be happy to see him. And I wish him the best. There’s no hatred. There’s no ill will towards any of that. Basketball just didn’t work out. It happens. Our [relationship] just happened to be a little more out there than anybody else’s. But honestly, it really started with COVID. -via Andscape / December 19, 2022
Sarah Todd: Interesting tid bit from talking with Donovan Mitchell — Will Hardy was at Donovan’s house in Connecticut when Rudy Gobert was traded. -via Twitter @NBASarah / December 19, 2022

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:29:51 -0800 Sportsman
Donovan Mitchell on Rudy Gobert: We didn't see eye to eye
What’s the reality of your relationship with Rudy and where is it now? Donovan Mitchell: Honestly, basketball just didn’t work. We live in such a world where it has to be really negative. Basketball just didn’t work. We didn’t see eye to eye. We wanted to both win, but we wanted to do it two different ways. It didn’t work. But as far as him and I go as people, I don’t hate him, and he doesn’t hate me. I wouldn’t say we’re the best of friends, but we’re not at the point where it’s like, I can’t stand him. [When I see him], I’m going to give him a hug and be happy to see him. And I wish him the best. There’s no hatred. There’s no ill will towards any of that. Basketball just didn’t work out. It happens. Our [relationship] just happened to be a little more out there than anybody else’s. But honestly, it really started with COVID.
Source: Marc J. Spears @ Andscape

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine
From today’s paper, I talked with Rudy Gobert in LA recently about how he sets screens for different and the process that’s behind that. Used that for my notebook off yesterday’s game:…11:58 AM
Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
Timberwolves forward Jaden McDaniels and Anthony Davis are the only two players with 30 or more steals and blocks this season. McDaniels discussed the Rudy Gobert trade, team expectations, striving to be an All-Star and All-Defensive player, and more.
???????? AM
Marc J. Spears @MarcJSpears
Donovan Mitchell will face his old #Jazz squad for the first time tonight in Cleveland. With @andscape, the new #Cavaliers star looks back at the memorable, the forgettable and his legacy from his five seasons in Utah and why major changes were made. #nba – 11:53 AM
Eric Walden @tribjazz
Donovan Mitchell has said he’s “having fun again” playing with the Cavs, and that he’s “thankful” to the Mavs because he’s glad to be in Cleveland now. Ahead of his first matchup with the Utah Jazz, a few of his former teammates addressed his comments.…11:05 AM
David Locke @DLocke09
Of players with at least 120 3 point above the break 3 point attempts (54 players) Donovan Mitchell is shooting the best percentage at 43.5%. Steph is next at 43%. Donovan has taken 5th most in the NBA AM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
No Towns, Gobert, Prince or McLaughlin and the Wolves still hang 150 on the Bulls.
Wolves 150, Bulls 126 – 9:19 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Naz Reid starts in Rudy Gobert’s place again tonight and has the Wolves first 10 points.
In a bit of a surprise, Luka Garza, not Nate Knight, getting the backup 5 minutes here in the 1st quarter.
Garza is matched up with Derrick Jones Jr. at the 5. Seems like a Knight matchup? – 7:31 PM
Christopher Hine @ChristopherHine
Rudy Gobert is OUT tonight, Chris Finch said. D’Angelo Russell is a game-time decision tonight.
Asked Finch about an updated timeline for Jordan McLaughlin and Taurean Prince and he said, “I don’t have anything revealing.” – 5:23 PM
Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops
TWolves banged up … no Gobert headlines it. Officially put on bum team alert! Losing streak ends tonight. Print it! – 5:19 PM
Chuck Swirsky @ctsbulls
Gobert -out vs Bulls – 5:18 PM
Rudy Gobert @rudygobert27
Fier de vous @equipedefrance ????????????????❤.
Vous avez rien laché. – 1:07 PM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
Let’s just have another overtime‼12:44 PM
Rudy Gobert @rudygobert27
Alleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez – 12:38 PM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
BRUHHHH WHAT?!?!?? – 12:37 PM
Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell
So the bench player can just punt the ball to waste time?? ???????????? – 12:33 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
Former #Cavs legend JR Smith was back in Cleveland Saturday. He got a rousing ovation. He celebrated made 3s. He angrily protested a late-game call against Donovan Mitchell. I caught up w/ JR briefly. He sees some 2016 title team qualities in this group…2:29 AM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell on Isaac Okoro tonight on the defensive end: “Isaac set the tone all game. Isaac Okoro really, really was like the catalyst.” – 11:44 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Wow. #Cavs hold on in that last possession to beat the Mavs 100-99 in OT. It was NOT a pretty game, but they pulled this one off.
Donovan Mitchell: 25 pts, 3 assists, 4 rebounds
Darius Garland: 18 pts, 12 assists
Evan Mobley: 17 pts, 8 rebounds
Jarrett Allen: 8 pts, 15 rebounds – 10:49 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell called for an offensive foul. – 10:33 PM
Eric Walden @tribjazz
FINAL: Bucks 123, Jazz 97. Sub-ideal losing to a Milwaukee team missing both Giannis and Middleton. Utah got worked on the boards (54-29), outshot from 3 (18-16), transition D was bad (14 turnovers—>22p), gave up 21 second-chance points. Donovan Mitchell/Cavs up on Monday. – 10:08 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs trail Dallas 87-81 with 6:03 left. Donovan Mitchell will have a pair of free throws after this timeout. Offense has been a struggle all night, but they’ve got time for a run here. – 9:57 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell is 0-of-7 from deep tonight. – 9:52 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell once again willing them back into this game. He has 14 points, 6 of which have been in this third quarter. His last driving layup cut the deficit to 2. – 9:34 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs trail the Mavericks 29-27 after the first quarter. Dallas is 6-of-11 from beyond the arc thus far and Kemba Walker leads them with a game-high nine points. Donovan Mitchell has six points and Kevin Love has six points off the bench to lead the Cavs. – 8:35 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
At the end of the first quarter, Mavs lead #Cavs 29-27. Cavs shot 11 of 25 (44%) from the field and 3 of 12 (25%) from 3.
Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Love lead the Cavs with 6 points each. – 8:35 PM
David Locke @DLocke09
Top Pick and Roll Combos in the NBA with at least 90 picks
1. Donovan Mitchell/Jarrett Allen
2. Durant/Claxton
3. Doncic/ Hardaway
5. Lillard/Eubanks
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs starting lineup tonight against the Mavs is Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Isaac Okoro, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen
Stevens is out. – 7:19 PM
Marla Ridenour @MRidenourABJ
From @ByRyanLewis: #Cavs‘ Donovan Mitchell takes over yet again: ‘You don’t poke the bear, and they poked him’… via @beaconjournal12:25 PM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
For the rest…
Donovan Mitchell, who’s never made an All-NBA Team, would be an All-NBA 1st Team selection as of now, per @Alberto de Roa‘s Global Rating. PM
Mary Schmitt Boyer/Jodie Valade @PDcavsinsider
Donovan Mitchell sank a technical free throw midway through the fourth quarter Friday and recorded his 9,000th career point, becoming the fourth-fastest active NBA player to reach 9,000 career points.…11:32 AM
Joe Vardon @joevardon
Donovan Mitchell has been the best guard in the East. Amazing timing — the All-Star Game is in Salt Lake, the Utah Jazz are coming up on the Cavs’ schedule, and he’s elevating Cleveland’s entire operation, ⁦@The…10:22 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
If Donovan Mitchell makes his next four free throws that would put him at 90% from the charity stripe for the season. He’s also currently shooting 50.6% from the floor and 43.6% from 3-point range. Just something worth watching. – 9:56 AM
Joe Vardon @joevardon
This week, it’s the Dallas Mavericks and next, his first meeting with the Jazz. All-Star voting starts next week and yeah, THAT game is in Utah. So now is the right time for Donovan Mitchell to piece together a career year and ‘elevate’ the Cavs too…9:33 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell and Bennedict Mathurin both grasped the basketball for 14 seconds before Mitchell won control Friday night. After that, he took control of the game for the #Cavs, too.…8:16 AM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Donovan Mitchell found the spark the #Cavs needed tonight. His 18 points in the fourth quarter helped fuel their comeback to beat the Pacers 118-112.
“You don’t poke the bear, and they poked him, and he went on and did what he did.”…3:10 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Every time the NBA MVP conversation is had this season, Donovan Mitchell’s name deserves to be mentioned in it. Friday night against the Pacers was another reason as to why.…1:15 AM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell on the talk in the fourth quarter of tonight’s game.
“It ain’t nothing besides basketball. But, sometimes you gotta just – I don’t mean to be corny – let ‘em know,” and starts to laugh.
He then goes, “That was terrible. I’m sorry, that was terrible.” – 11:11 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs Donovan Mitchell on the trash talk with Indiana and the face-to-face, chest-to-chest tie-up with rookie Bennedict Mathurin in the fourth quarter:
“Sometimes you just have to … (pauses because he knows it’s going to sound corny) … let ’em know.” – 10:51 PM
Donovan Mitchell with a big performance in the W ???? PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
What a fourth quarter for the #Cavs, as they rallied from behind to beat the Pacers 118-112. They outscored the Pacers 35-18 in the fourth quarter.
Donovan Mitchell had 41 points. Darius Garland finished with a double-double of 20 points and 10 assists. – 9:55 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell and the Pacers scored the same number of fourth quarter points tonight: 18. – 9:52 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Donovan Mitchell tonight:
41 PTS
14-24 FG
8-15 3P
Only LeBron and Kyrie have recorded more 40-point games as a Cav. PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell is a real MVP candidate, and he showed why tonight. Put the #Cavs on his back in a come-from-behind 118-112 win over the Pacers. Mitchell finishes with 41 points, including 18 in the fourth quarter. Wow. – 9:51 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Pacers won each of the first three quarters, but were dominated in the 4th. Outscored 35-18.
Cavs win 118-112 behind a 41pts and eight 3s from Donovan Mitchell.
Mathurin scored 22. Haliburton with 17/14a.
Next: Sun. v NYK. – 9:51 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
The M-V-P chants for #Cavs Donovan Mitchell are back once again as he stood at the FT line. He has 41 points tonight and willed the Cavs back into this game. He’s been on fire. – 9:48 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell with his third 40-point game as a member of the #Cavs. He’s up to 41 after making a pair of free throws. Cavs up 117-112 with 1:05 left. – 9:48 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell has 16 points so far in the fourth quarter on 5-of-6 shooting. – 9:44 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Donovan Mitchell with 33 points after that 3 to bring the Cavs within 2. He has 10 of the #Cavs 20 points in this quarter alone. 6:43 left in the game. – 9:33 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Donovan Mitchell knocks down an open 3-pointer in semi-transition and cuts Indiana’s lead down to just 105-103. Closest the #Cavs have been in the second half. Timeout, Pacers. 6:43 left in regulation. – 9:32 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs are down 12. Their defense is getting shredded by the Pacers and they’ve got no flow offensively right now. Donovan Mitchell is the only starter to reach double figures for the Cavs so far tonight. 74-62 Indiana with 8:57 left in 3Q. – 8:58 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness
Donovan Mitchell with 8pts in 2mins to start the second half. Already up to a game-high 21pts, including five 3s. – 8:56 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
Donovan Mitchell has the first 8 points for the #Cavs in this third quarter. – 8:55 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs with a poor first half defensively here against the Pacers. They’re down 61-54 at the break. Bennedict Mathurin has 12 off the bench for the Pacers. Donovan Mitchell has 13 points on 12 shots for the Cavs. Neither Garland nor Mobley played more than 13 minutes. – 8:38 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
At the half, Pacers lead the #Cavs 61-54.
Donovan Mitchell: 13 pts, 3 assists
Cedi Osman: 10 pts – 8:37 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs trailing the Pacers 31-29 after the first quarter. Evan Mobley was really aggressive in his six minutes tonight. Donovan Mitchell leads all scorers with 10 points. Buddy Hield has eight for Indiana. – 8:05 PM
Kelsey Russo @kelseyyrusso
At the end of the first quarter, Pacers lead the #Cavs 31-29. Cavs shot 11 of 20 (55%) from the field and 3 of 9 (33.3%) from 3. They have 7 assists on those 11 made shots.
Donovan Mitchell is the high scorer for Cleveland with 10 pts. – 8:05 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs will be sticking with their recent starting lineup once again tonight against Indiana, which shouldn’t be a surprise because they’re 5-1 since making the change.
Darius Garland. Donovan Mitchell. Lamar Stevens. Evan Mobley. Jarrett Allen. – 6:25 PM

More on this storyline

When did you know the end was near in Utah? Donovan Mitchell: Realistically when we lost [to Dallas]. You just felt it early. I didn’t think it would be this immediate. I didn’t think it would be everything. But I knew something was going to change this summer. I didn’t know what. And then with Quin leaving I was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ And then Rudy getting traded, it’s like ‘All right, let’s go.’ -via Andscape / December 19, 2022
Sarah Todd: Interesting tid bit from talking with Donovan Mitchell — Will Hardy was at Donovan’s house in Connecticut when Rudy Gobert was traded. -via Twitter @NBASarah / December 19, 2022
Even with his impact on and off the court in Utah, the former Jazz star does not believe his No. 45 jersey deserves to be hanging in the rafters retired at Vivint Arena. “I don’t think I did enough,” Donovan Mitchell told Andscape. “I hold myself to a high standard. Now, other people may feel that it should. I’d be happy and forever grateful, honored and blessed for sure for that to happen. But I don’t think I’ve done enough in five years to have my jersey up there with Karl, John [Stockton], Pistol Pete and Darrell Griffith. I got a long way in my career to go to continue to be better.” -via Andscape / December 19, 2022

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:29:51 -0800 Sportsman
Jaden McDaniels: 'I could be one of the best two&way players in the NBA' Timberwolves forward Jaden McDaniels is starting to scratch the surface of his ceiling and show why Minnesota has made him virtually untouchable in trade talks with rival teams over the years.

McDaniels and Anthony Davis are the only two players with 30 or more steals and blocks this season. McDaniels is holding opponents to a 51.8 defensive field goal percentage at the rim. Per PBP Stats, among the 68 players who have defended at least 95 attempts at the rim, opponents are only shooting worse against two former Defensive Player of the Year winners, Draymond Green and Giannis Antetokounmpo. McDaniels also ranks tied for fourth in contested threes (3.7).

McDaniels discussed Minnesota’s adjustment after the Rudy Gobert trade, expectations for the Timberwolves this season, striving to be an All-Star and All-Defensive Team player, and much more in our HoopsHype interview.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:29:51 -0800 Sportsman
STAY READY “You have to follow the lead and sometimes wait for your (name) to be called,” said Thomas Bryant after making his third start with Anthony Davis sidelined. “It doesn’t change the fact that you have to be ready and stay ready and do what you can to make sure you’re in that mode in case something like this happens. I take pride in the preparation that I have.”

Nikola Jokic scored 40 points Sunday night adding 27 rebounds and 10 assists leading the Nuggets to a 119-115 win over Charlotte. Jokic shot 13-26 from the floor, 12-17 from the free-throw line. In 39 minutes Jokic was a +20. “I didn’t know it was a 40-27-10 night but I knew he was having another Nikola Jokic stellar performance, efficient,” Mike Malone said. “And it’s not just about Nikola. It’s about his ability to make every one of his teammates better. Yeah, Nikola is a generational talent.”

Mike Breen is something else. On one particular play during Sunday night’s game between the Knicks and Pacers, Breen mentioned a Knicks player sprinting back on defense: “You gotta like him sprinting back.” HUH? Players are supposed to sprint back on defense. Why applaud someone for doing their job? Late in the game, with 1:56 remaining the Pacers went on a run. they led 104-98. Breen said, “The Knicks need a timeout.” No they don’t. New York came down court, made a 3, got a steal on defense which led to a layup. Now the Knicks are down 1. Sometimes you have to let the players play through it and figure it out. Huge pet peeve is when announcers try to coach.

George Blaha is another one. The long-time announcer for the Detroit Pistons had a classic line during the Nets game when talking about Nets center Nic Claxton, “He’s six-eleven…and a long six-eleven.”

Did you see Jaden Ivey’s dunk against the Nets? WOW!

How about James Harden saying the Nets didn’t have any structure? I thought players wanted to play with freedom? Make up your mind bearded one…

Kemba Walker still has game. The Rice High School alum filled in for Luka Doncic the other night against the Cavaliers and scored 32 points on 12-25 shooting, 4-13 from 3 with 5 rebounds and 7 assists. In just his third game with the Mavs Kemba got the start, his first with his new club. Dallas lost in OT, 100-99.

What would happen if basketball referees decided not to work games? Treat these men and women with more respect.

With their win Sunday night over the Indiana Pacers, the Knicks have won 7 straight games, including 6 straight road games. Chemistry and defense seem to be coming together.

What is going on with the Chicago Bulls? They gave up 150 points Sunday night in a loss to the T-Wolves. And Minnesota played without K.A.T. – Hey but kudos to their fans for giving Derrick Rose a round of applause against the Knicks. Bulls are 11-18. They’ve lost 4 straight, 7 of their last 9. Head coach Billy Donovan wants his team to compete harder on defense. Their next three games are at Miami, at Atlanta and at New York.

Mitchell Robinson is 4th all-time on the Knicks blocked shots list with 501. Patrick Ewing is one (2,758) followed by Bill Cartwright (543) and Marvin Webster (542).

Ben Simmons needs to work on his shot. I’m captain obvious, right? How come the Nets brass demand this of him?

Don’t you just love the gambling ads during basketball games? No, just kidding. Gambling is a huge problem. It’s an addiction.

I have been wondering about Luka Garza lately. Sunday night I turned on the T-Wolves and sure enough there was the former Iowa Hawkeye working hard.

Knicks announcers were talking nicknames Sunday night and Clyde mentioned Bones Hyland of the Denver Nuggets. The only “Bones” in my book is HowardBones” Tompkins – former Wagner Seawhawk. One night I was watching Wagner and St. Francis in Brooklyn. On the layup line before the game SFC athletic director Carlo Tramontozzi, in his Italian accent screams at him for dunking; “BONES, BONES, STAY OFF THE RIM.”

Love the Brooklyn Nets uniforms. They went old school from the Super John Williamson days…Has there ever been two teammates, (Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving) who led their team in scoring and shoot 92% or higher from the free-throw line? KD scored 26 in the 3rd quarter Sunday night, Pistons had no answer for him. Nets have won six straight.

Lakers beat the Wizards 119-117 without Anthony Davis. A.D. will miss a month of action. LeBron James scored 33 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists. LA is 2-2 without Davis this season. “Whoever is available to play, we have to make plays,” said James who had his fourth consecutive game of at least 30 points. “We’re all NBA players and we have to go out and trust the game plan the coaches put oth there. Tonight, we were able to do that for the majority of the game.” Big game for LeBron and Company tonight in Phoenix.

Congratulations to Argentina. They’re your 2022 World Cup Champions. I would love to travel to their country some day and work with their young basketball players.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:28:38 -0800 Sportsman
Coaching change made at NJCAA D1 Central Arizona Tramaine Aaron is no longer the head men’s basketball coach at NJCAA D1 Central Arizona College. He has been replaced on an interim basis by assistant coach Jesse Brown.

Aaron had been the head coach at CAC for the past nine season, where he went 108-122. His team was 1-5 on the season at the time of the change.

The has been no formal release on the change, but CAC AD Shelby Davis confirmed to the Casa Grande Dispatch that Aaron is “no longer with CAC,” adding she is not permitted to comment on personnel issues.

Brown was hired in the off season after spending four years as the associate head coach at Alaska Fairbanks. He has also worked at Alaska Anchorage, Green River CC, and Tacoma CC.

CAC is now 3-7 on the season – 2-2 under Brown.

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WEEK 6: Coach of the Week presented by Just Play Solutions Congratulations to the following coaches who have been selected as the Week 6 Coach of the Week presented by Just Play Solutions. These coaches are now eligible to receive the National Coach of the Year Award presented by Just Play Solutions which will be announced at the conclusion of the 2022-23 college basketball season.

This is the eighth season that has run the Coach of the Week and Coach of the Year programs. The list of 2022-23 Coach of the Week winners, as well as the list of all-time COY winners can be found following this week’s honorees.

To nominate coaches for future weeks, please email [email protected] with your selection(s).

The Week 6 winners are:

NCAA D1: Richard Pitino – University of New Mexico

Weekly Record (Overall): 2-0 (11-0)
Past week’s results: 67-64 W vs San Francisco, 82-74 W vs Iona.
Highlights: Trailed most of the 2nd half on Monday vs USF before closing the game on an 8-0 run. Had been 0-2 all-time vs his father until Sunday’s win. UNM is one of only 5 undefeated D1 teams remaining.

NCAA D2: Jeremy Currier – Young Harris College

Weekly Record (Overall): 3-0 (10-0)
Past week’s results: 84-69 W vs Flagler, 85-58 W vs Southern Wesleyan, 63-51 W vs Mars Hill.
Highlights: The Mountain Lions 3-0 week pushed their record to 10-0, which is the best-ever start in program history – quite a turnaround from last year’s 6-21 record. They are also 2-0 in the Peach Belt Conference.

NCAA D3: Jason Harris – UMass Boston

Weekly record (overall): 3-0 (9-3)
Past week’s results: 87-78 W vs Salem State, 85-74 W vs Westfield State, 79-62 W vs Rhode Island College.
Highlights: A perfect 3-0 week for the Beacons. The 9-3 start is the best under Harris since he took over in 2015. Their win streak is now at 5.

NAIA: Robert Ford – Saint Xavier University

Weekly record (overall): 2-0 (11-3)
Past week’s results: 81-79 W at Viterbo, 97-82 W vs #25 Huntington.
Highlights: SXU’s winning streak is up to six games with two more wins last week. The Cougars overcame a 11-point halftime deficit on Wednesday, and made a shot with :07 left for the win. They then knocked off the #25 team in the country on Saturday.

JUCO: Bill Beilein – Niagara County Community College

Weekly record (overall): 4-0 (15-0)
Past week’s results: 74-62 W at Erie, 78-66 W at Kellogg, 80-76 W at Henry Ford, 78-71 W at Lansing.
Highlights: Beilein’s #2 (NJCAA D2) Thunder Wolves won 4 games away from home last week to stretch their unbeaten streak to 15. The previous week, Beilein’s squad knocked off two nationally ranked opponents (#9 Macomb and #12 Lakeland).

2022-23 / Just Play Solutions Coach of the Week Winners

Week 1

NCAA DI: Pat Skerry – Towson University
NCAA DII: Matt Brock – University of Illinois Springfield
NCAA DIII: D.P. Harris – St. Vincent College
NAIA: Javier Heridia – Indiana University Northwest
JUCO: Kyle Fisher – Butler Community College

Week 2

NCAA DI: Frank Martin – UMass
NCAA DII: Eric Eaton – Saint Michael’s College
NCAA DIII: Glen Miller – University of Saint Joseph
NAIA: John Henry – William Penn University
JUCO: Hank Plona – Indian Hills College

Week 3

NCAA DI: Jerome Tang – Kansas State
NCAA DII: Brooks McKowen – Upper Iowa University
NCAA DIII: John Krikorian – Christopher Newport University
NAIA: Chase Teichmann – Florida College
JUCO: Brad Witherspoon – Dodge City Community College

Week 4

NCAA DI: Craig Smith – University of Utah
NCAA DII: Vinay Patel – Angelo State University
NCAA DIII: Matt McLaughlin – Bridgewater State University
NAIA: Chris Wright – Langston University
JUCO: Darren Stratton – Northern Essex Community College

Week 5

NCAA DI: Pat Duquette – UMass Lowell
NCAA DII: Brion Dunlap – Claflin University
NCAA DIII: Chris Bartley – WPI
NAIA: Jermael Bingham – Blue Mountain College
JUCO: Joey Cantens – Dayton State College

Previous Coach of the Year Award Winners:

Division I

Division II

Division III



  • 2021-22Greg Heiar – Northwest Florida State
  • 2020-21: COVID Season – No winner selected
  • 2019-20: Randy Casey – Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • 2018-19: Billy Gillispie – Ranger College
  • 2017-18: Paul Cisek – Brookdale Community College
  • 2016-17: Todd Lorensen – Southwestern Community College
  • 2015-16: Craig Doty – Rock Valley College


About is the largest website in the country dedicated specifically to college basketball coaching news, jobs, and rumors at all levels. brings a unique insider perspective to the world of college basketball coaching – it was founded by college coaches as a way to help the college basketball community stay informed of what is going on in the coaching profession. currently has a Twitter following of over 51,000, and receives nearly three-million page views per month.  

About Just Play Solutions

Just Play Solutions has become the market leader in coaches’ workflow. A platform to help coaches prepare playbooks, automate scouting reports, research analytics, integrate and distribute video, manage recruiting workflow, and organize recruiting schedules. The end-to-end platform is used by over 700 customers across the country and internationally in football, basketball, and lacrosse.

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Former Albany Head Coach Will Brown steps down from TBL job The Albany Patroons (TBL) and Will Brown announce that Brown is transitioning from his position as General Manager and Head Coach after having successfully led the revival of the organization and re-energized the fanbase as the Patroons completed a season for the first time since 2019. Brown has worked alongside the new Team Market Owners, Phoenix Sports Management, during the off season assisting with 2023 season preparation as well as with their leadership transition.

Will Brown joins the impressive list of successful head coaches that made their mark on the franchise. Brown led the 2022 Patroons team to an overall 29-4 record, the best record across all 44 TBL teams. The Patroons won their division, then went on to win 2 titles; the TBL East Conference title and the TBL Regional Conference title. Coach Brown was named ‘Coach of the Year’, and selected to coach the league’s All-Star Game, leading the TBL All Stars to a win against the NBL All Stars of Canada.

 “First, I would like to thank Ben Fernandez for the opportunity to be a part of the Patroons organization. When I was hired, it was clear my responsibility was to help revive the Albany Patroons while enhancing the level of professionalism to the organization. We enjoyed a tremendous amount of success on the court while attracting the attention of the local media and the community in the process. I am confident that I am a better coach as a result of my time with the Patroons and coaching in the TBL Pro League. I would like to thank our players, my coaching staff, Team President Michael Corts, Team VP Rocco Ricchiuti, our fans and my family for making this such an enjoyable and positive experience for me. A special thank you to the new ownership group led by Sam & Rebecca Clifford for having the trust and confidence in me to help guide the organization towards the future during this off season. After careful consideration and speaking with my family I feel the timing is right to step down. The Patroons are positioned for success, and have ample time to find a new coach, and continue the process of building a competitive roster for the 2023 season.  I will be rooting for the Patroons during the 2023 season and beyond! I am excited about the next chapter of my coaching career” -Will Brown

“It has been an honor working with Coach Brown.” Sam Clifford, Team Market Owner says. “We wish him well on his next journey and may success always follow his footsteps while he continues to pave his path to greatness. He will remain a part of these storied walls.”

David Magley, TBL President says, “Coach Brown brought a level of professionalism to the TBL that raised the standard for our coaches. He was the winning All Star Coach and Coach of the Year last season. We wish him all the best and feel fortunate for his time on the Patroons sidelines.

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Patty Mills is expected back when Nets return to Brooklyn Patty Mills is expected back when Nets return to Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Nets veteran guard Patty Mills, who has missed the last three games with a non-COVID illness, is expected back when the team returns to Brooklyn. David Duke Jr., Kessler Edwards, Day’Ron Sharpe, and Alondes Williams were all on G-League assignment with Long Island.

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Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:10:37 -0800 Sportsman
Kyrie Irving: “The team morale is good” Kyrie Irving: “The team morale is good”

The Brooklyn Nets players Kevin Durant (43 points) and Kyrie Irving (38 points) became the first teammates to each top 35 in the same game three times in a season since Durant and Russell Westbrook did so in 2011-12.

“That level offensively when we’re just clicking on all cylinders and the guys aren’t making shots but doing all the little things, it feels good,” Irving said. “The team morale is good and there’s a level of poise where we’re learning about one another when were down 17, down 19. We don’t want to be in these holes, but it’s a challenge for us to beat this team.”

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Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:10:37 -0800 Sportsman
LeBron James reacts to Anthony Davis going out with injury LeBron James reacts to Anthony Davis going out with injury

For the third straight season Anthony Davis is set to miss extended time due to an injury. The 29-year-old forward injured his right foot during the game against the Nuggets and will be out for at least a month.

LeBron James says that while AD can’t help the Lakers on the court and it will take a team effort to cover for his teammate’s absence.

“It’s going to be a collective group effort. It’s always been health with us since we all joined forces…,” the four-time NBA champion said. “But it’s always about health.

“If we can stay healthy or close to healthy as possible, have guys on the floor available, we’re going to give ourselves a chance to win because we’re going to play hard and we’re going to play the right way. Obviously, health is wealth.”

This season Davis is averaging 27.4 points, 12.1 rebounds and 2.6 assists in 33.4 minutes per game.

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3 games to watch in women’s college basketball for Week 7 Big tests for No. 2 Stanford and No. 14 Iowa State highlight another week of must-watch women’s college basketball games. Welcome back to FanSided’s weekly look around the women’s basketball world. Looking for some games to watch this upcoming week? We’ll be highlighting three of them that should be on your radar. Whether you’re a […]

3 games to watch in women’s college basketball for Week 7 - FanSided - FanSided - Sports News, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Technology - 300+ Sites

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 09:02:54 -0800 Sportsman
Anthony Edwards’ play proves Rudy Gobert trade was a mistake The Minnesota Timberwolves have been a total enigma throughout the 2022-23 NBA season. They have struggled to make sense of their roster, and oftentimes it has felt like a total toss-up what the result will be when they step foot on the floor. With certain key players underperforming, trade rumors have been flying. The star […]

Anthony Edwards’ play proves Rudy Gobert trade was a mistake - Dunking with Wolves - Dunking with Wolves - A Minnesota Timberwolves Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 08:56:31 -0800 Sportsman
One frustrating roadblock may prevent Timberwolves from impactful trade The Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to figure it out. They’ve got a bunch of pieces that don’t quite fit, and head coach Chris Finch is attempting to build something strong anyway. Not helping his case is the fact that Karl-Anthony Towns is out for a long stretch, further delaying the process of integrating everyone together. […]

One frustrating roadblock may prevent Timberwolves from impactful trade - Dunking with Wolves - Dunking with Wolves - A Minnesota Timberwolves Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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Thunder Journal: New and Old Storylines SGA2ASGThunder Journal: New and Old Storylines

NBA All-Star voting begins tomorrow. Here’s hoping the passionate Thunder fanbase will vote in droves for Shaivonte Aician Gilgeous-Alexander. While he isn’t likely to be voted in as a starter due the fact he’s a guard in the same conference as Steph Curry and Luka Doncic, a strong showing from the fan vote will help SGA’s overall campaign. There’s no reason why the #3 scorer in the league at 31.2 points per game should miss out on the All-Star Game. SGA’s first All-Star appearance should be a given. But heavy hitters Devin Booker, Ja Morant and Damian Lillard are also vying for at most four backup guard spots. Trendy names like Anthony Edwards, Desmond Bane, Anfernee Simons and De’Aaron Fox may (ridiculously) steal some votes as well. And of course, SGA has gotta beat out the biggest threat to his All-Star debut: Mike Conley.

The Other Guys

Let’s give it up to the other guys on this Thunder team. SGA gets all the headlines, for good reason, as he deserves all of them and then some. Josh Giddey is the second most heralded player on the team, and again, well deserved after being a high lottery pick and a much buzzed about rookie season. Chet Holmgren hasn’t played one NBA minute yet and he’s still a top three most talked about Thunder player. Yet not a single one of the core’s three biggest perceived building blocks were on the court for OKC’s most surprising win of the season on Saturday night at The Paycom Center.

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Episode 373 — UNLV’s Kevin Kruger

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Mon, 19 Dec 2022 08:52:41 -0800 Sportsman
Sizing up college basketball's 5 unbeaten teams Mon, 19 Dec 2022 08:28:15 -0800 Sportsman College Basketball Power Rankings: UCLA, Pac&12 make statement Mon, 19 Dec 2022 08:28:15 -0800 Sportsman NBA Weekend Recap: Anthony Davis Is Out Indefinitely While Devin Booker and Jordan Poole Put Up Season and Career Best Efforts In case you missed it, this weekend was filled with some tough injury news and season or career-high efforts across the League. Anthony Davis is out for a month, Nikola Jokic put up a dominant 40-27-10 triple-double, Jordan Poole dropped a career-high 43-ball, and Devin Booker rode the hot hand and scored a season-best 58 points and has now scored 12k plus career points after the Suns beat the Pelicans on Sunday.

Let’s get it!

Anthony Davis (right foot) Is Out At Least One Month After Suffering A Foot Injury On Friday:

According to NBA insider Shams Charania of The Athletic, Antony Davis will reportedly miss at least one month after suffering an undisclosed right foot injury.

AD has been dominant this season while helping the Lakers surge to a 6-4 stretch over their last 10 contests. The Brow is averaging 27.4 points, 10.3 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game on 59.3 percent shooting from the field and has dropped 19 30+ games with one 44-point game against the Bucks and a dominant 55-point effort against the Wizards.

Before he got hurt, AD had a three-game streak of scoring at least 30 points that were broken when he suffered his foot injury against the Nuggets.

Devin Booker Puts Up An Historic 58-Point Effort To Beat New Orleans:

Devin Booker lifted the Suns over the Pelicans 118-114 after dropping a season-best 58 points. It was the second time this season that Book scored 50 points after he posted 51 against Chicago on Nov. 30.

He’s now the sixth-youngest player to score 12k points in his career, trailing only LeBron, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and Tracy McGrady.

“Once I get it going a little bit, shooting over a hand is the right play,” Booker said per ESPN.

Nikola Jokic Posts His 81st Career Triple-Double After Dropping 40-27-10 Against the Hornets:

Nikola Jokic (40 points, 27 rebounds, and 10 dimes) f***ed around and got his fifth triple-double of the season to lead Denver to a 119-115 win over Charlotte on Sunday night.

The two-time MVP sealed the W with two game-winning free throws with 13 seconds left on the clock. Nuggets head coach Mike Malone said he didn’t know Jokic was putting up massive numbers but knew that Jokic was having “another Nikola Jokic stellar performance, efficient,” and praised Jokic for his “ability to make every one of his teammates better,” and called Joker a “generational talent.”

“To be honest, I think it’s because of our defense, and I was just in the right spot to rebound the ball,” Jokic said per ESPN. “It’s not that I was grabbing for them or whatever, chasing for them. It just happened, you know? I wish it could be every night, to be honest.”

Jordan Poole Has A Career-High Night For the Ages:

Jordan Poole hung a career-high 43 points on 14-23 shooting from the field and 5-11 from beyond the arc. He also handed out six assists and scored career-best 25 points in the first half to lead the Warriors past the Raptors. The 126-110 win was the Dubs’ first win in five attempts without Stephen Curry in the lineup. ˝Golden State also snapped their three-game losing streak and are now 3-14 on the road.

“He was incredible on both sides of the ball,” Draymond Green (17 points and nine rebounds) said per Yahoo Sports. “And when you connect the game like that, things will go your way. We all know what a special talent he is. He’s been going through some growing pains. To see him come out tonight and have the game that he had – especially with Steph being down and us needing to get a win – was really huge.

“His effort on the defensive end carried over to the offensive end.”

WNBA Won’t Expand In 2024:

WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert told The Athletic that the League’s plan for franchise expansion will be delayed until at least 2025. The commission is in touch with 10 investor groups discussing potential arenas, practice facilities, season ticket markets, and potential corporate partners.

Engelbert said that a new team would need around 18-24 months to hire coaches and executives and bring on players through an expansion draft, among the many preparations it takes to build a professional basketball franchise. Although expansion is delayed, Englerbet said it’s still a part of the W’s long-term plans and reiterated that the WNBA is on a growth trajectory.

Toronto, Nashville, and the Bay Area (Oakland and San Francisco) are on the short list of expansion cities.

“I’m a big, big believer in: let’s transform the economics, and then we’ll expand, not expand and then hope that economics transform,” she said per Front Office Sports. “We want to bring new owners in that are going to be successful in standing up a franchise that can compete for a championship.”

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Bradley Beal returns, but Wizards lose 10th straight game Continue reading "Bradley Beal returns, but Wizards lose 10th straight game" ]]> Mon, 19 Dec 2022 08:02:35 -0800 Sportsman Ukraine & Higher League Round 8: Invasport hand first defeat to Zhytomyr

There are only two more rounds left in the Regular Season in Higher League. Here is the last round review presented by Job Market. Zhytomyr (7-1) recorded its first loss at the home court on Friday night. Hosts were defeated by third ranked Invasport (2-3) 75-65. The game was mostly controlled by Invasport. Zhytomyr managed to win third quarter 22-15. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. The best player for the winners was point guard Oleksandr Fomenko...

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Serbia & 2MLS Round 11: Radnicki KG keep a leadership position

Here is the last round review presented by Job Market. The game had a very big importance for second-ranked Radnicki KG as it allowed them to take a leadership position. Radnicki KG defeated 4th placed Mladost SP in Kragujevac 77-72. Point guard Mihailo Jovicic (190-1999, agency: BeoBasket) orchestrated the victory by scoring 22 points and 5 rebounds. Center Mihailo Todorovic (210-1995) contributed with 10 points and 10 rebounds for the winners. point guard Petar Sparovic (175-1989)...

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 07:58:48 -0800 Sportsman
Spain & Spanish Liga Endesa round 12 best performance: Markus Howard (by Hoops Agents)

American Point guard Markus Howard (180-PG-1999) put on an amazing game in the last round for Baskonia, receiving a Hoops Agents Player of the Week award for round 12. The 23-year old player was the main contributor (29 points and three assists) to his team's victory, helping them to beat Fuenlabrada (#15, 3-9) 102-88. Baskonia maintains the 4th position in Spanish Liga Endesa. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost a few games earlier this season. Baskonia will need more...

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Knicks Morning News (2022.12.19) Mon, 19 Dec 2022 07:44:40 -0800 Sportsman Zach LaVine Calls Bulls Losing &apos;Embarrassing&apos; The Chicago Bulls were blown out by the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night. It was the Bulls fourth straight loss and dropped Chicago to 11-18 on the season.

Bulls guard Zach LaVine echoed the fans frustration with the losing. Then he took it a step further.

"It's frustrating for all of us," LaVine said. "I know it's frustrating for the fans. It's embarrassing. We're all a little embarrassed about it."

Veteran guard Goran Dragic said that the Bulls don't play for each other. LaVine agreed with that sentiment.

"You can name whatever you want to. We're just not getting it done as a unit," LaVine said. "And until we band together and start helping each other, you're not going to see a different result. I think that's the first thing you have to bring. You can't ask your team for effort each and every night. I think that's the first thing you have to bring top to bottom. Guys in here are talking. We're trying to be leaders in our own way, but we've got to find a way to get it done."

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Monday’s Arizin: Daily links for Dec. 19 Villanova Mug Arizin Links

Happy Monday! Here are your links to start your week:

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Q&A: Suns’ Mikal Bridges talks toughest 1-on-1 matchups and ‘Ironman’ streak |
The defensive-minded forward weighs in on his ability to stay healthy, the mid-range shot and some of Phoenix’s struggles.

Golden State Warriors' Donte DiVincenzo stars vs. Sixers | Inquirer
With All-Stars Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins out with injuries, DiVincenzo set season highs with 17 points and 10 rebounds and added six assists in a loss to the Sixers.

'The Number One Thing Is Heart' When It Comes To Josh Hart's Rebounding |
He's been a big rebounder since Day 1, and the NBA is catching on.

Knicks' Jalen Brunson drills six 3-pointers to set career high | NY Post
Jalen Brunson has been cooking in New York, but when asked about his six 3-pointers, Brunson smiled and said, “just luck.”

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl’s ankle sprain a week-to-week injury | ThunderWire
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Saddiq Bey unplugged: Pistons forward talks going to the bench, keeping faith and fitting in - The Athletic
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The Detroit Pistons have set their price for Saddiq Bey | PistonPowered
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College basketball scores, winners and losers: Arizona, Kansas make big statements; No. 1 Purdue struggles -
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Women's Basketball: Wildcats Fall to No. 14 Iowa State, 74-62, at Invesco QQQ Hall of Fame Showcase - Villanova University
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Women’s Soccer Signs Seven National Letters of Intent - Villanova University
Villanova head coach Samar Azem and her staff have announced the addition of seven student-athletes to join the Wildcats. This class brings in one goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and two forwards spanning the United States and Canada.

Villanova Athletics Announces $500,000 Gift to Women’s Basketball Program - Villanova University
A new milestone in support of Villanova Women's Basketball was reached today with the announcement of a leadership gift to the program.

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Winners and Losers of NFL Week 15
Getty Images/Ringer illustration

It was an epic weekend of football that included wild comebacks, officiating blunders and the Patriots committing perhaps the dumbest play we’ve ever seen. Here are the winners and losers of Week 15.

Every week of the 2022 NFL season, we will celebrate the electric plays, investigate the colossal blunders, and explain the inexplicable moments of the most recent slate. Welcome to Winners and Losers. Which one are you?

Winner: An All-Time-Great Football Week

I’m sorry, we just couldn’t get to all the winners and losers in a single column this week. We wrote an entire separate post about the biggest comeback in NFL history on Saturday, which allowed me to devote my attention to one of the wildest Sundays in recent memory, a maelstrom of comebacks and thrillers highlighted by the single worst game-losing play I’ve ever seen in all my years watching this magnificent, idiotic sport.

Twelve of the 15 games this week were decided by just one possession; five were won with scores on the final play of the game, including three overtime walk-offs. There were three 17-point comebacks, the most in a single week in NFL history. There was snow, there was chaos, and there was this:

That’s Patriots wide receiver Jakobi Meyers throwing a last-second lateral pass directly to Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones, who promptly stiff-armed Pats quarterback Mac Jones and romped 48 yards to the end zone to beat his former team. Frenzied multi-lateral plays sometimes end in defensive touchdowns … but normally, those scores just add points to the winning team’s total, with few implications outside of gambling. This play actually turned a tied game into a Pats loss. It’s the second time in NFL history that a last-second multi-lateral play has resulted in a walk-off game-winning touchdown … and the other was also against the Patriots, when the Dolphins went 69 yards for an offensive TD in 2018. Bill Belichick might be the coaching GOAT, but once guys start pitching the ball to other guys, Belichick’s useless.

So much stuff happened Sunday that I just have to list it: Tom Brady blew a 17-point lead in about 13 minutes of game time; the Chiefs somehow went to overtime with the Texans; the Jaguars came back from 17 down against the Cowboys and won on a pick-six in overtime; the Giants beat Washington in a hugely important playoff positioning battle thanks to this jarring stop at the 1-yard line:

And you know what? Let’s watch the Patriots thing again: It doesn’t get old.

Loser: The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Seen on a Football Field

I just want to break down the final ridiculous play in the Patriots-Raiders game in full:

First, the context:

  • The Patriots, notably, were tied with the Raiders. They did not need to score a touchdown to win. They had outscored the Raiders 21-7 in the second half, and up to that point, the only touchdown they had allowed after halftime may or may not have actually been a touchdown. While it would have been nice to win in regulation, there was no need to do anything ridiculous. (They did something ridiculous.)
  • Even if Pats WR Jakobi Meyers felt the need to throw this ball, he had better options. Fellow receiver Tyquan Thornton was right next to him; tight end Hunter Henry was a few yards away. Instead, he tried to throw to Mac Jones, who was 20 yards behind him and 30 yards across the field.
  • Meyers, to his credit, has taken full responsibility for the failure. He says the Patriots’ coaches told the team to play for overtime. “I thought I saw Mac Jones open,” Meyers said.
  • I thought.
  • I saw.
  • Open.

That’s really the dumbest part of this dumb thing: Meyers was trying to throw a pass to Mac Jones, one of the least athletic quarterbacks in the entire NFL, a three-star recruit coming out of high school whose shirtless pictures from college have been mocked. (Lest we needed a reminder of Jones’s lack of athleticism, a designed run for Jones a few minutes earlier had been an abject disaster.) Jones was trailing behind the entire play, with all the Raiders between him and the end zone. Meyers was apparently banking on this slow-ass QB single-handedly defeating the entire 11-man defense, with no blocking help or other teammates nearby to dump off another lateral to. Did Jakobi Meyers think that Mac Jones was some sort of hybrid of Derrick Henry and Justin Jefferson? And would a hypothetical Justrick Henfferson actually be able to make this play?

It’s also worth pointing out that Meyers’s throw was horrible. Meyers was a high school quarterback, which probably gave him the undeserved confidence to think he could complete this pass while on the move and throwing across his body while getting hit. It didn’t end up within five yards of Mac. Even if Chandler Jones wasn’t there to intercept the pass, Mac Jones probably wouldn’t have caught it. It turned out being a clean pick-six, but it could’ve also been a scoop-and-score fumble return.

And now the fun part … talking about Mac Jones’s tackle attempt:

  • I think … I think … I think he’s trying to draw a charge? He’s getting his feet set outside of the restricted area, he’s dropping to the ground at the first whiff of contact, he’s looking to the ref for a signal, he’s looking to Coach K on the sidelines for approval. He’s not trying to make a tackle, that’s for damn sure.
  • Mac Jones doesn’t attempt to use any of his body weight to stop the larger Jones, who is starting to rumble upfield. There is a nominal attempt from Mac to arm tackle on the ballcarrier’s legs, but he never gets a grip. It doesn’t even seem like Chandler Jones tries hard to put Mac on the ground—he simply puts a hand on Mac’s head and gently flattens him, like someone trying to push away a nipping 10-pound dog without hurting them too badly.

It was a horrible decision, a worse throw, and a pathetic effort. At every single juncture, the Patriots made the wrong choice, turning an inconsequential play into an all-time catastrophe. There was no world in which Meyers’s pass worked out, but I’m so grateful for the specific, baffling ways in which it failed.

Winner: The Eagles’ Sardine Sneak

Sometimes football is complicated, and sometimes it’s just a bunch of dudes shoving one another. The 13-1 Eagles are good at both—they run a sophisticated, intricate offense led by a spectacularly versatile quarterback. That offense is also extremely good at the shoving.

Jalen Hurts didn’t throw any touchdowns Sunday against Chicago, breaking an eight-game streak of throwing TDs. Instead, he merely threw for 315 yards and ran for three touchdowns in a 25-20 win; it was just the third game in which a player had 300 passing yards and three rushing touchdowns in NFL history. (The other two players to pull it off: Dak Prescott and Congressman Jack Kemp.) But Hurts didn’t really “run” for all three of those scores. He had one touchdown that actually involved running—a 22-yard score on which the Bears hit the wrong gap on a safety blitz, leaving the entire field in between Hurts and the end zone completely devoid of human beings.

But the other two TDs were one-yard scores out of a QB sneak–exclusive formation. He didn’t run into the end zone—he was pushed.

The QB sneak may be the defining play of this dominant Eagles team. Hurts has 28 conversions on third- or fourth-and-1 this year; nobody else in the NFL has more than 17. Hurts might have the most powerful legs of any quarterback ever to play the game—he competed in powerlifting competitions in high school, and his squatting videos in college went viral. The Eagles also have a tremendous offensive line anchored by center Jason Kelce, who was caught telling the Cowboys “you know what’s coming!” before a successful sneak a few weeks ago.

But this formation takes things to a new level. Hurts takes a snap from under center with three teammates lined up mere inches behind him, packed in like sardines in a can or clowns in a car. They’re too close for an effective handoff or a dropback pass: They can only push. The Eagles aren’t the first team to run sneaks out of such a crowded formation—I noticed Kansas State doing it a few years ago, and “have everybody push forward” is basically the simplest football concept, so it’s probably been used before—maybe even, like, 115 years ago. The Eagles didn’t start being this obvious about their sneaks until the last few weeks: On QB-sneak touchdowns against the Cardinals and Commanders, there were three players behind Hurts, but they were running misdirection to distract the defense. I guess the Eagles decided to stop screwing around and make those players useful.

Hurts now has 13 rushing touchdowns, the second-most in the NFL this season (behind Detroit RB Jamaal Williams) and the second-most in a season by any QB ever—Cam Newton had 14 in his rookie year.

But I think the Eagles can do even better. After all, they still had slightly-built WR DeVonta Smith on the field for these sneaks, split out wide doing absolutely nothing. Sub him out of the game and put a fourth player behind Hurts. And instead of running backs and wide receivers, they should just put a nose tackle, two backup offensive linemen, and a middle linebacker behind Hurts. And they should start running this play every single down, instead of actually playing offense. If the Eagles have 11 guys push forward, who can stop them?

Loser: Back-to-Back Prime-Time Ref Blunders

The Giants beat the Commanders 20-12 thanks to a thrilling goal-line stand: a crushing tackle on Taylor Heinicke at the 1-yard line by Kayvon Thibodeaux, relentless pressure on a third down to force a hurried throw by Heinicke, and then a pass breakup by Darnay Holmes to seal the win on fourth down. But two of those plays in that goal-line series featured questionable rulings by officials, and one was a clear miss. The Giants’ fourth-down stop actually featured some blatant pass interference by Holmes, a botched call that NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay confirmed on air:

The Giants should’ve been flagged there, and the Commanders should’ve gotten four more shots at the end zone.

The other officiating issue is more complicated. On third-and-goal from the 1-yard line, Washington actually did reach the end zone, with RB Brian Robinson powering into the end zone for a potentially game-tying touchdown—only for the score to be called back due to an apparent miscommunication between an official and a player. Washington WR Terry McLaurin was flagged for illegal formation on the play, the first penalty called on him all season, which pushed Washington back to the 6-yard line and made their chances of winning a lot harder. And to understand why he was flagged—and why it’s unusual—you need to know a little bit about football’s rules:

On every play, the offense needs to have seven players on the line of scrimmage. The five players in the middle on the line are ineligible to catch passes, which is why teams have five offensive linemen. The two players on the outside are the “ends” who are able to catch the ball—they used to be called tight ends and split ends, but now we say tight ends and wide receivers. It’s useful for the defense to be able to identify the two ends, which allows them to rule out certain pre-snap motions and trick plays. However, the offensive players don’t always line up directly on the line of scrimmage, even if the rules say they must. Offensive tackles like to play a skosh back to cut off edge rushers more easily, giving the O-line a distinct curve; receivers like a bit of space when playing against press coverage—and besides, they’re standing about 20 yards away from the ball and don’t always line up exactly right.

So officials tend to give them a bit of leeway. When outside receivers get set for a play, they typically check with one of the officials to confirm that they’re close enough to the line of scrimmage to avoid a penalty. You’ll see this dozens of times every game: A receiver will point over to the sideline, and most of the time the official will give them the A-OK. If they’re way off the line, the official will let them know they need to step up. Typically, refs throw the flag only if a receiver forgets to check with them and lines up unusually far behind the line of scrimmage.

But McLaurin checked with the official on the line of scrimmage! Replays clearly showed him looking over to the side and then scooting forward. The official appears to indicate that McLaurin is good to go—something McLaurin said in his postgame interview he believed occurred. McLaurin’s alignment didn’t provide a competitive advantage, and he clearly tried to be in compliance with the official, but the ref got his flag-throwing arm ready and pulled the trigger as soon as the ball was snapped.

It feels less excusable than the average officiating controversy. It wasn’t that the official didn’t see the play clearly, or didn’t interpret a rule correctly. It wasn’t a missed call so much as a breach of football etiquette, and it may have cost Washington the game.

Winner: The Jacksonville Jaguars

In Week 15 of the 2021 season, the Jaguars fired Urban Meyer, the head coach who (allegedly) kicked one of his players, (allegedly) did not know who Aaron Donald was, and (definitely) danced with a random woman that was not his wife in a bar in Columbus, Ohio, after skipping the team flight home after a loss. The team was 2-11, well on their way to earning the no. 1 pick in the draft; the guy they’d drafted with the no. 1 pick earlier that year, Trevor Lawrence, was tied for the league lead in interceptions.

In Week 15 of this season, the Jags moved to within one game of the AFC South lead after one of the greatest wins in franchise history, a 40-34 overtime win against the playoff-bound Cowboys. At one point, Jacksonville trailed by 17. Jacksonville DB Rayshawn Jenkins sealed the win with a walk-off pick-six of Dak Prescott; it was the team’s first game-winning overtime touchdown since 2005.

Jenkins was around the ball all game, finishing with 18 tackles and two interceptions, making him the first safety with 18 tackles in an NFL game since 2012 and the first player in the Pro Football Reference database with 18 tackles and two picks in a game. After the game, Jenkins was asked the difference between last year and this one, and he boiled it down to one thing: coaching. He didn’t specifically say anything about Urban Meyer, but (allegedly) Meyer was the coach of the team last year, when they sucked ass.

Lawrence, meanwhile, threw for four touchdowns, including a bunch of beautiful bombs. Last week, tight end Evan Engram led all non-quarterbacks in the NFL in fantasy scoring; this week, it was Jacksonville wide receiver Zay Jones, who caught three touchdowns from Lawrence. Since the start of November, Lawrence has had 14 touchdowns and one interception.

Between the Lions and Jags, the two teams with the worst records in the NFL last year are firmly in the playoff hunt with three weeks to go, led in large part by their young stars. What a difference a year makes.

Loser: Tom Brady, Again

In more than two decades of hating on Tom Brady, I have generally had to settle for faux failures and find small comforts in situations when Brady was otherwise awesome. Like making fun of him for losing the Super Bowl after leading the first team to go 18-0 in NFL history, or for dropping a pass in a Super Bowl where he threw for more than 500 yards. In 2022, though, we get legit reasons to make fun of Brady just about every week. On Sunday, his Buccaneers blew a 17-0 lead against the Bengals—and Brady was the primary reason for the loss.

Brady committed four turnovers Sunday for the first time since 2011, all in the second half on four consecutive drives. He threw two interceptions for the second straight week: One was a lobbed duck after he got hit, while the other was a straight-up bad throw.

Brady also lost two fumbles, including one in which the ball slipped out of his hand on a routine handoff.

Three of the turnovers gave Cincinnati the ball in Tampa Bay territory, resulting in three quick scores. With Brady quickly turning the ball over on those Tampa Bay second-half possessions, the Buccaneers defenders ran out of gas and gave up 34 unanswered points.

The Bucs are now 6-8; it’s the first time a Brady team has ever lost eight games in a season. They’ll need to go 3-0 down the stretch for him to avoid his first losing record ever as a starting QB. Brady is 31st among qualifying quarterbacks in yards per attempt, wedged between Baker Mayfield and Kenny Pickett. It’s a great time to be a Brady hater—but I’ve gotta admit, it’s a bit less fun when it’s this easy.

Winner: The Alley-Oopterception

Sunday’s games may have shown the foolishness of randomly hurling a ball in various directions on a football field—but a lateral led to the interception of the year in the Chargers-Titans game. Titans rookie CB Roger McCreary tracked a deep ball by Justin Herbert, and leapt to catch it—but realized he wasn’t going to land inbounds. So he tossed it to his teammate, safety Joshua Kalu, who caught the ball and tapped his feet inbounds—a rare two-man interception:

It’s a stunning feat of concentration and awareness by both players. McCreary seemingly keeps his eyes on the ball the whole time, but he’s actually paying attention to all sorts of things. He’s aware that Chargers receiver Mike Williams isn’t going to be able to make a play on the ball, and that he can possibly make a pick rather than just break up a potential touchdown. He’s aware of the approaching sideline, making sure to leap before either of his feet goes out of bounds so he can make the play. He’s aware of Kalu’s presence, and knows that his alley-oop has a potential recipient. He also seems to know that his toss has to be backwards—you can’t just throw footballs forwards, even if you are in the process of making a leaping interception out of bounds. And he’s seemingly aware that Williams isn’t going to try to catch his pitch to Kalu, turning a potential pick into a touchdown. McCreary calculates all of that, and then Kalu makes a spectacular play as well. In a millisecond, his brain processed that McCreary is pitching him the ball, and that he needs to get both feet down inbounds to make the interception count.

After the game, McCreary said that he had thought about making this exact play, making him either a football innovator who imagines never-before-seen highlights or a massive liar. Either way, he and Kalu had the vision to improvise—and execute—the interception of the year.

Loser: A Non-Walk-Off

With the Buccaneers’ loss to the Bengals and the Panthers’ loss to the Steelers, the dream of a sub-.500 NFC South champion crept even closer to reality on Sunday. Believe it or not, the Falcons could have moved into a tie for first place in the division with a win over the Saints—yes, those Falcons, the ones that are extremely bad, even according to their own loyal fans.

Atlanta put their hopes on rookie QB Desmond Ridder, making his first NFL start after the decision was made to bench Marcus Mariota. Those hopes ended when Ridder ran out of bounds near midfield after an 18-yard scramble with the game clock expired, in essence voluntarily ending the game and giving the Saints a 21-18 win. While virtually every other game this week ended with a game-winning score, this one ended with a player literally running off the field with no time left—not a walk-off win, but a run-off loss.

This exact scenario happened with a backup quarterback in a Georgia Tech game earlier this year—apparently, it’s a problem localized to teams from the Atlanta metropolitan area. The Falcons’ loss means the dream of an NFC South in which every single team finishes with a 6-11 record is alive and well.

The Falcons didn’t just lose because of this play, but it was a fitting capper on a disappointing debut for Ridder. He went 13-for-26 for 97 yards, only slightly surpassing the passing output of Saints tight end Taysom Hill, who was 2-for-2 for 80 yards. But it’s a tough look—QBs should know stuff like “How much time is on the clock?” or “Will this action cause my team to lose literally 100 percent of the time?” It literally would’ve been better for Ridder to lateral the ball backwards 20 yards across his body to a waiting defensive player—that attempt actually would’ve given the Falcons a better chance at winning than running out of bounds.

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The Best Shots of 2022
Ringer illustration

From ‘Nope’ to ‘The Fabelmans,’ this year featured plenty of perfect compositions

Note: I did not see Avatar: The Way of Water in time for this list, and it’s just as well, since—with a few subtle exceptions—I usually try to emphasize non-CGI-assisted images in this feature. James Cameron’s status as Hollywood’s reigning master of seamless, weightless unreality is uncontested, and unlike so many of the directors doing assembly-line work for big-ticket intellectual properties, he actually has a wonderful visual imagination: Generations of genre filmmakers are in his debt. With the Pandora’s box of Avatar off the table then, I strove to identify—and annotate—the compositions (or camera movements) that either crystallized or transcended my memories of the movies around them, several of which ranked among the year’s best. As usual, a list like this is deeply subjective, and so is the idea of what constitutes a perfect (or extraordinary) shot—whether the goal should be showing off or self-effacement. My only hope is that these 10 images lead you in the direction of a worthwhile cinematic experience (or 10).



The photograph coming slowly into focus here serves as an ideal emblem for Charlotte Wells’s debut feature, Aftersun. It’s an ostensibly candid moment veiling—and then revealing—some deeper, sadder truth. Chewing over their joint holiday as they prepare to return to their separate homes, Calum (Paul Mescal) and his daughter Sophie (Frankie Corio) allow their minds to wander briefly to the idea of a never-ending beach vacation—an idyll away from the responsibilities awaiting them in the UK. “Why,” asks Sophie in a small, happy voice, “can’t we just stay?” The answer is as simple—and, in context, as quietly devastating—as the photograph’s development. Time moves forward no matter what, frozen only artificially (and futilely) by memory, or, more reliably, emulsion. Wells holds on the shot for what feels like a miniature eternity, as if she can’t bear to let the details sharpen—or to let go of her characters and their bond, leading to a final segment that’s dominated by melancholy evocations of departure both literal and (meta)physical. At once nostalgic and unsparing, Aftersun is the cinematic equivalent of a long goodbye; the photograph, which is special precisely because it’s so ordinary, leaves Sophie (and us) with something to hold on to.

Decision to Leave

 CJ Entertainment

There are two sides to every story, and in his dazzling new thriller Decision to Leave, South Korean auteur Park Chan-wook skillfully emphasizes duality at every turn. Working in tandem with cinematographer Kim Ji-yong, Park—who rightly won a directing prize at Cannes—generates visual interest in nearly every frame, all without overwhelming the humming momentum of the story. One trick works especially well: When shooting interiors, he places his characters behind glass or against mirrors to hint at the multitudes they contain. Case in point: Charged with interviewing a beautiful and enigmatic murder suspect, police inspector Hae-joon (Park Hae-il) approaches the assignment with a mix of detached professionalism and burning curiosity—contradictory sensations channelled back at him by his subject, Seo-rae (Tang Wei), whose sphinx-like unreadability somehow suggests openness and guile at the same time. In a movie in which nearly every shot is calibrated to distill and convey dramatic and thematic information, their interrogation room meet-cute stands out as an example of how directorial imagination can transform conventions into visual coups.


 Sideshow/Janus Films

The spaces in Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski’s donkey-on-the-loose drama range from grittily realistic to hauntingly abstract. For example: the elevated, eerily symmetrical bridge that serves as EO’s final checkpoint on an incredible journey whose ultimate destination is, sadly, never really in doubt. That’s only a spoiler if you consider mortality a spoiler, and Skolimowski’s ability to make his locations feel increasingly tinged by death is central to EO’s uncanny formal power. Here, the idea of crossing over gets literalized through a composition that also gestures toward some larger, cosmic sense of indifference—a figure dwarfed by his surroundings. That both the dam and the bridge are man-made structures is also important to the sequence’s ultimate meaning; through the film, we’re asked to consider the relationship between ecology and industry, and the disastrous condition of the planet around us. Through Skolimowski’s keen directorial eye, beauty itself becomes weaponized; if the shot is a postcard, it’s being sent to (or from) the edge.

The Fabelmans

 Universal Pictures

He’s got the whole world in his hands: Alone in the dark, projecting his own painstakingly captured Super 8 footage onto outstretched palms, young Sammy Fabelman appears to us as creator, viewer, and screen all at once. It’s a holy trinity that, as visualized by Steven Spielberg at his late-career image-making peak, signifies something deeply metaphysical about filmgoing and filmmaking—that the artist must imagine himself amidst the audience. (The trademark Spielberg Face, conveying awe at the power of cinema, is also on display.) Sammy’s close encounter is also tactile in a way that reaches back through the digital mist to cinema’s tactile, handmade 20th century history. For another filmmaker, Sammy’s rapture would be a landmark composition. For Spielberg, it’s just one more for the all-time highlight reel.

Hit the Road

 Kino Lorber

A chip off the old block, emerging Iranian director Panah Panahi honored his father—the much celebrated and politically embattled Jafar Panahi—with the swift, inventive travelogue Hit the Road, in which a pair of loving, politically dissident parents must smuggle their older son out of the country to avoid his mandatory military service. For the most part, Panahi shoots his debut in cramped, intimate close-ups that turn his protagonist’s car into a kind of mobile prison—there’s no room to maneuver weary heads or aching limbs, and every passing vehicle manifests a potential threat. When the time comes for the parties to go their separate ways, he locks into a distanced master shot composition worthy of Stanley Kubrick (whose name, along with that of Christopher Nolan, comes up in conversation during the film via the dialogue of a movie-obsessed child). Panahi conjures up a moment of pastoral beauty that seems to exist out of time even as its arrival confirms that the clock is running out on a family that may never be whole again.


 Universal Pictures

The urge to reach out and touch somebody is a very human concept rooted in ideas of empathy and emotional transference. More primal—and persuasive—is the feeling to recoil from an outstretched hand, especially one powerful enough to rip you limb from limb. If Jordan Peele’s marvelous, shape-shifting horror thriller Nope is, on some level, a meditation on our collective, hardwired responses toward fight or flight, the terrifying (and tragic) mid-film set piece depicting a sitcom taping gone haywire delineates the stakes with clear, comic-book precision. The imperiled child actor debating whether to fistbump his rampaging simian costar (and in doing so, soothe him) is caught not only between fast-twitch, life-or-death instincts but, more abstractly, between reassuring televisual fantasy and brutal reality—and wondering if one can redeem or rescue the other. The reference points for the image are obvious: Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on down to Kubrick and Spielberg—but its actual meaning remains fluid, especially since fate (in the form of a SWAT team) intervenes before Nature can take its course one way or another.


 Variance Films/Raftar Creations

In a remarkable upset, S.S. Rajamouli’s hyperbolic Tollywood action epic earned a Best Director citation from the New York Film Critics Circle—a possible precursor to an Oscar nod that’d make Bong Joon-ho’s presence at the 2020 ceremony seem almost uneventful. Simply put, Indian commercial cinema is virtually invisible in Western-critical tastemaking circles, and the question of why a veteran blockbuster director’s latest blowout has touched a nerve is worth asking. The film mythologizes a pair of real-life Indian revolutionaries, Alluri Sitarama Raju and Komaram Bheem, as comrades in the battle against the British Raj; in the climax, Raju adopts the image—and the kick-ass weaponry—of the Hindu god Rama in order to lay waste to colonial forces. RRR does not lack for over-the-top moments—I could have just as easily included the scene when one of our heroes fights a tiger, or when another hurls flaming motorcycles into the British barracks—but the backlit, fairy-tale grandeur of Raju’s quasi-supernatural rebirth stands out as an example of Rajamouli’s adroit pop-cinema chops.


 Focus Features

Yes, the long take at the center of Todd Field’s acerbic character study constitutes an act of showing off: For nearly five minutes, the shot roams, tracks, and reframes around Cate Blanchett’s Lydia Tár as she stalks a Juilliard lecture room discoursing on everything from compositional technique to cancel culture, all without breaking stride, or even a sweat. (Blanchett is electric here—she should start practicing those award speeches now.) That’s because Tár and its severe, spectacular art-house aesthetics are made in the image of its antiheroine—a case of form fused to content that sometimes works brilliantly. What makes the scene thrilling and appalling is the tightrope it walks (camera in hand) between Lydia’s virtuoso rhetoric and comfortably tenured punching-down; her desire to make herself the center of attention will have consequences. Later in the film, when Lydia’s rant gets cut up and decontextualized in a takedown video on Twitter, it makes for a funny, vicious payoff to all that pumped-up, real-time formalism—a reminder that visual language is just as important as oratory.

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair


Probably the key screenlife horror movie of the millennium so far along with Unfriended, Jane Schoenbrun’s We’re All Going to the World’s Fair unfolds largely across a series of monitors or else features laptops or other mobile devices within its mise-en-scène. Its protagonist, a lonely, isolated preteen named Casey (Anna Cobb) likes to cocoon herself inside internet videos, and in this surpassingly creepy early sequence she’s confronted by a mysterious upload of her own distorted image, which is projected against a screen so large it dwarfs her. The source of the message—and the relationship that evolves between Casey and its sender—offer plot threads to be untangled, but on a purely graphic level the shot evokes a set of disturbing, complex ideas about transformation, disfigurement, and self-loathing that lurk in the margins of the story. It’s a scene that works as a jump scare but also accrues anxiety with sustained contemplation; the only thing freakier than Casey not recognizing herself in this moment is the possibility that she just might.



Ti West’s X takes place in 1979, a few years after its wannabe-movie-maker characters surely lined up to see Jaws. Mia Goth’s Max has no idea she’s sharing her West Texas skinny-dipping excursion with a hungry alligator, and her innocence imbues this bird’s-eye view with the requisite Spielbergian menace. It’s also a bit of a misdirection, since as the film goes on, our heroine proves to be anything but a damsel in distress—a Final Girl with an ax to grind instead. The best thing about X (and its hastily assembled surprise prequel, Pearl) is how it plays with concepts of predators and prey, and West’s pleasure in finding unexpected places for his camera is palpable. As for his star reptile, it makes a welcome return cameo in Pearl, leading us to wonder if the gator should somehow be included in the upcoming trilogy-ender MaXXXine—or if, given the L.A. setting, West will manage to find an even slimier antagonist.

Adam Nayman is a film critic, teacher, and author based in Toronto; his book The Coen Brothers: This Book Really Ties the Films Together is available now from Abrams.

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An All&Time&Dumb Pats Loss, Dallas Stumbles, and Detroit’s Thriving
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Plus, more NFL weirdness and another edition of Parent Corner with Cousin Sal

The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Cowboys’ overtime loss to the Jaguars, the Patriots’ puzzling last-second loss to the Raiders, Commanders-Giants, AFC/NFC playoff pictures, Colts-Vikings, Lions-Jets, takeaways from Dolphins-Bills, the Chiefs barely surviving the Texans, Bears-Eagles, and more (1:24). Then, they guess the lines for NFL Week 16 (40:39), before ending the show with Parent Corner (1:11:54).

Host: Bill Simmons
Guest: Cousin Sal
Producer: Kyle Crichton

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Amar’e Stoudemire issues statement on allegations that he assaulted his daughter Amar’e Stoudemire issues statement on allegations that he assaulted his daughter

Former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire took to social media to respond to the allegations that appeared in media yesterday that he assaulted his daughter, specifically hitting her in the jaw.

The 40-year-old coach denied the allegations, saying that he loves his family, especially children and that he would never assault any person.

“Over the last 24 hours, an incident at my family home led to my being charged with assaulting my daughter,” Stoudemire’s statement reads. “It is an allegation based on a report that does not square with the facts.

“I am of the Jewish faith, today Jewish people all over the world celebrate Hanukkah and hear the story of how we fought wickedness. I believe that ‘whatever is hateful to you, do not do to others.’

“As the investigation unfolds, the facts will show the allegations to be groundless as my daughter’s medical condition is not the result of being assaulted by a father who is nearly 7 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds

“I could never see myself assaulting any person, especially my children. I respect, protect, and love my family, particularly my children. As a father, I ask for your grace as we secure our space and privacy.”

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Fred VanVleet: “I don’t really think we’re built to have a ton of injuries or deal with a ton of injuries” Fred VanVleet: “I don’t really think we’re built to have a ton of injuries or deal with a ton of injuries”

Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet doesn’t believe the return of OG Anunoby will completely turn this club around (13-17 record).

(via Jump View):

“It’s not really a one guy thing at this point. Obviously having all of our best players helps, just having the top guys. I don’t really think we’re built to have a ton of injuries or deal with a ton of injuries. So we need our top guys to be available and to play their best. Obviously we will be happy to have him back, but we got work to do, with or without him. Hopefully he can shore up some of those areas, but we got work to do.”

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Rick Carlisle: “Right now, New York is as good as any team in the NBA” Rick Carlisle: “Right now, New York is as good as any team in the NBA”

Following last night’s 109-106 loss at home, Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle said that the New York Knicks are as good as any team in the league right now (7 game winning streak).

(via Bally Sports Indiana):

“Right now, New York is as good as any team in the NBA. To go toe to toe, have a 6 point lead, and then I think they hit 2 threes in the last couple minutes.”

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Police launch homicide investigation after woman’s death in West Auckland, witnesses saw man with knife and heard screaming Mon, 19 Dec 2022 04:38:37 -0800 Sportsman British man shares unusual New Zealand supermarket quirk in viral TikTok Mon, 19 Dec 2022 04:38:37 -0800 Sportsman Liquor store worker stole from his boss 98 times, but future employers will never know about it Mon, 19 Dec 2022 04:38:37 -0800 Sportsman Lakers Land Pacers’ Myles Turner In Bold Trade Scenario It has been an up-and-down 2022-23 NBA season for both the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers.

The Lakers began with a horrendous record, but it looked for a stretch as though Anthony Davis had regained his MVP form while LeBron James still had a lot left to offer. However, Davis will be out for at least the next month.

In a loaded Western Conference landscape, the Lakers simply cannot afford to play a whole month out with Davis sidelined if they aspire to make noise in the postseason.

The Pacers overachieved to begin the season but did so while playing a very easy schedule compared to the rest of the NBA. Now, they have a losing record. Time to make a trade?

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers & Los Angeles Lakers Updates

The Lakers and Pacers have been linked in trade rumors centered around Turner numerous times. Are the circumstances now set for a deal to actually transpire?

Here’s a deal that has them doing so by acquiring Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers.

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Top Landing Spots For Key Names In NBA Trade Rumors The unofficial start of the NBA trade season is upon us. December 15th has been circled on the calendar for every front office around the league because that is the date a large portion of players signed in free agency is eligible to be traded. Teams are preparing to make deals, as we have already seen some rumors floating around about players who may be available.

One of the players who are going to garner a lot of interest is Jakob Poeltl of the San Antonio Spurs. Poeltl is currently dealing with a right knee bone bruise that has already kept him sidelined for a week. He has yet to be cleared for contact, but his market shouldn’t be impacted too much.

San Antonio has a very high asking price on Poeltl, which isn’t too surprising. Still only 27 years old, Poeltl is one of the best defensive centers in the NBA given the rim protection and elite rebounding he provides. Offensively, the Utah product is efficient and you can run some offense through him given his developing playmaking skills.

If he were going to be traded, the Golden State Warriors make a lot of sense given their needs in the frontcourt. Ultimately, however, Poeltl will stay put. While no extension agreed upon before the season painted a picture of the sides not being on the same page, it could actually be the opposite.

Poeltl was limited to only a four-year, $58 million extension. A handshake deal could have been made since the Spurs have more than enough cap space to retain him in the summer. San Antonio also feels Poeltl is a great fit alongside Victor Wembanyama should they get lucky enough to win the NBA Draft Lottery.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Top Updates On Talks Around The League

The other center that is a popular trade candidate is Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers. Turner has been on the trade block for years as the Pacers contemplated breaking up their jumbo frontcourt. Had a foot injury not put his status in question during the 2021-22 season, Turner could have very well been on the move instead of Domantas Sabonis ahead of the 2022 NBA trade deadline.

The Texas big man is having a career season, averaging 16.9 points, 7.8 rebounds, 1.4 assists, and 2.2 blocks in 29.6 minutes per game. He benefits greatly from the addition of Tyrese Haliburton at the point guard spot, as he is shooting 55.5 percent from the field and 43.0 percent from 3-point range.

His value has only gone up during the season, as the Pacers can ask for even more in a trade package and he will land a nice contract in free agency. Indiana is 14-15 on the season, so they could go in either direction when it comes to parting ways with Turner or not.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Top Updates On Talks Around The League

A strong argument could be made for either side, but with the limited center market, the Pacers could cash in with arguably the best asset. Having Jalen Smith and Isaiah Jackson on the roster already, there is depth to handle moving Turner, who will end up with the Toronto Raptors.

This deal with the Raptors will also include another player who has been involved in some trade rumors in OG Anunoby. Toronto is reportedly open to trading Anunoby or Gary Trent Jr., knowing that big raises could be on the horizon for both players and Fred VanVleet. Looking to address their need for a big man and help manage their money, they will swap Anunoby for Turner.

Those two players can be swapped one-for-one and the money works, but other pieces, such as draft compensation, could be included. Anunoby has the profile of the kind of two-way wing that teams want to build around, providing Indiana with a long-term option at the forward spot. He reportedly wasn’t happy about his role with the Raptors during the offseason but with the Pacers, he could be the No. 1 option.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Top Updates On Talks Around The League

It wouldn’t be a trade article without mentioning the New York Knicks, who have made major adjustments to their rotation this season. Evan Fournier, Derrick Rose and Cam Reddish are currently on the outside looking in, as they are not currently in the mix for minutes as Tom Thibodeau has cut the rotation down to nine players and inserted young defensive dynamo Deuce McBride into the mix.

On more than one occasion there have been rumors of Reddish being available as he seeks a situation that will provide him with more consistent playing time. He could be used as a sweetener to move Fournier’s contract, and in that scenario, the Los Angeles Lakers make sense as a landing spot.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Top Updates On Talks Around The League

Los Angeles needs as much shooting and defense as they can get and the Knicks duo provides both in spades. Fournier set a Knicks’ franchise record for 3-pointers made in a season during his first year with the team, while Reddish has shown he can be the top perimeter defender in a rotation. He is oozing with potential and being on a veteran-laden roster led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis could be exactly what he needs to realize that potential.

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Bulls Land Raptors’ OG Anunoby In Bold Trade Scenario The Toronto Raptors are struggling right now. The team has lost five straight games and they are 10th in the Eastern Conference standings. With the NBA trade deadline nearing, is it time to blow it up?

If the Raptors conclude that it would be the right move to do so, one name that will generate a significant amount of interest is OG Anunoby. He’s a high-level defender that can play both forward spots with a growing offensive game.

Every player in the NBA can’t be a star. On the other hand, it’s easier to star within the role you have. Some aspire to achieve more and are capable of doing so in a difference situation.

Anunoby is having a career-year to begin the season, averaging numbers like 19.0 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 2.4 steals. He’s shooting 47.5 percent from the floor and 33.1 percent from 3-point range. The Bulls could use it.

There are plenty of possible trade suitors to watch for Anunoby if the Raptors were to go this route. It would depend on the type of return Toronto seeks in exchange.

Here’s a deal that has him landing with the Chicago Bulls. 

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Basketball Agility Drills Nice video from the Indiana Explosions girls AAU basketball program with some basketball agility drills using ladders.  I imagine you could tape the floor off [...]

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CNU Women&apos;s Basketball Now 10&0 After 79&45 Win Over Colorado College in Puerto Rico Clasico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- For the second year in a row and the third time in the last six seasons, Christopher Newport women's basketball has opened the season on a ten-game winning streak. After another tormenting defensive effort on Sunday night against Colorado College, the nationally-ranked Captains improved to 10-0 on the season with a 79-45 victory in the Puerto Rico Clasico tournament held in San Juan. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:54:54 -0800 Sportsman
Magic sweep Celtics in two&game series, beat Boston again 95&92 NBA: Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics
Derrick White defends Markelle Fultz during the first half Sunday at TD Garden. | Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Without Jayson Tatum, the Celtics didn’t have enough offensive juice against Orlando.

Two nights after losing to the lowly Orlando Magic at TD Garden, the Celtics suffered the same fate Sunday, falling 95-92 at TD Garden in one of their worst offensive showings of the season.

This one came without Jayson Tatum – sidelined for personal reasons – but it was still quite surprising. The Celtics have now lost four of five, and for the first time this season, it’s fair to be slightly concerned about the C’s.

Jaylen Brown paced the Celtics (22-9) with 24 points and 14 rebounds, Marcus Smart added 15 points and seven assists and Grant Williams added 14 points and six boards.

The first half wasn’t kind to the Celtics, as they fell behind, 26-23, though one quarter and 50-41 at halftime.

Magic star Paolo Banchero erupted for 22 of his 31 points in the first half alone. He hit all four of his 3-point attempts and was clearly the best player on the floor as the Magic (11-20) pulled ahead.

Smart, Brown and Derrick White paced the Celtics with eight apiece in the half, but the Celtics shot just 27.9 percent from the floor and 20.8 percent from distance. Their shot selection was questionable at best, and they were in a daze the bulk of the way.

The Celtics briefly took a 31-30 lead with 5:16 left in the half, but Banchero buried a 3 moments later that ignited a 20-10 extended run before the break. The Magic turned it over just three times in the half and looked just as comfortable as they did Friday, when they shot 46.2 percent and won, 117-109.

With Tatum out, it was reasonable to expect the offense to take a bit of a dip – just how much of a dip, however, was surprising. It felt like the Celtics should have been down 10 to 15 at the half, but they managed to keep it to nine.

In the second half, the Celtics settled into more of a rhythm and moved the ball closer to the way they have most of the season. Smart fueled a 16-6 run to start the third, as Boston took a 57-56 edge.

Brown then fired up the crowd with back-to-back dunks, as the Celtics took a 71-68 lead into the fourth quarter.

The teams traded buckets well into the fourth, as the Magic made it clear they weren’t going to go down quietly. Panchero buried a 3 to give Orlando an 88-87 edge with 3:28 remaining,

Franz Wagner canned a clutch 3 to give the Magic a four-point lead, then Malcolm Brogdon responded with a huge 3 of his own to slice it to 93-92 with 56 seconds remaining.

Smart dove on the floor in classic Smart fashion to secure a loose ball with 9.8 seconds left. Grant Williams inbounded the ball in Brown’s direction, but the pass never got to him.

Wagner calmly hit both free throws, then Williams missed a contested 3 as time expired. The Celtics had their chances but couldn't rally against one of the worst teams in the NBA.

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Richard Pitino and New Mexico improve to 11&0 on season but it comes at the hands of Rick Pitino, Iona Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:52:20 -0800 Sportsman How Luke Fickell landed his first recruit at Wisconsin Syndication: Naples Daily News
Jonah Hinebaugh/Naples Daily News / USA TODAY NETWORK

Inside the process behind Luke Fickell’s first recruitment: Three-star DB Jonas Duclona.

Luke Fickell began his time at Wisconsin with a splash last week, landing his first set of commitments, which was followed by a transfer commit from former Oklahoma quarterback Nick Evers over the weekend.

Fickell, known for his recruiting ability and development, entered a situation of unrest, as players had seemed devoted to interim head coach Jim Leonhard, but has showcased why he was hired with a series of recruits to the Wisconsin 2023 class, while maintaining the commitments of several current Badger recruits.

The first recruit that sparked the shockwave? Three-star defensive back Jonas Duclona, who had initially committed to Cincinnati while Fickell was their head coach, before re-opening his recruitment.

Duclona spoke to Bucky’s 5th Quarter on his decision of choosing Wisconsin, as well as his relationship with Fickell.

The Florida cornerback acknowledged that his relationships with the former Cincinnati staff had been important in his process, leading him to commit to Wisconsin.

“The relationship I’ve built with the old Cincinnati staff, which is the new staff [at Wisconsin], is what led me to the decison of picking Wisconsin,” Duclona said. “Madison is a great place with lots of great history, and many greats came have through here.”

Duclona now joins a cornerback room that returns top cornerback Alexander Smith, but loses starter Jay Shaw, key reserve Justin Clark, and former four-star Semar Melvin, who transferred to Michigan State.

Additionally, the three-star recruit intends to early enroll, telling Bucky’s 5th Quarter that he plans to arrive on campus on January 15th, ensuring that he’ll be a participant in spring practices.

While there was uncertainty given the change in schools, Duclona appreciated Fickell and the recruiting staff’s message, which ultimately led to his decision.

“[Coach Fickell and the staff] just want me to trust the vision they have for Wisconsin and expect me to contribute to that,” Duclona said.

Duclona was followed by four-star safety Braedyn Moore in his recruitment to Wisconsin, leading to several other commits over the past week, improving the Badgers’ recruiting class for 2023 after they were severely depleted following the end of the regular season.

In the 2023 class, Duclona joins fellow three-stars Jace Arnold, AJ Tisdell, and Justin Taylor as the incoming cornerbacks for Wisconsin, which should insulate their depth to make up for the losses at the position group.

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Top 100 NBA players: Updated rankings for 2023 The 2022-23 season has already given us plenty of pleasant surprises — or, in the more specific case of the Philadelphia 76ers, mildly unpleasant surprises. A lot has changed since last year. And, in the spirit of The Ringer’s new NBA rankings, it’s time to update our own top 100 players board. You can read […]

Top 100 NBA players: Updated rankings for 2023 - The Sixer Sense - The Sixer Sense - A Philadelphia 76ers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:19:00 -0800 Sportsman
The best and worst performances in sports in 2022: Reliving the highs and lows of the year Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:12:36 -0800 Sportsman College basketball panic meter: How much should Kentucky, Indiana, others freak out? Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:12:36 -0800 Sportsman Desmond Cambridge Jr. scores season&high 23 points as Arizona State routs San Diego for ninth straight win

Desmond Cambridge Jr. scored a season-high 23 points and Frankie Collins posted a double-double with 12 points and 11 rebounds as Arizona State men's basketball routed San Diego 91-67 for its ninth straight win.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:01:07 -0800 Sportsman
Coaches Poll Top 25 Projection College Basketball Rankings Prediction Week 7

What will the latest Coaches Poll Top 25 college basketball poll possibly be on December 19th? We make our best guess prediction before the real poll comes out on Monday morning

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:01:07 -0800 Sportsman
George has 19 points, No. 11 Baylor beats Washington State

DALLAS (AP) Keyonte George scored five straight points that gave Baylor the lead for good and finished with 19 and the 11th-ranked Bears beat Washington State 65-59 Sunday night in the final game of the Pac-12 Coast-to-Coast Challenge. George, a freshman guard who has started every game for Baylor, converted two free throws that put the Bears ahead 44-43 with 10:32 left in the second half. Following a steal by Dale Bonner on Washington State's next possession, George hit a fadeaway 3-pointer for a 47-43 lead with 9:46 to go.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 03:01:06 -0800 Sportsman
Half Court Offense & A Random Walk Through My FastDraw Playbook "We can't run what we can't run."

"Great offense is multiple actions." Hard cutting, on-time/on-target passing, and efficient finishes pile up points.

Lack of urgent cutting, mediocre passing, and unskilled finishers compromise any offense. 

A trip through the playbook reveals innovative and stolen actions. Enjoy and steal away. 

Clear and cut. 

DHO, clear, elbow PnR

A game of mismatches...punish switching. 

Get assists from a skilled passing big. 

Iverson action with STS action for a skilled big. 

1 wing drive, elevator screen 

Simple spread downscreen/slip choice routes

Spread stagger, spread Spain PnR (backscreen the roller)

Lagniappe. Spacing, ball movement, relocation (Davidson zone offense)

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Raptors’ lifeless loss to Warriors proves “Vision 6&9” is a failure Masai Ujiri and the Toronto Raptors had a golden (forgive the pun, I beg) opportunity to snap their recent losing streak. All Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet had to do was beat a Golden State Warriors team without Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins at home. Once again, Toronto was beaten into submission. The defense was […]

Raptors’ lifeless loss to Warriors proves “Vision 6-9” is a failure - Raptors Rapture - Raptors Rapture - A Toronto Raptors Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:52:01 -0800 Sportsman
Monday Mindset: Unruffleability You won't find it in the dictionary but it's a word you need to know and apply every single day. And if you fail to, you'll struggle with circumstances.

The post Monday Mindset: Unruffleability appeared first on PGC Basketball.

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Cowgirls Rout UNLV, 87&62

Box Score ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:41:46 -0800 Sportsman
UNC Basketball: Tar Heel nation rocked the Garden! In what was a “neutral site” game for the UNC basketball program, the Tar Heel faithful made it feel as if the game was in Chapel Hill. This year’s CBS Sports Classic, which was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, is one that UNC basketball fans will remember for quite some time. […]

UNC Basketball: Tar Heel nation rocked the Garden! - Keeping It Heel - Keeping It Heel - A North Carolina Tar Heels Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:26:21 -0800 Sportsman
UNC Basketball: Championship Moments UNC Basketball pulled out in an incredible 89-84 win versus the number 23 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes yesterday in New York. That is what championship programs do. The UNC Basketball program pulled off an unbelievable comeback and win versus a very good Ohio State team in Madison Square Garden yesterday. The CBS Sports Classic event […]

UNC Basketball: Championship Moments - Keeping It Heel - Keeping It Heel - A North Carolina Tar Heels Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:26:21 -0800 Sportsman
UNC Basketball: Random Observations Ohio State Win UNC Basketball traveled to New York for the CBS Sports Classic versus a tough Ohio State team and pulled off a stunning 89-84 overtime win.  This time of year people usually reflect on all the things that happened throughout the past 12 months. Did anyone else get 2022 NCAA Tournament vibes from yesterday’s massive UNC […]

UNC Basketball: Random Observations Ohio State Win - Keeping It Heel - Keeping It Heel - A North Carolina Tar Heels Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:26:21 -0800 Sportsman
Hornets vs. Kings: Start time, where to watch, what&apos;s the latest

The Charlotte Hornets play against the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center

The Charlotte Hornets are spending $17,564,608 per win while the Sacramento Kings are spending $8,425,828 per win

Game Time: 10:00 PM EST on Monday December 19, 2022

Broadcast Info

National TV: N/A
Away TV: Bally Sports SE-CHA
Home Radio: Sactown Sports 1140 AM
Away Radio: WFNZ 92.7 FM

When the game is underway, you can follow it here!

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Jason Anderson
The Kings are 9.5-point favorites over the Hornets on Monday. – 2:49 AM

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:18:39 -0800 Sportsman
Blazers vs. Thunder: Start time, where to watch, what&apos;s the latest

The Portland Trail Blazers play against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Paycom Center

The Portland Trail Blazers are spending $8,867,906 per win while the Oklahoma City Thunder are spending $11,950,477 per win

Game Time: 8:00 PM EST on Monday December 19, 2022

Broadcast Info

National TV: N/A
Home TV: Bally Sports OK
Home Radio: WWLS/WKY
Away Radio: Rip City Radio 620

When the game is underway, you can follow it here!

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Bucks vs. Pelicans: Start time, where to watch, what&apos;s the latest

The Milwaukee Bucks play against the New Orleans Pelicans at Smoothie King Center

The Milwaukee Bucks are spending $8,566,005 per win while the New Orleans Pelicans are spending $8,206,216 per win

Game Time: 8:00 PM EST on Monday December 19, 2022

Broadcast Info

National TV: N/A
Home TV: Bally Sports NO
Away TV: Bally Sports WI
Home Radio: WRNO 99.5FM
Away Radio: 620 AM/103.3 FM WTMJ

When the game is underway, you can follow it here!

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Kostas Antetokounmpo signs with Fenerbahce ✍????????
Happy with this, Fenerbahce fans? AM
Kostas Antetokounmpo signs with Fenerbahce ✍????????
Happy with the signing, Fenerbahce fans? AM
OFFICIAL: Kostas Antetokounmpo is a new player of Fenerbahce ✍
He arrives in Istanbul after an uneventful stint at Chicago Bulls:…3:14 AM

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Lobos to Host Iona in Nationally Televised Matchup on Sunday Afternoon Mon, 19 Dec 2022 02:13:31 -0800 Sportsman Magic, Paolo Banchero dusts off Eddie House’s ‘garbage’ description about Magic following solid back&to&back dub vs Celtics Magic, Paolo Banchero dusts off Eddie House’s ‘garbage’ description about Magic following solid back-to-back dub vs Celtics

Wonder rookie Paolo Banchero didn’t hide the idea that the Orlando Magic had something to prove in light of Eddie House’s recent claims about their franchise.

“I’d be lying if I said we didn’t see that,” Banchero said, who led the Magic with his 31 points and six rebounds in Sunday’s win against the Boston Celtics (h/t Orlando Sentinel’s Khobi Price). “It definitely lit a fire under some of the guys and the team in general. We just want to earn the respect of the league. It’s clear that a lot of people still don’t respect us. We’re just going to have to go out, game by game, and lock in, and eventually, it’ll be earned. Until then, we’re going to have to keep proving people wrong.”

House, a former Celtic, ignited a fire against the Magic and their fans upon downplaying the team’s massive 117-109 win back in Friday, saying that Orlando is “still garbage” and “not a good basketball team”

“They got 10 wins [at the time]. They’re still garbage. They’re still not a good basketball team. They won’t make the playoffs. They won’t be in the play-in. The way the game unfolded was [the Celtics] came out complacent thinking they were head and shoulders better. Yeah, we are heads and shoulders better — the Celtics are heads and shoulders better.

“At the same time, there are proud professionals on the other side. I’m not talking about individually [that] they’re not good players, but as a team. We’re almost to Christmas. We’ve had a nice-sized sample to know exactly what you are.”

The young and exciting Magic, in an unexpected fashion, asserted their continuing momentum as they slapped the then-league’s best Celtics in back-to-back games, this time marking a 95-92 Sunday win in front of the shell-shocked TD Garden.

They are now boasting a six-game win streak, tied for the current second best so far within the league.

As such, House gave credit when credit was due for the promising club’s victory, but maintained his pesty stance over the Orlando faithful upon the rants and backlash he received.

“Let’s give credit to the Orlando Magic,” House said. “They played hard. This was their Game 7s back-to-back. I’m getting hit up on Twitter, on Instagram by all of their fans like they just won the NBA championship.

“Hey Orlando Magic fans, remember, you guys have the fifth-worse record in the league. When I was growing up there was a Mickey Mouse club — they’re in the goofy club because they’re so hyped over the two wins. No matter what, with those two wins, you’re still the fifth-worst team in the NBA. And we’re still at the top of the NBA. I had to shoot my shot at them. At the end of the day, it’s all good.”

As such, following the gutsy win, the likes of Markelle Fultz, Mo Bamba, Cole Anthony and Terrence Ross fired back of their own against the retired cager – posting a GIF clip of former Magic Rafer Alston slapping House at the back of his head during the 2009 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

“We just laughed,” Banchero added. “We took it and used it as fuel to the fire. Instant motivation. 

“Sometimes you might be satisfied with that first win or be happy you won one game out of two, but seeing that clip kind of gave us that extra boost to come out here in this second game and do the same thing.”

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Thomas Bryant on his game&winning dunk on a pass from LeBron James Thomas Bryant on his game-winning dunk on a pass from LeBron James

With Anthony Davis being absent, Thomas Bryant was put in the starting lineup by the Lakers head coach Darvin Ham.

He responded by scoring 16 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Bryant also made a game-winning dunk on a pass from LeBron James who turned the ball over, but managed to recover and find the open teammate under the basket.

“I knew if LeBron had an open lane I just had to make myself available, luckily it went my way right there and got the easy dunk,” the 25-year-old center said about the final play.

Bryant is averaging 9.4 points and 4.2 rebounds in 15.1 minutes per game this season.

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Darvin Ham on Thomas Bryant: “He’s not surprising us at all” Darvin Ham on Thomas Bryant: “He’s not surprising us at all”

Thomas Bryant earned a spot in the Lakers starting lineup after Anthony Davis went out with a right foot injury. The 25-year-old center had a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds against his former team, the Wizards.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham talked about his performance in this game, saying that the team is not surprised with the way he is playing.

“Just that no-quit attitude,” Ham said about Bryant postgame. “He has some great hands. Couldn’t get some layups to drop tonight, but you look and see he still finished 7/13 [field goals], 16 [points] and 10 [rebounds]. Two huge threes down the stretch.

“The kid is just not afraid of the moment. He’s going to use all his will, all his power, all his God given ability to lay it on the line for us. His spirit is always is great. That’s the biggest thing about him.

“His teammates, we all want to see him do well. Just the spirit he brings every day, the no-quit attitude and he’s a serviceable player at that.

“He’s doing what he’s doing. He’s not surprising us at all. We always knew. He’s been a starter in this league with the Wizards at that. He’s been a starter, he understands what it’s about whether he’s coming off the bench or is starting the game off. Had another great night tonight.”

This season Bryant is averaging 9.4 points and 4.2 rebounds in 15.1 minutes per game.

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Ant&Man. D’Lo. NBA cannot ignore Timberwolves backcourt any longer There have been many reasons for Minnesota Timberwolves fans to squirm and fidget in their seats this season. And after taking a beating on the road, and limping home injured after just two wins in a five-game road trip, hosting even a struggling team like the Chicago Bulls (11-17) was not a game that filled […]

Ant-Man. D’Lo. NBA cannot ignore Timberwolves backcourt any longer - Dunking with Wolves - Dunking with Wolves - A Minnesota Timberwolves Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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The Uncontested Podcast: Thunder Player’s Christmas Wishlist

Jacob, Tayler and Kamiar discuss the recent stretch of Thunder basketball, debate what Thunder players would ask Santa for Christmas, take a trip around the association, and SO much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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The Breakfast Buffet: Villanova is “in position to be in position”, Jalen Pickett, Keyontae Johnson Here’s today’s installment of “The Breakfast Buffet”, a daily column that can be found here every single morning getting you caught up to date on everything that’s happened from the day/night before and everything that’s going to happen in the next 24 hours.


Things To Sample

Villanova is “in position to be in position”
That’s something that didn’t seem like it would be written a few weeks ago, but four straight wins can quickly change the narrative surrounding a program. There were several factors that contributed to the Wildcats’ 2-5 start, but the bottom line is this: Villanova is 4-0 with five-star freshman Cam Whitmore (13.5 points, 5.3 rebounds) in the lineup and 2-5 when he is not. That’s something that the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee will take into account if the Wildcats can put themselves in position to earn an at-large bid to the 2023 NCAA Tournament. Villanova will begin that quest on Wednesday night when it opens up Big East play at home against St. John’s (11-1). Remember: It was going to be difficult for Kyle Neptune — or anyone — to lead this program in its first season post-Jay Wright. It was also going to be difficult for Neptune to navigate a vicious schedule that features 29 out of 31 regular season games against either power conference or Big 5 opponents, especially when Whitmore wasn’t available for the first seven games and Justin Moore — an All-Big East first-team caliber player — is still out indefinitely with an achilles injury. With all that said, Villanova still is “in position to be in position” as it begins league play this week.

Jalen Pickett is playing like the best guard in the Big Ten
That is not hyperbole — it’s straight fact. Pickett — who opted to return for a fifth season — is doing a little bit of everything for the Nittany Lions, including serving as a low post option in Micah Shrewsberry’s “spread offense” despite only checking in at 6-4. Through 11 games, Pickett is averaging 16.2 points, 7.6 assists, 7.3 rebounds, and 1.5 steals. He’s the only guard in the Big Ten who’s in the top 10 among league leaders in points, rebounds, and assists. Pickett’s success is yet another example of why it’s so important for coaches to recruit productive players to come back for a COVID season unless they have a lucrative professional opportunity that they simply cannot pass on.

Keyontae Johnson is writing an incredible comeback story
at Kansas State
And it’s only December. The 6-6 Johnson — who transferred to Kansas State after spending the first part of his career at Florida — is quietly playing like one of the best players in the Big 12 just a little over two years after collapsing on the floor when the Gators were playing at Florida State in Dec. of 2020. He’s currently averaging a career-high 17.8 points along with 6.8 rebounds while shooting 60.3 percent from the field and 51.5 percent from three-point range. All of this is happening as the Wildcats have tallied 10 wins in their first 11 games under first-year head coach Jerome Tang. This is a story to monitor closely as Kansas State wraps up its non-conference schedule on Wednesday against Radford before beginning Big 12 play on Dec. 31st against West Virginia at home.

On The Side

  • Five of Marquette’s top six scorers — Kam Jones, Olivier Maxence-Prosper, Oso Ighodaro, David Joplin, and Stevie Mitchell — are all averaging career highs in both points and rebounds.
  • Kansas (10-1) has had assists on 82 of its 133 made field goals during its current four-game winning streak. That’s 61.7 percent for those of you keeping score at home!
  • One big reason why Houston (11-1) can get even better? Freshman guard Terrance Arceneaux has only scored a total of 14 points in his last six games. The 6-5 Arceneaux had 15 points in 19 minutes in a win at Oregon on Nov. 20th. This is a wildcard to watch for the Cougars moving forward.
  • UCLA’s Jaylen Clark has had four steals in each of his last four games. It’s the first time that Clark has tallied four steals in a game since the first two games of the season.
  • The Atlantic 10 is currently just 101-68 as a conference. Barring something unforeseen, the only member of this league that will hear its name called on Selection Sunday will be the winner of the Atlantic 10 Tournament.

Daily Specials

  • Maine at Akron
  • St. Bonaventure at Siena
  • South Dakota State at Oral Roberts
  • Weber State at Utah State
  • UT Arlington at San Francisco


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Auriemma misses UConn’s game against Florida State Mon, 19 Dec 2022 01:41:26 -0800 Sportsman Brittney Griner Breaks Silence After Being Released From Russian Prison Brittney Griner has spoken publicly for the first time since being held in Russian prison for 294 days for allegedly carrying less than a gram of hashish oil in her luggage and the seven-time WNBA All-Star can’t wait to get back on the court.

On her Instagram, Griner shared photos of her return along with a statement, saying how grateful she is to be back on American soil and that she will do whatever it takes to help get other prisoners home too.

“The last 10 months have been a battle at every turn,” Griner wrote. “I dug deep to keep my faith and it was the love from so many of you that helped keep me going. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for your help.”

“President Biden, you brought me home and I know you are committed to bringing Paul Whelan and all Americans home too. I will use my platform to do whatever I can to help you. I also encourage everyone that played a part in bringing me home to continue their efforts to bring all Americans home. Every family deserves to be whole.”

The 32-year-old had a long list of people to thank in her post and wanted to make it known to everyone of her intention to get back to her team.

“I also want to make one thing very clear: I intend to play basketball for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury this season, and in doing so, I look forward to being able to say ‘thank you’ to those of you who advocated, wrote, and posted for me in person soon.”

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Kyle Kuzma Responds to Lakers Wanting Him Back The Lakers thought they would never look back after breaking up with Kyle Kuzma in favour of Russell Westbrook.

But when they saw him with someone else and in the best shape of his life, things changed.

Multiple reports have emerged this season claiming LA wants Kuzma back, and the man himself couldn’t help but comment on the renewed interest from his old team.

“I think it just shows you the grass is not always greener,” he said said in an interview with Fox Sports. “It’s definitely a good thing because at the end of the day, that means I’ve been playing well, and I have value in this league, that a team would want to trade for me. It’s a blessing.”

Kuzma added that his time as a Laker came with plenty of ups and downs.

“It’s a double-edged sword, a double-edged sword, for sure,” he said. “I believe that it was some of the best things to ever happen to me, you know, getting drafted, being a Laker, having that platform. Having millions and millions of people globally know who you are, that’s a blessing. That’s part of being a Laker. Learning from LeBron, winning a championship — it’s all been great.

“But at the same time, I always look back and wish I would’ve gotten the fairer end of the stick a little bit, just with my role and how much I sacrificed. It’s cool to sacrifice. That’s the only way you win championships, everybody has to sacrifice.

“But, just getting the fairer end of the stick, I feel like I never really got [that]. But everything happens for a reason. I’m here now [in Washington], and I’ve been able to expand my game and flourish.”

Kuzma isn’t kidding when he says he’s improved his game. This season he’s averaging a career-high 21.3 points to go along with 7.4 rebounds per game.

Most recently, he put up 22 points and 16 rebounds against the Lakers back in LA, albiet in a close loss.

But wins and losses aside, there’s no doubt Kuzma has benefited tremendously from being able to spread his wings in Washington.

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Zion Williamson Doesn’t Get Same Whistle As Other Stars, Per CJ McCollum Zion Williamson, when healthy, would have to be one of the strongest and most impressive players in the league.

The power forward is killing it for the Pels, averaging 25.5 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.6 assists but it seems his size may be a disadvantage at times, with refs missing the foul calls which was particularly evident against their 118-114 loss to Suns on Saturday.

“Z puts a lot of pressure on the rim, on the defense consistently,” McCollum said. “The same whistle we see for other star players, I don’t feel like it’s the same whistle for him considering the fact that he rarely shoots outside the paint.”

Zion Williamson took 15 shots against the Suns. Fourteen of those came inside the paint. He also earned seven free throws, less than half of what the referees awarded Booker.

Asked if Williamson gets penalized for being stronger than his opponents after their loss head coach Willie Green said, “most definitely.”

“But it hadn’t been that way in previous games,” Green said Saturday. “Tonight it was. There are a lot of things we can do better. There are things I can do better. But we will go back to the drawing board and try to build.”

The Pelicans will face an extremely tough test on Monday when they face the Bucks, who are now first seed in the East. Milwaukee have a few big men themselves in Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez, so it will be interesting to see which way the refs whistle goes.

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Washington Drops Tough Contest to Liberty

SEATTLE – The Washington women's basketball team dropped a hard-fought contest 54-66 to Liberty on Sunday afternoon to open the Husky Classic at Alaska Airlines Arena. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 01:14:30 -0800 Sportsman
Tribe Scribe: Strong Second Half Lifts W&amp;M Over Longwood

By Dave Johnson W&M Athletics Through no fault of its own, William & Mary went into Sunday's game at Longwood feeling a little less prepared than usual. A combination of finals week and a flu outbreak led to missed practice opportunities, which, in turn, led to an 11-point hole midway through the second quarter. But with a strong run to finish the frame, and a halftime challenge to get tougher, W&M came back to defeat the Lancers 67-57 in Farmville. Sydney Wagner scored 11 of her 21 points in the fourth quarter to lead a team that used only eight players. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 01:08:04 -0800 Sportsman
Rideau leads South Carolina Upstate against Kennesaw State after 20&point showing Mon, 19 Dec 2022 01:05:30 -0800 Sportsman Chicago State faces Illinois State on 10&game road slide Mon, 19 Dec 2022 01:05:30 -0800 Sportsman Ole Miss faces North Alabama after Murrell’s 21&point showing Mon, 19 Dec 2022 01:05:30 -0800 Sportsman Lady Bulldogs Fall To Alabama A&amp;M 53&37

ORANGEBURG, SC— Sophomore forward Lovely Sonnier tossed in the team's only double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds, but it wasn't enough as South Carolina State fell short 53-37 to visiting Alabama A&M Sunday (Dec.18th) at Smith-Hammond-Middleton Memorial Center. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:59:05 -0800 Sportsman
Damian Lillard says he should be in discussion of greatest shooters ever Continue reading "Damian Lillard says he should be in discussion of greatest shooters ever" ]]> Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:51:25 -0800 Sportsman Wizards lose 10th straight game Continue reading "Wizards lose 10th straight game" ]]> Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:51:24 -0800 Sportsman Video: Best NBA Christmas Day dunks Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:51:23 -0800 Sportsman United Kingdom & NBL D1 Round 12: Thunder lose to Kestrels

Here is the last round review presented by Job Market. The most important game in the last round took place in Solent between second ranked Thunder (9-2) and ninth ranked Kestrels (4-6) on Saturday night. Thunder was crushed by Kestrels on the road 60-85. Kestrels dominated down low during the game scoring 62 of its points in the paint compared to Thunder's 36. Kestrels had a 39-25 advantage in offensive rebounds. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 23 assists. It was a...

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:47:37 -0800 Sportsman
Holland & Promotiedivisie Round 11: De Groene lose to lower ranked CobraNova

Promotiedivisie is at the halfway of the Regular Season and there are still another 11 rounds left. Coincidentally all hosts won their games. Here is the last round review presented by Job Market. Promotiedivisie round 11 most important game was a victory of CobraNova over 5th ranked De Groene 90-56 on Saturday night. CobraNova (5-4) moved-up to fifth place, which they share with Uitsmijters. De Groene lost third consecutive game. They dropped to the seventh position with four games lost.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:47:36 -0800 Sportsman
Spain & Liga Endesa Round 12 of Regular Season

Here is the last round review presented by Job Market. The most interesting game of round 12 in the Liga Endesa was a home defeat of second-best Tenerife (9-3) to first ranked Real Madrid (10-2) 80-67 in the game for the first place. It was a key game for the top position in the league. Worth to mention a great performance of Croatian Mario Hezonja (202-1995) who helped to win the game recording 15 points and 6 rebounds and Bosnian swingman Dzanan Musa (205-1999, agency: BeoBasket) who...

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:47:34 -0800 Sportsman
UNI women&apos;s basketball ends non&conference season with 88&74 loss to No. 12 Iowa

IOWA CITY, Iowa – UNI women's basketball fought toe-to-toe with the No. 12 team in the country but stumbled in the second half in an 88-74 loss against Iowa. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:43:42 -0800 Sportsman
2022&23 Game Thread: Knicks @ Pacers – Will It Be Seventh Heaven? Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:33:28 -0800 Sportsman The real teams are showing up and showing out Upset:

No. 20 Arizona toppled No. 18 Baylor, 75-54.

More results:

No. 1 South Carolina 87, Charleston Southern 23

No. 2. Stanford 77, Tennessee 70

No. 4 Indiana 87, Morehead State 24.....the largest margin of victory in Hoosier program history.

Undefeated no more: No. 5 Notre Dame downed No. 6 Virginia Tech, 63-52 - their first loss of the season.

No. 8 NC State 77, Clemson 59

No. 9 UConn 85, Florida State 77

No. 11 LSU 87, Oregon State 55

No. 12 Iowa 88, Northern Iowa 74

No. 14 Iowa State 72, No. 25 Villanova 62

No. 16 Oregon 97, Charleston 33

No. 24 Oklahoma 76, Southern 50

Louisville 77, Pitt 53

FGCU 69, Kentucky 63

Texas A&M 57, SMU 49

Texas 62, USC 48

Syracuse 67, Wake Forest 58

Boston College 74, Georgia Tech 62

Auburn 91, Samford 37

Virginia 84, Morgan State 27

Drexel 86, Penn State 82 (OT)

Kansas State 69, Northern Colorado 57

Liberty 66, Washington 54

Oklahoma State 87, UNLV 62

St. John's 63, Providence 55....the Red Storm are 11-0

DePaul 80, Georgetown 71

All scores

Tomorrow's game schedule

College coach news:

Geno Auriemma began feeling ill after shootaround today, and didn't coach UConn against Florida State. Associate head coach Chris Dailey handled the duties.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:33:25 -0800 Sportsman
Lady Flames 9&0 in GSC at Christmas Break

CLEVELAND, Tenn.-With the veteran players leading the way, the Lee women's basketball team built up a 32-point lead in the final period and allowed reserves to play the rest of the way in a convincing 78-58 victory over Mississippi College inside Walker Arena on Sunday afternoon. The Lady Flames improved to 9-0 in GSC play and 10-2 overall. The Choctaws slipped to 2-8, 3-10. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:29:38 -0800 Sportsman
Women’s Basketball Edged by Eastern Kentucky, 83&62

WEST POINT, NY – Army West Point women's basketball (2-8, 0-0 PL) fell by a score of 83-62 to Eastern Kentucky (5-6, 0-0 ASUN) on Sunday afternoon at Christl Arena. Sabria Hunter notched her sixth double-double of the season, leading Army with 18 points and 10 rebounds. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:28:17 -0800 Sportsman
Gators Win 22nd&Consecutive Home Nonconference Game

The 22-straight home nonconference win marks a school-record for the Gators. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:25:43 -0800 Sportsman
McKenzie, Bryant Step Up as Illini Win Braggin’ Rights over [RV] Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Illinois Women's Basketball added a double-digit win over [RV] Missouri in the McBride Homes Braggin' Rights game to its 2022-23 non-conference resume on Sunday. The short-handed Illini saw Adalia McKenzie deliver a game-high 21 points while Genesis Bryant turned in a career-best 20 points. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:24:33 -0800 Sportsman
@ButlerUWBB Falls at (RV) Marquette 67&46

MILWAUKEE – Marquette led Butler by 10 at the half, and would outscore the Bulldogs 21-8 in the third quarter to cruise to a 67-46 victory. With the setback, Butler moves to 5-6 on the season with an 0-3 mark in the BIG EAST. Marquette improved to 9-2 and 2-1 in the conference. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:18:02 -0800 Sportsman
Lonzo Ball &apos;Progressing&apos; Towards Running Lonzo Ball is making progress towards being able to run, according to Billy Donovan.

Donovan added that there is still no timetable for Ball to be cleared to run.

"We haven't had anything that's been like, 'Oh, geez, we're back at square one.' It's just slow unfortunately. It's just managing the pain and discomfort he's feeling," said Donovan.

Once Ball gets cleared, he will then have a "significant ramp-up period" for conditioning.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported last week that there are "no guarantees" that Ball suits up for the Bulls this season.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:13:00 -0800 Sportsman
Kings Expected To Extend Monte McNair Contract In Early 2023 There is a "growing expectation" that the Sacramento Kings will extend general manager Monte McNair's contract, according to Marc Stein of Substack.

An official deal is expected to be agreed upon sometime in early 2023.

McNair is currently in the last year of his three-year deal.

With the success of the team this season, Stein adds that the fact that the Kings have yet to extend McNair is an "undeniable curiosity" around the league.

Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:12:59 -0800 Sportsman
Devin Booker Explodes for 58 Points to Cap Off Suns&Pelicans Season Series Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:12:55 -0800 Sportsman Women&apos;s Basketball: Second&half offensive uptick helps Cardinals clip Owls

GAMBIER, Ohio -- The Kenyon College women's basketball team emerged from a first-half slog with a lead and caught fire from three-point range in the fourth to take a late lead, but Otterbein University (5-4, 2-2 OAC) closed out the Owls to win 57-50. Kenyon falls to 2-7 (0-1 NCAC) with the loss in their final home game of 2022. ]]>
Mon, 19 Dec 2022 00:10:20 -0800 Sportsman
Jayhawks&#39; game plan on Indiana All&American candidate worked to perfection from start to finish By Shane Jackson ]]> Sun, 18 Dec 2022 22:09:42 -0800 Sportsman Geno Auriemma misses UConn’s win over Florida State with flu&like symptoms
Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

Chris Dailey improved to 14-0 as acting head in coach in Auriemma’s stead.

UConn women’s basketball’s 85-77 win over Florida State came without their head coach Geno Auriemma on the sidelines. The 68-year old missed the game after he started feeling ill after shoot-around, which meant associate head coach Chris Dailey took the reins in his place. According to the team, Auriemma decided not to be on the sidelines out of abundance of caution and postgame, Dailey provided more details.

“He’s okay. I think it’s flu-like symptoms right now and dehydration,” she said. “He’s feeling better and we’re looking forward to seeing him.”

Even without Auriemma, the Huskies were in good hands as Dailey improved to 14-0 as acting head coach in her career. She’s now taken charge of the team for at least one game in each of the last five seasons: A two-game road trip to Wichita State and Tulsa in 2018-19 when Auriemma got sick, one game against Oklahoma at Mohegan Sun in 2019-20 when he recovered from diverticulitis surgery, the first two games of the 2021 NCAA Tournament after he contracted Covid and at Creighton last season when he became sick prior to tip-off.

Seven of Dailey’s wins have come in the last five years after totaling the same number in the 33 seasons prior to that.

“I’m very proud of our assistant/head coach right here,” Nika Mühl said postgame. “She’s still undefeated. After we heard what happened with Coach (Auriemma), we’re used to it but it’s still devastating every time we hear some news like that. But I feel like she stepped in big time as always.”

Naturally, Dailey deflected credit to the team’s other two assistants: Jamelle Elliott and Morgan Valley.

“Coach wasn’t able to be with us today so we had to work as a staff,” she said. “Jamelle and Morgan were great on the bench and we worked as a staff [to] give our kids the best chance to win.”

This isn’t even the first time UConn has been short one coach on the bench this season. Prior to the Huskies’ win over NC State in November, Dailey collapsed after the national anthem and was taken to the hospital, though she was released the same day.

Juhász, Mühl return

While UConn lost Auriemma to an illness, it did get two key players back from injury: Dorka Juhász and Nika Mühl, both of whom earned the start.

Juhász missed seven games with a broken thumb picked up against Texas on Nov. 14 while Mühl sat out just one contest after suffering a concussion against Princeton on Dec. 7. Juhász had 15 points, nine rebounds and a career-high five blocks while Mühl racked up 12 assists, six points and six rebounds in the win.

For Mühl, her return was straightforward: Once she cleared concussion protocol, she could play again.

“The concussion protocol was good. It was all good. I passed all the steps necessary so I was back in practice by Thursday, Friday,” Mühl said. “I didn’t feel a difference honestly, it’s like I [wasn’t even out].”

That wasn’t the case for Juhász. While both Auriemma and Dailey have mentioned recently that she can’t make the injury worse, it’s still been a long process back. Juhász planned on playing last week — Dailey called her a “game-time decision” ahead of Princeton — until she suffered a setback.

“It’s still not fully here and it’s still pretty painful,” Juhász explained. “It got hit, I wasn’t able to go through the whole practice, it swelled up, I couldn’t put the splint on. So there was a lot of physical barriers that led to decisions about playing.”

“I was really excited last week to jump into practice, go through practice and it just didn’t respond well and it swelled up. It was in a lot of pain,” she added later. “Talking to doctors, coaches, it was just not ready to go yet.”

The injury news isn’t all positive for UConn, though. After the game, Dailey revealed that Inês Bettencourt sprained her ankle in practice on Saturday. The freshman did not play but she was dressed to play unlike the team’s others injured players, Azzi Fudd, Paige Bueckers and Ice Brady, who were in black sweats.

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Photo gallery: FSU Seminoles vs UConn women’s basketball & 12/18/22
Ian Bethune

UConn held on for a win in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase on Sunday afternoon.

Aaliyah Edwards had 26 points while Lou Lopez Sénéchal added 23 points to help the UConn Huskies women’s basketball team to an 85-77 win over the Florida State Seminoles in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase at Mohegan Sun Arena on Sunday afternoon.

Photo ©: Ian Bethune

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UConn football vs. Marshall in the Myrtle Beach Bowl: How to watch, by the numbers, matchup preview
Ian Bethune/The UConn Blog

The Huskies are looking to end their season over .500 for the first time since 2010. One of the strongest G5 teams in the country stands in their way.

KICKOFF: 2:30 p.m.


ANNOUNCERS: Mike Morgan (play-by-play), Eric Man Lain (color analyst), Tera Talmadge (sideline)

RADIO: UConn IMG Radio Network; Varsity Network App; 97.9 ESPN Hartford, WGCH 1490 AM, WAVZ 1300 AM, WATR 1320 AM, WILI 1400 AM and 95.3 FM, WICH 1310 AM and 94.5 FM

ANNOUNCERS: Mike Crispino (play-by-play), Wayne Norman (color analyst), Adam Giardino (sideline)

RECORDS: UConn (6-6), Marshall (8-4)

POINT SPREAD: Marshall -11.5

OVER/UNDER: 40.5 (odds via BetMGM)

SERIES HISTORY: The UConn Huskies and Marshall Thundering Herd have met just once on the gridiron. The matchup came in UConn’s last bowl appearance in the 2015 St. Petersburg Bowl won by Marshall, 16-10

DEPTH CHART: UConn; Marshall

PREGAME PRESS CONFERENCE(S): UConn head coach Jim Mora; Marshall head coach Charles Huff


Fun With Numbers

11.1: Tackles per game by Jackson Mitchell, good for fifth-best in FBS

9: Rushing touchdowns by true freshman Victor Rosa, which leads the team and puts him at 55th best in the country

5: Fumbles recovered by Mitchell, leading all of FBS

.875: UConn red zone percentage (28-of-32)

.696: Percentage of red zone scores by Marshall offense (32-of-46)

194.9: Rushing yards by UConn per game, 35th best in FBS

88.8: Rushing yards allowed per game by Marshall’s defense, 5th best in FBS

1425: Rushing yards by Marshall’s Khalan Laborn, 12th best in FBS

37: Sacks by Marshall defense in 12 games

What to watch for

Key Players Return

UConn’s offense will welcome back a handful of key position players who have been absent for most of the season. Cam Ross and Keelan Marion, the two receivers at the top of the depth chart in fall camp, are cleared to play and running back and kick returner Brian Brewton also could make an appearance, according to head coach Jim Mora.

The presence of Marion and Ross could free Nick Charlton to open up the playbook, and give Zion Turner more options down the field after a middling season from the UConn receiving corps.

Dangerous Defense

Even with reinforcements arriving, UConn’s offense will have its hands full against Marshall's defense. Ranked No. 8 in the nation per Bill Connelly’s SP+, the unit is one of the nation’s elite defenses.

The Thundering Herd give up just over 100 yards per game on the ground and rank No. 7 in the nation in sacks, with the experienced duo of defensive ends Owen Porter and Koby Cumberland combining for 16 sacks and 24.5 tackles for loss on the year. In the defensive backfield, the elite cornerback pairing of Micah Abraham and Steven Gilmore have locked down Sun Belt offenses, combining for eight interceptions on the year.

The Khalan Laborn Show

Marshall doesn’t attempt to hide its offensive gameplan. With an average of 185 rushing yards per game, they’re going to run the ball, and do it often with one particular player. In a third of Marshall’s offensive snaps in 2022, running back Khalan Laborn has touched the ball. The Florida State transfer hasn’t let them down. Laborn leads the Sun Belt and ranks No. 12 in the nation with 1423 rushing yards on the year. He’s a fierce, downhill runner with a low center of gravity and an equal number of bruising hits and ankle-breaking jukes across his career season with the Herd.

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Pats Lose in Crushing Fashion, and Their Season Is on the Brink, with James White
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Plus, reacting to Justin Turner signing with the Red Sox

Brian recaps a wild Patriots-Raiders game and discusses the final play that doomed the Pats, as well as Mac’s performance and demeanor and Rhamondre’s big game (0:30). Then, he chats with three-time Super Bowl champion James White about the stunning loss, how the Patriots gave up a late fourth-quarter lead, Chandler Jones’s winning TD, and more (17:20). Finally, Brian takes a listener call and talks about another C’s loss to the Magic, plus the Sox signing Justin Turner (35:20).

We want to hear from you! Leave Brian a message on the listener line at 617-396-7172.

Host: Brian Barrett
Guest: James White
Producer: Jamie McClellan
Additional Production Supervision: Steve Ceruti

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We Are All Witnesses
Getty Images/Ringer illustration

The Argentina-France showdown wasn’t just the greatest World Cup final of all time, it was one of the most thrilling spectacles in sports, period, and a fairytale ending for the game’s best-ever player

OK, I’m going to do my best here. But I need you to know exactly what you are getting, as Joan Didion once wrote, and what you are getting is a man who cannot feel his face. My hands are still shaking. There are tears in my eyes. I’m writing this less than 10 minutes after the end of the greatest World Cup final ever, which Lionel Messi’s Argentina won on penalties over Kylian Mbappé’s France, and I do not believe it is recency bias that makes me think that this match was the single most thrilling sporting event I have ever witnessed. Every game is a story. And when you consider the stakes, the performances, the history in the balance, the refusal of either side to lose, the moments of astonishing play, the sudden reversals and wild swings of momentum, the knife’s-edge uncertainty of the outcome, and the epochal significance of a result that brought the career of the world’s best player to an almost magically perfect climax, it is hard to imagine a story more overwhelming or more satisfying than this one.

There’s something so pure—I want to say so innocent—about a story like this. It’s a story that feels lifted from a children’s book, a story unblemished by the disappointments and compromises and hypocrisies inescapable in adult life. This is, in a way, the essence of sport’s appeal to us. It lets us escape, for a few hours at a time, into a better world.

What sort of better world? One in which the greatest Argentine player of all time (this morning I would’ve had to add “arguably”), after years of trying and failing to escape from the shadow of his predecessor Diego Maradona, opens the scoring by doing something Maradona never did: netting a goal in a World Cup final. One in which Ángel di María gives Argentina a second goal through a jaw-dropping counterattacking move that immediately looks like one of the best goals of the tournament. One in which France, after struggling all week with a virus that spread throughout the team, after getting run off the pitch for most of the first 75 minutes, comes roaring back to life thanks to Mbappé, the young heir apparent to Messi’s greatness and his club teammate at Paris Saint-Germain. One in which Mbappé’s 80th-minute penalty is followed just one minute later by another Mbappé goal, this one the equal of di María’s for beauty and ferocity, to force extra time just when Argentina seemed destined to win the match.

The aging king and the young challenger. The legendary battle outside the castle gates. In extra time, the story somehow became even more astonishing. Messi scored again, this time stabbing in a loose ball during a scramble in the area, only to see Mbappé score another penalty, this one in the 118th minute, to haul France back into contention just moments from defeat. In a match in which Messi broke the record to become the male player with the most World Cup appearances, Mbappé became just the second male player to score a hat trick in a World Cup final. Back and forth between the older star and the younger star, between the South American side and the European side, between the two best teams in the world.

Throughout the match, the camera kept cutting to the French president, Emmanuel Macron. At first he looked trim and professional, a politician making an official appearance; by the end of the game, he looked like he’d staggered out of a bar and into the chorus of a Tom Waits song. Macron was going through it.

I’ll tell you two true things about penalty shootouts: One, on paper, they are an unsatisfying and semi-random way to end a soccer match. Two, they are one of the most unbearably intense and exciting spectacles in sport. I could barely watch. Mbappé—who had snatched the Golden Boot (the award for the player with the most goals in the tournament) from Messi with his flurry of late goals—smashed his home for France. Messi, older and more cunning, checked his run before shooting, then gently rolled the ball into the net after seeing which way French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris would dive. It was probably the last kick of Messi’s World Cup career, and it saw him equal Mbappé and bring Argentina level in the shootout.

Two more Argentine penalties, both successful. Two more French penalties, neither successful. Emiliano Martínez, Argentina’s flamboyant goalkeeper, blocked Kingsley Coman’s shot before Aurélien Tchouaméni—just 22 years old and one of France’s standout players in the tournament—sent his flying wide of the post. Randal Kolo Muani converted a must-score penalty for France, and then, with the outcome of the tournament at his feet, Gonzalo Montiel scored for Argentina.

In doing so, Montiel rewrote soccer history. Before his kick, no South American team had won the World Cup since Brazil in 2002. Before his kick, neither of the leading greatest-of-all-time candidates, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, had ever won a World Cup; both had been hounded for years by speculation about what that failure would mean for their careers. After Montiel’s kick, one of those two players will never be hounded by any speculation regarding a missing piece of his legacy ever again.

Argentina lost its first match of this tournament, to Saudi Arabia, in what many people saw as a humiliating result. But what everyone knows about stories is that they’re not defined by their beginnings. Stories are defined by their endings, and after that first loss, the Albiceleste played with a raw edge of emotion whose equivalent I can’t remember seeing at a World Cup before. They weren’t the most talented or experienced team in the tournament, but they were the team that seemed to embrace the pressure of the moment with the most ferocious zeal. They won penalty shootouts in two of their last three matches, and when they taunted the Dutch after the first of those contests, it didn’t seem boorish or unsportsmanlike so much as it seemed like an earnest expression of competitive commitment: We are here to win, and we’re holding nothing back.

Maybe it was that undisguised emotion that made this story feel so childlike. I’ve been writing about Lionel Messi, in one form or another, since he was 20 years old and practically a child. I’ve been writing about Kylian Mbappé since he was even younger than that. Watching them today, with Messi at 35 and Mbappé at 23, I found myself thinking about what it means to grow up, what it means to confront all those compromises and disappointments from which soccer gives us a temporary escape.

Look at Messi now. He’s no longer the wide-eyed elf who danced through defenses for Barcelona. He carries some marks of time on him. Not many—not after his singularly blessed and idolized life—but some. You can see in his eyes that he’s taken some knocks, that he’s aware of the possibility of failure, that he knows life is not always going to give him exactly what he wants. He looks at the ball, before running up to take a penalty, not with blithe confidence but with a sort of chastened determination. Everyone, even Leo Messi, has to learn that reality doesn’t revolve around him all the time.

Mbappé, by contrast, looks utterly convinced of his own destiny. He looks certain, the way a child is certain, that he is the hero of the story. He glares fearlessly at every challenge, because being young is like holding a magic feather; it means believing that you are the chosen child of the universe, and if you do your best, you will inevitably be rewarded with a win.

We tell ourselves stories in order to live. I don’t know if growing up means learning to see reality through the story you tell yourself about it. But if it does, then it seems to me that this World Cup, and especially this final, held up a mirror to show us precisely how grown-up we are. Because the story felt so innocent, and just beneath the story, the reality was so grim. On the pitch, this was the best World Cup I’ve ever seen; it was also a tournament that was conceived as a sportswashing exercise, obtained through corruption, constructed with no regard for human life, and staged with contempt for anyone who spoke up for human rights. The childlike way to regard this competition was to delight in the stories it generated; the grown-up way was to mourn the fact that many, many people are dead now who would not be dead if this tournament hadn’t happened.

I think most of us tried to do both. I tried to do both. But the better the stories became, the harder it was to stay conscious of the terrible cost that someone—always other people; never us—paid to help create them. I don’t think Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup is worth a single human life. I still cried for joy when he lifted it. He lifted it after putting on an Arab ceremonial robe, and as he held up the trophy, it was hard not to think (even through joyful tears) that Qatar was claiming him as its asset, displaying him as a sort of brand icon. Qatar pays his salary, after all. Qatar pays Mbappé’s salary, too, because Qatar owns PSG.

And so the moral labyrinth of modern soccer keeps spreading over everything, luring you deeper with the promise of joy until you round the corner and collide with a dead end of money or propaganda or abuse. It would seem that there is no escape from our beautiful escape. My eyes haven’t dried yet. I still feel physically elated from that match. I know I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. What a story! And how often does life give you two hours that feel as magical as a children’s book? I need that feeling. I think we all need that feeling. I only wish we could feel it without having to remind ourselves that sometimes innocence is the least innocent thing that there is.

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Eagles&Bears Postgame Reaction: One Win Away From the Top Seed in the NFC Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Sheil and Ben break down Philadelphia’s ugly win

The Eagles pulled out an ugly win vs. the Bears to remain atop the NFC with a 13-1 record. They’re now just one win away from clinching the top seed in the NFC and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. However, this wasn’t the prettiest win, and the offense struggled to find a good flow for the majority of the game. Sheil and Ben discuss the play calling, Jalen Hurts getting too many QB runs, and finding the proper balance as the season winds down and the playoffs approach.

Voice your concerns: 215-315-7982.

Hosts: Sheil Kapadia and Ben Solak

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UNC vs. Ohio State: Three Things Learned NCAA Basketball: CBS Sports Classic-North Carolina at Ohio State
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

This team got that dog in them.

If anybody ever needed the definition of “winning ugly” in college basketball, I think the Tar Heels executed the perfect ugly win game against Ohio State. While their shooting performance left a lot to be desired, they were able to get to the free throw line quite a bit, they led in rebounding, and they scored 27 points off turnovers. It’s also worth noting that they did all of this with Armando Bacot being 70% (his words, not mine), Puff Johnson hurting himself in the first half, and a decent amount of foul trouble. It’s easy to see why UNC shouldn’t have won this game, but it’s also easy to see why they earned the W against the Buckeyes.

Let’s take a look at three things that we learned from the Tar Heels’ performance at the CBS Sports Classic.

Caleb Love is starting to figure it out

Before I am chased off of the internet with pitchforks, hear me out: I think Caleb Love is starting to show some growth with this team. The junior guard is a rather polarizing player when it comes to Carolina fans, and a lot of his decision-making doesn’t do him any favors when it comes to the level of criticism that he gets. However, I think it’s time for us to admit that he’s at least trying to make better decisions, and we saw it pay off in yesterday’s game.

Love finished the game with 22 points, four rebounds, seven assists, and just two turnovers. Sure, his three-point shooting numbers are still bad, and he wasn’t without his trigger-happy moments, but think about that assist-to-turnover ratio for a moment: Love was +5 for the afternoon, which was the highest on the team. It isn’t just about the numbers themselves either, because if you watched the game you saw a very unselfish, intelligent player at times, and that guy was one of the most dangerous players on the court.

Love still had a number of rough moments, and I’d even argue that there were a couple of decisions that led to the Heels having to go to overtime. However, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, and I hope that he will continue to evolve into the guard that we all know he’s capable of being.

Hubert Davis coached his best game of the season

One under-the-radar factor of UNC’s season so far is that Hubert Davis has been willing to take risks with his coaching decisions. To this point in the season, Davis has abandoned playing his starters into the ground in favor of giving his bench more minutes, which has had varied results. We also saw him giving players a rather loose leash when it comes to play-calling, and some of those results have been downright scary in a not-so-good way. However, Davis had full control of his team in the second half and in overtime against the Buckeyes, and what we saw was their most impressive performance of the season.

Coming out of halftime, it felt like the Heels’ energy changed. Davis stated after the game that he got loud with the team, and apparently that sparked some fight in the players. Strategy-wise, he had UNC trapping Ohio State when they were attempting to inbound the ball, and got a couple of turnovers in doing so. He also let Jeff Lebo draw up the play that led to Nance drilling the game-tying shot at the buzzer in the second half, which Nance himself said was designed to use Bacot and Love as decoys.

There are undoubtedly more moments to point to, but the moral of the story is that Davis proved that he can get what he needs out of these guys, and if he can pull it out of them on a night-to-night basis, I think this season will finally get back on track.

Three-point shooting is still broken

Alright, so this isn’t exactly a new lesson that we have learned in watching the Tar Heels, but it is something that needs to be discussed. Piggybacking off of what Hubert Davis did right in this game, I feel like the Heels had a lot of good shooting opportunities that they weren’t able to convert. There was a lot of ball-screen action that got some of Carolina’s shooters open on the perimeter, but ultimately they weren’t able to knock down most of them. They finished the game shooting 21% from three-point land off 6-28 shooting, with Love knocking down four of the makes. Not great, Bob.

The most frustrating thing about shooting woes is that there really isn’t a great fix. The obvious thing to point to is that there was still some bad shot selection — we still saw some NBA-distance threes attempted, and a few shots where players just tried to beat Buckeyes players off the dribble. However, there were numerous times where Nance, Black, Davis, and Love were open on the perimeter, but they just weren’t able to finish. The good news is that Hubert Davis knows a thing or two about shooting, so it’s possible that he could help his guys get out of this funk that they are in. However, it’s much more likely that this is an unfixable slump, and that this team is going to have to get comfortable winning games in the fashion that they did yesterday.

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UNC Basketball vs. Ohio State: Player of the Game & Armando Bacot NCAA Basketball: CBS Sports Classic-North Carolina at Ohio State
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Buckeyes had no answers for Carolina’s big man.

Let’s briefly run through some honorable mentions before zeroing in on the hero of the day.

  • Leaky Black had an absolutely monstrous +/- (+27), the highest total on either squad, with the next highest Tar Heel being RJ Davis with +13. He had tough defensive assignments all night and managed to stay in the game with four fouls, most of them of the nonsense variety to even out calls.
  • RJ Davis had a huge 21 points and eight rebounds in his New York homecoming, salting the game away at the end, hitting eight of nine free throws.
  • Caleb Love had one of those inefficient shooting nights he’s prone to, but came up absolutely huge when the Heels needed him most. He finished with 22 points (with four made threes) and seven assists against just two turnovers.
  • Pete Nance did this:

But let’s be real. The player of the game could only be one guy, and that’s senior center Armando Bacot.

Ohio State lacked the size to stop Bacot from getting to the rim one-on-one. His main opponent was Long Island native Zed Key, who is only 6’8”, but weighs 255 pounds (15 pounds heavier than Bacot!) Bacot battled Key and reserve center Felix Okpara, a 6’11” reserve center who couldn’t physically match Bacot. Okpara fouled out having only played 12 minutes, and the two centers combined for just 15 points and seven rebounds.

Early in the first half, Bacot was called for an offensive foul and was immediately pulled for Puff Johnson, then sat for six minutes. When he came back, Ohio State swarmed Bacot with double-team help whenever he got touches in the post. Bacot did not score his first field goal until the 8:19 mark when the Buckeyes were up 12. After that, it was a bevy of dunks, shots at the rim, and free throws as the Tar Heels closed the deficit to nine at halftime.

Bacot was extremely efficient, scoring 28 points on 11-19 shooting (6-9 from the free throw line) but it could have been so much more. There was a strange dichotomy in the foul calls all game where both UNC and OSU players were called for phantom or soft touch fouls, but Buckeye defenders were able to grab, smack, and body Bacot at will.

Bacot, who is usually a quiet professional on the court, was jawing with the Buckeyes and giving the “too small” gesture to Key after scoring key baskets against him.

Every basket Bacot provided was precious, as Ohio State was shooting better from downtown than Carolina (until the last nine minutes of the game). If UNC continues to shoot sub-30% from three, they’re gonna need all the Bacot juice they can squeeze out of the paint.

To put the cherry on top of a top-tier performance on the court, Armando had this to say on the postgame court-side interview:

UNC legend status secured.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:50:26 -0800 Sportsman
LOOK: Zion Williamson stars on the NBA 2K23’s latest rating update LOOK: Zion Williamson stars on the NBA 2K23’s latest rating update

As the season continues to expand, the NBA 2K23 is maintaining its mandatory monitoring on players who are tearing it up on a nightly basis. And on their latest rating update, they can’t choose the most deserving enough to lead the list. (Writer’s note: Want to earn money through betting? Click this boku casinos and just easily cash in! Enjoy!)

On their fifth overall update last week, New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson made a gigantic leap to lead fellow players in the NBA 2K23 rating increase.

Williamson pumped up his 2K rating with a solid +4 addition (92 overall rating), as he continued his productive output by leading the New Orleans Pelicans to a top seed so far in the Western Conference amid absence of fellow star Brandon Ingram.

Currently this season, Williamson is registering a 25.5 points average to go with 7.2 boards, 4.6 assists in a robust 61.0 percent efficiency.

Meanwhile, Anthony Davis also powered his way to elevate his 2K rating, going up for +1 on the game’s card. This comes in with no surprise, as he notably feasted this for the Los Angeles Lakers while defying odds with LeBron James sitting down due to ankle injury.

Davis is having the best season of his career thus far, averaging 27.4 points, 12.1 boards, 2.6 assists, 2.1 blocks in 1.3 steals a game – all of these while shooting a career high 59.3 percent from the floor.

Some other notable rise on their 2K ratings are: Jamal Murray (+2 – 83 OVR), Evan Mobley (+2 – 85 OVR), Klay Thompson (+1 – 85 OVR), Tyrese Haliburton (+1 – 89 OVR), Paolo Banchero (+1 – 84 OVR), Pascal Siakam (+1 – 89 OVR), and Kristaps Porzingis (+2 – 87 OVR).

You can see the full list of the NBA 2K23’s fifth update for ratings by clicking this.

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ICYMI: Kyrie Irving gets trolled with an NBA 2K shoes following break up with Nike ICYMI: Kyrie Irving gets trolled with an NBA 2K shoes following break up with Nike 

Apparently, the internet remains undefeated and Kyrie Irving can’t escape troll time amid his recent controversies. (Writer’s note: Earn some incentives while playing! Click king billy bonus to learn more.)

Irving regained his place as the league’s sole magnet of controversy from the previous weeks. Nike, the brand that he’s been sporting since his entrance in the league in 2011, ultimately cut its ties with the All-Star guard, which created rumblings about what would be the next for both sides.

This move by the giant apparel never came in with surprise. Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, already made headlines last month upon hinting that they are parting ways – as caused by Irving’s antisemitic stance and initial hesitancy to deny this beliefs.

Troll time

Shortly after the news broke out that Nike is indeed ending their partnership with Irving, the entire NBA world had mixed reactions and produced loud noise about both the brand and the Brooklyn Nets guard. Many condemned Nike’s hypocrisy in connection to their alleged human rights and labor violation, while some expressed sadness, support and sympathy for Irving.

With plenty of backlash and criticism swirling, there was perhaps a little light for such laughter. NBA Memes, a famous troll page on Twitter, posted hilarious photos that suggest what would be Kyrie’s footwear moving forward without the swoosh tag.

The said posts garnered hundreds of thousands of heart reactions, which we can say is an effective one to calm issues down.

Kyrie: ‘I AM FREE’

Last weeks ago, Kyrie made a public stir yet again as he donned his Nike Kyrie 3 PE “Raygun” – with such surprise. 

Irving blazed the court against the Charlotte Hornets while wearing some enticing shoes. As can be seen, Nike’s swoosh logo was covered with a tape. And on the tape, there were some etched words that said “I AM FREE Thank you God… I AM.”

On his shoe on the left foot, there was also marked “Logo Here” that might whisper something that Irving is looking for a new collaboration with a new brand.

Irving’s statement embedded on his shoes truly speaks volume regarding his beliefs and the divorce he had with Nike. As such, only time can tell if he’ll land a new deal with the other brand.

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Grant Williams on his failed inbound pass Grant Williams on his failed inbound pass

The Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams was interviewed following the team’s 95-92 loss to the Paolo Banchero-led Orlando Magic on Sunday night. Jayson Tatum, who is Boston’s leading scorer (30.2 points) and rebounder (8.2), missed the game due to personal reasons.

The Celtics have now lost four of their last five games, including two straight to Orlando, as their offense fell to pieces. On his failed inbounds play, Grant Williams (14 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists) said, “I gotta be better in terms of making sure that pass gets through.”

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Preview: No. 20 Arizona with a chance to redeem itself vs. No. 18 Baylor NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament - Second Round-South Dakota at Baylor
Baylor’s Sarah Andrews (with ball) | Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats were blown out by the now-No. 22 Kansas Jayhawks on Dec. 8 in their first game against a team of merit. Will they have a better showing against a perennial power in the Baylor Bears?

The No. 20 Arizona Wildcats (8-1) will face their biggest challenge yet when they play the No. 18 Baylor Bears (8-2) on Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. ET in one of this weekend’s marque matchups.

The Wildcats have had an excellent non-conference season; they won seven straight to start the year. However, a skeptic would say they have yet to beat anyone of merit. That argument would end on Sunday if they beat the Bears. To accomplish that, they’ll need their starters to take charge. Shaina Pellington is averaging 13.6 points per game, leading all scorers. Esmery Martinez is grabbing 9.6 rebounds and Cate Resse is right alongside those two with 12.6 points and 6.6 rebounds.

The Wildcats will only go as far as their core takes them and a key to that core is Kailyn Gilbert. She may only play 15 minutes a night, but when the freshman gets opportunities and stays aggressive good things happen. Gilbert only played eight minutes against Kansas, so her minutes may go down in this high-pressure game if the score remains relatively close. If she has a good game and plays her season average in minutes, it gives Arizona another scoring threat in the backcourt and provides some extra rest to their high-usage guards. She may be at the back end of the rotation, but a good game from her might be the key to victory.

With the return of Aijha Blackwell, the Bears have their team at full strength right before Big 12 play begins. They’ll need all hands on deck to get this win and with six players averaging double digits in points, they’ll have plenty of options to go with. Still, Jada Owens might be the player to watch. Averaging 10.5 points and 6.2 assists, she is the engine of the offense and her being explosive and effective could make the game that much more difficult for the Wildcats.

Baylor has a good win against No. 25 Villanova and tough losses to No. 15 Maryland and No. 19 Michigan. Another win against a Top 25 team might bump it up the rankings and give it even more confidence heading into Big 12 play and the start of a new year. With 360 consecutive weeks in the Top 25, the Bears are the definition of consistency; another win this weekend would ensure they make it to Week 361.

Game information

No. 20 Arizona Wildcats (8-1, 0-0 Pac-12) vs. No. 18 Baylor Bears (8-2, 0-0 Big 12)

When: Sunday, Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m. ET

Where: American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX

How to watch: ESPN2

Key to the matchup: These two top teams seem evenly matched on paper as they prepare to square off on Sunday. Arizona will be relying on Pellington’s scoring and Reese’s leadership, while Baylor will have Owens spearheading its offense. With both teams having balanced offensive attacks, it will be the team who has a player step up and play beyond their season average that will likely win the game.

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Preview: No. 5 Irish, No. 6 Hokies meet in battle of ACC’s best Virginia Tech v Louisville
Reigning ACC Player of the Year Elizabeth Kitley will need to carry the load for the Hokies on Sunday if they’re to preserve their undefeated record. | Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Virginia Tech Hokies have started the season 10-0, but they’re down a significant piece of their backcourt rotation entering a key matchup against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Will Virginia Tech’s half-court defense and paint presence be enough to slow down Notre Dame’s explosive guard play?

The No. 6 Virginia Tech Hokies (10-0) host the No. 5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-1) on Sunday in a matchup between the two highest-ranked teams in the ACC. It will be the first ACC game of the 2022-23 season for Notre Dame and the second for Virginia Tech, both of whom are expected to compete for the ACC title. The game will be broadcast on the ACC Network, with tip-off scheduled for 4 p.m. ET.

Virginia Tech entered the 2022-23 season with high expectations, and its spotless record thus far would suggest that the Hokies are, at the very least, playing up to par. They’ll be without star guard Ashley Owusu, however, for the foreseeable future; the 2020-21 Ann Meyers Drysdale Award winner, who transferred to Virginia Tech this past summer after three seasons at Maryland, recently suffered a broken finger and is without a clear date to return to the court.

While the Hokies have done just fine without Owusu in the three games she’s missed, her absence may hurt against the Irish, who field one of the most dynamic playmakers in the country in Olivia Miles. The sophomore guard recorded her third career triple-double in Notre Dame’s last game, against Merrimack, and she’s currently averaging a healthy stat line of 16 points, 7.8 rebounds, 7.2 assists and 2.4 steals per game.

NCAA Womens Basketball: Connecticut at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Notre Dame is led by stat-sheet-stuffing guard Olivia Miles, who recorded her third career triple-double in the Irish’s last game.

Granted, the Hokies still have more than enough talent to pose a threat. Kayana Traylor has played well in Owusu’s stead, and Georgia Amoore ranks ninth in the country in assists per game (6.7). As a team, Virginia Tech is allowing 69.8 points per 100 possessions; per Her Hoop Stats, that’s the sixth-best defensive efficiency in the country.

Then there’s 6-foot-6 center Elizabeth Kitley, who is averaging career highs in points (18.8) and rebounds (11.2) per game. The reigning ACC Player of the Year anchors Virginia Tech on both ends of the floor and has recorded a double-double in eight of the Hokies’ 10 games. Kitley is also averaging 2.1 blocks and ranks second in the country in Her Hoop Statsdefensive win shares metric.

With their go-to player operating primarily in the paint, the Hokies naturally play more of a half-court game than the Irish, so pace of play will definitely be a factor. Notre Dame thrives when it gets the ball in the open court, and Miles is flanked by Dara Mabrey, who’s shooting 39.3 percent on 6.8 threes attempted per game. Unsurprisingly, the Irish’s overall offensive numbers thus far have been impressive — Notre Dame currently ranks fifth in Division I in offensive efficiency, scoring 117.1 points per 100 possessions — but they’ve also gotten the job done on the glass, owning the fourth-best rebounding rate (60.4 percent) in the country.

Will Kitley’s undeniable presence in the paint neutralize the Irish’s team rebounding efforts, or will Notre Dame be able to manufacture efficient offense with its guard play? This may be an early-season matchup, but there’s already a lot at stake here; the ACC is expected to be one of the country’s toughest conferences throughout the season, and there’s a good chance the two programs meet again in next spring’s ACC Tournament.

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Recap: No. 9 UConn survives FSU star Latson, avoids back&to&back losses NCAA Womens Basketball: Providence at Connecticut
Lou Lopez Sénéchal (first on the left) and Aaliyah Edwards (second from the right) are quite the scoring duo, averaging 17.9 and 16.9 points per game on the season, respectively. They carried the load on Sunday in the absence of Azzi Fudd (second from the left, 20.6 points per game). | David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Ta’Niya Latson was the expected star and Erin Howard was the unexpected one for the Florida State Seminoles, but they were unable to overcome a hot first half for Aaliyah Edwards, Lou Lopez Sénéchal and the UConn Huskies.

The Florida State Seminoles’ superstar freshman, Ta’Niya Latson, did not disappoint Sunday afternoon with 24 points, but picked up her third, fourth and fifth fouls in a matter of 41 seconds of her time on the court, forcing her to exit the game at 6:44 remaining and making it easier for the No. 9 UConn Huskies to reap a reward from their phenomenal first half in the form of an 85-77 victory at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Chris Dailey filled in for an under-the-weather Geno Auriemma and Aaliyah Edwards (26) and Lou Lopez Sénéchal (23) both went for 20-plus points to make up for the absence of Azzi Fudd, who is still out another one to four weeks with a knee injury. UConn (8-2, 1-0 Big East) was down five players in its previous game, an 85-78 loss to now-No. 15 Maryland, but kept its 29-season streak of not losing back-to-back games going with the help of Dorka Juhász (15 points, nine rebounds, four assists, two steals, five blocks) and Nika Mühl (six points, six boards, 12 assists), both of whom were unavailable against the Terrapins.

Edwards was 12-of-17 from the field and hauled in seven rebounds.

Latson picked up her third and fourth fouls in the first minute of the fourth quarter and had to exit the game. She came back with 6:58 remaining in the contest, but fouled out just 14 seconds later on an offensive foul. The Seminoles (11-2, 0-0 ACC) were down eight at the time; they remained competitive without their superstar, cutting it to 80-76 on an Erin Howard three with 3:19 remaining, but would get no closer than within four the rest of the way.

Howard showed off her skills from beyond the arc with four treys and finished with 18 points and eight rebounds.

UConn led by 18 at halftime, but a Latson three at the 4:58 mark of the third cut FSU’s deficit to 63-49. Latson followed that up by poking the ball away from UConn and to O’Mariah Gordon, who took it in for a fast break layup that cut it to 63-51. Later, a Mariana Valenzuela three with 2:50 left in the third cut it to 11 and a Gordon pull-up mid-range make in transition at the 2:26 mark of the frame cut it to nine. Latson then went on a 4-0 individual run to cut it to five with 1:18 to go before the fourth. UConn fought back to lead 71-62 after three.

UConn forced an FSU timeout one minute and 47 seconds into the contest by opening with a 6-0 run that featured four transition points and four points from Edwards. It became a 10-0 run after a nice Aubrey Griffin backdoor cut for a layup and Edwards’ third layup.

Latson stopped the bleeding by blocking a Lopez Sénéchal three and taking it all the way in for a layup. She scored the game’s next two points as well to cut it to 10-4, but left the game briefly after falling to the court and making her two free throws.

UConn got itself back into a groove with Latson out, cashing in on a Mühl three and an Edwards mid-range shot. Edwards then made an awesome, guard-like drive for two more and a 17-4 lead. Later, another 7-0 run, this one featuring a Lopez Sénéchal 4-point play and a Juhász three, put the Huskies up 26-9. They led 26-11 after one.

Latson continued to play with heart in the second quarter. She dove for a steal a few feet into FSU’s offensive half of the court, then passed it from the floor to Sara Bejedi for a layup that cut it to 30-13. Makayla Timpson followed with an inside bucket to cut it to 30-15 and then Latson took a steal in herself for a layup that made it 30-17 at the 7:51 mark of the second.

As the second frame progressed, UConn would maintain a comfortable lead with some 3-point shooting. Lopez Sénéchal knocked down a trey to make it 33-17. The Huskies seemed to be finding opening looks both inside and outside whenever they wanted and 21 seconds later Lopez Sénéchal missed what would have been another triple; the attempt went halfway down. Still, Caroline Ducharme scored next for the Huskies on a three and Lopez Sénéchal hit another herself to make it 41-23 UConn. Lopez Sénéchal finished 4-of-9 from downtown and 5-of-5 at the charity stripe.

The Huskies went on to gain their first 20-plus-point advantage after an interesting sequence. Juhász made a free throw and missed her second attempt, but a lane violation was called giving her another shot. She missed again and, again, a lane violation was called. Juhász made her fourth attempt to walk away with two points on the trip and then a technical foul was called on the Seminole bench, leading to two made free throws from Ducharme and a 49-28 lead for UConn.

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BREAKING: UVA Basketball picks up midseason transfer in Georgetown point guard Dante Harris NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Seton Hall
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The guard will have three years of eligibility remaining after his redshirt this season.

After a disappointing loss to the Houston Cougars yesterday, the Virginia Cavaliers have picked up a rare in-season transfer commitment from former Georgetown point guard Dante Harris. Having played two seasons for Patrick Ewing, Harris will have three years of eligibility after redshirting this year and the extra year for COVID-19 from the 2020-2021 season.

As UVA missed on a point guard in the 2023 high school recruiting class, the Wahoos were always going to need a transfer point guard this offseason to (ideally) play alongside and to backup Reece Beekman next season. Assuming Beekman doesn’t leave for the NBA after this year, that’s exactly the role Harris is set to play. Getting him to commit now — after leaving a defunct Georgetown program before the season — is a luxury, as is him being able to learn the system and get acquainted with the program this season before hitting the floor next fall.

Harris is a career 10 point per game scorer, while he averaged 11.9 PPG, 4.1 APG, and 1.5 SPG in his sophomore campaign for the Hoyas last year. Unfortunately, he’s a career 26.8% shooter from three and 36.5% from the field. That said, that was on relatively high volume in a bad Georgetown system. His 79.8% career free throw mark indicates he can develop into a better shooter than he’s been.

Additionally, the 6’0” guard can be a pest defensively and can touch the paint and get his teammates involved. In fact, he was the Big East Tournament Most Outstanding Player his rookie year.

Stay tuned to Streaking the Lawn for additional analysis of this pickup for Tony Bennett and company!

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GAME THREAD: West Virginia vs. Buffalo

Join us in the comments as the Mountaineers take on the Bulls on Bob Huggins Hall of Fame Day

Welcome to the Game Thread. Veterans of the Game Thread know how we do things around here but, for the uninitiated, we have a few rules. Our community guidelines apply and basically say be cool, no personal attacks, and don’t be a troll.


Date: Sunday, December 18, 2022

Tip-Off Time: 5:00 PM EST

Where: WVU Coliseum, Morgantown, West Virginia

 WVU Basketball | Photo taken by Katie MacCrory


Channel: Big 12 Now on ESPN+

Announcers: Nick Farrell, Warren Baker & Angelica Trinone


Radio: Mountaineer Sports Network from IMG (Radio Affiliates) | WVU Gameday App (Apple | Android) | SiriusXM 375

Radio Announcers: Tony Caridi and Jay Jacobs

Betting Odds: West Virginia -19.5, Total 152 points via DraftKings Sportsbook

Reminder: It is against site policy to post links to illegal streams in the comments.


Where are they from? Buffalo, NY

Series History: West Virginia and Buffalo will meet for the fifth time in school history. Each team has won two games. The two teams last met in the 2018-19 season opener at the Coliseum with the Bulls winning in overtime, 99-94, on Nov. 9, 2018. WVU and Buffalo met in the first round of the 2015 NCAA Tournament with WVU coming away with a 68-62 victory. Buffalo also visited Morgantown on Dec. 11, 1991. WVU won that game, 91-46. The first meeting in the series took place on Feb. 21, 1918, in Buffalo with the Bulls winning, 41-22.

Record: 5-5

Record in 2021-22: 19-11 (13-6 MAC)

Head Coach: Jim Whitesell (4th Season)

NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports


West Virginia Mountaineers: Tre Mitchell, Emmitt Matthews, Jimmy Bell, Erik Stevenson, and Kedrian Johnson

Buffalo Bulls: Jonnivius Smith, Isaiah Adams, Zid Powell, Curtis Jones and Armoni Foster


Follow along with us on Twitter @smokingmusket for running commentary and join us over on The Smoking Musket Varsity Club Discord.


Find a warm, comfortable spot, grab a favorite beverage or threeve, and join in on the running commentary, random observations, silly images, gifs, snark, wit, bitches, complaints, moans, groans, cheers, celebration and jubilation in the comments section below.

And, as always...

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10 Observations from Gonzaga’s win over Alabama Syndication: Tuscaloosa News


There have not been many occasions over the last few seasons where Gonzaga was in line to pick up an upset win. Of course, that tends to be the case when you start the season as the No. 1 team as has been the case in the last three campaigns. That made for an interesting scenario where the Zags were the road semi-neutral underdogs playing a team ranked 11 spots ahead of them in the AP poll. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Gonzaga might have been in line for another L. After all, the first six weeks of the season have been up and down, to say the least, and this was a rematch against a team that beat a better Gonzaga squad in Seattle last season and has since added some exceptional talent to their ranks. Seeing the Zags come together to produce THAT performance with EVERYONE in the lineup producing was extremely satisfying:

  1. Don’t be fooled by the scoreline. Gonzaga’s defense came to play in this game. The Zags forced 14 turnovers in the first half (and 21 total) which carried them when the offense hit a bit of a lull. Give Alabama a lot of credit. The Tide, and especially Brandon Miller, ran some excellent offense and made a bunch of tough shots. Over the last 35 minutes, the Zags made them work for it, and that’s what you want to see.
  2. Gonzaga’s offense showed the growth and discipline we have been hoping would come. Once again, everyone took care of the ball. Just a few weeks ago, the Zags were reeling off 20+ turnover games like nobody’s business, so this has been quite the turnaround over the last two weeks. In addition to ball security we saw a lot of patience, without hesitation, which is an important distinction and which allowed the Zags to hit the century mark against a strong defensive opponent that just beat Houston at its own game the week prior. There were plenty of opportunities for Gonzaga’s offense to wilt in this game, but as a collective, the group never blinked.
  3. Alabama’s rebounding prowess was on full display in the opening minutes of the game (9-2 advantage just 4:34 into the game). That wasn’t a surprise. What was disappointing, however, was that Gonzaga didn’t seem ready to battle right at the tip. To Gonzaga’s credit, they snapped out of it and matched Alabama’s rebounding the rest of the way to make sure that 7 rebound deficit didn’t get any bigger. That was a major key to victory.
  4. What else is there to say about Anton Watson? The senior forward was tremendous once again. True to form, Watson did a little bit of everything, and all of it at the highest level. He played the most minutes of any Zag and was vital in executing the offensive and defensive game plans.
  5. Julian Strawther’s short floater was money today. It was great to see him play with a more aggressive mindset to get the rim rather than settle for jumpers on the perimeter. The short floaters were clearly a point of emphasis in the game plan, and Strawther was the best of the bunch in that department.
  6. Drew Timme had to work extremely hard due to Alabama’s frontcourt length. He made an adjustment midway through the first half to get into his move much sooner before the help could come and swallow him up, and that really helped him overcome the waves of guys that the Tide sent at him.
  7. Alabama’s Jaden Bradley got off to a great start until Hunter Sallis came in off the bench and locked him down. That work from Sallis kept Gonzaga in the game just when it looked like the Tide were going to run away with the game. You can see how much pride Sallis takes in taking on the toughest defensive assignment and winning his matchup.
  8. Ben Gregg’s stock might be the only stock in the country that is skyrocketing upwards. He only played 4 minutes due to the flow that the starters found in the second half, but his minutes came at a tricky time for Gonzaga in the first and he didn’t let his teammates down. He provided great energy on the defensive end and made a 3 midway through the first that gave Gonzaga a 4-point lead—just a little bit of daylight—which they held on to the rest of the way.
  9. Brandon Miller is so good. What a weapon to have. He’s very much in the conversation to be the second pick in the NBA Draft next summer behind Victor Wembanyama. There’s no reason for Alabama to not make a Final Four run this season considering the talent on that roster led by Miller.
  10. Gonzaga needed its backcourt to step up in a big way in order to have a chance at winning this game. That’s what they got, which allowed us all to see what this team is capable of when the backcourt plays to its potential. Malachi Smith had his best defensive outing and paired it with a strong all-around showing in the second half. The offense hummed along even while Nolan Hickman was saddled on the bench with foul trouble for the last 10 minutes of the first half, and everyone made big buckets in the second to close out the Tide. Credit to these guys for putting in the work over the last few weeks and putting it all together in a difficult game this weekend.
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Bronny James, Sierra Canyon Fall to Akron’s St. Vincent&St. Mary LeBron James earned bragging rights over his sons Saturday night.

One day, Bronny and Bryce James are expected to follow in their famous father’s footsteps into the NBA. However, on Saturday night, LeBron James earned bragging rights over his sons.

While playing for Sierra Canyon School, Bronny and Bryce faced off against LeBron’s alma mater, Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary’s High School. And it was the elder James’s school that came out on top.

LeBron was unable to attend the game, as the Lakers are in the midst of a homestand in Los Angeles.

St. Vincent-St. Mary’s defeated Sierra Canyon, 67-61, at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Bronny scored just seven points and fouled out in the fourth quarter, while Bryce didn’t play in the game.

Despite Bronny’s struggles, Sierra Canyon head coach Andre Chevalier is pleased with his progress.

“Bronny always plays hard and plays the right way,” Chevalier said, via USA Today. “Sometimes he doesn’t make shots, but he does everything else for us.”

Unlike his father, Bronny is expected to play college basketball before playing in the NBA.

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The Lions keep their playoff dreams alive, thanks to tight end Brock Wright Detroit Lions v New York Jets
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Redemption for Brock Wright as the Lions keep their playoff hopes alive

Sunday’s game against the New York Jets was almost an elimination game for the Detroit Lions.

The Lions entered play on Sunday having won five of their last six games, which pulled them to 6-7 on the season, and back into the chase for a playoff spot. Their playoff odds before kickoff, according to, were listed at 20%.

But a loss to the Jets would drop those to just 8%, meaning their margin for error on Sunday was rather slim.

With the fourth quarter winding down, those odds looked even slimmer.

A touchdown pass from Zach Wilson to tight end C.J. Uzomah gave the Jets a 17-13 lead with under five minutes to go, meaning the Lions offense, which had been slowed by a stout Jets defense, needed a touchdown to keep those playoff dreams alive.

Detroit began their ensuing possession on their own 22-yard line, with quarterback Jared Goff in the shotgun with the formation empty. Tight end Brock Wright released on a skinny post route and was wide-open initially, but Goff did not see him. But due to some pressure in the pocket, Goff slid to the left and reset himself, which gave him a window to find Wright, who was still wide-open with room to run. Goff put a throw into Wright’s hands.

But it was dropped.

It was the chance for a huge play to open the drive for Detroit, but instead they faced 2nd and 10.

On second down, running back D’Andre Swift picked up eight yards on an inside run, setting the Lions up with a 3rd and 2. Detroit would pick up the first down on the next play, with Goff connecting with wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown on a quick spot route to move the chains.

A run, an incompletion, and a short connection between Goff and wide receiver Kalif Raymond set the Lions up with a 4th and 1 at their own 49-yard line. Raymond’s reception was right at the first-down marker, but he was tackled just inches shy of the line to gain.

The clock bled down to the two-minute warning, and with the Lions trailing by four, and having just one timeout remaining, Dan Campbell kept his offense on the field.

And offensive coordinator Ben Johnson gave Wright a shot at redemption.

The offensive coordinator calls for a play-action pass, that begins with St. Brown coming in motion from left-to-right and then releasing to the flat. Goff comes out of the run fake and immediately looks to St. Brown, who is covered.

But leaking across the formation, away from the flow of the play, is Wright. For the second time on the drive he is open, and with a shot at redemption, he takes advantage:

Wright hauls in the throw to pick up the first down, but with nothing but space in front of him, he turns upfield and has visions of more. He picks up a block from wide receiver Josh Reynolds inside the ten-yard line, and cuts inside, running through a late tackle attempt from cornerback D.J. Reed for the go-ahead touchdown.

Here is another angle of Wright’s moment of redemption:

You can see how the design of the play — from the run fake to the motion from St. Brown — works to create separation for Wright. Goff could throw the flat route to St. Brown if he is open, but with that route covered, the QB does a good job at getting his eyes and feet back to Wright, and connecting with his tight end.

After the play, the NFL Next Gen Stats social media account shared a clip of the play, highlighting just how open Wright was:

According to their analysis, Wright was expected to gain 31 yards after the catch, the second-most on any reception this season.

That’s pretty wide-open.

Still, after working himself that wide-open, Wright needed to deliver. Beyond that, his quarterback — and offensive coordinator — needed to trust him to come through.

And he did.

After the win, Campbell talked about the play, and praised both Wright and Reynolds for their effort on the touchdown:

Goff also discussed the touchdown, talking about how the play was a “great call,” and how Wright flashed some speed on his way to the end zone:

For his part, Wright was a little more subdued after the game-winning score:

Wright was a part of a win on Sunday, and a big part at that.

Now? Now there is a chance he could be part of a playoff team.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:37:40 -0800 Sportsman
The Titans’ alley&oop interception is the best NFL pick this year NFL: Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Always run to the football, exhibit A

When coaches practice getting interceptions and turnovers, they always preach running to the ball. All 11 guys should be in full sprint to the ball, just in case something happens.

Well, we’ve seen what happens when players run to the ball in Los Angeles.

Titans DBs Roger McCreary and Joshua Kalu teamed up to get one of the most improbable interceptions that the NFL has ever seen. McCreary went up to intercept the ball, but noticed that he would land out of bounds, so he tipped it to Kalu, who was running back into the play. An impressive display of awareness and teamwork by the Titans DBs.

Even more impressive is that McCreary is starting his jump just to keep this ball in play. He knows this is going out of bounds, so he goes full send to keep it in. Then Kalu is able to get both feet down to make it one of the best interceptions of the season.

The play is also very similar to an interception Oklahoma State had against rival Oklahoma in 2010. I’d say the Oklahoma State one is better because the DB goes flying out of bounds, but McCreary’s is just as cool.

The Titans will need more of those plays, however. They’re currently down to the Los Angeles Chargers in the 4th quarter.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:37:39 -0800 Sportsman
The Patriots lost to the Raiders on the dumbest play you will ever see New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images


One of the best pieces of advice I received when becoming a sportswriter was this:

Write when you are angry.

That advice is the reason I am the one writing this piece.

The New England Patriots, thanks to their win over the Arizona Cardinals last Monday night, were back in playoff position heading into Week 15. And with just under a minute remaining Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders, it looked like they were going to finish their two-game West Coast swing with a pair of victories, improving to 8-6 on the season, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

Then, suddenly, they had lost.

Thanks to the single dumbest play you will see this season.

The Patriots gave up the game-tying touchdown with under a minute remaining, when Raiders quarterback Derek Carr connected with Keelan Cole on a 30-yard touchdown. The play was reviewed, and while it did seem like Cole stepped on the sideline before completing the catch, it was upheld as a touchdown.

Fine. 24-24 with 32 seconds left. New England still had a timeout, so maybe they could make something happen.

They sure made something happen.

After a few plays, including a completion, and a run from Rhamondre Stevenson, the Patriots faced a 3rd and 10 at their own 45-yard line, with just ten seconds left. Quarterback Mac Jones stood in the shotgun, and handed off to Stevenson on a delay. With the Raiders anticipating a deeper throw downfield, Stevenson found plenty of running room as he worked across midfield, and into Las Vegas territory.

But with the clock reading zeros, either he reached the end zone, or this game was going to overtime.

Or, so you would think:

Apparently there was a third option, which was to TURN THIS PLAY INTO THE STANFORD-CAL LATERAL ENDING DESPITE A TIED SCORE AND OVERTIME STILL AN OPTION. Stevenson laterals to Jakobi Meyers, and the former college quarterback heard all the swelling trumpets and training montages in his head, because he thought a throw across the field back to Jones was the way to secure the W.

He connected with Jones all right.

Raiders pass rusher Chandler Jones. Who caught the ball on the fly, stiff-armed Mac Jones through the turf and into the shadow realm, and then raced into the end zone for the stunning, shocking, phenomenally absurd game-winning touchdown.

As a football fan, this is incredible.

As a Patriots fan, I want to know who thought this was a good idea, and then I want that individual manning a radar tower in Alaska. Just mail them their clothes.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:37:38 -0800 Sportsman
Report: Monte McNair likely to receive an extension in the new year Portland Trail Blazers v Sacramento Kings
Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Kings will give their GM his long overdue new contract.

One of the more intriguing things going on in the Sacramento Kings’ organization is the question of General Manager Monte McNair. Currently in the final year of his three-year deal, McNair has certainly done enough to retain his position and be rewarded for the job he’s done thus far. But why have owner Vivek Ranadivé and the rest of the front office waited so long to make their decision?

According to a recent report by Marc Stein on his sub stack, that decision is likely to be made sooner than later.

One league source told me this week that there is a growing expectation around the organization that an extension for McNair is indeed forthcoming and likely to be announced in early 2023. The fact it hasn’t happened yet is an undeniable curiosity in league circles.

In my mind, and likely that of most Kings fans, McNair has done more than enough to receive a lucrative extension. During his tenure, the Kings have not only begun to consistently draft well (Tyrese Haliburton, Davion Mitchell, Keegan Murray, etc.), but they made one of the biggest trades in franchise history to acquire Domantas Sabonis and surround the star duo of Sabonis and De’Aaron Fox with complimentary talent. The team also currently has one of the best coaching staffs Sacramento has seen in a long time.

Oh, and the beam (I don’t know if it was his idea but it happened while he was here).

Due to the efforts of McNair, the Kings are now in a position to compete and end their playoff drought. Before he was in Sacramento, there was no clear path on what the team needed to do in order to change things up. But now, we can see the vision and there is a legitimate culture building and chemistry between the team and the front office. I could argue that because of McNair, the Kings are fun again like they were 20 years ago.

Now maybe McNair and Ranadivé had agreed to make the deal only after some sort of milestone was passed. But as an outsider, the deal needs to happen right now. He should get a multi-year, highly compensated deal frome Santa this Christmas. McNair has earned it.

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Radford Falls in Thrilling Overtime Game at Furman

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Radford women's basketball program came up just short in a thrilling overtime battle at Furman Sunday afternoon with a final score of 75-67. Radford had three players hit double figure scoring led by Vanessa Blake continuing to excel with 15 more points today. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:33:45 -0800 Sportsman
Police responding to emergency incident in Massey, West Auckland, report of firearm Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:27:48 -0800 Sportsman Sexual predator Tangapiri Teikamata no longer identifies as convicted man, argues wrongful conviction Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:27:48 -0800 Sportsman ‘Tried to force her off the road’: Man’s descent into violence as relationship crumbles Sun, 18 Dec 2022 21:27:48 -0800 Sportsman Shocking Details Emerge Of 76ers’ Potential Bold Trade Plans This NBA season has been a roller coaster ride thus far for the Philadelphia 76ers. They have already experienced plenty of lows, as injuries have limited their Big 3 of Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Tyrese Maxey to only six games and 135 minutes played together. Despite that, the team is still finding a good amount of success.

Tobias Harris has been excellent stepping up and excelling in any role that Doc Rivers asks of him. He is averaging 17 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 1.3 steals per game as the glue guy on the team.

He has come up in some trade rumors this season, but it would be hard to imagine the 76ers parting ways with him given how important he is to the rotation. It is highly unlikely that Philadelphia would be able to get back a player that is a better fit schematically and personality-wise for this team than Harris.

But, don’t expect the 76ers to be shut out of the trade market altogether. They will certainly look to upgrade the rotation if possible, but their No. 1 goal for the remainder of the season could very well be monetary. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: James Harden, Joel Embiid & Philadelphia 76ers Updates

James Harden took a pay cut in the offseason to enable Daryl Morey to upgrade the roster without sacrificing a player such as Harris. It should be no surprise that the team has begun getting on track now that he is back in the lineup. But, there is still a little more work to do, especially if the team wants to get under the luxury tax line according to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

“For instance, the Philadelphia 76ers are just over the luxury tax and could net about $16 million if they sent $3 million with Jaden Springer or Shake Milton in a salary dump. It’s enough of a windfall for Philadelphia; someone on the team may be sacrificed.”

That is a lot of money to be saved. Shake Milton has received some minutes given all of the injuries, but Jaden Springer is nowhere close to the rotation. If the 76ers could find a team willing to take him on, even if it means attaching a second-round pick, they will not hesitate to do so.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: James Harden, Joel Embiid & Philadelphia 76ers Updates

Clearing a roster spot would also be beneficial for Philadelphia. They are expecting to contend, which means they could be players on the buyout market later on in the season. Trading away Milton and Springer not only saves them money but gives them roster spots to pursue ring-chasing veterans later in the season for their postseason push.

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Mavericks Land Wizards’ Kyle Kuzma In Bold Trade Scenario Talent comes in many forms, especially in the NBA. There’s a tremendous difference between being good at something and being one of the best at it. 

Let’s say you need major surgery. If you find out that your surgeon is one of the best in the world, that’s very reassuring. If you’re told that they’re simply good, it may be a little harder to sleep at night. 

That same divide exists in the NBA. Often, an important question is asked oboist a star player: is he good enough to lead a contender? 

Luka Doncic is good enough to lead a contender. In fact, he’s one of the 5 or so best basketball players in the world.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Kyle Kuzma, Washington Wizards & Dallas Mavericks Updates

By contrast, Bradley Beal is really good, but it doesn’t appear that he’s good enough to lead a contending NBA team. 

Should the Wizards start planning around that fact? 

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Shocking Details About Gary Trent Jr.’s Raptors Future, Trade Suitors The regression of the Toronto Raptors is something that many teams around the NBA are hoping continues in the coming weeks as we inch closer and closer to the deadline. It will make the hard decisions they have to make over the next year and a half tougher, potentially presenting other franchises with a chance to capitalize.

Toronto is currently riding a four-game losing streak, dropping their record to 13-16. They are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference and holding onto the final spot in the NBA Play-In Tournament.

There are a lot of pieces to like on this roster, as it is a talented team. But they still lack a true center, and things could look a lot different come the 2023 offseason when Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. could opt out of their contracts and seek long-term deals.

The Raptors have to decide if those two players, along with Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby, are the core they want to continue moving forward with or if they will adjust and start building around second-year forward Scottie Barnes Jr. According to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, there are teams around the league hoping that it is the latter. But, he doesn’t see things unfolding in that fashion.

“But more realistically, the Raptors will fight to avoid the play-in, compete and answer their more essential questions later. If there’s one player who doesn’t stick through the deadline, it’s Trent.

Trent (almost 24) would fit with any team looking to add a wing scorer who can defend. The Suns, Lakers, Warriors, Hawks and Heat could be interested.”

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Gary Trent Jr & Toronto Raptors Updates

Trent, along with Anunoby, have been involved in the most trade rumors the last few months and it sounds like if they are going to make a move, it will be Trent as the centerpiece. With Anunoby taking another step forward in his development and arguably the best defender in the NBA, it makes sense that Toronto would want to keep him.

The list of teams that could be interested in Trent likely goes beyond the five that Pincus listed. Given his age, scoring ability and capability on defense, he would be a popular player on the trade market. But, his value could take a hit as teams know he is likely opting out to sign a lucrative long-term deal in the offseason.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Gary Trent Jr & Toronto Raptors Updates

The Duke product is more than a typical 3-and-D wing as he has vastly improved his efficiency on 2-point shots this season. Alas, he does leave something to be desired in other areas as he doesn’t rebound much and hasn’t made too many strides as a playmaker. But, his scoring and defense are well worth the price that he will likely demand on the open market.

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6&Banner Sunday: Indiana beaten soundly at Kansas for third loss in last four games 6-Banner Sunday is Inside the Hall’s weekly newsletter in partnership with The Assembly Call. More than 9,000 Indiana fans receive the newsletter each week. In addition to appearing each week on the site, you can also opt to receive 6-Banner Sunday ...

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Charting Defensive Accountability – Part 1 In a previous post (Overlooked Old School Advanced Stat-Matchup+/-) we discussed the simplicity and timeliness of the old school thinking of the goal of having [...]

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Jayson Tatum out for Sunday’s game against the Magic Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics will need to avenge their recent loss without their MVP candidate.

The Boston Celtics will be without Jayson Tatum for their December 18 game against the Orlando Magic due to personal reasons, as reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Tatum’s absence comes hot on the heels of Boston’s shocking 117-109 defeat to the Magic on Friday, December 16, where Boston shot just 23.9% from the perimeter.

This will be the second game Tatum has missed this season after sitting out Boston’s November 27 victory over the Washington Wizards — a game he usually relishes due to the opportunity of playing against close friend Bradley Beal. As such, the Celtics will now be looking to avenge their recent defeat without the help of their budding superstar, who has been performing at an MVP level over the first 30 games of the season.

Tatum, 24, is currently averaging 30.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game and is shooting a career-best 55.7% from two-point range this season on 11.9 attempts per game. After having an entire off-season to focus on developing his skillset, Tatum has become a genuine threat when attacking the rim and is playing with newfound aggression, both on and off the ball.

Boston currently occupies the first seed in the Eastern Conference standings, one game ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks and three in front of the impressive Cleveland Cavaliers. As such, the Celtics will likely be firing on all cylinders on Sunday as they look to keep Milwaukee at arm's length heading towards their inevitable showdown on Christmas Day.

After Sunday’s game against the Magic, Boston will have a short break before facing the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday, December 21, where hopefully, Tatum will return to the starting lineup and help Boston continue their charge towards Eastern Conference domination and, ideally, a spot back in the NBA Finals.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:42:30 -0800 Sportsman
Game #31: Orlando Magic (10&20) at Boston Celtics (21&8) Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images

The Celtics will look to split the miniseries without Jayson Tatum.

Maybe revenge games don’t exist in the regular season or even the playoffs, but the Celtics will get a chance for a bounce back opportunity just days after getting upset by Orlando.

On Friday night, the Magic came into Boston riding a four-game win streak and upset the Celtics homecoming and the much-anticipated return of Robert Williams 117-109. The box score will tell you that poor shooting doomed Gang Green; they hit just 11-for-46 from behind the arc, continuing a slump that's followed them 3,000 miles from the west coast. In their three games in California, they were a combined 40-for-127 (31%). A deeper dive into the numbers will show that, to their credit, the Magic hit a ton of tough shots, making 21-of-41 contested shots to start the two-game mini-series. However, the eye test will tell you that Boston was bullied off their home floor. Orlando was bigger and nastier, resulting in the rare ejection of Al Horford and a technical foul by Jayson Tatum, only his second of the season.

Speaking of the Celtics MVP candidate, he's already been ruled out for Sunday's rematch for personal reasons. It'll be his second game missed of the year. And for what it's worth, Tatum is second in total minutes in the league in total minutes played.

Tatum's absence could give head coach Joe Mazzulla a chance to start the double-big front court that was so successful last season, particularly on the defensive end. Tatum won't be available, but we could see Brown slide down to the 3, White at shooting guard, and Williams and Horford in their familiar roles. Mazzulla went small on Friday to counter Orlando's size, but on Sunday, he might opt to match them inch-for-inch instead.

Many might view Friday's loss as an upset and rightfully so. At 10-20, Orlando is better off entering the Webanaya sweepstakes rather than compete for a playoff spot this season. But they're also franchise that's been gathering assets for several years and have amassed enough to say, "these are the handful of guys we're banking our future on.” Paolo Banchero is a player. Franz Wagner is a player. Cole Anthony is a player. They're not on the level of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but they want to prove that they are and on the three or four times they play the Celtics in the regular season, they'll use those games as measuring sticks.

Banchero told The Boston Globe's Adam Himmelsbach that Tatum has mentored the fellow Duke alum and warned him that because of his stature as a #1 pick, opposing players and teams would target him and give him their best shot. So yes, Friday night was an upset, but only in the context of wins and losses. Some games just matter more and for the Celtics, this afternoon's game is a chance to eliminate the bad taste from Friday's loss and maybe more so, put the rookie in his place.

The Celtics will tip off against the Orlando Magic at 3 pm EST. All nationally televised NBA games can be watched on Sling TV.

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Al Horford fined $25K for elbowing Moe Wagner NBA: Preseason-Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics
Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Horford was ejected on Friday for the incident

Boston Celtics big man Al Horford was fined $25,000 by the NBA for his Flagrant 2 foul and ejection on Friday:

On an inbounds play near the start of the second half on Friday night, Horford threw an elbow at Moritz Wagner of the Orlando Magic. The officials called a foul on Wagner for the initial contact, but then reviewed Horford throwing the elbow. Following the review, Horford was assessed a Flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game.

The Celtics were trailing 66-55 at the time when Horford was ejected. Jayson Tatum made a free throw as a result of Wagner’s away-from-the-play foul. The Magic then went on an 9-0 run to open up a 19-point lead. Boston never truly threatened after that point.

Orlando went on to win the game 117-109.

The Celtics and Magic will meet in the second game of their two-game mini-series on Sunday afternoon. Horford is not listed on the injury report and will presumably be available to play in that rematch.

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College basketball rankings: Arizona cracks top five, North Carolina returns to Top 25 And 1 Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:42:26 -0800 Sportsman How to watch Baylor vs. Washington State: NCAAB live stream info, TV channel, time, game odds Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:42:26 -0800 Sportsman Texas vs. Stanford: How to watch online, live stream info, game time, TV channel Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:42:26 -0800 Sportsman Patriots and Eagles drive home for Christmas with the gift of road wins BBL Championship

Surrey Scorchers 86-88 Newcastle Eagles (18-18, 21-18, 26-20, 21-32)
Scorchers – Lawrence 15, Busumbru 14, Martin 13; Eagles – Hamlet 23, Cohn 21, Johnson 20

B Braun Sheffield Sharks 64-71 Plymouth City Patriots (15-18, 24-13, 14-22, 11-18)
Sharks – Nichols 25, Koch 15, Delpeche and Glasgow 7; Patriots – Williams 23, Hassan 16, Bell 14

With many people preparing for long journeys to visit family at Christmas, the Plymouth Patriots and Newcastle Eagles got a couple of early BBL Championship gifts on the road, one week away from Santa’s extended travels.

Javion Hamlet led a big comeback for the Eagles as they took a two-point win down south, over the Surrey Scorchers.

And up north, Plymouth’s Antonio Williams scored 23 to lead a team effort that took down the B Braun Sheffield Sharks.

Surrey Scorchers will have entered Sunday’s lunchtime contest against the Newcastle Eagles with high hopes.

When the two teams faced off at the start of November, they took a four point win at Vertu Motors Arena in Newcastle.

December’s match-up saw the Scorchers come out with confidence in the first quarter, as they took a nine-point lead early. They did so from behind the three-point line.

Ryan Martin and Josh Jefferson pulled up with confidence from distance in the opening 10 minutes.

But Newcastle’s team travelled the length of England to Surrey Sports Park to avenge their loss at home earlier in the season. 

It was Javion Hamlet who led the comeback in the second quarter. He took over and scored nine points in myriad ways – threes, pull-ups, a floater that tied the contest, and a tough layup driving through the lane to take a one-point lead before halftime, even if the home team took a slim lead heading into the locker room.

After a tough talk from Lloyd Gardner, his Surrey team came out scorching. A 9-2 run, led by Jefferson’s joyous jumpshots put the home side up 10 points.

Every time Newcastle’s Hamlet got going, however, his team closed the gap. They trailed by four after he went on a mini-tear on the third.

The Scorchers built a gap on a well-rounded team effort to close the third and start the fourth.

And just when you thought Hamlet was going to lead the charge again to make a comeback for the Eagles, teammate David Cohn did the honours. 

Cohn got going early by rushing the lane to pick off a pass from Surrey’s Kyle Carey. The Eagles guard dribbled down court with support from two teammates, who attracted the attention of the Scorchers defenders. 

This left Cohn all along on the three-point line, so he gladly made use of the space and drilled the shot from distance.

It was his layup a few possessions later that took the lead for the first time since the first half, and the Newcastle Eagles kept building on that momentum to steal a win on the road. 

The Plymouth City Patriots tend to get up and down the court at quite a pace, sitting in the top four in the league when it comes to field goal attempts per game. Meanwhile, the B Braun Sheffield Sharks are among the most defensive and methodical. 

There were times during the first half, especially the opening minutes of the second quarter, when the home team seemed happy to run with the visitors to Ponds Forge Sports Centre in Sheffield.

This included a handful of possessions from Rodney Glasgow Jr, who got ahead of the Plymouth defenders for a floating layup in transition. 

But the Sharks’ generally controlled the rhythm of the opening 20 minutes, thanks to their tough defence and patient offence, and they finished the quarter on track to their typical 72.3 points per game.

This is why the Patriots were particularly excited when they got fast break points, especially when Elvisi Dusha stole the ball from Henry Sako in the second quarter. 

It took no time at all for last week’s All-Star 5 player Antonio Williams to get down the court and receive the pass from Dusha for an open dunk. 

The Plymouth guard duo let their opponents know about the easy score, which meant Dusha picked up a technical foul that gave Sheffield’s Kipper Nichols the chance to build a small cushion with less than a minute to go.

Nichols hit the free throws and then a driving fadeaway across the middle of the lane.

His teammate Marcus Delpeche then muscled a layup into the basket in the closing seconds for an eight-point lead going into halftime.

No lead is safe in the BBL, and the Patriots came out to start the second half with fire in their belly, and on fire from the three point line.

After Rashad Hassan hit a couple of opening couple of shots for Plymouth, Markedric Bell and Antonio Williams hit big back to back threes to cut an 11 point lead to just three within a two minute stretch.

The teams went back and forth for much of the third, but it was the determination of Sheffield’s Javion Ogunyemi with around 90 seconds left in the third that nudged his team ahead. 

The big man was fronted, which made getting the ball into him difficult. It swung to the opposite side and he hustled over to receive a pass on the left block with the shotclock getting low. 

Ogunyemi backed his defender down and rose for a tough shot that missed. He grabbed the rebound and four white Patriots jerseys collapsed on him. He got a shot up and was fouled, but the big man hit two free throws to take a slim lead.

To start the fourth quarter, it took more than two minutes for any team to score, as both sides increased the defensive pressure. 

Plymouth’s Isa Brandon was the man to break the deadlock. He got out in transition and a Eurostep into the middle of the lane threw off the Sharks’ chasing defenders, who fouled him as the layup fell to open a three-point gap.

Dusha has built a reputation of being a clutch performer this season for the Patriots, and he got into the lane for a contested rising mid-range jumpshot to keep the lead.

On the other end, Bennet Koch has become one of the most difficult players to guard on the low post for the Sharks. He got into the paint with two minutes to go for a layup.

It was a two point game with a minute to go, when Brandon came up with a huge block on Sheffield’s Channel Banks Jr’s shot to keep the visitors ahead.

On the other end, Plymouth looked to Williams in isolation. The Patriots worked the ball around the perimeter and found the scorer in the corner. He drove along the baseline, pump-faked and got Banks Jr in the air for a foul. 

A composed Williams got the layup and hit the free throw to take a five-point lead and the win.

Keen to see more BBL over the festive season? Get tickets by CLICKING HERE

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5 Reasons for the Phoenix Suns resurgent win over New Orleans The Phoenix Suns did something they could not in the previous two meetings with New Orleans, complete their comeback and win. The Phoenix Suns came from 24 points down to beat New Orleans, handing the Pelicans their third straight loss. It was not the way coach Monty Williams would design a win, but it was a […]

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Updated NBA MVP ladder: What are odds for Sixers’ Joel Embiid? The calendar will flip to 2023 in a couple weeks. As we dive further into the depths of the NBA regular season, the noise around the MVP award is starting to die down and we can begin the analyze the true contenders. It will surprise no one, of course, that Joel Embiid is one of […]

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O’Neil: UCLA and Mick Cronin show Kentucky what toughness is Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:02:39 -0800 Sportsman O’Neil: North Carolina’s buzzer&beater is worthy of a rewind Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:02:39 -0800 Sportsman How Houston’s loss to Alabama prepared it for a massive win at Virginia Sun, 18 Dec 2022 12:02:39 -0800 Sportsman Pickett, Funk lead Penn State past Canisius 97&67

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (AP) Jalen Pickett scored 16 points, Andrew Funk added 15 and Penn State turned up the defense in the second half to roll to a 97-67 win over Canisius on Sunday. Pickett had 13 points and the Nittany Lions shot 56% in the first half but the Golden Griffins kept pace, matching Penn State's five 3-pointers and shooting 50% to trail 42-36. Kebba Njie started and ended a 9-0 run with dunks to open the second half for a 15 point lead.

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TAKEAWAYS: Utah Struggles in Loss to BYU, 75&66

The Runnin’ Utes went into Provo looking to make a statement that they have arrived under head coach Craig Smith…

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:51:10 -0800 Sportsman
Gonzaga strengthens Texas’ resume with win over No. 4 Alabama

Texas faces Stanford at 12 pm CT on ESPN2.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:51:10 -0800 Sportsman
Seminoles Battle Ninth&Ranked UConn at Mohegan Sun TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida State Women’s Basketball faces its toughest test so far this season as it battles No. 9 UConn on Sunday, Dec 18, at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., at 1 p.m. on ESPN. The event is part of the Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase.

  • TV: Fans can watch the game on ESPN.
  • Radio: The matchup can be heard locally on 96.5 FM and 1270 AM, and can be accessed anywhere on Seminoles Leanplayer.
  • In-game updates: Fans can follow on the FSU Women’s Basketball Twitter Account (@fsuwbb).
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Tracking Progress with the Truth Machine (Video), Another HS Video Breakdown "Technique beats tactics." - Gregg Popovich

Measure progress with video. Identify the positives and need areas. 

In an earlier possession, white came out in a diamond press. What is it this time? It appears to be "run and jump" which I think of as "trap and go." 

Among Dean Oliver's "Four Factors" the most important is differential field goal percentage. The path to improved field goal percentage runs through quality passing and shot selection. Everyone decides what makes quality shots for their team. 

Transition defense. "Basketball is not a running game, it's a sprinting game." As a player ask yourself, "did I sprint back at full speed, fully engaged?" 

What is the offense trying to do? Is the defense neutralizing penetration, denying the middle, getting hands in the passing lanes? Ultimately, the defense forces a turnover. 

Offense creates and exploits advantage. Tight on-ball defense (not here) invites screens and tighter off-ball defense invites back door cuts. 

The closeout isn't under control and the ball handler seeks to exploit that. Could the finish have been better accepting some contact to draw free throws? Maybe. 

The defender does a good job shutting off a possible back cut down the middle. 

The enemy of good is better? Maybe I'm nitpicking but perhaps a little quicker roll while presenting a good hand-up target gets more separation and two points. 

A live-ball turnover with a 'hockey assist' on a look-ahead pass earns two points in transition. 
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:43:25 -0800 Sportsman
This Raptors&Wizards trade swaps Gary Trent Jr. and Kyle Kuzma The Toronto Raptors have to be generally dissatisfied with the performance of Gary Trent Jr. so far this season, as he is less efficient as a shooter and not as active a defender. With the ability to opt out of his contract in the offseason, Toronto needs to keep their trade antennas up. One surprise […]

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3 burning questions Raptors must answer as losing streak gets longer The Toronto Raptors are playing some putrid basketball that is totally unbecoming of a contender of late. Winning two games out of nine, with both victories coming against depleted lottery teams in the Magic and Lakers, was bad enough. Things somehow got worse after this past week. After getting swept in a two-game series in […]

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Best College Basketball Games of Week 7 Another week of college basketball games has come and gone. And we are still about another week away from getting to the true beginning of conference play where matchups get juicy. In the meantime, here are the games you should be watching that may have implications for March. Week 7 College Basketball Games Auburn vs […]

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New Orleans Pelicans: Was Willie Green calling out refs or his own team? Last night’s frustrating loss could be a turning point for head coach Willie Green and the New Orleans Pelicans. The Pels blew a 24-point lead and allowed Devin Booker to pour in 58 points as the Suns came roaring back to win the game. This was a chance for the Pelicans to win the season […]

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How will New Orleans Pelicans respond to gut&wrenching loss? There is no way to sugarcoat it: Last night’s loss to the Phoenix Suns was a painful one for the New Orleans Pelicans. It was their third loss in a row and the Pels (who were fresh off a seven-game win streak) are facing their first real challenge of the season. Not only did they […]

How will New Orleans Pelicans respond to gut-wrenching loss? - Pelican Debrief - Pelican Debrief - A New Orleans Pelicans Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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UNC Basketball: Pete Nance’s “Tar Heel Moment” is one to remember On Saturday afternoon, Pete Nance provided a signature “Tar Heel Moment,” one that UNC basketball fans will remember for a very long time. There have been plenty of big-time shots in the history of the UNC basketball program. Of course, a lot of them have come during NCAA Tournament play, as players (such as Luke […]

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UNC Basketball: Roy Williams enjoying retirement HIS way Legendary UNC basketball coach Roy Williams is enjoying retirement, as he’s earned the right to do whatever he likes, whether you like it or not. Since he retired from coaching, Roy Williams has continued to be a presence not only at UNC basketball games but athletic events of various sports for the University of North […]

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UNC Basketball: Armando Bacot: “I would die for this school” After the UNC basketball program’s emotional victory over Ohio State, Armando Bacot expressed his love for the University of North Carolina. It was an emotional afternoon at Madison Square Garden for the UNC basketball program, as they overcame a 14-point deficit to defeat the No. 23 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in overtime. The Tar Heels […]

UNC Basketball: Armando Bacot: “I would die for this school” - Keeping It Heel - Keeping It Heel - A North Carolina Tar Heels Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:15:13 -0800 Sportsman
Everything you need to know as Nebraska hosts Wyoming on Sunday Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:15:11 -0800 Sportsman Southwest standout Williams stays home and excited to share &quot;special bond&quot; with mom Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:15:10 -0800 Sportsman Women&apos;s Basketball Falls to Dominican Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:10:03 -0800 Sportsman NBA players react to Argentina winning the World Cup: &apos;It solidified Lionel Messi as the greatest ever&apos; The 2022 FIFA World Cup ended after a thrilling Final game between Argentina and France.

Lionel Messi’s Argentina won on penalties after an incredible 120 minutes of football, a match which ended 3-3.

NBA players took to Twitter to react to Argentina’s win and Lionel Messi’s achievement that arguably solidifies him as the greatest football player of all time.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:08:46 -0800 Sportsman
Anthony Davis out at least a month
Shams Charania: Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis is expected to miss at least one month after suffering a right foot injury, multiple sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.
Source: Twitter @ShamsCharania

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn
ESPN reporting with @Dave McMenamin on Anthony Davis who’s expected to miss multiple weeks with a right foot injury and still undergoing more evaluation on Sunday: PM
Breaking: Anthony Davis is expected to miss multiple weeks with a right foot injury, sources told @Adrian Wojnarowski and @Dave McMenamin.
More: PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
AD news and Twitter taking action against non-Twitter postings being dumped during this World Cup Final is pretty hilarious. – 12:49 PM
Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
I’m not a doctor. I can’t explain injuries. It’s hard not to think about the 29 straight minutes Anthony Davis played at the end of the Boston game when wondering about the injury he suffered against Denver. Whether it’s related to the injury or not, the Lakers over-relied on him – 12:35 PM
Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
You’ve got to feel for AD, too. Playing out of his mind while proving to everyone that he can still play at an elite level, but injuries continue to be a persistent problem. It has to be enormously frustrating for such an incredible talent. – 12:34 PM
Jake Madison @NOLAJake
Shams having to tweet Anthony Davis injury updates instead of just enjoying the World Cup Final and that Messi goal… – 12:30 PM
Chris Haynes @ChrisBHaynes
Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis will be sidelined “indefinitely” with a right foot injury, league sources tell @NBAonTNT, @BleacherReport. – 12:29 PM
Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
You’ve got to wonder if the Lakers even bother making a significant move now, with AD on the shelf for a month. It’ll be interesting to see what they do. – 12:28 PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis is expected to miss at least one month after suffering a right foot injury, multiple sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. – 12:24 PM
Kyle Goon @kylegoon
The Lakers have ruled out Anthony Davis for Sunday’s game in Washington. While their franchise big man is out, they’ll be looking to Thomas Bryant to help fill the void.
It’s hardly ideal, but the 25-year-old has been pretty resilient when called upon:…8:35 PM
Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
No Anthony Davis (right foot soreness) on Sunday against Washington, Lakers say:
More NBA from me: PM
Shams Charania @ShamsCharania
Lakers’ Anthony Davis is listed out Sunday vs. Wizards due to right foot soreness. – 8:00 PM
Dave McMenamin @mcten
The Lakers say Anthony Davis is out for Sunday’s game vs WAS with right foot soreness. – 8:00 PM
Kyle Goon @kylegoon
The Lakers have ruled out Anthony Davis for tomorrow against the Wizards. They’re hurting for depth, because Wenyen Gabriel is out as well. – 8:00 PM
Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
The Lakers list Anthony Davis (right foot soreness) as out tomorrow vs. Washington. – 8:00 PM
Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Anthony Davis is undergoing further evaluation on his right foot, and he’s listed as out for Sunday’s game against Washington.
Wenyen Gabriel and Juan Toscano-Anderson remain out as well. – 8:00 PM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Season high points vs. Washington Wizards this year:
Spencer Dinwiddie – 33
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – 42
Nikola Jovic – 18
Kyle Lowry – 28
Bam Adebayo – 38
Buddy Hield – 28
Anthony Davis – 55
Nikola Jokic – 43
Kawhi Leonard – 31
Luke Kennard – 20 – 6:40 PM

More on this storyline

Los Angeles Lakers center Anthony Davis, who had been playing his most dominant basketball in years, is expected to be sidelined for multiple weeks with a right foot injury, sources told ESPN on Sunday. Davis underwent an MRI on Saturday after leaving Friday night’s victory over the Denver Nuggets and was still undergoing more evaluation Sunday with a specialist, sources said. -via ESPN / December 18, 2022
Los Angeles Lakers star big man Anthony Davis is expected to miss multiple weeks with a right foot injury, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Dave McMenamin on Sunday. There is no precise timeline for Davis’ return, sources said. -via ESPN / December 18, 2022

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:08:46 -0800 Sportsman
Al Horford fined $25,000
Keith Pompey: The #NBA announced Celtics center Al Horford had been fined $25,000 for excessive contact on Magic center Mo Wagner.
Source: Twitter @PompeyOnSixers

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Here’s the play that got Horford ejected Friday night. The NBA just announced a $25k fine as well. AM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Al Horford will not be suspended for hitting Mo Wagner in the balls, just fined $25k. – 11:33 AM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
The #NBA announced Celtics center Al Horford had been fined $25,000 for excessive contact on Magic center Mo Wagner. AM
Al Horford @Al_Horford
El Argentina!! ???????????????? – 10:54 AM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Two former Sixers are thriving from deep this season. Al Horford is third in the league in three-point percentage while Isaiah Joe is fifth. AM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
Good opportunity for Brown to turn things around with Tatum out tomorrow. Al Horford needs a big game too. – 5:28 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Jayson Tatum did not hold back when expressing his dismay about Al Horford’s ejection on Friday night: “Shit, as a grown man, you take it into his own hands and get somebody up off of you, and that’s all he did…”…11:34 PM
Jay King @ByJayKing
Jayson Tatum said he didn’t think Al Horford’s ejection was warranted. Said Wagner fouled Horford first and Horford was just getting the Magic big man off of him.
“I don’t think Al deserved to get thrown out of the game at all.” – 11:01 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Jayson Tatum on Al Horford ejection: “That was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe Al got thrown out the game. I didn’t think that was warranted, especially because after the review, they saw that Mo fouled him first.” – 11:01 PM
Khobi Price @khobi_price
Moe Wagner on what happened during the play where Al Horford where assessed the Flagrant Foul Penalty 2. PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
Moe Wagner says he didn’t know what happened on the play Al Horford got ejected on. Simply says: “I was surprised.” – 10:47 PM
Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Al Horford was ejected from a game for the first time since 2015 on Friday night…9:14 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Al Horford has been ejected for hammering Mo Wagner in the junk, 16 minutes into his return. – 9:00 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Al Horford might be getting tossed here. That was pretty obvious. – 8:59 PM
Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Horford gets ejected for his elbow to Mo Wagner. #Celtics #Magic8:59 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Flagrant Foul 2 and ejection for Al Horford for “excessive contact” – 8:59 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
Al Horford ejected with a flagrant 2. Wow. – 8:59 PM
Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
Wow, a flagrant-2 on Horford. He’s ejected. – 8:59 PM
John Karalis @John_Karalis
Review is still going on here… looking at that play on Horford.. I think a flagrant 2 could be on the table – 8:58 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
That’s pretty un-Horford like. Not sure what that was all about. – 8:58 PM
Khobi Price @khobi_price
Al Horford…what is that? – 8:57 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Magic lead 32-28 after one
Tatum – 10 points
Horford – 6 points
Smart – 4 assists
Celtics – 50% FGs
Celtics – 6-13 3Ps
Celtics – 5 TOs
Banchero – 13 points
M. Wagner – 8 points
Fultz – 4 points
Magic – 43.5% FGs
Magic – 3-10 3Ps
Magic – 4 TOs – 8:09 PM
Bobby Manning @RealBobManning
Luke Kornet checking in after timeout. He’s still in the mix tonight alongside Horford and Rob. – 8:00 PM
Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
Robert Williams has 3 fouls in 4 minutes and probably should have been called for a 4th that went to Horford. Bit rusty. – 8:00 PM
Souichi Terada @SouichiTerada
Celtics rolling with their starting 5 from last year that caused a lot of problems for teams – Smart, Brown, Tatum, Horford & Rob Williams. – 7:52 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
They’re having Al Horford vs Payton Pritchard in identifying obsolete technology. Horford got 10.5 correct.
“Ooo an Nintendo 64” – Horford – 7:49 PM
John Karalis @John_Karalis
Al Horford returns to the line up, Al Hoford returns to making a 3 pointer on the first play of the game – 7:42 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
On his first play back on the floor, Al Horford buries a corner 3. – 7:42 PM
Khobi Price @khobi_price
Al Horford opens up Magic-Celtics with a corner 3. – 7:42 PM
Souichi Terada @SouichiTerada
Al Horford hits a 3 to welcome himself back. – 7:41 PM
Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Magic at Celtics – TD Garden – December 16, 2022 – Starters
Boston – Smart, White, Brown, Tatum, Horford
Orlando – Markelle Fultz, Franz Wagner, Mo Wagner, Paolo Banchero, Bol Bol
OUT: Boston: Gallinari Orlando – Suggs, Carter, Harris, Isaac, Okeke PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Rob Williams will come off the bench tonight with Al Horford starting at center and Derrick White in the back court. – 7:03 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics starters tonight:
Al Horford
Jayson Tatum
Jaylen Brown
Derrick White
Marcus Smart
Magic starters:
Moritz Wagner
Paolo Banchero
Bol Bol
Franz Wagner
Markelle Fultz – 7:00 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
To summarize:
Celtics expected to have Williams, Smart, and Horford available tonight – 6:07 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Al Horford will make his return tonight, per Celtics – 1:04 PM
John Karalis @John_Karalis
Al Horford will return to the lineup tonight – 1:03 PM
Jay King @ByJayKing
Al Horford is available tonight, per the Celtics. – 1:02 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Al Horford has been upgraded to available for tonight’s game. – 1:02 PM
Souichi Terada @SouichiTerada
Robert Williams and Al Horford are both questionable for tomorrow’s game against the Magic, per the Celtics. So Rob could make his season debut. – 4:59 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Rob Williams has finally been upgraded to questionable for his season debut tomorrow against Orlando. Al Horford is also questionable after having a baby. – 4:59 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics Injury Report vs. Orlando:
Danilo Gallinari – Left Knee ACL Repair – OUT
Al Horford – Personal Reasons – QUESTIONABLE
Robert Williams – Left Knee Surgery – QUESTIONABLE – 4:59 PM

More on this storyline

After the game, Jayson Tatum shared his brutally honest thoughts on the ejection. The Celtics superstar clearly wasn’t happy about the call, and he wasn’t shy about being vocal about it: “That was unbelievable,” Tatum said. “I couldn’t believe Al got thrown out of the game. I didn’t think that was warranted, especially once they went to go review and they saw that Mo fouled him first. That’s why I got to shoot free throws. So I mean, sometimes guy get tired of people grabbing on him and the ref not seeing it, so (expletive) as a grown man, you take it into his own hands and get somebody up off of you, and that’s all he did, just got him up off him because he was getting fouled. I don’t think Al deserved to get thrown out of the game at all.” -via Clutch Points / December 17, 2022
Jay King: Al Horford was ejected from the game for hitting Mo Wagner below the belt. Horford had some words for the refs before walking into the locker room. Horford could be seen saying “that’s terrible” while heading away from the court. -via Twitter @ByJayKing / December 16, 2022
Celtics on NBC Sports Boston: Al Horford ejected early in the 3rd quarter vs. Orlando Here’s a look at what happened. #ORLvsBOS -via Twitter / December 16, 2022

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:08:46 -0800 Sportsman
FREE&THROW LINE EXTENDED There were a bunch of good games in college basketball on Saturday. I watched as much as I could. Most of the games on mute – the word vomit by the broadcasters is unreal. Like I always say, you don’t have to tell us everything that is going on, we can see it.

Gonzaga 100 Alabama 90. Drew Timme had his way with the Alabama defense scoring 29 points on 12-18 shooting. He added 10 rebounds in 36 minutes. Bama was led by Freshman Brandon Miller 36 points in 37 minutes on 12-22 including 6-11 from distance. Bama committed 14 turnovers in the first half, 21 for the game compared to Gonzaga’s 9. Who’s better, Timme or Luka Garza? Since 2018 the Zags are 6-1 against Top 5 teams in the regular season. “We play these good games to figure out what we’ve gotta get better at, and we’ve got plenty of stuff we need to work on,” said Bama head coach Nate Oats.

Kansas over Indiana 84-62. I heard so much hype in pre-season for the Hoosiers. Thus far they haven’t impressed me. Before you jump on me and say their point guard got hurt during the game, sorry, don’t want to hear that. There’s no excuses in sports. When someone goes down, someone has an opportunity to step up. We always like to say, “stay ready.” Indiana has lost 3 of their last 4. In 29 minutes Trayce Jackson-Davis scored 13 points on 4-8 shooting. His point totals for the last 4 games: 13, 11, 12, 13. Kansas had 17 steals. IU turned the ball over 23 times. “I’m trying to get us to understand that when we play an elite team like Kansas, you need to be on your job. You have to compete for 40 minutes. You’re not going to just walk in here and think they’re going to give you a game,” said Mike Woodson.

Purdue 69 Davidson 61. The Wildcats made a visit to Indy to take on the Boilermakers in the Indy Classic. Steph Curry’s alma mater hung around for most of the night (down 4 with 3:30 left in the game) but Purdue was just too big and too strong. Zach Edey, who I have said since day 1 is the best big man in the nation led the way with 29 points on 9-11 shooting. Edey was 11-15 from the free-throw line. Foster Loyer had 10 points and 11 assists for Davidson. I like Braden Smith of Purdue, he had 10 points and 12 rebounds. Matt Painter’s squad needs to pull out the shooting machines in Mackey and work on their 3-point shooting. Boilermakers went 3-25 from downtown. “You know the thing about Zach, don’t take him for granted. I know I don’t,” coach Painter said. “He’s great, he’s fabulous and he’s unselfish, which makes for a great teammate.” Purdue is 11-0.

UConn 68 Butler 46. The Huskies stayed undefeated (12-0) beating the Bulldogs (8-4) at Hinkle Fieldhouse. It was the Big East opener for both schools. (It’s still strange thinking about Butler being in the Big East.) Kind of like UCLA and USC in the Big Ten next season…SMH. Adama Sanogo led the way with 27 points on 13-21 shooting. The Huskies made 10 3’s to Butler’s 3. UConn is 6-0 all-time against Butler. “It was a typical Big East game,” Danny Hurley said. “We took four free throws. They really let them play. You get the best officials in the country in the Big East. They really let you decide it on the court.”

Mississippi State stayed undefeated at 11-0 beating Nicholls 68-66. Arizona over Tennessee. UCLA beat Kentucky, Houston over Virginia and North Carolina topped Ohio State in OT.

Northwestern crushed DePaul 83-45. Ray Meyer is rolling over in his grave. Wildcats hit 13 3’s. They’ve won 5 of the last 6 meetings. What happened to Blue Demon basketball? Back in the day they were outstanding.

Chris Beard situation in Austin is not good. I once had a phone conversation with him when he was an assistant at Texas Tech. He was looking into one of my players.

Montana State beat Northwest Indian College 144-59. Come on man…Montana State made 23 3’s.

I’m not sure what to think of the NBA changing the name of the MVP award from Maurice Podoloff to Michael Jordan? It definitely makes it hard to teach a history lesson.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:07:29 -0800 Sportsman
Have the Los Angeles Lakers found their ideal trade partner? At this point in the 2022-23 NBA season, no two teams have been mentioned in more trade rumors than the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks. After making some minor tweaks to their roster this offseason while mainly keeping their core intact, the Lakers have struggled. They currently sit at 12-16 on the season, […]

Have the Los Angeles Lakers found their ideal trade partner? - Hoops Habit - Hoops Habit - NBA News, Rumors, Analysis, Opinion and Stats

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:07:29 -0800 Sportsman
UC Riverside Bested by Utah on the Road, 92&45

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - The Highlanders traveled to Utah to challenge an out of state PAC 12 opponent, the University of Utah Utes, in the middle of a four-game road stretch that most recently saw them in action against Pepperdine. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 11:02:21 -0800 Sportsman
Al Horford fined $25K Al Horford fined $25K

The Boston Celtics veteran Al Horford was fined $25,000 for making excessive contact with the lower body of Orlando Magic big man Moritz Wagner.

The incident happened at the start of the second half of the Celtics’ loss to the Magic on Friday night.

The post Al Horford fined $25K appeared first on

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:49:31 -0800 Sportsman
Amar’e Stoudemire allegedly punched his daughter in the jaw Amar’e Stoudemire allegedly punched his daughter in the jaw

Amar’e Stoudemire – former NBA star who most recently served as a player development assistant for the Brooklyn Nets – was arrested in Miami on Saturday just hours after graduating with a master’s degree.

He allegedly punched his daughter in the jaw and slapped her several times after “giving attitude,” according to a law-enforcement source. Police say they saw blood stains. Stoudemire’s bond is listed at $1,500.

The post Amar’e Stoudemire allegedly punched his daughter in the jaw appeared first on

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:49:31 -0800 Sportsman
Jimmy Butler on coffee tour: “Brazil is top of my list, but I’m only going if Neymar comes with me” Jimmy Butler on coffee tour: “Brazil is top of my list, but I’m only going if Neymar comes with me”

NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler joked during postgame of Heat vs. Spurs (Mexico City Game) that he will only attend Brazil on his coffee tour if soccer great Neymar goes with him.

(via Jump View):

Reporter: “I would like to know if Brazil is included in your coffee tour, and if so, what places are you planning to go?”

Butler: “Of course. Brazil is top of my list, but I’m only going if Neymar comes with me, for one. But all over the world, not just because of coffee, I just love different people and I love the culture everywhere. I learned so much because the world’s so much bigger than the United States. I have so much respect for coffee all around the world, for sure, everything about Brazil, everything about Mexico, because they have incredible coffee here as well. So I’m gonna put Mexico on the list, and then, I’m gonna circle around and make Neymar go drink coffee with me in Brazil.”

The post Jimmy Butler on coffee tour: “Brazil is top of my list, but I’m only going if Neymar comes with me” appeared first on

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:49:31 -0800 Sportsman
A reminder of just how special Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards truly is There are some Minnesota Timberwolves fans who truly understand just how special SG Anthony Edwards truly is. Some fans are so enamored with the young Timberwolves star that they are almost too eager to turn the keys of this team over to him now. That’s right, purge the roster, start over from scratch, break this […]

A reminder of just how special Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards truly is - Dunking with Wolves - Dunking with Wolves - A Minnesota Timberwolves Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:35:24 -0800 Sportsman
Timberwolves Finch asks: “Were you really ready to play?” Finally, yes. The Minnesota Timberwolves were not very good in their second game in Portland Oregon. In fact, this team has been a bit horrible through their last three road games, coinciding with a three-game losing streak.  After two losses, the question was posed to Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Chris Finch, asking him to explain why the […]

Timberwolves Finch asks: “Were you really ready to play?” Finally, yes. - Dunking with Wolves - Dunking with Wolves - A Minnesota Timberwolves Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:35:24 -0800 Sportsman
The Uncontested Podcast: Postgame #30: Oklahoma City Thunder Shock the Memphis Grizzlies 115&109

Justin breaks down the short-handed Thunder's unlikely victory over the top team in the NBA Western Conference including: No Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, No Josh Giddey, No problem, Lu Dort takes over, Isaiah Joe's new career high, Tre Mann's development, and Jalen J-Dub Williams off night. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:32:53 -0800 Sportsman
The Breakfast Buffet: Adama Sanogo, Mick Cronin has UCLA playing “Cincinnati” caliber defense, Gonzaga Here’s today’s installment of “The Breakfast Buffet”, a daily column that can be found here every single morning getting you caught up to date on everything that’s happened from the day/night before and everything that’s going to happen in the next 24 hours.


Things To Sample

Adama Sanogo’s face up game continues to impress
During the first two years of his college career, the 6-9 Sanogo didn’t make a single three-point shot. He’s already made eight this season. Beyond that, Sanogo’s ability to be a threat facing the basket has opened up the floor for both he and his teammates on offense. In Saturday’s 68-46 win over Butler at Hinkle Fieldhouse, Sanogo regularly opened possessions away from the basket and finished them directly at the rim. He tallied 27 points and 14 rebounds in the 22-point win and was 13-21 from the field. The Huskies are 12-0 and have won all 12 games by double figures.

Mick Cronin has UCLA playing “Cincinnati” caliber defense

The Bruins improved to 57-2 under Cronin when they hold their opponents to 65 points or fewer following Saturday’s 63-53 win over Kentucky in the CBS Sports Classic at Madison Square Garden. It was the type of defensive performance that reminded many of Cronin’s teams at Cincinnati, where he installed a ruthless, physical style that allowed the Bearcats to advance to nine straight NCAA Tournaments from 2011-19. In two games this week against teams who were ranked in last week’s AP Top 25 — Maryland and Kentucky — the Bruins only allowed an average of 56.5 points in a pair of double digit victories. This is the first time during Cronin’s tenure in Westwood where UCLA has shown this type of nastiness on defense.

Gonzaga is in good shape as it heads towards WCC play
A pair of double figure losses to Texas and Purdue in November had many people — including myself — wondering if this group of Bulldogs was as good as the units we’ve seen in the past couple of seasons. While all of that is still TBD, Gonzaga has still navigated an arduous non-conference schedule with a terrific 9-3 record, which was highlighted by Saturday’s 100-90 win over Alabama in Birmingham. Mark Few’s squad also owns wins over Michigan State, Kentucky, Xavier, Washington, and MAC contender Kent State. Its only other loss in addition to Texas and Purdue was a one-point defeat to Baylor on a neutral court. Barring something unforeseen, this team should be 11-3 entering WCC play.

On The Side

  • Alabama’s Brandon Miller has officially become appointment television. The 6-9 freshman had 36 points in Saturday’s loss to Gonzaga and averaged 30 points in two games this week while shooting 10-19 from three-point range during that span. This kid is ridiculous.
  • Pete Nance is not going to be Brady Manek for North Carolina, but his last-second shot at the end of regulation in Saturday’s overtime win over Ohio State could be the type of moment that propels the Tar Heels moving forward. North Carolina (8-4) has won three straight and will next face Michigan (7-3) on Wednesday in the Jumpman Invitational in Charlotte.
  • Rick Pitino is 2-0 in head-to-head meetings with Richard Pitino entering tonight’s game between Iona (7-2) and New Mexico (10-0) in Albuquerque. The elder Pitino won both of those games against his son when he was at Louisville and Richard Pitino was at both Minnesota and Florida International respectively.
  • Auburn (8-1) will begin its two-game West Coast trip today against USC at the Galen Center. The Tigers will then play in Seattle against Washington on Wednesday.
  • Baylor’s Adam Flagler (illness) and LJ Cryer (back) will be available for today’s game against Washington State in Dallas, Scott Drew told College Hoops Today on Saturday. The duo has not played since the Bears’ win over Gonzaga on Dec. 2nd. Flagler averages 16.1 points and Cryer averages 16.5 points for Baylor, who enters tonight’s game at 7-2 overall.

Daily Specials

  • Texas/Stanford (Dallas)
  • Auburn at USC
  • Iona at New Mexico
  • Colorado State at Saint Mary’s
  • Baylor/Washington State (Dallas)


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Jaquez leads No. 16 UCLA past No. 13 Kentucky 63&53 at MSG Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:30:17 -0800 Sportsman Adama Sanogo shines as No. 3 UConn stays unbeaten Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:30:17 -0800 Sportsman After buzzer beat to force OT, Tar Heels beat Ohio State 89&84 Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:30:17 -0800 Sportsman NBA Players React to Devin Booker’s 58&Point Eruption Scoring just 16 and 14 points in his two previous games against the Pelicans must have been especially frustrating for Devin Booker considering there’s been something of a rivalry emerging between these two teams.

So it must have felt damn good for Booker to erupt for 58 points on 60 percent shooting against the Pelicans in Phoenix on Saturday.

Here’s how NBA players reacted, as well as the broader NBA Twittersphere:

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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:11:04 -0800 Sportsman
LePodcast Episode 35: The Fallen Sun In Episode 35 of LePodcast, the Boys discuss the Suns recent struggles and if they should start to worry, along with trade packages that may strengthen their roster to get back on track, along with a heated discussion on everything going wrong with the Warriors.

Click the links below to listen!


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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:11:04 -0800 Sportsman
BF PODCAST: The NBA Named Its New Clutch Trophy After the Wrong Player We look at what the NBA got right and wrong with naming the player awards, and break down how it would’ve changed players’ legacies if Conference Finals MVPs were awarded from day one.

Hosted by BF’s Nick Jungfer and Alex Sumsky.

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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:11:03 -0800 Sportsman
Al Horford Fined $25K For Elbowing Moritz Wagner Al Horford of the Boston Celtics was fined $25,000 for making excessive contact with the lower body of Orlando Magic big man Moritz Wagner. The incident happened at the start of the second half of the Celtics loss to the Magic on Friday night.

While fighting for position on an inbounds play, Horford elbowed Wagner. After a review, Horford was given a Flagrant 2 foul and ejected from the game.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:10:47 -0800 Sportsman
Nic Claxton: I Should Be In The Top For DPOY Nic Claxton has been a huge part of the Brooklyn Nets resurgence. Claxton is delivering solid play on offense, but he's really shining on the defensive end of the floor. That has Claxton thinking big about what might come later this season.

"Honestly, I feel that I am one of the best defenders in the league. I feel I should be in the top for the Defensive Player of the Year," Claxton said. "I feel like I wasn't getting the respect I deserve. We're winning, my numbers are good protecting the rim, guarding 1 through 5."

The Nets are on a five-game win streak and have moved up to fourth in the Eastern Conference. During that run, Brooklyn's defense has improved to 12th in the league, after starting the year ranked in the bottom third.

On the season, Claxton is averaging 2.3 blocks per game, which ranks second in the NBA. He's also averaging career-highs at 11.9 points and 8.7 rebounds per game, while leading the NBA in field goal percentage at 74%.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 10:10:47 -0800 Sportsman
IU&Kansas Postgame Show Join us immediately following Indiana’s game in Lawrence against Kansas for The Assembly Call IU Postgame Show.

On the mics: Jerod Morris, Brian Tonsoni, Ryan Phillips.

We also point out a few meaningful moments you may have missed, go inside the numbers, and hand out our game balls. All of that, and more, on this edition of The Assembly Call.

(Music provided by Bob Thompson — die-hard Hoosier fan and longtime Assembly Call listener.)

Listen to the podcast here:

Or watch the video:


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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:27:24 -0800 Sportsman
Uconn&apos;s Adama Sanogo leads the Huskies to a dominant 68&46 victory over Butler Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:26:29 -0800 Sportsman Iowa&apos;s Filip Rebraca carries the Hawkeyes to a commanding 106&75 win against SE Missouri State Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:26:26 -0800 Sportsman Saint Bonaventure hosts Johnson and Siena Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:15:48 -0800 Sportsman Stony Brook and Army set for cross&conference game Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:15:38 -0800 Sportsman English and McNeese host Southern Miss Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:15:26 -0800 Sportsman SC State Host Alabama A&amp;M Sunday

ORANGEBURG, SC. – South Carolina State women's basketball team look to keep the momentum going at the highest level as they take on visiting Alabama A&M from the SWAC In a non-conference showdown at Smith-Hammond-Middleton Memorial Center. Tip-off is 2 p.m. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:08:14 -0800 Sportsman
Shearer Scores Career&High 19 in 84&81 win Over Toreros

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Pilots (7-5, 1-0) were lights out from deep as they took down the San Diego Toreros 84-81 in their WCC opener. Emme Shearer scored a career-high 10 points in the contest with four made threes. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 07:06:35 -0800 Sportsman
Greece & Panionios top FEA to claim UNICEF Trophy

Panionios - FEA Filadelfeia 80-71 Panionios celebrated UNICEF Trophy tonight as they beat FEA Filadelfeia in the Final. Dimitris Verginis (194-PG-1987) scored 22 points to lead the winners. Panionios eked out a 16-13 lead ten minutes into the game. They maintained it throughout the second period. Panionios established a 38-34 halftime advantage. They extended the lead to as many as 10 points at the final break 62-52. Panionios protected it well throughout the fourth period and raced to...

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:56:04 -0800 Sportsman
Portugal & Liga Betclic Round 13: Sporting hand first loss to Benfica

Here is the last round review presented by Job Market. The most crucial game of the last round was the first loss of Benfica (12-1) in Lisbon on Wednesday night. Hosts were edged by third ranked Sporting (10-3) 93-90. They made 27-of-33 free shots (81.8 percent) during the game. Sporting looked well-organized offensively handing out 21 assists. 26 personal fouls committed by Benfica helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Worth to mention a great performance of American...

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:56:03 -0800 Sportsman
Euroleague & Davies&apos; 15 points and 7 assists give him Hoops Agents Player of the Week award

31-year old center Brandon Davies (208-C-1991, agency: BeoBasket) had a great game in the last round for Milano and receives a Hoops Agents Player of the Week award for round 14. He had the game-high 15 points adding six rebounds and seven assists for Milano in his team's victory, helping them to edge out Crvena Zvezda (#9, 7-7) 71-67. The game rather meaningless between the teams, which do not have any influence on top of the standings. Milano maintains the 17th position in Euroleague ....

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:56:01 -0800 Sportsman
UNI women&apos;s basketball travels to Iowa for final non&conference matchup

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:52:38 -0800 Sportsman
Knicks Morning News (2022.12.18) Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:41:55 -0800 Sportsman Griggs Ties Career Three&Point Field Goal Record in Route to Tigers Win Over Saint Louis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Memphis Tiger women's basketball team recorded their second come from behind victory today after taking down Saint Louis 83-71 after trailing by as much as 15 points during the game.   Following today's game, Memphis moves to 7-5 overall. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:39:30 -0800 Sportsman
Defense comes up big for George Mason in grind it out win over Tulane

George Mason picked up their fifth win in a row with a Saturday afternoon victory over Tulane in Chicago. Tulane came into the game with a top 50 offense and Mason was able to hold them in check. Ronald Polite came up big holding down on the defensive end and Victory Bailey Jr. came up big shooting well from behind the arc. The game wasn’t televised, which was probably for the best because the final box score isn’t pretty.

Overall an ugly game with the Patriots committing 22 turnovers and somehow only getting to the free-throw line for six attempts the entire game. But the take away is they were able to grind it out for the win. We are starting to see them rely heavily on starters but they got quality minutes from Saquon Singleton and Malik Henry off the bench. Their overall shooting numbers have on the rise which is good considering conference play is around the corner.

Mason appeared to be the better team during the tail end of the second quarter, something that has been a recurring theme this season. During this winning streak they have fared well against some pretty good mid-majors such as Toledo, Hofstra and now Tulane. How their defense has stifled theses opponents have been impressive. You can see in a game like this how once they get going shooting the ball they can play with just about anybody.

The consistency on offense will need to continue. Josh Oduro will need to do more going forward, he hasn’t been looking like the preseason, all conference first teamer he should be. Oduro, DeVon Cooper and Tickets Gaines are three that were bearing the offensive burden last season but have been spotty this season. VBJ in the lineup certainly helps so they should be more balanced but we just aren’t seeing some of the same shooting numbers that carried the team last year.

They now head to Old Dominion on Wednesday for a tough road test. It will be interesting to see if their intensity on defense carries into this one. It would be nice to see the win a road game like this in a non-ugly type fashion. They haven’t played a true road game since the season opener at Auburn and hopefully they get off to a better start then they did in that game.

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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:35:50 -0800 Sportsman
Sha Sounds Off: Providence On playing small down the stretch:
“I just played that way because I just thought those guys were battling better today.”

On defending Ed Croswell and Bryce Hopkins:
“That’s the decision I made. The kids played well. We didn’t defend. Samuel had four fouls.”

On Kadary Richmond:
“I thought he was just aggressive. He played hard, he was aggressive. As long as he’s aggressive and he’s healthy, I think that’s the guy that everybody was anticipating seeing and the things he could do, as long as he continues to be aggressive and stay healthy.”

On changes in the second half:
“I thought (Providence) came out with a little bit more juice in the second half. They came out in the beginning of the second half and I told our guys, ‘we gotta keep them out of transition.’ I thought they got in transition and got some easy buckets and had us on our heels, and I thought that was the difference.”

On facing Xavier’s offense:
“I haven’t watched them yet. I was getting ready for this game, so I would know more tonight when I get home and watch them. I was getting ready for Providence, I really haven’t watched Xavier. I know they’re a good team, obviously that’s a great environment, a tough environment to play in, a good coach, so I’m sure it’s going to be a tough game.”

On Al-Amir Dawes’ last-second 3-point attempt:
“He had a good look. I thought Kadary did a good job getting in the lanes creating. He caused a lot of people to come towards him and we got one of our better shooters a good look. That’s all you could ask for.”

On Richmond’s engagement making it easy to navigate injury concerns:
“The guys that the trainer says could play will play. Like I said, I thought he was very aggressive this afternoon. I need him to be aggressive, we need our guys to make some shots, we’ve gotta continue to keep defending, keep battling, stay healthy. That’s it. It’s not really rocket science.”

On Jamir Harris:
“I thought he had some good open looks. He’s a good shooter, once he gets back in the lab and gets some repetition in, I’m sure he’s going to knock those shots down. I thought he had some good looks.”

On what Seton Hall learned from today’s game:
“We’ve just gotta come out and play with energy and passion the whole game. You can’t do it for the first half and then come out in the second half, the first four or five minutes, dragging. And they kind of jumped on us and we started playing catch-up. It’s conference time now, every game is going to be like this, it’s a battle, it’s physical. You’ve gotta come out and be ready to play. I thought the last six minutes, we played with that passion and energy and got right back in the game. We’ve got to do it the whole time.”

On Femi Odukale:
“I thought we missed Femi just because he’s a good defender, another guy that could create some offense, and I thought his offense is coming along. I thought his confidence was coming back, and we miss him. We need him back, I don’t know where he’s at, the timetable. Like I said before, when the doctor tells me guys could play, we just want him to play. I don’t know, you’ve gotta ask Tony (Testa, Seton Hall’s trainer). I hope we have him back sooner rather than later.”
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:27:51 -0800 Sportsman
Mark Cuban Wants To Build New Arena As Part Of Resort And Casino Complex Mark Cuban has big dreams for Dallas. Part of those dreams include building a new arena as part of a downtown resort and casino complex.

"My goal, and we'd partner with Las Vegas Sands, is when we build a new arena it'll be in the middle of a resort and casino," Cuban told The Dallas Morning News. "That's the mission."

Texas is set to vote within the year on legalizing sports betting. If the resolution passes, up to four destination resorts could be built throughout the state, of which Dallas would be a primary contender.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:20:07 -0800 Sportsman
Adam Silver Says NBA Will Turn To Expansion After New CBA, New Media Rights Deal With the NBA staging what has become an annual game in Mexico City, expansion has been a popular topic of conversation. A day or so after Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum talked about the possibility of adding new teams, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took his turn.

After years of saying expansion was a non-discussion for the NBA, Silver has said it's something the league is starting to look into. However, Silver cautioned putting a timeline on it.

"We want to get a new collective bargaining agreement, our media rights deals are up soon, so we need to renew those, as well, but then we will turn to expansion," Silver said.

Silver also said the NBA will seriously look at Mexico City when it's time to expand. Silver reiterated that there are challenges to adding a franchise outside of the United State but added that Mexico City is well set up to do so. As he has in the past, Silver remarked that Mexico City can be the NBA's gateway to further growth throughout Latin America.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:20:07 -0800 Sportsman
Women&apos;s Basketball Falls To Central Washington

Korin Baker led three players in double figures with 15 points but it couldn't overcome a tough team shooting night as the Whitman College women's basketball team fell 79-52 at Division II Central Washington on Saturday at Nicholson Pavilion. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 06:19:16 -0800 Sportsman
KU hoops notebook: Ejiofor shines, Vitale honor and a half&full student section By Matt Tait ]]> Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:20:48 -0800 Sportsman Dajuan Harris Jr. harasses Hoosiers on both ends of the floor in 84&62 win by No. 8 Kansas over No. 14 Indiana By Matt Tait ]]> Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:20:48 -0800 Sportsman Quick recap: Jayhawks roll past Hoosiers in Saturday&#39;s top&15 showdown Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:20:48 -0800 Sportsman Women’s Basketball Earns 68&54 Win Over NJIT

Staten Island, NY – The Wagner women's basketball team earned a 68-54 victory over NJIT behind graduate student Zhaneia Thybulle's 21 points. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:20:24 -0800 Sportsman
St. Joseph’s Hawks: The Game Preview NCAA Basketball: Old Spice Classic-Louisiana State vs St. Joe’s
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 'Cats will look to continue their win streak as non-conference and Big 5 play concludes in this year’s Holy War.

Fresh off of finals and a week between games, the ‘Cats are back.

The Villanova Wildcats (5-5) will conclude non-conference play (and Big 5 play) on Saturday at 4 p.m. ET when they travel down the road to take on St. Joseph’s Hawks (4-5) in the latest edition of the Holy War.

Coach Kyle Neptune will look to continue a perfect December, while the Hawks will try to get a season-defining win after an up-and-down non-conference showing.

There is a lot riding on this game for Villanova. It’ll be looking to continue their win streak and build momentum into Big East play, earn a share of the Big 5 title, and ultimately, the annual bragging rights are on the table.

Ahead of Saturday’s matchup, let’s review a few areas to watch out for:

Youth Movement

Youth has been served on the Main Line, with the freshman class stealing headlines and providing a spark on the court as the calendar has flipped to December. While this is unique season for Villanova, having this many freshmen contribute at these levels is almost unheard of.

According to ESPN, all three freshmen are averaging 10+ minutes per game – a feat that we haven’t seen in recent memory at Villanova. There have been duos (Justin Moore and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Collin Gillespie and Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree, Josh Hart and Kris Jenkins, Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu) that all averaged double-digit minutes as true freshmen, but never three in one year.

This is not saying suggesting they’ll have the same impact of the Villanova legends mentioned, but it’s a rare feat and one to monitor as the young team continues to develop.

A quick recap of their impacts:

The debut of Cam Whitmore has electrified Nova Nation. The team is 3-0 and as an individual, Whitmore leads the freshman class in on court production with an average of 16 points, five rebounds, and two steals over the last three games.

Mark Armstrong recent form has been strong with scoring double figures in two of the last three games, while averaging 20-plus minutes and only committing one turnover in that stretch.

Brendan Hausen has proved to be a fearless and devastating sharpshooter, with the ability to score in bunches and is shooting 56% from deep in December.

The ‘Cats will need continued strong play from this group if they hope to extend the Holy War win streak to 11 games.

Battle of the Perimeter

I’m not sure what the record is for most 3-point attempts in a single Holy War game – but there’s a fair chance a new record is set on Saturday. Nova Nation is obviously used to Villanova’s reliance on the long ball, and a new head coach hasn’t changed that approach. The ‘Cats are currently ninth in the country in percent of shots taken from 3-point land.

On the other hand, St. Joe’s is 27th in that same category. The expectation for this game should be a barrage of long-distance shots throughout the afternoon.

How exactly will that impact the ‘Cats?

It appears the ‘Cats may have found some of their shooting touch in December as they’ve averaged 41% from deep in their last three games. If this form carries over into Saturday, it could be a long day for the Hawks. However, on the defensive side – Villanova has a lot of work to do with their perimeter defense.

The Cats are currently ranked 270th in the country in 3-point defense but have marginally improved in the last few weeks by holding opponents to 33%. This is still not a great place to be, but at least the trend is in the right direction.

To make matter worse – St. Joe’s two top scorers, Erik Reynolds and Cameron Brown, are off to a hot start this season as each shoot north of 40% from deep.

Neptune and staff will have their work cut out for them as the duo makes up over 45% of St. Joe’s scoring. A quiet night from either of these players is a recipe of success for Villanova.

The Holy War: Anything Can Happen

The last time St. Joe’s defeated Villanova was in the 2011-12 season when Langston Galloway led a red-hot shooting Hawks team over Maalik Wayns and the Cats in a 74-58 win at Hagan Arena.

Things haven’t been the same for St. Joe’s though, since the following year, when Halil Kanacevic drilled a three-pointer to extend the Hawks’ lead and proceeded to flip off the student section moments after. The gesture went unnoticed and energized the Pavilion crowd, even getting the wine-and-cheese crowd to join in on the boos to reach a volume level that hadn’t been seen in a while. Villanova came back, and in the end, Kanacevic ultimately cost his team the game.

He bricked two free throws in the final minute, then had the turnover that sealed the victory for the ‘Cats in the closing seconds.

Although Villanova has dominated since and this matchup has been a one-sided affair for the last decade, a rivalry like this is something where you throw out the records or win streaks because anything can happen.

A key to the game will be taking the crowd out of it as soon as possible. This includes avoiding a slow start and limiting any runs the Hawks might go on.

Fortunately, the young Cats have had a taste of hostile environments this year with matchups against Temple and Michigan State.

Rivalry games are as unpredictable as they come, but if Coach Neptune and staff can get the team to get contributions from the underclassmen, win the 3-point battle, limit their home court advantage - the Holy War win streak continues.

The Hawk is Dead. Go Cats.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:18:51 -0800 Sportsman
St. Joe’s: The Game Chat NCAA BASKETBALL: DEC 06 Saint Joseph’s at Villanova
Photo by Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The ‘Cats final Big 5 game.

Villanova wraps up their Big 5 slate of games as they travel to Hawk Hill to play St. Joe’s.

This is your game thread for discussion. Have fun...and remember, we cannot condone the posting of illegal streams in the game thread. If we see them posted, we will be obligated to remove them. If you need to share them, contact each other via email, Twitter, etc.

We’ll have a recap up shortly after the game.

Saturday, December 17, 2022
4:00pm ET

Villanova Wildcats (5-5) vs.
St. Joseph's Hawks (4-5)

KenPom: Villanova: 54 | SJU: 234
Where: Hagen Arena | Philadelphia, PA

TV/Streaming: CBS Sports
Odds by DraftKings: Villanova -12.5
Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:18:50 -0800 Sportsman
Villanova overcomes slow start, defeats St. Joe’s in Holy War NCAA Basketball: Villanova at St. Joseph
Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Is the Hawk still dead? Yes.

At Hagan Arena, fans were decked out in red and blue, and lines were clearly drawn.

Villanova’s no stranger to slow starts, and the ‘Cats didn’t play their greatest coming out of the gate against Big 5 rival St. Joseph’s.

Villanova trailed by three at halftime, but eventually picked things up in the second half. It was yet another battle between St. Joe’s and Villanova, with the ‘Cats winning for the 11th year in a row. They took on another victory, the final score being 71-64.

“I was really proud of the way our team, take out the first 10 minutes, I love the way we competed defensively,” Villanova coach Kyle Neptune said. “We took a lot of shots, a lot of punches from them. They came out hot, they had a great game plan, especially offensively. They’re a load — the way they shoot threes, the way they move the ball. Billy Lange is a great coach, especially offensively. Luckily, we made a lot of shots early, but they really had it going. We locked in, especially the last 30 minutes of that game.”

The Hawks brought their energy and their spirits, starting off strong. Erik Reynolds II made a three-point shot in the first six seconds, the first of many to come.

The ‘Cats quickly matched their foes, led by Brandon Slater. He had a hot streak from beyond the arc, draining five 3-pointers and finishing with 19 points overall.

“Every game is different,” Slater says. “The shots were coming from just some guys rotating in and my team finding me in the right places.”

Villanova turned to the three-ball early and often. The Hawks held their ground, though, as Reynolds, a career-high night for him, and Lynn Greer carried, scoring 27 and 14 points respectively. Just when Villanova seemed to take the lead at the end of the first half, Reynolds managed to make a three-pointer with a second to spare, giving St. Joe’s a 35-32 halftime lead.

However, Villanova brought their energy to the second half, with Erik Dixon managing to make a three within the first minute. Brandon Slater continued his trend from the first half and quickly followed him up with another three. Both shots were assisted by Caleb Daniels, who didn’t shoot well, but was consistent in his assists, layups, and defense.

The Wildcats used a 6-0 run in the second half to tie things up, as Chris Arcidiacono drained a three-pointer with 15:50 to go. The run extended to an 18-6 spurt topped off by another Slater three, which Villanova used to take the lead for good.

When the Hawks crept up on the ‘Cats, Arcidiacono was the key to regrouping the team and playing the role of a steadying influence. Arcidiacono made a late three, plus a series of free throws that helped ice the game.

“He knows exactly what we expect from him, and he always comes out and tries to execute,” Neptune said of Arcidiacono.

Arcidiacono finished with 14 points on 3-of-4 shooting, with three rebounds, four assists and no turnovers.

“I think that the guys have trusted me, and Coach Neptune has trusted me to just lead our team,” Arcidiacono said.

Aside from Slater and Arcidiacono, Eric Dixon added a 16-point, 12 rebound double-double. Caleb Daniels and Cam Whitmore each had seven points and both of them shot just 3-of-10 on the floor.

Both teams played well and battled it out for threes, as the three-point line was a focal point for both Villanova and St. Joe’s. Villanova shot 14-of-38 (36.8%) from the three-point line, while St. Joe’s finished just 9-of-29 (31.0%) as a team from deep. After the first half, though, the ‘Cats made it their mission to prevent the Hawks from taking more of their signature shots.

“Man, this was winnable,” Lange said. “We got to get a little bit better, and there’s a lot we can learn from this.”

Villanova improves to 6-5 overall and it has now won four straight. The ‘Cats return to action at home, when they host St. John’s at Finneran Pavilion. Tip-off is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:18:49 -0800 Sportsman
No. 3 UConn men’s basketball blitzes Butler, 68&46 NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at Butler
Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

A competitive game early turned into a dominant Huskies road win.

No. 3 UConn men’s basketball team took down Butler at Hinkle Fieldhouse, 68-46, on Saturday night.

Adama Sanogo returned to his dominant ways with a 27-point, 14-rebound performance on 13-21 shooting. Nahiem Alleyne, who had been struggling this season, had one of his best games of the year with nine points on 3-5 shooting from 3-point range.

Butler came in winning four straight, including two against a pair of top-100 KenPom teams in Kansas State and Yale, but was physically outmatched by the Huskies. UConn flexed its depth with 16 bench points, highlighted by Nahiem Alleyne hitting three 3-point shots, ending with 9 points off the bench.

The Huskies flashed another dominant facet of their game, winning the rebounding battle by 22, 54-31. The Bulldogs simply could not snag a defensive rebound, as UConn wound up with 18 offensive rebounds, its second-highest mark of the season,

Two Simonas Lukosious 3-pointers put Butler up 6-2 early, but the Huskies clamped down and allowed Butler very few second-chance points. After Alleyne buried an outside shot with two seconds left in the half, UConn carried some momentum coming into the second period, up 28-20.

The second half was much of the same. A great defensive battle for the first ten minutes, but UConn quickly turned the game on its head.

The Bulldogs were hanging in because of their defensive player of the year hopeful Manny Bates and lead guard Chuck Harris (12 points), but UConn was able to hold a two-to-three possession lead for a majority of the half. Bates made a jumper to cut it to six at the 10-minute mark, but after that, the Huskies went on an 18-5 run on the back of Sanogo and Jordan Hawkins, putting the game completely out of reach. UConn closed it out with a Hawkins dunk and Calcaterra 3-pointer, bringing its record to 12-0 on the season.

Next up is a battle against Georgetown on Tuesday 6:30 p.m. at Gampel Pavilion, which will be broadcast on FS1.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:10:58 -0800 Sportsman
UNC vs. Ohio State: How To Watch COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 22 CBS Sports Classic - North Carolina v Kentucky
Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s the CBS Sports Classic, it’s New York, and it’s the second Big 10 opponent of three.

After a couple of years where the schedule has been juggled around because of COVID, the Tar Heels return to the annual CBS Sports Classic to play a non-Kentucky team for the first time since 2019. This year, their tour of the Big 10 continues as the Ohio State Buckeyes will be their opponent, and the Wildcats will just have to settle for going up against UCLA.

Don’t worry, with the ACC/SEC challenge taking over for the ACC/Big 10 challenge next year, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Kentucky soon enough.

Ohio State comes into this game ranked, but they also have lost a couple of their bigger events so far. They dropped their first game in the Maui Invitational to San Diego State, but recovered to win their last two. They then they lost to Duke in the ACC/Big 10 challenge. They’ve been off since last Thursday, a close win to Rutgers in Columbus.

This year’s venue for the Classic is a first: Madison Square Garden. After a few years rotating around multiple cities, The “World’s Most Famous Arena” now hosts what CBS has turned into them turning the page to the college basketball season. Here’s hoping the Tar Heels that are planning to go have enjoyed all the sites of the Big Apple decked out for the holidays, and they all get to leave with their third win in a row.

If you aren’t going to be in New York for the game, never fear, we have you covered on how to catch the action:

  • Time: 3:00 PM ET
  • Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
  • TV: CBS with Brad Nessler and Bill Raftery on the call of the action, Jenny Dell will be on the sidelines.
  • Radio: Tar Heel Sports Network with Jones Angell and Eric Montross. Here’s a list of affiliates airing the THSN broadcast. On Sirius XM, the THSN feed will air on channel 387 in your car and 977 on the app. You can also listen to them on, The Varsity Network, and Tune In.

Streaming: CBS is available online, on the CBS Sports App, the actual CBS app (Apple and Google Play) for free, or on Paramount + for those who already subscribe.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:58:03 -0800 Sportsman
UNC Basketball: Ohio State Game Thread NCAA Basketball: Citadel at North Carolina
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tar Heels look for a strong showing at Madison Square Garden.

Things have certainly looked better for UNC over their last two games following the four-game losing streak. They’ve played more like a team, played more of what we recognize as Carolina basketball, and have gotten two wins to show for it. The wins over Georgia Tech and The Citadel were fun, but Ohio State will be another tough test for the Tar Heels.

UNC didn’t do so hot last time they faced strong opponents. Maybe some or a lot of that can be chalked up to the lack of rest, the cross-country travel, and looming finals. None of those things are factors today, so we’ll get to see what Carolina is capable of against good competition without those outside elements.

One thing that has been working as of late for Hubert Davis is going to his bench more. It’s probably safe to say that will be a factor in this one. Seth Trimble has been getting some good burn at point guard to spell Caleb Love, and we’ve gotten to see the first minutes from Jalen Washington after returning from his knee injury. Those guys, as well as Tyler Nickel and Puff Johnson, may need to help out if UNC wants to take home a win against the Buckeyes.

As always, we’ll be back after the game with a complete roundup of the happenings. Until then...

Go Heels!

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:58:02 -0800 Sportsman
UNC erases double&digit deficit, beats Ohio State in overtime NCAA Basketball: CBS Sports Classic-North Carolina at Ohio State
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

What a game.

A fair amount of UNC’s game against Ohio State on Saturday looked like games we’ve seen from the Tar Heels before this season. UNC fell behind and seemed to struggle to come all the way back despite drawing close on multiple occasions. Trailing by two points in the last few seconds of the second half, Pete Nance hit a buzzer-beater to send the CBS Sports Classic to overtime. From there, the Tar Heels were able to keep their foot on the gas and win 89-84.

The Tar Heels were down as many as 14 in the first half as they shot just 11% from beyond the arc. Only Armando Bacot was able to keep their heads above water to keep the nine-point deficit from being worse. While UNC was going 1-9 from long distance, the Buckeyes hit seven of their three-pointers and shot 53% from the field.

Despite their success from three in the first half, Ohio State shot just four threes after halftime. Carolina managed to heat up a bit from distance, which isn’t hard to do after their first half struggles, but Caleb Love hit three threes while Leaky Black and RJ Davis chipped in one a piece. Love led the Heels after halftime with 15 points after having just three points in the first half.

Carolina really made up for their shooting struggles by getting to the free throw line. They made more free throws (19) than Ohio State even attempted (14). They also punished the Buckeyes for their 16 turnovers by scoring 27 points off those miscues.

Bacot was the team leader in points with 28 and 15 rebounds. Love and Davis weren’t all that far behind with 22 and 21 points, respectively. Love also had seven assists to two turnovers with zero fouls. Although Nance struggled from long distance in the game, his shot to send it to overtime gave UNC life that they desperately needed.

A Davis three gave UNC a narrow 75-74 lead with 1:29 left in the game. Zed Key had a three of his own with 31 seconds remaining before a Bacot layup tied the game again with 17 seconds to go. When Brice Sensabaugh hit a jumper with three seconds left on the clock, it looked like all the Heels’ effort may be for naught. UNC advanced the ball, called timeout, and then Nance did his thing to send the game to overtime. Love, Davis, and Bacot took it from there.

This was probably the most toughness we’ve seen from the Tar Heels all season. There was obviously a lot that went into the four-overtime loss to Alabama, but Carolina was able to keep this game from spiraling in order to give themselves a chance to come back and come away with a win. It looked like they may come up short despite all the chances they had down the stretch, but Nance’s shot gave them the chance they needed to do something with the momentum. That chance turned out to be all they needed.

UNC will take on Michigan Wednesday night in the Jumpman Invitational from Charlotte.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:58:01 -0800 Sportsman
Yuta Watanabe: “[Defenders] know I’m a good shooter” Yuta Watanabe: “[Defenders] know I’m a good shooter”

The Brooklyn Nets forward Yuta Watanabe will enter the game Sunday at Detroit shooting 19-for-26 (.731) from the corner.

“Everything, everything is easier for me, because I think all the corner 3s I made [Friday] I was just standing there,” Watanabe said. “Like, I wasn’t moving, I wasn’t finding a spot. As soon as we got the ball, I just run to the corner, wait, wait, wait and then they gave me great passes. So I’m just glad they’re my teammates. 

“Because we have so many guys that can create one-on-one, that’s not my job, so I can stay in the corner. [Defenders] know I’m a good shooter, so they’re not going to leave me, and that creates space for them. If they don’t leave, they can just attack. If they leave me, I’m wide open. Just make shots. Simple. Simple basketball.” 

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Lakers reveal Anthony Davis status for tonight vs Wizards Lakers reveal Anthony Davis status for tonight vs Wizards

Anthony Davis did not play in the second half against the Nuggets after injuring his right foot. The 29-year-old forward is being re-evaluated by the Lakers staff.

One thing is clear – Davis will not play tonight against the Wizards. He, along with Wenyen Gabriel (left shoulder sprain) and Juan Toscano-Anderson (right ankle sprain) are listed on the injury report as out.

LeBron James (left ankle soreness) is probable to play against Washington. Meanwhile, Scotty Pippen Jr. and Cole Swider are out with G League assignments.

The post Lakers reveal Anthony Davis status for tonight vs Wizards appeared first on

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:59 -0800 Sportsman
Kyrie Irving: “Just trying to continue to improve every game” Kyrie Irving: “Just trying to continue to improve every game”

The Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving hit a game-winning 3-pointer against the Toronto Raptors on Friday night but he hasn’t been that sharp from the outside lately, going 13-for-40 in his last five games. 

“I took my time, got my balance underneath me, which is something I want to work on from this day on, just having my balance underneath me on my 3s,” Irving said. “I haven’t been shooting the 3 ball as well as I would have liked this season, so just trying to continue to improve every game.” 

The post Kyrie Irving: “Just trying to continue to improve every game” appeared first on

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:58 -0800 Sportsman
Big 12 update: Texas will have to turn its season around without Aaliyah Moore NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 18 Div I Womens Championship - First Round - Fairfield at Texas
Vic Schaefer will have to game plan without Aaliyah Moore in mind. | Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns (RV, six points) still have a lot of talent and a long season ahead of them. But it’s been a rough start for the preseason No. 3 team.

The Texas Longhorns (RV, six points) have lost a key player in Aaliyah Moore for the year to an injury. Moore was third on the team in scoring with 11.2 points per game and has expectations of becoming a big star. She was the No. 6 Hoop Gurlz recruit in 2021.

This is obviously bad news for a Texas team that has fallen from No. 3 to receiving votes. However, it has won three in a row with a 107-54 win coming over Alabama State last Sunday and a 75-58 win coming over Jackson State on Wednesday. Khadija Faye averaged 16.5 points, 10.5 rebounds and three steals over those two games.

On Sunday, the Longhorns (6-4, 0-0 Big 12) face a potentially dangerous USC team in the Pac-12 Coast-to-Coast Challenge at American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Trojans have lost just once and it was a nail-biter against No. 10 UCLA on Thursday.

No. 14 Iowa State Cyclones (7-2, 0-0 Big 12)

The Cyclones were able to correct some things from their Dec. 7 loss to now-No. 12 Iowa when they beat Jacksonville 84-50 last Sunday. Stephanie Soares went 0-of-6 from the free throw line against the Hawkeyes, but went 5-of-5 against the Dolphins with 20 points, eight rebounds and four blocks. Assist machine Emily Ryan was held to three helpers against the Hawkeyes, but managed over her season average of 6.7 with seven last Sunday. Meanwhile, the face of the program, Ashley Joens, was good for 22 points, 10 boards and three assists and was 8-of-8 from the stripe. As a team. Iowa State was 19-of-22 (86.4 percent). The team is 13th in the nation with a free throw percentage of 78.9 on the season so its 8-of-16 performance against Iowa was uncharacteristic.

The Cyclones will look for their first ranked win of the season when they take on No. 25 Villanova on Sunday in the Invesco QQQ Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase. That game will be held at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, home of the Connecticut Sun.

No. 18 Baylor Bears (8-2, 0-0 Big 12)

The Bears have allowed just 27 points since we last checked in as they defeated Tennessee State 93-27 on Thursday. Darianna Littlepage-Buggs went for 30 points and 11 rebounds and Baylor won field goal percentage 59 to 21.4. The Bears take on No. 20 Arizona on Sunday in the Pac-12 Coast-to-Coast Challenge at American Airlines Center in Dallas.

No. 22 Kansas Jayhawks (10-0, 0-0 Big 12)

The Jayhawks are still riding high off their Dec. 8 blowout of then-No. 12 and now-No. 20 Arizona. It allowed them to move from first team out to No. 22 and since then, they have defeated Wichita State 72-52 and Tulsa 81-62. Zakiyah Franklin averaged 21 points, three assists and 2.5 steals over the stretch. Taiyanna Jackson averaged 12 points, 12 boards and 3.5 blocks.

No. 24 Oklahoma Sooners (8-1, 0-0 Big 12)

The Sooners defeated Robert Morris 94-65 last Sunday with 16 points, nine rebounds and two blocks coming from Liz Scott (7-of-8 from the field). Oklahoma may have been destroyed in its one loss, but it was to now-No. 13 Utah and remains the team’s only loss. The Sooners have the opportunity to continue cruising against Southern on Sunday before facing 10-1 Florida next Wednesday.

RV (5 points) Kansas State Wildcats (9-2, 0-0 Big 12)

Kansas State hasn’t played since our last update. When we published it, the Wildcats had just lost 82-78 to a South Dakota State team that went on to look competitive against No. 1 South Carolina. The Wildcats fell from No. 24 to receiving just five voting points on Monday.

Texas Tech Lady Raiders (9-1, 0-0 Big 12)

Bre’Amber Scott scored 24 points to lead the Lady Raiders past Oral Roberts 82-68 on Wednesday. Texas Tech doesn’t face a big test until it hosts Iowa State in its Big 12 opener on New Year’s Eve Day.

Oklahoma State Cowgirls (8-2, 0-0 Big 12)

The Cowgirls also have not played since our last update; they are on a 12-day break with their next contest being on Sunday against UNLV. Their next big test is when they host Kansas in their Big 12 opener.

West Virginia Mountaineers (7-2, 0-0 Big 12)

Penn State (8-3) was coming off giving No. 4 Indiana a scare when it beat West Virginia 69-57 last Sunday. So perhaps that wasn’t a bad loss for the Mountaineers. JJ Quinerly had 16 points and three assists in defeat.

TCU Horned Frogs (4-5, 0-0 Big 12)

The Horned Frogs also haven’t played since out last update. They host Grambling State on Sunday.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:51 -0800 Sportsman
Recap: Still unbeaten! No. 21 Arkansas (13&0) takes down No. 16 Creighton NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 18 Div I Womens Championship - First Round - Arkansas at Utah
Samara Spencer came up big in a big road victory for her Razorbacks. | Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Samara Spencer played great and the Arkansas Razorbacks led by at least six for most of the fourth and by at least four for all of it.

Reigning SEC Freshman of the Year Samara Spencer scored a game-high 26 points, made a key layup to increase her No. 21 Arkansas Razorbacks’ lead to 77-71 with 1:38 to go and got the defensive rebound at 39 seconds remaining that forced the No. 16 Creighton Bluejays to start fouling in what ended up being an 83-75 victory for the 13-0 Razorbacks at D.J. Sokol Arena in Omaha, Nebraska.

Spencer was 5-of-7 from distance with four boards and four helpers.

Creighton (8-2, 2-1 Big East) cut it to 77-73 on a Lauren Jensen basket and we all know how clutch she can be. It seemed as if perhaps it would be a trading-baskets duel between her and Spencer for the remaining 1:33.

The Bluejays had the chance to cut it to two, but Emma Ronsiek missed a jumper at the 40-second mark and Spencer got the rebound. Makayla Daniels then made two free throws at the 21-second mark to put the Razorbacks up 79-73. Creighton cut it to four once more, on Morgan Maly free throws with 19 seconds remaining, but, with the shot clock off, Arkansas pretty much just had to make its free throws to seal the victory. Jensen missed a three that would have cut it to three with 10 seconds left; that was the Bluejays’ last moment of hope.

Hope had crept back into the picture when they went on a 6-0 run that cut it to 75-71 with 2:29 to go. Before that, Arkansas had led by at least six since 3:42 in the third. A Maly three had cut it to 45-42 at the 7:10 mark of the third, but the Razorbacks went on a 13-5 run to lead 58-47 at 2:35 to go before the fourth.

Maly’s three capped a 7-0 Creighton run and got the Bluejays as close as they would get post-Arkansas’ 17-2 run that made it 45-35. Rylee Langerman started the run with back-to-back treys that gave the Razorbacks a one-point lead late in the first half. A Spencer three followed and left Arkansas up 37-33 at the break. That 9-0 stretch was followed by an 8-2 Arkansas stretch to start the third. Daniels’ three 58 seconds into the frame made it 45-35.

Spencer showed signs of having a big game up her sleeve with a 5-0 individual run to open the contest. She scored Arkansas’ first eight points. However, Creighton would lead 17-13 after one before a back-and-forth second quarter.

Maly had quite a game in defeat (24 points, nine boards, three assists, 12-of-12 effort from the free throw line), but was just 2-of-8 from 3-point range. Jensen and Mogensen were both 1-of-8 while Ronsiek was 1-of-5; the Bluejays were 8-of-35 as a team (22.9 percent). Arkansas was 12-of-26 (46.2 percent).

Saylor Poffenbarger backed up Spencer with 16 points, 11 rebounds and three assists. Erynn Barnum added 15 points, four helpers, two steals and two blocks and Daniels was good for 14 points and three helpers.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:50 -0800 Sportsman
Preview: No. 16 Creighton faces first test since St. John’s loss in No. 21 Arkansas NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Greensboro Regional - Creighton v South Caroilna
Morgan Maly (with ball) | William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

The Creighton Bluejays probably feel like they have something to prove as they get a shot at the Arkansas Razorbacks.

To say the Arkansas Razorbacks are dominating right now is a bit of an understatement; the team is 12-0 as we approach the halfway mark in the season, and it’s unlikely they’re looking to stop that winning streak anytime soon.

However, the No. 21 Razorbacks will likely have their work cut out for them as they head into this weekend’s match-up against the No. 16 Creighton Bluejays. The teams are well-matched; Creighton is currently averaging 74.2 points per game (and giving up 60.2), while Arkansas is averaging 79.1 (and giving up 58.3).

Morgan Maly and Lauren Jensen are the Bluejays to watch on Saturday, as each is averaging roughly 17 points per game — and Maly, in particular, is on a rebound streak. The team also boasts Emma Ronsiek, its leading scorer from a year ago.

The Razorbacks most recently took on the Arkansas State Red Wolves last Sunday in a solid 77-63 victory, making this the second season in a row in which the team has taken down all of its in-state opponents. The game was notable for another reason: for the second time so far this season, a whopping five Razorbacks netted double digits scoring outputs in one game.

Despite that win, Razorback coach Mike Neighbors feels like the team can do better. As he told reporters following the game, “I don’t think we played our best game of the year, but I think it had a lot to do with how Arkansas State played ... Sometimes we’ve got to take that three when we’re open and it might not be the best shot for us.”

With that in mind, both teams will be looking for a victory when they meet up at 2 p.m. ET at D.J. Sokol Arena in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, and it is a match-up worth checking out.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:50 -0800 Sportsman
Five takeaways from #2 UVA basketball’s tough loss to #5 Houston NCAA Basketball: Houston at Virginia
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia struggles against Houston’s enveloping defense.

As the Virginia Cavaliers suffered their first loss of the season to the #5 Houston Cougars today, 69-61, we’ve got five takeaways from a frustrating game.

Reece Beekman’s limitation is huge

I’ll get to the larger scale takeaways from this game shortly, but it’s impossible to accurately evaluate this result without the significant consideration about how Reece Beekman’s hamstring injury limits the Virginia offense. His technique and fantastic instincts defensively mean that he was still able to shut down Marcus Sasser — Sasser’s three triples came against other defenders. But the Wahoo offense couldn’t afford to both miss the number of shots it did and not have a fully healthy Beekman to score off the dribble — evidenced by his mere four points on just five shots.

What makes Reece such a good offensive player stems not only from his fantastic basketball IQ and feel for the game, but also from his explosion and violent change of speed. We’ve already seen him put opponents in blenders this season, but he hasn’t been the same since hurting his ankle against Michigan and then adding a hamstring injury to the equation versus Florida State.

Beekman is the wind beneath UVA’s offensive wings. The way he threatens opposing defenses in the pick and roll as a guy who can blow by defenders downhill, pull up if they go under ball screens, or pick apart a rotating defense makes Virginia deadly. Without that threat at full force, this team is far worse off. Whether or not he can return to full health soon (or, worst case, at all) will determine UVA’s ceiling.

The result doesn’t mean THAT much

This loss stunk. It did. The game was altogether ugly and Virginia’s offense was pretty stagnant after pulling out to a 9-0 early lead. The shots Houston made in the second half were straight up demoralizing especially after UVA did make a number of runs to try and get back into the game.

That being said, losing to Houston is a perfectly fine result that shouldn’t dramatically alter our perception of this team. They’re built to stop an offense such as UVA’s and the Cougars have enough individual playmakers on offense to beat a Virginia defense that continues to be a bit too sloppy in its rotations.

Houston is now ranked first in both the KenPom and BartTorvik metrics. The Cougars have arguably been the best team in the country, even with their loss to Alabama. So, taking an eight-point loss to such a squad on a bad shooting night and with UVA’s best player struggling with an injury is not a bad result. There are absolutely things that Virginia needs to clean up and straight up be better at moving forward in order to compete on the national stage. But this loss should not be viewed as anything more than a tough loss to a great team on a bad night.

Houston is tough to beat if they make shots

Coming into this contest the keys to beating Houston centered around creating enough offense against a stellar Cougar defense and then limiting Houston’s offense to making jump shots, something they’ve struggled with this season.

Well, in typical fashion against UVA’s Pack-Line, Houston got hot when they needed to most. Five star big man Jarace Walker in particular had his coming out party on the national stage, scoring 17 points on 6-11 shooting from the floor and 2-3 from deep. The jumpers he hit both from deep and from the midrange provided incredibly valuable release valves for the Houston offense and made life easy for the Cougar guards.

Walker’s performance alongside timely shooting from Tramon Mark and Marcus Sasser meant that Virginia defenders were left spinning as they tried to account for the driving threat that the Houston backcourt poses while also having to close out to shooters on the perimeter. If Kelvin Sampson’s squad can reproduce this sort of offensive performance on a game-to-game basis then they’re probably the best team in the country by a bit of a margin.

Three-point shooting is a problem

It’s been a trend since Virginia’s win against Baylor in the third game of the year, but it’s time to officially label UVA’s three-point shooting as a problem. Since that game, UVA is a combined 30-102 (29.4%) from beyond the arc. That’s an issue. Nationally, that 29.4% clip would rank 316th which, frankly, isn’t sustainable for a major conference program. Granted, Beekman’s injury contributes to that as him not being able to burst into the paint and force defenses to rotate him has resulted in fewer open looks.

But, still, Virginia seemingly couldn’t buy a three-point basket versus Houston as the ‘Hoos shot 6-22 (27.3%) on the day. Isaac McKneely (2-5) and Armaan Franklin (2-3) provided nice boosts. But neither was hitting at a high enough volume. Ben Vander Plas in particular struggled against Houston as he shot 0-6 from deep and 0-7 from the field. Then, the backcourt of Clark and Beekman combining to go 2-8 meant that the Wahoos most often failed to capitalize when they had Houston scrambling.

Shooting is a hard thing to magically fix. Yes, Vander Plas won’t go o-fer in many games this year and there were a number of shots that rimmed out, so some better luck should benefit UVA in the future. But guys do simply need to come up a bit more clutch in big games like this one. Without that and Beekman’s scoring punch it’ll be hard for the Wahoos to consistently produce offensively against top-tier defensive teams.

UVA’s versatility is challenged

Largely as a result of such struggles from three, the lineup and schematic offensive versatility that UVA has benefitted so significantly from up until today was severely challenged against Houston. Vander Plas not being an outside threat was a huge factor, as was his inability to pump fake and create separation against such athletic Houston big men. He had lots of open looks when the Cougar defense over-committed to the guard after BVP set ball screens, but going 0-6 from three meant that those opportunities were squandered.

Additionally, while Shedrick (16 points) and Gardner (13) were UVA’s leading scorers on the night, a lot of those points came off of Kihei Clark (nine points, eight assists) feeds and weren’t as much a sign of inside dominance as they were evidence of Houston occasionally getting lost amongst UVA’s screening on offense. Each was still very efficient. But especially without the counter of Vander Plas’ shooting or Beekman’s gravity as a driver, the consistent paint production throughout the game was limited.

Thus, without dominant play from Virginia’s bruisers on the interior, little to no success shooting the ball, and the creation from the guards limited to Kihei Clark, there weren’t enough answers for UVA on offense to match Houston’s shot-making. That’s something we haven’t seen yet this season. Then again, we also haven’t seen Virginia play against a team quite as good as Houston.

There’s plenty of time to adapt, improve, and get healthy before March. And, fortunately, the ACC ain’t exactly a gauntlet this year. But this was a good reset for Tony Bennett and company as they approach conference play for real.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:46 -0800 Sportsman
How to watch #2 Virginia Basketball versus #5 Houston: Tipoff time, TV, live streaming, and Game Thread NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Houston
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Everything you need to know to get set for today’s heavyweight battle.

The Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team tips off against the Houston Cougars this afternoon at 2:00 PM. As the Wahoos look to stay undefeated, we’ve got all the details you need to enjoy watching or listening to this heavyweight battle.

How to Watch

Time: 2:00 PM ET


Streaming:, SlingTV

Radio: Virginia Sports Radio Network, and the Virginia Sports app

Odds: Houston -2.5

Pregame Content

The Big Preview: UVA Basketball Tips Off Versus #5 Houston

Streaking the Lawn Podcast: Previewing Houston

Recent analysis/Content

Three reasons why UVA basketball is a National Championship contender this season

Why UVA women’s basketball can compete for the ACC Title

Be sure to follow us on Twitter as we live tweet today’s game!

Streaking the Lawn — @STL_UVA

Zach Carey — @Zach_Carey_

Dan Siegel — @DanSiegelShow

Ryan Reese — @HoosOn_First

Ben Wieland — @BenWieland

Paul Guttman — @Tiki_UVA

Will Campbell — @WillC_45

Paul Wiley — @PaulWileyVA

Lastly, here are some of UVA’s pregame media notes:

All-Time vs. Houston

• UVA is 3-4 all-time vs. Houston in the series that dates to Dec. 16, 1982, when the teams squared off in Tokyo, Japan.

• The Cavaliers defeated the Cougars 72-63 without Ralph Sampson, who missed the game with an illness. UVA radio analyst Jimmy Miller had 14 points in the win for the Cavaliers.

• UVA traveled to Hawaii from Japan and suffered its historic loss two games later against Chaminade (with Sampson) on Dec. 23, 1982.

• The teams square off in Charlottesville for the first time since the Cavaliers posted a 72-54 win over the Cougars on Dec. 9, 1989, at University Hall.

Last Time vs. The Cougars

• Marcus Sasser scored 19 points and Kyler Edwards added 18 as then-No. 15 Houston defeated UVA 67-47 on Nov. 16, 2021.

• UVA committed 12 first-half turnovers, which led to 14 Houston points as the Cougars extended their home-winning streak to 28 games.

• Armaan Franklin led Virginia with 11 points and Kody Stattmann added eight points.

• Stattmann matched a career high with a pair of 3-pointers.

• Houston outrebounded UVA 34-30.

Last Time Out

• Kihei Clark scored 18 points and Jayden Gardner added 14 as No. 3 Virginia held off JMU 55-50 on Dec. 6 at John Paul Jones Arena.

• Despite shooting 27 percent from the field, JMU hung around until the end after out-rebounding UVA, 41-33.

The Cavaliers shot 50 percent (12-24) from the charity stripe on the night, but UVA successfully maintained its leads for the entirety of the second half.

• Gardner added eight rebounds for the Cavaliers (8-0), who played most of the game without star guard Reece Beekman due to an injury.

• Ryan Dunn gave UVA a lift off the bench with four points, five rebounds and three blocks.

• Takal Molson led the Dukes with a game-high 20 points.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:57:46 -0800 Sportsman
West Virginia defensive lineman Jordan Jefferson becomes 14th player to enter portal NCAA Football: Guaranteed Rate Bowl-Minnesota at West Virginia
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


According to a report from On3Sports’ Matt Zenitz, Jordan Jefferson has entered his name into the NCAA Transfer Portal, becoming the fourteenth player for the West Virginia Mountaineers to leave the team this season.

Jefferson started all thirteen games in 2021 and all twelve games in 2022. Jefferson becomes the twelfth player from the class of 2019 to leave the program out of 19 enrollees. Between the 2019 and 2020 classes, 27 of the 40 enrolled players have left the program.

Jefferson finished the 2022 season with 31 tackles and 3 sacks, and led the team in passes defended with 5. Jordan will have two years to play one season with a full season of eligibility remaining plus a four-game redshirt available.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:54:24 -0800 Sportsman
Gonzaga vs. Alabama: Open game thread COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 04 Battle In Seattle - Alabama v Gonzaga
Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tip-off is at 10:00 am.

Time to talk some Zags.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:35 -0800 Sportsman
Gonzaga beats ‘Bama Syndication: Tuscaloosa News

The Bulldogs played their best basketball of the season against the Crimson Tide.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs found their form at the most opportune time in a trip to Birmingham, Alabama. Despite a hostile crowd and facing an Alabama team that just picked up a win against the #1 team in the country last weekend, the Zags showed their class in a 100-90 win.

Alabama’s Brandon Miller may have scored 36 points, but it was Drew Timme who showed why he should be the Wooden Award winner with 29 points and 10 rebounds to lead the Zags.

It wasn’t just the Drew Timme show. Mark Few got a full team performance from everyone, and needed it beat a very good Alabama team. Nolan Hickman overcame foul trouble and showed a calm resolve in the second half in one of his best personal performances of his career with 13 points, 4 assists, and most crucially zero turnovers. Six different Zags scored in double figures, with Anton Watson’s 17 points second behind only Timme. Watson was immense at both ends of the floor in what was also one of his career-best outings.

The first half was a rollercoaster ride. The Tide started the game like a team with its hair on fire. They were first to every loose ball and aggressive getting to the paint which had Gonzaga’s defense on its backfoot. With the crowd in their favor and seemingly endless second/third-chance scoring opportunities thanks to their rebounding prowess, Alabama looked like it was en route to a blowout victory by the first media timeout. But then the tide turned.

Gonzaga’s halfcourt defense came alive thanks in no small part to Hunter Sallis who came off the bench and locked up Alabama’s Jaden Bradley which worked to slow down the Tide’s offense. Sallis, should be credited for being the defensive catalyst that halted Alabama’s momentum early in the first half. His performance showed just how much a defensive gamewrecker can alter the complexion of the game.

Miraculously, Gonzaga managed to stay in the game in the latter stages of the first half despite a protracted offensive drought that lasted over 3 minutes thanks to an 0-10 stretch from the field. To their credit, the Zags didn’t wilt despite finding the rims to be sealed shut during that bleak stretch. The defense doubled down and made things just as difficult for Alabama, enabling Gonzaga to keep their nose in front until the offense found its feet again.

That Gonzaga was able to make it to halftime with a 47-42 lead despite shooting 27% from the three-point line is somewhat remarkable. It took a full team effort, with eight of the nine Zags who logged a minute in the first half scoring a bucket and with all of them making a big play on the defensive end.

The second half started much like the first. Alabama got the crowd back into the game in the opening minute with a 6-2 mini-run that cut Gonzaga’s lead to a single point. But the Zags didn’t wither. Timme and Hickman combined to score eight points by the first media timeout to help Gonzaga hold on to its narrow advantage despite Alabama’s Brandon Miller coming alive offensively during that stretch.

Gonzaga took a 9-point lead, its largest of the game, thanks to back-to-back threes from Watson (not a misprint) and Strawther. But, of course, Alabama happens to be a really good team and would not go away.

Miller almost single-handedly kept pace with Gonzaga’s offense, scoring 24 points in the second half, and despite the best efforts of Strawther and Watson who took turns trying to slow down the star freshman. They made a valiant effort, but there was no slowing Miller down. Keep in mind, however, that despite Miller going nuts for a career-high [], the Zags

Gonzaga has a star too, though. Timme couldn’t let Miller steal the show unchallenged and was immense to help the Zags stay in front despite the Miller onslaught. Unlike Miller, Timme didn’t have to do it alone though. Watson, Strawther, Hickman, Bolton, and Malachi Smith combined to score 36 points in the second half to match Miller’s game total and ease the burden on Timme. That complementary scoring, and some key defensive stops late in the game, proved to be the difference in the second half.

The Zags have been searching for a performance like this one from the entire team. In their last marquee game of a brutal non-conference schedule, they produced it at the perfect time.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:34 -0800 Sportsman
Gonzaga outlasts BYU NCAA Womens Basketball: Brigham Young at Gonzaga
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Kaylynn Truong’s 24 points helps push the Zags to victory in second half comeback

The Gonzaga women kicked off their conference season, taking on BYU for one of the last times before they move to the Big XII next season. Historically, the matchup has been the battle of the top two teams in the WCC, but the Cougars are rebounding from major roster construction and six of their first 10 games.

BYU showed up in the first half, hitting 7 of their final 9 field goal attempts and held a 32-29 lead. The Cougars were successful early in limiting Yvonne Ejim in the first, holding her to 3 for 7 shooting in the first half and 0-2 in the second half before fouling out.

The game highlighted the diverse talent of this roster as the team continued to recover from absences earlier in the month. And in no small part, that’s largely thanks to Kaylynn Truong’s continual growth as a playmaker and shot creator.

Truong torched the Cougars in the third quarter to retake the lead and bring the Gonzaga offense back into the game with 13 points and a perfect 4 for 4 from the field. The Zags also were able to create offense out of turnovers scoring 7 points in the third quarter off of Cougar mishaps. She scored 16 points in the second half and kept BYU at arm’s length in the fourth quarter.

The Zags’ defense clamped down in the second half and forced the Cougars into tough shot selection. BYU was just 1 for 7 from outside in the second half and keeping the Cougars to 40% shooting from the field in the second half. The Zags also played a fairly clean game, committing just 7 turnovers to BYU’s 12.

Brynna Maxwell was the second leading scoring for the Zags, largely contributing in the first half scoring 7 and hitting a couple of shots to seal it in the second half. The offense was able to surge past the Cougars thanks to second-chance points off of offensive rebounds (14 points in the second half) and 13 total points off of turnovers in the final 20 minutes.

Gonzaga’s next game is against San Diego, who is 6-5 on the season.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:33 -0800 Sportsman
Six Takeaways From the Best Day of the College Hoops Season Saturday delivered a packed slate of games between some of the sport’s elite men’s teams that could have a far-reaching impact come March.

Saturday’s college basketball slate wasn’t just the best the sport has seen this year to date; it could end up being the best of the entire season. With five ranked-vs-ranked showdowns, including battles between title contenders and several other intriguing matchups between high-major teams, the sport got a major showcase opportunity and delivered with several terrific games.

Here’s a look at some major takeaways from an action-packed Saturday.

Houston forward Kadin Shedrick, left, celebrates with forward Jayden Gardner after defeating Virginia.

Amber Searls/USA Today Sports

Houston Takes Big Step Toward a No. 1 Seed

By nature of playing in a weaker conference like the AAC, No. 5 Houston gets fewer opportunities to bolster its résumé against elite opponents than teams from more traditional power conferences. That has a direct impact on NCAA tournament seeding, as we saw last year when the Cougars were given a No. 5 seed despite entering the Big Dance as the No. 5 team in KenPom. So after missing an opportunity to break through last weekend against Alabama, the stakes were high for Houston’s No. 1 seed hopes on the road at No. 2 Virginia, and the Cougars answered the bell with a 69–61 win.

After spotting UVA the game’s first nine points, Houston controlled the game. Much of that came down to three-point shooting: A streaky Virginia team from deep made three triples in the first 7:02 of the game, but just three more the rest of the way. Meanwhile, Houston hit eight threes, a major lift against Virginia’s pack line defense that forces lots of perimeter jumpers. The Cougars generally executed well offensively despite the game’s slow pace, dishing out 17 assists on 25 made field goals and turning it over just eight times. It was the type of performance against a fellow No. 1 seed contender that the selection committee will remember come March.

Houston will now likely be favored in every game left on its schedule. Based on KenPom, they’re projected to be double-digit favorites in 17 of their 19 remaining games. It’s hard to imagine a one-loss Cougars team not getting a one seed, and the top overall seed might even be in their sights depending on how other top teams navigate league play.

Kansas Hasn’t Missed a Beat

The No. 8-ranked defending national champions reminded everyone why they should be among the top contenders to win it all this year in an 84–62 drubbing of No. 14 Indiana. The Hoosiers did lose star point guard Xavier Johnson early in the game to a foot injury, but things were already getting out of hand for IU before their floor general went down.

The major question mark with Kansas coming into the season was the team’s lack of a proven traditional big man, instead turning to undersized athletic big K.J. Adams at center. Adams has played well all season long, and brought it again Saturday against one of the best big men in the country in Trayce Jackson-Davis. Jackson-Davis was silenced offensively, particularly in the first half when KU took control of the game. And offensively, Adams’s mobility and skill as a passer gives this offense a different look than the post-up-centric bigs Bill Self has traditionally deployed.

Kansas also continues to get great point guard play from Dajuan Harris, who dished out 10 assists and added three steals to go with his 10 points on the night. Harris belongs on any list of the best point guards in the country, consistently getting teammates the ball in the right spots. For Kansas to not just win, but dominate against a good Indiana team in a game their best player in Jalen Wilson shot 4-for-18 from the field is a clear statement that this group is among the nation’s elite.

North Carolina Breaks Through

It’s far too soon to know whether North Carolina’s 89–84 overtime victory over No. 23 Ohio State will go down as an aberration. But if the Tar Heels end up turning things around and living up to their preseason No. 1 billing, this win (and how they won it) should be remembered as a potential turning point.

Ohio State led most of the way, including by double figures in the second half. The Heels’ defense struggled to get stops, Carolina got relatively little from its bench and shot just 6-for-28 from deep. Despite all that, UNC battled back, getting a 28-point, 15-rebound performance from Armando Bacot reminiscent of the team’s NCAA tournament run and 20-plus points each from R.J. Davis and Caleb Love. And after Ohio State regained the lead in the final seconds, the Heels executed perfectly to get a clean look for Pete Nance that tied the game as the buzzer sounded on regulation.

There are still some structural flaws with this Carolina team, but maybe the Heels are starting to get their March mojo back. Bacot and Love made clear during PK85, which marked the start of the team’s four-game losing skid that knocked them from No. 1 to unranked, that the team was still gelling despite returning four starters. Wins like this one have a way of bringing a group together, and there’s no debating the Heels have the pieces to make noise nationally still.

Alabama guard Jaden Bradley tries to work through a screen by Gonzaga forward Drew Timme as he defends Zags guard Nolan Hickman.


Gonzaga Explodes Offensively Against Alabama

For No. 15 Gonzaga to push for a national championship, the Bulldogs need to be elite on the offensive end. A team built around Drew Timme at center without an eraser like Chet Holmgren blocking shots on the back end is always going to have its flaws defensively. Saturday’s 100–90 win in Birmingham against No. 4 Alabama was the first time this season Gonzaga’s offense has truly felt overwhelming, a great sign for a team that has dealt with question marks in the backcourt throughout a loaded nonconference schedule.

Timme getting whatever he wants offensively often feels like a given with the Zags. The difference against Alabama was how well the team’s supporting cast played. Nolan Hickman looked far more in command of the offense than he has at times this season, as the sophomore point guard didn’t force anything and tallied 13 points and four assists with just one turnover. Malachi Smith and Rasir Bolton got into the lane and made things happen. Plus, x-factor Anton Watson had one of the best offensive games of his career, putting up 17 points and five rebounds in addition to his always-steady defensive work.

To win in what was essentially a road game against an Alabama team coming off wins over Houston and Memphis in the last week was incredibly impressive, and showed off the blueprint for this team to make a deep March run. It may take some scoring outputs in the 90s and 100s for the Zags to go to a Final Four, but they proved Saturday against one of the best teams in the country that they’re up for the challenge.

UCLA Adds to Winning Week

After missing two big opportunities in close games against Illinois and Baylor in November, No. 16 UCLA entered this week needing résumé-topping wins before entering Pac-12 play. And after beating Maryland resoundingly in College Park Wednesday, the Bruins stayed on the East Coast and got a huge 63–53 win over No. 13 Kentucky in the second game of the CBS Sports Classic.

As they have for much of the season, UCLA relied heavily on its “Big 3” of Tyger Campbell, Jaime Jaquez and Jaylen Clark. That trio accounted for nearly 80% of the team’s shots in the game, making big plays when it mattered to help stem the tide of a Kentucky comeback and come away with an impressive victory. This was a grind-it-out affair reminiscent of the games Mick Cronin’s teams won regularly when he led Cincinnati, battling their way to victory despite making just two threes in the game. The Bruins leaned on their defense, holding defending National Player of the Year Oscar Tshiebwe to just eight points on 4-for-12 shooting. Meanwhile, Kentucky guards Cason Wallace and Antonio Reeves never got going, shooting a combined 4-for-26 from the field.

UCLA needs more from freshmen Amari Bailey and Adem Bona, who scored just three combined points and struggled to make an impact after appearing to have turned the corner over the last month. Bailey in particular could prove to be a pivotal piece come March because of his ability to create his own shot, a skill set not replicated on this Bruins roster.

No. 1 Purdue Survives a Scare

Last season, Purdue climbed to No. 1 in the AP Poll in early December, then immediate lost its first game as No. 1 to Rutgers and never regained the top spot.

The Boilermakers were able to avoid a similar fate this time around with a 69–61 win over Davidson, but its first foray as the nation’s No. 1 didn’t go as smoothly as had hoped. Purdue struggled to put away a Wildcats team with losses to Charlotte and Delaware on its recent ledger, and for the second straight game struggled offensively after being virtually unstoppable in November. Some of that offensive slowdown can be attributed to shooting variance: Purdue shot just 3-of-25 from deep Saturday after a 7-for-29 performance against Nebraska last weekend, two of the three worst marks the Boilers have shot this season.

Still, with No. 3 UConn once again cruising in a 19-point win at Butler on Saturday, expect the debate over who should top the polls to intensify this week. The Huskies are ranked No. 1 on KenPom, while Purdue comes in at No. 7 on the analytics-based rankings platform. 

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Dick Vitale Receives Standing Ovation During Indiana&Kansas The beloved broadcaster was overcome with emotion at the touching gesture.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Few figures can bring together college basketball quite like Dick Vitale. That proved to be the case on Saturday afternoon in Lawrence, when Kansas fans and Indiana supporters joined forces to celebrate the beloved broadcaster. 

Early in the afternoon game between the Jayhawks and the Hoosiers, fans of both storied programs gave Vitale—who was on the call for ESPN—a standing ovation. Almost the entire arena was on its feet to celebrate the 83-year-old color commentator. 

Vitale, who returned to broadcasting for the network earlier this season after stepping away last year due to a lymphoma diagnosis and dysplasia on his vocal cords, was noticeably emotional upon seeing the touching gesture from the crowd in Allen Fieldhouse. 

After the lymphoma diagnosis in Oct. 2021, the 83-year-old also learned that he had dysplasia on his vocal cords in December of last year, which forced him to step away from his role with ESPN. Vitale ended up missing nearly the entire 2021–22 college basketball season.

In August, Vitale declared that he was “cancer free.” The longtime broadcaster returned to the sideline this November to call a matchup between Kentucky and Michigan State in the 2022 Champions Classic.

Vitale said on that broadcast, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, to so many who encouraged me and inspired me to really battle, and to win that battle.”

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:22 -0800 Sportsman
How the Vikings pulled off the biggest comeback in NFL history vs. Colts Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Vikings really did that.

The Indianapolis Colts successfully kicked a field goal on the opening drive of the game against the Minnesota Vikings in their Week 15 matchup. Then the Colts blocked a punt for a touchdown on the Vikings’ first possession. When Minnesota got the ball back, they fumbled two plays later, and Colts took advantage of the field position for another touchdown. The Vikings then turned the ball over in four plays, and the Colts took advantage with a field goal. The Vikings turned it over again in four plays, and the Colts kicked another field goal.

When the Vikings defense finally stopped the Colts, Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins responded by throwing a pick-six to Colts safety Julian Blackmon. The Colts added one more field goal just before halftime to take a 33-0 lead into the break.

Game over, right? Not quite. The Vikings stormed back to win, 39-36, in overtime for the biggest comeback in NFL history. The dethrones the Bills’ 32-point comeback over the Houston Oilers in 1993 for the biggest comeback the league has ever seen. Kicker Greg Joseph’s 40-yard field goal in OT gave the Vikings the win, and also clinched the division championship.

Since 1930, NFL teams were 1,548-1-1 when leading by 30 points or more. Make it 1,548-2-1.

The win probability chart shows just how ridiculous this comeback was:

The biggest play on the game happened with just over two minutes left in regulation. After forcing a turnover on downs, Minnesota’s first play was a short throw to star running back Dalvin Cook, who busted it 64 yards for a touchdown. The Vikings would get the two-point conversation to the game.

Justin Jefferson also had himself a night, finishing with 12 catches for 123 yards and a touchdown. Jefferson might be the best wide out in the NFL, and he proved it in this game.

His touchdown came on an absolutely nasty move into the red zone. That Colts defensive back still doesn’t know what hit him.

Kirk Cousins also got the last laugh. The Vikings QB became a meme early in the game for falling over when his lineman stepped on his foot:

This looked like it was shaping up to be a brutal game for Cousins after the pick-six, but he bounced back like a champ. Cousins ended the night 34-of-54 for 460 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions. Cousins got the last laugh, but even he couldn’t believe this one.

For a moment, it seemed like the game was destined to end in a tie. The Vikings only needed a tie to clinch the NFC North, and the Colts would have become the first team in league history to ever have two ties in one season. Instead, Cousins hit a big strike down the middle of the field on the Vikings’ final drive to set up the game-winning field goal.

Here’s the game-winning field goal from the Vikings. Announcer Paul Allen lost his mind. Rightfully so.

The Vikings are going to the playoffs for the first time since 2019. At 11-3, they currently hold the No. 2 seed in the NFC Playoff picture. This kid is excited about it:

What a win for the Vikings. It’s been easy for many analysts to discount Minnesota’s success this season, but it’s going to be hard to continue to doubt the Vikings after a comeback like this.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:14 -0800 Sportsman
Frank Gore Jr. has a record&breaking night for Southern Miss NCAA Football: LendingTree Bowl-Rice vs Southern Mississippi
Robert McDuffie-USA TODAY Sports

Running back Frank Gore Jr. sets a number of records in the Lending Tree Bowl

Running back Frank Gore Jr. had a tremendous season for Southern Miss this year. He finished the year with 1,053 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns, along with 19 receptions for 219 yards. All of those numbers represented career-high marks for the RB.

But he took his game to a new level in the Lending Tree Bowl against Rice on Saturday night.

The sophomore running back exploded for 329 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns on just 21 carries, helping the Golden Eagles top Rice by a final score of 38-24.

Gore’s 329 rushing yards were the highest single-game mark of a player this season, topping Pittsburgh’s Israel Abanikanda, who ran for 320 yards and 6 touchdowns in Pittsburgh’s 45-29 win over Virginia Tech back on October 8.

Gore also set the all-time mark for rushing yards in a bowl game, surpassing the effort from Camerun Peoples from 2020, who ran for 319 yards and 5 touchdowns for Appalachian State in their win over North Texas in the 2020 Myrtle Beach Bowl:

The 329 rushing yards from Gore on Saturday night also set a new school record, as Gore surpassed Sam Dejarnette, who ran for 304 yards back in 1982 against Florida State.

Gore got going early in the game, ripping off this 64-yard touchdown run to give the Golden Eagles a 14-0 lead:

Gore’s third touchdown run of the night was masterful. Watch as he weaves his way through the Rice defense, en route to a 55-yard touchdown run:

During the regular season, Gore also completed 5 of 11 passes for 160 yards and 2 scores. So, to add to his record-breaking night, he had to throw a touchdown pass into the mix for good measure:

Not a bad night. Not a bad night at all.

Now that we’ve made it this far, we can admit it.

We feel old now right?

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:10 -0800 Sportsman
Ja Morant got the weirdest ejection of the NBA season after interaction with fan

Morant was ejected after talking with a courtside fan. Then he did FaceTime with them.

Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies have been the hottest team in the NBA for the last few weeks, riding a stretch of nine wins in the last 10 games to rise to the top of the Western Conference standings. Morant and the Grizzlies traveled to play the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night, and a rough second quarter for Memphis went from bad to worse when Morant was ejected before halftime.

The Thunder beat the Grizzlies, 115-109, in a game marred by Morant’s ejection for a seemingly friendly interaction with a courtside fan. Just before halftime, Morant was talking back and forth with a fan before referee Ray Acosta kicked the superstar point guard out of the game. Morant continued to gesture to the fan as he was leaving the court, seemingly signaling that it was all good between them. As the Thunder continued to take control of the game with Morant in the locker room, his father Tee Morant did FaceTime with Ja and went over to chat with the fans he got ejected for talking to.

Watch Morant’s ejection here:

What did Morant really get kicked out for? This feels like an incredibly soft ejection, and it robs the OKC fans who paid high ticket prices to come to the game a chance to see a superstar like Morant for four quarters. The Grizzlies seem to have no idea what Morant did to deserve the ejection. For his part, Morant gave the fan thumbs up as he walked off the floor.

Here’s video of Morant’s dad going over the courtside fans so Ja could speak with them over FaceTime:

The officials explained why Morant was ejected after the game. They said he was assessed the first technical foul because he used profanity directed at an official, and then he got a second technical for questioning the integrity of the officiating.

Here’s Morant’s response to the officials’ explanation. Cap means lie.

No one is coming to the arena to see the refs. They need to chill out, control the game, and let the best players decide the outcome.

The Grizzlies remain on top of the West despite the loss because the New Orleans Pelicans also lost to the Phoenix Suns. Memphis’ seven-game winning streak is no more, and they’re about to tested with games against the Nuggets, Suns (x2), Raptors, Pelicans, and Kings looming (also the Stephen Curry-less Warriors).

This is the strangest ejection of the NBA season so far. Let’s hope Morant can keep being himself while staying on the court.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:53:09 -0800 Sportsman
Women’s Basketball Heads to Furman for Sunday Match&Up

RADFORD, Va. – The Radford women's basketball program continues their three-game road trip this Stunday, December 18th at Furman. Sunday's game will be the second meeting over the last two seasons between these two squads. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:46:27 -0800 Sportsman
Rutgers Routs Wake Forest, 81&57
Caleb McConnell and Rutgers face off against Wake Forest | Jersey Mike’s Arena, Piscataway, NJ | December 17th, 2022 | Rutgers Athletics

After two consecutive losses, the Knights rediscover their offense and cruise to a big victory

After two painful losses over the past nine days, the first against Ohio State on a non-call that should have negated the Buckeyes’s game-winning buzzer-beater, and the second against in-state rival Seton Hall where Rutgers couldn’t hit a layup and only mustered 43 total points, the Knights left no doubt at a sold-out Jersey Mikes Arena this Saturday afternoon.

1st Half Action

Rutgers started quick, scoring their first bucket on a Caleb McConnell steal and dunk off the opening tip and would open the game on an 11-4 run. Wake would counter however. Their electric star point guard Tyree Appleby powered through an injured ankle to run the Wake offense and keep the Demon Deacons within striking distance. With the help of a hot start by 3-point sharpshooter Damari Monsanto, the Deacs would pull within 18-15 at the 12:30 mark of the first half.

A dunk by Clifford Omoruyi and jumpers by Paul Mulcahy and Mawot Mag would push the Knights’s lead back up to seven but Wake’s Monsanto would hit another 3-pointer to pull the Demon Deacs within 24-20 at the 9:10 mark. Rutgers would counterpunch with a 12-0 run that included three-pointers by Derek Simpson and Aundre Hyatt and two fast-break buckets by defensive stalwart Caleb McConnell to push their lead to 16 points.

Wake was not done however, going on their own mini-run and outscoring Rutgers 13-7 over the final five minutes of the half, giving the Deacons a glimmer of hope as the teams headed to their respective locker-rooms with Rutgers holding a 43-33 advantage.

Unlike the prior game against a big, physical Seton Hall team that kept Rutgers out of the paint and muscled the Knights off the ball, the Knights were able to impose their will on the Demon Deacons. The 43 points in the first half matched Rutgers’s total output last game against the Pirates.

Wake shot 55 % in the first half, including 6 of 9 on 3-pointers. The problem for Wake was Rutgers was hotter, shooting an even more impressive 59% on 17-29 shooting.

2nd Half Action

Like the first half, Rutgers came out firing on all cylinders, opening on a 12-2 run that doubled their lead to 20 points. Wake would counter with their own 12-2 run to pull within ten points, 57-47, at the 13:23 mark.

Caleb McConnell would quickly seize momentum back for the Knights, hitting a 3-pointer to start an 18-5 run and 75-52 commanding lead that would squash any thoughts of a Wake comeback. As is the norm under a coach Pike team, the Knights defense clamped down in the 2nd half, holding the Demon Deacons to a paltry 29% shooting (8 for 28).

Following another dunk by Big Cliff and a couple made free throws by Mulcahy, Jalen Miller would punctuate the afternoon on a beautiful move to the basket and add the Knight’s 80th and 81st points. Final score: Rutgers 81, Wake Forest 57.


Caleb McConnell on guarding Tyree Appleby

“I mean, it was all part of the game plan, really, especially a guard like that, man. He’s been giving guys – he’s been giving teams a lot of problems. Especially getting downhill and making shots and really just running the whole team and throwing cross-court passes. The kid is good and he’s probably one of the best guards in the country. He kind of controls that team. So I really just want to just take him out of his game and really just kind of frustrate him and just smother him. I feel like as a team, we did an awesome job. Our bigs – I want to salute to my bigs, because my bigs did an awesome job on every ball screen coverage. They were up to touch, we were doubling them and just getting the ball out his hands. He’s an awesome guard, they’ve got an awesome coach and their play style is really good and it fits him. Just coming in, I just really just wanted to frustrate him. That’s it.” (Courtesy Rutgers Athletics)

Key Stats

  • The Scarlet Knights scored 26 points off 22 Wake Forest turnovers, including 14 steals.
  • Rutgers got out in the fast break and Wake didn’t, with the Knights outscoring the Deacons 20-8 in fast-break points.
  • And most impressive, Rutgers completely dominated the paint, outscoring Wake 44-16 for the game and 20-4 in the 2nd half.
  • The Scarlet Knights earned their first-ever win against the Demon Deacons. RU’s shooting percentage (58.5 percent) is the highest against a Power 5 opponent in the Steve Pikiell-era dating back to 2016.

Five Thoughts

  1. The one concern coming into this game was if Rutgers could contain electric point guard Tyler Appleby, Damari Monsanto, and a very dangerous sharpshooting team from behind the arc. Appleby, who was averaging 19 points per game coming in, was removed with four fouls at the 12-minute mark and never returned, finishing with a stat line of 10 points and 2 assists. He was obviously slowed down with the ankle injury but credit Rutgers’s relentless defense for making his afternoon mostly miserable.
  2. Speaking of defense, Rutgers continues to perform at an elite level, no matter the level of competition. The Knights are currently the No. 3 ranked team in the nation in adjusted defense per KenPom. While fans may rightfully worry about where the points are going to come from on offense, this D has yet to take a game off. Credit to coach Pike and this staff for building a consistent identity the team can hang their hats on.
  3. Caleb McConnell. He was a thorn in the side of Wake players all game and continues to be a joy to watch in an age where defense, steals, and diving for loose balls is frequently an afterthought. When he can add 13 points on an efficient 5 of 11 shooting like he did today, this team is very difficult to beat.
  4. Mulcahy needed to show something today after an abysmal performance against Seton Hall. Mulcahy made it a point to penetrate the defense, limit errant passes and turnovers, and get the ball down low to Cliff and the playmakers.
  5. Spencer also needed to show something and he did - playing confidently, moving with purpose, taking the open shot, and scoring 15 points in only 20 minutes of play on a perfect 5-5 shooting.

Impact Players


Damari Monsanto

  • Led Wake Forest with 22 points on 7-15 shooting, including 6 3-pointers


The Knights shared the basketball with five players scoring in double figures:

  • Cam Spencer had a nice bounce-back game, finishing with a team-high 15 points and looking quick in movement and confident with his open looks
  • Big Cliff just missed another double-double, netting 14 points and pulling down 9 rebounds
  • Caleb McConnell added 13 points along with 2 blocks and 3 steals on defense
  • Like Spencer, Mulcahy also had a nice bounce-back game, scoring 10 points and most importantly, leading the team with 7 assists and 3 steals. That’s the type of stat line one expects from a quality point guard.
  • Aundre Hyatt added 10 points and 6 rebounds but was a shaky 2 of 7 on 3-pointers
  • Derek Simpson logged quality minutes, scoring 7 points in 26 minutes and tallying a block and steal
  • Mawot Mag added 8 points and 2 steals

Next Up:

The Knights have six days off before hosting Bucknell on Friday (5 p.m., Big Ten Network), the second-to-last non-conference game. The Scarlet Knights will then play Coppin State at Jersey Mike’s Arena on Dec. 30 before playing at Purdue on Jan. 2.

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Watch: Bungling burglars botch Big Barrel burglary, chain hit twice in the same night Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:34:23 -0800 Sportsman Queensland police shooting: Cop killer’s alleged illegal truckload of weapons and border breach Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:34:23 -0800 Sportsman Paul Lewis: Why I’m desperate for Lionel Messi and Argentina to lose the World Cup final against France Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:34:23 -0800 Sportsman Purdue, Texas, Houston lead the Power 36 college basketball rankings Purdue (8-0) remains atop Andy Katz's Power 36 college basketball rankings while Maryland (8-0) enters the top 10. ]]> Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:32:56 -0800 Sportsman 2023 March Madness bracket predictions one month into the season, by Andy Katz Andy Katz shares his bracket predictions for the 2023 NCAA men's basketball tournament after one month of action. Houston, Virginia, Purdue and UConn are his four No. 1 seeds. ]]> Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:32:52 -0800 Sportsman Houston drops Virginia in top&5, non&conference college basketball battle No. 5 Houston defeated No. 2 Virginia on Saturday in Charlottesville. Here's how it happened. ]]> Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:32:46 -0800 Sportsman Heat Land Timberwolves’ D’Angelo Russell In Bold Trade Scenario Sometimes, it’s best to take the path of least resistance. Sometimes. There’s no reason to make your life more complicated than it needs to be. The same can be said about the NBA.

At the same time, life gets complicated. Sometimes, you can’t make it any easier. 

The pick-and-roll is perhaps the simplest play in basketball. It’s also highly impactful. At the same time, every team can’t base their attack around it. 

For example, look at the Minnesota Timberwolves. D’Angelo Russell is highly dependent on pick-and-roll sets to generate offensive.

Unfortunately, those actions can sometimes alienate Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns – the Wolves’ two best players. 

Should they move Russell for a point guard who makes for a better fit with their roster? 

The post Heat Land Timberwolves’ D’Angelo Russell In Bold Trade Scenario appeared first on NBA Analysis Network.

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76ers Land Magic’s Gary Harris In Bold Trade Scenario Every NBA team wants to contend for the NBA championship. Eventually. Sometimes, knowing how close a team is can be difficult. 

After all, every team’s record doesn’t reflect their potential. Some teams are loaded with talent, and it just hasn’t clicked yet. If it does, they could end up in the running for a championship. 

Take the Philadelphia 76ers. They feature a former MVP in James Harden and a perennial MVP candidate in Joel Embiid.

Yet, at 15-12, they have not looked the part of serious contenders this season. 

Perhaps the Sixers need some tinkering. This team is set for top-shelf talent, but adding a quality rotation player could get them on track. 

Here’s a deal that has them doing exactly that. 

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Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:31:49 -0800 Sportsman
3 Trade Ideas For Mavs To Get Luka Doncic Needed Help For a long time, the NBA was defined by super teams. The best route to an NBA title was to have three star players on your team at the same time. 

Recently, homegrown teams seem to be making a comeback. The last two champions were mostly headlined by players drafted by those teams. At the same time, they still had star talent. 

The NBA champion will always have star talent. Realistically, they’ll always have more than one player who could be classified as a star.

After all, this is the most talented basketball league in the world. 

Luka Doncic is a superstar. Nobody could deny that. On the other hand, none of his teammates on the Dallas Mavericks could be classified as such. Doncic needs help. 

Here are three trades that aim to get it for him. 

The post 3 Trade Ideas For Mavs To Get Luka Doncic Needed Help appeared first on NBA Analysis Network.

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Mustangs Hand #4 Mavericks First Loss of Season

MARSHALL, Minn. —- #4 Minnesota State suffered its first loss of the season Saturday as it fell to Southwest Minnesota State 88-85. ]]>
Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:29:23 -0800 Sportsman
Moravian Tops Lebanon Valley in Final Road Non&Conference Game of the Season Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:27:13 -0800 Sportsman Mid&Major matchups to watch this weekend: Dec. 17 &amp; 18 NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Air Force
Who will prevail as Richard Pitino’s New Mexico gets set to host Rick Pitino’s Iona? | Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We’re got more mid-major’s looking for power-5 upsets, a father and son matchup and a few battles between ‘Other Top 25’ programs

Saturday’s Slate:

No. 25 Miami vs. Saint Francis (PA) - noon ET, ACC Network

The Red Flash will get its third power-5 opponent of the season as it travels to take on the Hurricanes, who will be tasked with handling the nation’s fourth-most officiant offensive player in Josh Cohen.

No. 4 Alabama vs. No. 15 Gonzaga - 1 p.m. ET, CBS

While still barely a mid-major program… The Bulldogs will face their sixth ranked opponent of the season with the 9-1 Crimson Tide, who is coming off two consecutive mid-major wins over former No. 1 Houston and Memphis.

Duquesne vs. Indiana State - 2 p.m. ET, ESPN+

After picking up a win over DePaul, the 8-3 Dukes will welcome in the top squad from the Missouri Valley Conference in the 9-2 Sycamores, coming off of six wins in their last seven matchups.

No. 2 Virginia vs. No. 5 Houston - 2 p.m. ET, ESPN2

After suffering their first loss of the season to Alabama just last week, the Cougars will travel to Charlottesville, Va., for a matchup against another top contender in the Cavaliers.

UMass vs. North Texas - 3 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Perhaps our most exciting mid-major vs. mid-major matchup of the weekend featuring two squads ranked in The Other Top 25. Ths 8-2 Minutemen will host the 8-2 Mean Green in what should be an interesting contrast of uptempo vs. slow basketball.

Rice vs. Northwestern State - 3 p.m. ET, C-USA TV

Having taken Texas to the brink at the Moody Center on Monday, the Owls will get a shot at a top mid-major program in the Demons, led by DeMarcus Sharp.

No. 17 Mississippi State vs. Nicholls State - 3 p.m. ET, SEC Network

Coming off back-to-back wins and a 1-0 start to Southland play, the Colonels will get their second ranked opponent of the season in the undefeated Bulldogs.

Syracuse vs. Cornell - 3 p.m. ET, ACC Network

A high scoring Big Red offense, averaging the 11th most points per game in the nation, will travel to take on Syracuse who’ve been something of a mid-major punching bag this season with losses to Colgate and Bryant.

Marshall vs. Toledo - 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Another matchup of The Other Top 25 programs as the 9-2 Thundering Herd will battle with the 7-3 Rockets coming off of back-to-back wins.

St. Joseph’s vs. Villanova - 4 p.m. ET, CBS Sports

The Holy War of Philadelphia makes its annual return. While St. Joe’s is struggling so far, this might be their best chance at defeating the Wildcats in recent memory.

Hampton vs. Norfolk State - 4 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Kickoff of the Boost Mobile HBCU Challenge hosted by Chris Paul with the Pirates coming off two wins from their last three and the Spartans representing the MEAC as last year’s NCAA Tournament bid.

No. 18 Illinois vs. Alabama A&M - 4 p.m. ET, Big Ten Network

It’s been a tough start to the season for the 4-6 Bulldogs who’ve played some pretty solid mid-major talent but now they’ll face their first power-5 and nationally ranked opponent in the Illini.

No. 24 Virginia Tech vs. Grambling State - 4 p.m. ET, ESPN+

After beating Vanderbilt, the Tigers will look to make it back-to-back power-5 wins as they travel to face the Hokies.

No. 10 Arkansas vs. Bradley - 4 p.m. ET

For our third consecutive ranked game in the 4 p.m. slot, the 7-3 Braves will have to try and defeat the Razorbacks who’ve had no trouble with mid-major competition so far this season.

UNLV vs. San Francisco - 5 p.m. ET, Mountain West Network

The Rebels undefeated streak is on the line against the 8-3 Dons, who are considered a top mid-major program and a contender in the WCC.

No. 1 Purdue vs. Davidson - 6:15 p.m. ET, Big Ten Network

Foster Loyer vs. Fletcher Loyer - let’s see who prevails.

Texas Southern vs. North Carolina A&T - 6:30 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Game two of the Boost Mobile HBCU Challenge hosted by Chris Paul pins the Tigers against an Aggies team with three wins from their last four.

Memphis vs. Texas A&M - 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU

Having defeated Vanderbilt, Nebraska, Ole Miss and Auburn, the Tigers will get a chance to earn another power-5 win against a the up and down Aggies.

Grand Canyon vs. Pepperdine - 8 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Can one of the nation’s most officiant guards in Maxwell Lewis get it done for the Waves at the rowdy GCU Arena?

Saint Louis vs. Drake - 8 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Two mid-major’s that started the season with high hopes but have somewhat underwhelmed over the past two weeks will both get a chance to rebound as the Billikens host the Bulldogs.

Sunday’s Showdowns:

UNC Wilmington vs. High Point - 2 p.m. ET, FloHoops

The Seahawks will look to keep their undefeated streak against mid-majors alive as they welcome in an 8-2 Panthers squad with a few quality wins on their resume.

Chattanooga vs. Belmont - 2 p.m. ET, ESPN+

Jake Stephens, need I say anymore? He’ll have to get it done against a competitive Bruins side sitting 6-5 to start the season.

North Carolina A&T vs. Norfolk State - 2 p.m. ET, ESPNU

Day two and game three of the Boost Mobile HBCU Challenge hosted by Chris Paul will see the Aggies and the Spartans do battle.

Boise State vs. Oakland - 4 p.m. ET, Mountain West Network

The 9-2 Broncos on an eight-game win streak will be faced with a struggling but always well coached Oakland program led by Gregg Kampe.

Hampton vs. Texas Southern - 4:30 p.m. ET, ESPNU

The final matchup of the Boost Mobile HBCU Challenge hosted by Chris Paul will see two recent NCAA Tournament representatives in The Pirates and the Tigers matchup.

Colorado vs. Northern Colorado - 5 p.m. ET, Pac-12 Network

After defeating Colorado State last week, the Bears will have a chance to be crowned Kings of Colorado as they face a struggling Buffaloes squad, who’s 0-2 to start Pac-12 play.

No. 21 TCU vs. Mississippi Valley State - 6 p.m. ET, ESPN+

After (mistakenly) receiving a few votes in this weeks AP Poll, the 1-9 Delta Devils will get their second ranked opponent of the season as they matchup against a Horned Frogs squad that already has a mid-major upset on the resume.

New Mexico vs. Iona - 6:30 p.m. ET, Fox Sports 1

Father vs. Son with Rick Pitino and Richard Pitino matching up as the undefeated Lobos and the 7-2 Gaels, coming off five consecutive victories, are set to meet up in Albuquerque.

Saint Mary’s vs. Colorado State - 8 p.m. ET, WCC Network

Having secured wins over nationally ranked San Diego State and New Mexico State, the Gaels have an opportunity to keep rolling but will need to find a win against a 7-4 Rams program.

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Video: Bill Self, Kansas players react to win against Indiana LAWRENCE, Kan. – Bill Self, Kevin McCullar Jr., Dajuan Harris and Gradey Dick addressed the media following an 84-62 Kansas win over Indiana on Saturday at Phog Allen Fieldhouse. Watch their postgame comments below: (Video via The Phog on YouTube)

The post Video: Bill Self, Kansas players react to win against Indiana appeared first on Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:17:00 -0800 Sportsman
In 22&point loss to Kansas, Indiana faces the same problems from loss to Arizona What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas, at least not for Indiana basketball. Seven days ago, the Hoosiers started flat against Arizona, struggling with turnovers, making shots and containing the opposing frontcourt. The 89-75 loss felt dismal to everyone ...

The post In 22-point loss to Kansas, Indiana faces the same problems from loss to Arizona appeared first on Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis.

Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:16:59 -0800 Sportsman
Five takeaways from Indiana’s loss at Kansas LAWRENCE, Kan. — Indiana lost its third game of the season, 84-62 at Kansas on Saturday afternoon. Here are five takeaways from Indiana’s disappointing loss: Kansas limits TJD offensively and IU struggles without Johnson Indiana’s two best players, Trayce Jackson-Davis ...

The post Five takeaways from Indiana’s loss at Kansas appeared first on Inside the Hall | Indiana Hoosiers Basketball News, Recruiting and Analysis.

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Women&apos;s Basketball Defeats CBU in Overtime Sun, 18 Dec 2022 00:04:54 -0800 Sportsman Saturday: Second Trine around Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:52:30 -0800 Sportsman Nationally&Ranked Captains Travel to San Juan for Two Games in the Puerto Rico Clasico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- The undefeated Christopher Newport women's basketball team heads out of the country to put its pristine 9-0 record on the line this week with a pair of games in the Puerto Rico Clásico. The nationally-ranked Captains will face off against Colorado College on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. locally, 5:00 p.m. Eastern, and will close the trip against SUNY Cortland on Monday night at 8:00/7:00 p.m. ]]>
Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:50:20 -0800 Sportsman
Joe Mazzulla stresses defense during Celtics’ shooting slump: ‘has to be our identity’ Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Boston has entered a cold spell from behind the three-point arc, but their defense can’t keep suffering because of it.

BOSTON – A third loss in four games saw TD Garden fans leave disappointed on Friday night as the Boston Celtics fell to the Orlando Magic, 117-109. After dropping two of their three games in California (and just scraping by in the one win they walked away with), a homestand seemed to be exactly what Boston needed, but their return home and the return of Robert Williams was spoiled.

It wasn’t spoiled by a superstar, an insane stat line, or a hard-fought battle. Instead, the Celtics got in their own way, allowing Moritz Wagner to drop 25 points while their offense sputtered. After a hot start, the Celtics are officially slumping.

But just because the shots aren’t falling doesn’t mean they should stop taking them, according to head coach Joe Mazzulla. He still wants his team taking open threes when they come their way, but when the makes aren’t there, they need to adjust on defense.

“If you’re open, you gotta shoot it. And we’re open. So, I’m not going to tell someone that’s open not to shoot it… When we don’t shoot well, we need to find other areas to affect the game, and that starts with our defense.”

Boston shot just 11-of-46 (23.9%) from distance against the Magic, adding to their recent shooting woes. Over their last four games, the Celtics have the second-worst shooting percentage in the NBA at 29.5%. Sam Hauser is shooting 20.0%, Derrick White is shooting 21.4%, and Marcus Smart is shooting 28.6% from deep over that span.

However, Mazzulla still emphasized the importance of taking open shots when they’re available. He said that the Celtics were getting good looks against Orlando, but when they weren’t falling, they should have honed in on their defense to help the offense get going.

“Even when they’re not going in, you gotta fight. Keep moving the ball and shoot it. And as far as defensively, we can get stops, get out, and get easy ones. That’s just one part of it, and I think it has more to do with our defensive stretches… Just gotta get better in that area.”

It was a sloppy performance for the Celtics on Friday night, as the turnover bug has hit them again, as they gave the ball away 14 times against Orlando. They also lacked energy, allowing the Magic to hunt down offensive rebounds left and right. The Magic tallied 15 offensive boards which, in part, led to 20 second-chance points.

Jayson Tatum pointed to these problems as the main factors that prevented the Celtics from making a run. He said Boston’s lack of shot-making caused them to falter and helped the Magic get comfortable.

“S***, turnovers and missed shots. I think, in a way, we started well, but after the first seven, eight minutes, we didn’t - I feel like we kind of let turnovers and missed shots affect our play. We didn’t have much energy. And that was everybody. We had a few good plays, but we didn’t put three, four five of them together. And they got comfortable.”

Before their now-infamous three-game California skid, the Celtics had the best offense in league history. Now, that’s no longer the case. Slumps happen throughout the course of an 82-game season but responding accordingly is what’s important. For Boston, that should mean locking in on defense - their calling card all of last year. That simply hasn’t been the case.

In their last four games, the Celtics have allowed 117.8 points per game, which ranks 20th over that span. Applied to the entire season, that number would be the second-worst in the league.

Obviously, there’s some element of luck involved. The Celtics aren’t always going to shoot as well as they did to start the season, and sometimes, opposing teams just get hot. But Boston needs to be able to control what they can control. And when the shots aren’t falling, Mazzulla made it clear that the defense can’t suffer because of it.

“If it doesn’t feel like we’re playing well on offense. Our defense still has to be our identity… We just have to connect the game regardless of the result.”

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:49:56 -0800 Sportsman
A bad loss: 10 Takeaways from Celtics&Magic Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Boston wasn’t good in any phase in a home loss to Orlando

1. The Boston Celtics have lost three of their last four games. It very easily could have been four straight losses, if not for an incredible comeback to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. During that stretch, this is the first loss that qualifies as a truly bad loss.

The Orlando Magic are better than their 10-20 record. They’ve won half of their games during their current five-game win streak. As they’ve gotten healthy, the Magic are starting to show they can play.

But…they were 1-11 on the road coming into this game. Boston was 11-2 at home, with both previous losses coming in overtime. And the Celtics have vastly more experience.

Simply put: Boston should have won this game. No matter how well Orlando is playing right now, they shouldn’t be coming into TD Garden and putting a beating on the Celtics. Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

2. A major contributor to the loss was poor shooting by the Celtics. After hitting everything over the first month-and-a-half of the season, the Celtics have cooled off considerably over the last couple of weeks.

Boston started 5-of-7 from deep in this one over the first five minutes or so. They finished the game at 11-of-46. That’s 6-for-39 over the final 43 minutes of the game.

Even worse? The Celtics shot a truly awful 5-of-27 on wide-open three-pointers. If we dial it down to just open threes, Boston was 3-of-14. That’s 8-of-41 on open or wide-open shots.

In a game where the Celtics got to the free throw line on a regular basis (they took 34 free throws), it might have served Boston well to pass up some three-pointers. But, do we really want a team that has been as hot as they have passing up open to wide-open looks? Probably not.

3. Orlando isn’t a good shooting team, and they play huge lineups. That’s a recipe for a lot off offensive rebounds. When Mo Bamba grabs five offensive boards and Moe Wagner snags four, you can kind of shrug it off. But when you allow 15 total offensive rebounds for 20 second-chance points, that’s a problem.

What’s really bad is allowing Markelle Fultz to snag three offensive rebounds himself. Fultz was pretty regularly the smallest or next-to-smallest player on the floor. But he was getting to the offensive glass at will.

Long rebounds are always iffy for the defense, but Fultz is simply quicker to the ball than anyone from Boston here:

This play starts with Fultz on the floor in the middle of the paint. It ends with him outhustling two Boston players for the board:

Rob Williams is just getting back, so his timing is clearly not there. But he doesn’t get any kind of body on Fultz until it’s way too late here:

4. The Celtics had 14 turnovers, which isn’t a terrible number. But Boston also had an additional eight near-turnovers. All game long, the ballhandling and passing were sloppy, especially from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Brown had seven giveaways himself, and he had four other plays in the first half alone that should have been turnovers. Tatum only had two giveaways, but he mishandled the ball several times, which threw himself and the offense out of rhythm.

That’s sloppy basketball. Only Boston’s good transition defense and Orlando’s own sporadic offense, kept the points off turnovers from being a major problem.

5. Al Horford was ejected from the game early in the third quarter. Horford threw an elbow at Moe Wagner on an inbounds blow and replays show he made contact. It’s unclear what had Horford upset enough to throw the elbow, even if Jayson Tatum said postgame that Horford was just trying to get himself free.

No matter what, the Celtics started to unravel after that play. The Magic ripped off an 8-0 run to extend their lead to 19. Boston made a few runs, but never truly threatened after that.

Tatum picked up a technical foul himself during that Orlando run. He had gotten hit on a prior drive, so his complaint was valid, but taking it to the point of a technical foul, as things were getting away from Boston, was unnecessary. The Celtics should be past this by this point, but all too often let the officiating get into their heads.

6. Boston’s off-ball defense, Jaylen Brown in particular, continues to be baffling bad. In the switching defense, the Celtics ask everyone to hold up against whoever they pick up. Too many times this season, when he’s away from the play, Brown has lost focus. This is a simple back cut by Moe Wagner for the easy dunk when Brown falls asleep off-ball:

There are a lot more clips like that from this season. Brown isn’t the only offender, but teams have realized they can cut him for easy looks when he’s guarding away from the ball.

7. Let’s focus on a couple of positives. The bigs were back and they both looked pretty good!

Starting with Al Horford, he played well before getting tossed. The Celtics really missed him being a threat from deep over the last several games. This trailing three is a big part of the offense that Boston didn’t have on the west coast swing:

Horford has also been the team’s best rim protector. He’s regularly given his teammates help inside. This is a smart play to drop off his man to block the shot from Franz Wagner:

Horford can still hold his own in 1-on-1 defense too. This is good stuff against Paolo Banchero:

8. We saved him until near the end to end on a high note, but Rob Williams was back! And he looked pretty good too. Williams looked quick and bouncy. Best of all? He didn’t seem to be favoring his leg/knee at all. There was none of that dragging himself up and down the court that we saw during last season’s playoffs.

Williams made his presence felt by hammering home a lob from Marcus Smart after being in the game for less than two minutes:

After picking up some rust-impacted fouls during his early run, Williams was better in his latter stints. To open the second quarter, he did what only he can do on this team by sending this shot into the seats:

There’s always a worry when a guy is coming back from injury that he could tighten up at halftime. Williams was ready to go. This was a loud putback dunk:

A little later, Jayson Tatum threw it up in the general vicinity of the rim, trusting Williams would take care of the rest:

Welcome back Rob! It’s great to have you.

9. Consider this a modest proposal…Should Joe Mazzulla consider changing up the rotation?

Some of that is going to happen naturally with Rob Williams back. He’ll take most of the minutes that have gone to Luke Kornet and Blake Griffin. But Mazzulla could do a little more too.

Sam Hauser started off red-hot this season from behind the arc. After going 3-of-6 from downtown in a blowout win over the Charlotte Hornets, Hauser has hit a shooting slump. He’s at just 24.2% from behind the arc over his last nine games.

It might be time to consider going a little smaller and giving Payton Pritchard some minutes. That means more three-guard lineups, but that’s fine. Malcolm Brogdon and Derrick White can both hold up guarding small forwards, and with Rob Williams back, he’ll help clean things up inside.

Hauser doesn’t need to be out of the rotation permanently. He’s earned better than that. But giving Hauser a few games to clear his head could be helpful. And Pritchard has played well when he’s been given minutes. It’s time to change things up for at least a few games.

It also wouldn’t hurt to expand the rotation to 10 men on a game-to-game basis. That would help keep minutes down for everyone, while keeping guys ready for when they’re needed.

10. The good news for the Celtics? They can get the bad taste out of their mouths immediately. Boston hosts Orlando again on Sunday afternoon.

The Celtics have hit a rough patch, but still have the league’s best record at 22-8. It’s not panic time…yet. If Boston can’t rally back and get this win, it’s still not time to panic. But it will be time to start asking a few questions.

Look for a better and more-focused effort on Sunday. That’ll get Boston back on track and get this homestand moving in a positive direction.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:49:55 -0800 Sportsman
Robert Williams is back, but how did he look? Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics
Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Timelord’s offensive rim gravity was especially present in his first game back in six months.

The long-awaited return of Robert Williams III finally came last night, and there is a lot to be excited about. Sure, his first game back might’ve been slightly overshadowed by an 8-point loss to a bottom five team in the NBA who have no business even existing on the same court as the C’s. But, it’s not about what Rob looks like right now, or even how the Celtics are currently using him. Instead, it’s about what the Celtics could look like once he gets fully up to speed come playoff time.

Rough patches

Despite a decent statline with a perfect shooting percentage, it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies for Rob last night. For starters, his first shift on the court was riddled with 3 quick fouls. He didn’t look as locked in on his weak side help as you would like him to be, and he didn’t have the same lurking defensive feel that we’re used to seeing; even he himself said after the game that he was “a step slow defensively” and is “getting back into rhythm.”

This is all understandable, though. No matter how much you try to get back in shape during practice or through scrimmages, there’s nothing quite like getting your wind back by playing in a legit game, and that’s what Rob will have to do in the coming weeks to get back up to speed.

Here, Williams is not playing with the intensity required to make a game-saving comeback down the stretch. After making no effort to put a body on his defensive assignment, Rob reacts late to the rebound and lets a far-inferior athlete, Markelle Fultz, sky over him for the easy offensive board. It’s an uncharacteristic play from Williams, but I’m going to chalk it up to him getting his conditioning back and not being ready yet to put in multiple efforts on a given possession. That’ll come, though. We’ve seen it before and I would be shocked if we didn’t see it again.

More of the same

“He looked good,” Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla said of Robert Williams after the game. “He looked comfortable out there.”

Even a less-than-100% Time Lord showed flashes of the All-NBA Second Team defensive stopper that we know and love.

Few players in the NBA can make this block. From essentially a standing position, Rob elevates in the lane and completely eliminates Mo Bamba’s weak fall away attempt. He quite frankly has no business even contesting Mo’s shot, but that’s just the kind of physical tools and defensive instincts that make Williams special.

Rob also showcased some of the athleticism that makes him such a unique offensive threat.

Sure, Luke Kornet or even Blake Griffin could’ve dunked this ball, but the fact that Marcus Smart kept the ball on this dribble hand-off with the intent of getting Rob an open look at the rim shows me that the Celtics will look for the lob more aggressively now that Williams is back.

Rim gravity

Despite having the best offense in the NBA, the Celtics have been lacking an offensive rim threat. More than just someone who can finish high above the rim and space the floor vertically, Rob is someone whose rim gravity opens up driving lanes for his teammates. Every other Celtic will enjoy having Rob back because opposing bigs will think twice before leaving Williams in the dunker spot, resulting in less resistance at the rim.

Here, Bamba is a step slow to react to Smart’s drive because he’s scared of giving up the easy lob to Williams. It results in an easy finish for Smart at the rim.

After the game, Mazzulla highlighted Rob’s offensive impact: “he really helped our vertical spacing on the offensive end.”

My favorite play

Believe it or not, my favorite offensive play from Rob came on a possession where he didn’t even touch the ball.

The Celtics offense has become littered with cutting, off-ball movement, and backscreens, and it’s what has made them so difficult to stop; smart, timely, and purposeful off-ball actions have led to open three point looks for Celtics shooters (and they have a lot of those, by the way). In this play, Williams sets a very heady back screen for Jaylen Brown once he notices that both Franz Wagner and Bol Bol are focused on Tatum’s drive to the hoop and are collapsing into the paint. Even though it didn’t result in an open three this time, that type of unselfish screening is what the Celtics’ special sauce has been this year. And, from the initial looks of it, Robert Williams is only going to add to that.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:49:53 -0800 Sportsman
How to watch Texas vs. Stanford: TV channel, NCAAB live stream info, start time Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:49:47 -0800 Sportsman Iowa State vs. Western Michigan: How to watch online, live stream info, game time, TV channel Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:49:47 -0800 Sportsman College basketball scores, winners and losers: Arizona, Kansas make big statements; No. 1 Purdue struggles Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:49:43 -0800 Sportsman Breaking: Wisconsin lands Oklahoma transfer QB Nick Evers Syndication: Journal Sentinel

The former four-star quarterback committed to Wisconsin early Saturday morning.

After weeks of speculation as to who could be the signal-caller for the Wisconsin Badgers in 2023, there may finally be an answer.

Former four-star quarterback Nick Evers announced his intentions to commit to Wisconsin on Saturday, marking new head coach Luke Fickell’s fifth addition to the team since his arrival and the first via the transfer portal.

Evers, a freshman in 2022, backed up quarterback Dillon Gabriel at Oklahoma, but threw just one pass and entered the transfer portal on December 5th.

After taking an official visit to Madison this weekend, Evers committed to Wisconsin, where he plans to early-enroll and begin competing in the spring.

With Evers and new offensive coordinator Phil Longo, the Badgers’ offensive identity appears to be changing towards more of an explosive, balanced approach, shying away from the traditional Wisconsin look.

Now, Evers will have four years of eligibility remaining after his redshirt freshman season.

The 6’3, 190-pound dual-threat quarterback has been on Fickell’s radar for several years now, as the former Cincinnati coach offered Evers a scholarship during his time with the Bearcats.

While the Badgers may not be done at the quarterback position, there’s new energy at the position following the departure of starter Graham Mertz.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:43:46 -0800 Sportsman
Inside Oklahoma QB Nick Evers’s decision to transfer to Wisconsin NCAA Football: Minnesota at Wisconsin
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The former Oklahoma QB was a four-star recruit in 2022 and now has a new destination.

Luke Fickell and the Wisconsin Badgers struck once again, securing a commitment from former Oklahoma quarterback Nick Evers on Saturday, significantly bolstering their depleted quarterback room.

Evers, a four-star quarterback in the Class of 2022, threw just one pass this past season before entering the transfer portal.

Following his commitment, Evers spoke to Bucky’s 5th Quarter on his decision to join the Badgers.

Evers applauded both Fickell and new offensive coordinator Phil Longo as reasons for his decision, adding that he believes Wisconsin is a “sleeping giant”.

“The ability to come in and be part of something special was very exciting for me. I believe in Coach Fickell and Coach Longo and truly think we’re about to wake a sleeping giant here,” said Evers.

As for what stood out about Fickell in his recruitment of Evers to Wisconsin, the quarterback emphasized trust and the resume that the former Cincinnati coach has compiled.

“TRUST! He just gives you a great vibe [and] you just want to work hard for him! Clearly, he’s built great teams and taken them to the playoffs so there’s no reason to think we can’t do the same here!

Evers’s mindset is clear: he wants to win championships, and the young quarterback is ready to put the work in to succeed.

“To win championships is the goal,” Evers said. “We gotta do our part, but I know everyone is ready to get to work.”

While the Badgers landed one of the top quarterbacks in Evers, they may not be done adding at the position.

However, the potential addition of another transfer doesn't faze the former Oklahoma quarterback, who embraces the competition and is ready to work as a Badger.

“I never worry about that kind of stuff! Let’s go compete and grow together!”

Evers comes to Wisconsin with four years of remaining eligibility and now joins Myles Burkett and Cole LaCrue as the quarterbacks under scholarship for the Badgers in 2023 for the moment.

The dual-threat quarterback intends to early enroll at Wisconsin and participate in spring practices.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:43:44 -0800 Sportsman
How to Watch: Wake Forest Demon Deacons (8&3, 0&1) vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (6*&4) Xavier v Wake Forest
Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Everything you need to know for today’s game

Time: 12PM, Saturday, December 17th, 2022

Location: Piscataway, New Jersey | Jersey Mike’s Arena, 8,000 capacity

TV: Big Ten Network

Streaming: ESPN App

Radio: Wake Forest Learfield Sports Network, Demon Deacons App (IOS | Android)

Live Stats:

Twitter: @WakeMBB | @BloggerSoDear | @Les_Johns | @ConorONeill_DI

Instagram: @WakeBasketball

Spread: Wake +11.5

Over/Under: 134

Wake’s Rating: KenPom: 85 | NET: 96

Opponent’s Rating: KenPom: 32 | NET: 45

Kenpom Prediction: Rutgers wins 71-61

Opponent’s Best Win: Indiana (16)

Opponent’s Worst Loss: Temple (114)

Previous Matchup: Wake 69—Rutgers 68 (2015)

Head to Head All Time: 1-0

ESPN Matchup Predictor: 20% chance to win

*Rutgers was robbed of a win over Ohio State by really bad officiating, so they’re really 7-3.

The Deacs have their work cut out for them today, as they head to New Jersey to take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights in the RAC. The arena has earned the nickname “Trapezoid of Terror” due to its unique shape and how loud it gets inside—since the beginning of the 2021-22 season, the Scarlet Knights have lost just 4 games at home. That is going to make things tough for the Deacs, who are likely without Tyree Appleby. Appleby is listed as doubtful after hurting his ankle in the win against App State on Wednesday night. If the Deacs want to pull this one out, they are going to have to find a way to stop Rutgers big man Clifford Omoruyi, who is averaging 14.4 points and 9.5 rebounds per game this season. Someone is going to have to step up for Wake to replace the massive hole created by Appleby’s absence. Let’s see who answers the call.

Go Deacs!

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:39:25 -0800 Sportsman
Wake Forest Dominated by Rutgers 81&57 NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Rutgers
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

That was ugly.

That was pretty ugly. The Deacs were completely dominated for 40 minutes and really never even gave themselves a chance in this game. Wake had no answer for the aggressive Rutgers’ defense, which forced them to turn the ball over a whopping 22 times. Honestly, Wake is lucky the final score wasn’t worse than it was.

Right from the jump, the Deacs seemed unprepared for the aggressive, full court pressure defense from the Scarlet Knights. In the first 5 minutes of the game, Wake had already turned the ball over 6 times and trailed 16-8. Rutgers came out with a ton of energy and was all over Wake, forcing everything away from the basket and trapping at every opportunity. Outside of Appleby, the Deacs looked really uncomfortable.

Wake settled in a little bit, but every time they made a little run to catch up, they would have a stretch where they would turn the ball over 2-3 times in a row and the lead would balloon back out. Wake was able to pull within 4 at one point, but Rutgers immediately went on a 12-0 run fueled by another batch of Wake turnovers to take a 36-20 lead.

Despite 12 first half turnovers and Rutgers shooting 59% from the floor in the half, Wake was somehow able to stick around and trailed just 43-33 at the break. To only be down 10 points after giving up 24 points in the paint, 14 fast break points, 16 points off turnovers, and 5 offensive rebounds was something of a miracle, to be honest. If not for Wake shooting 6-9 from beyond the arc in the first period, I feel pretty confident that the Deacs would have found themselves down by 20+ points.

Unfortunately, the second half started pretty much the same way as the first, with Rutgers starting the half 12-2 run to take a 20-point lead. The Scarlet Knights, who entered today’s game 307th in the nation in 3-point shooting percentage, became the latest team to not be able to miss against Wake Forest—four minutes into the second half, Rutgers was shooting 45% from beyond the arc. Even with the hot shooting from Rutgers and some pretty questionable officiating—which caused Steve Forbes to get a tech after a foul was called on Damari Monsanto’s face for getting hit by a forearm—the Deacs were still within 15 points.

Speaking of Monsanto, the redshirt junior had one of his best games after not playing on Wednesday for not meeting team standards in practice. Monsanto was a big reason why the Deacs were able to keep this one from getting too far out of hand, finishing with 22 of Wake Forest’s 57 points and making 6 of his 12 3-point attempts. He was the lone bright spot in this game for Wake Forest, and hopefully he will be able carry that forward into conference play for the rest of the season.

Ultimately, you aren’t going to find many teams that can win a game after turning the ball over 22 times over the course of a game. You probably won’t find any teams winning with that number of turnovers that also shoot 40% from the floor and get outscored 44-16 in the paint. Simply put, Wake was completely dominated in this game, and they are probably lucky to not have lost by 30+ points.

Things don’t get any easier for Wake Forest, as they return home to take on a ranked Duke team next week, followed by tough games against Virginia Tech and North Carolina. The Deacs might be entering a bit of a danger zone here if they don’t get it together—by the time the Louisville game rolls around on January 7th, the Deacs could find themselves 8-7 overall and 0-4 in the ACC in the midst of a span of losing 6 of their last 7 games. That would obviously be the worst-case scenario, but after the past couple of weeks, I’m not feeling very optimistic.

We’re on to Duke.

Go Deacs!

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:39:23 -0800 Sportsman
Unpredictable hoops world Upset:

No. 21 Arkansas upended No. 16 Creighton, 83-75. The Razorbacks are 13-0.

More results:

No. 10 UCLA 75, Cal State Bakersfield 47

No. 13 Utah 92, UC Riverside 45

No. 19 Michigan 77, Appalachian State 49

No. 23 Gonzaga 67, BYU 58

Georgia 66, Belmont 55

Arizona State 82, Prairie View A&M 67

Oregon State 96, Nevada 84

Ole Miss 79, McNeese 60

Seton Hall 78, Fordham 72

All scores

Incredible game lineup tomorrow, highlighted by Tennessee at No. 2 Stanford at noon PT on ABC.

College team news:

UNLV learned their lesson in a narrow win over Hawaii.

Arizona State is battling through adversity.

Depleted Texas A&M faces 8-2 SMU tomorrow.

College player news:

Arizona guard Madi Conner has evolved from a shooter to an all-around threat.

Aubrey Griffin bounced back from injury to become a bright spot for UConn this year.

Lauren Hansen brings the New York mentality to Missouri.

Michigan State guard Gabby Elliott tore her ACL in a game last weekend and is out for the season.


The NCAA’s list of the biggest surprises of the season so far is pretty good, but could include a few more things……Louisville’s fall from the top 25, Virginia’s incredible turnaround, just to name a couple.

The post Unpredictable hoops world first appeared on Women's Hoops World. ]]>
Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:27:22 -0800 Sportsman
Superstar goes supernova for Suns in comeback win over Pelicans After a hamstring injury had limited Devin Booker’s effectiveness and availability over the last ten days, the Phoenix Suns’ superstar led a critical comeback win over New Orleans. After twice falling behind the New Orleans Pelicans in the last ten days without making a comeback, heading into halftime down 17 was not a good sign […]

Superstar goes supernova for Suns in comeback win over Pelicans - Valley of the Suns - Valley of the Suns - A Phoenix Suns Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 23:21:56 -0800 Sportsman
No. 9 Arizona outlasts No. 6 Tennessee in physical 75&70 win

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) Azuolas Tubelis scored 19 points, Oumar Ballo added 18 and No. 9 Arizona turned the physical tables on No. 6 Tennessee for a 75-70 victory Saturday night. The Wildcats (10-1) did well to withstand the Vols' defensive pressure and applied a bit of their own in a game that saw bodies hitting the floor nearly every trip down the floor. Arizona took advantage of 7-foot-1 Uros Plavsic's foul trouble by working the ball inside to Ballo and Tubelis, building a 10-point lead midway through the second half.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:54:55 -0800 Sportsman
Balanced attack pushes NC State past Vanderbilt

D.J. Burns Jr. scored 14 of his game-high 18 points after halftime and Terquavion Smith scored 16 points to boost NC State to a 70-66 win against Vanderbilt in a Legends of Basketball Showcase game on Saturday night in Chicago. Casey Morsell scored 15 points and Jarkel Joiner added 12 for the Wolfpack. Burns finished one rebound shy of a double-double as NC State boasted a 38-30 advantage on the boards.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:54:54 -0800 Sportsman
No. 9 Arizona powers through No. 6 Tennessee for fourth top&25 win

No. 9 Arizona men's basketball defeats No. 6 Tennessee by a final score of 75-70 on Saturday, Dec. 17 in Tucson. The Wildcats now have the most wins (4) against ranked opponents in the country this season and improve to 10-1 overall. Follow Pac-12 men’s basketball this season with the Pac-12 Now App. Download the Pac-12 Now App today and set alerts for Pac-12 men’s basketball to make sure you never miss a moment of the action. Pac-12 Now is available today in your app store for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:54:51 -0800 Sportsman
The Nike Air Deldon Shines In WNBA Orange While sitting courtside at a Mavericks vs. Lakers matchup in December of 2019, Kobe Bryant began an inclusive movement alongside his daughter Gigi who was sporting the now infamous vibrant orange WNBA hoodie. From LeBron James to Chris Paul to Naomi Osaka, the now #1 selling apparel piece in League history was dubbed Sports Business Journal’s “Fashion Statement of the Year” in 2020 with fans and supporters alike clamoring to get their hands on the supportive hoodie.

Paying homage to the staple closet asset, the Nike Air Deldon is joining this past February’s clad orange Nike Dunk High for a celebratory colorway. Reserving a dominant majority of its cracked leather and suede upper for the synonymous bright orange hue, the silhouette’s Swoosh and sequential drop-down construction enjoys a cake batter employment. Furthering its brightened accents along the tongues pull tabs, the medial sides mesh tooling employs a tightly knit white outfit in stark contrast to its speckled protective mudguard. Darkening its upper tongue with a brown toned mesh, a vintage gum tread finishes the pair’s tribute underfoot.

While we sit tight on the silhouette’s release in early 2023, enjoy official images of the Nike Air Deldon “WNBA Hoodie” below in the meantime.

In other news, check out the tear-away uppers featured on the upcoming Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low.

Where to Buy

Make sure to follow @kicksfinder for live tweets during the release date.

Nike Air Deldon
Release Date: 2023
Color: Safety Orange/Citron Tint
Womens: $120 Style Code: DM4096-800

North America2023

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The post The Nike Air Deldon Shines In WNBA Orange appeared first on Sneaker News.

The post The Nike Air Deldon Shines In WNBA Orange appeared first on Sneaker News.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:52:39 -0800 Sportsman
The Sixers Give a Glimpse of How Good They Can Be Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:50:49 -0800 Sportsman Pro Cuts What's your NBA skill? As Yogi Berra said, "you can observe a lot by watching." Watch more video, the "truth machine." 

The highest scoring action per possession is cutting to score. Examine how it's done.  

Strictly speaking, this is PnR roller not cutting but it's pretty. 

Another PnR but with a corner cut as the cutter sees the help. 

"Help your teammates." Penetration stopped, cutter to the rescue.

Double the Joker. He makes you pay off another corner cut. With NBA "filled corners" great passers know where teammates are. 

"Zone this." The Lakers go zone and the Nuggets answer, "Thank you" as Jokic draws the defense from the hoop. 

"Time and space." On time and on target may mean waiting half a count for the pass to open up. Again, it's that man and how live-ball turnovers make you pay. 
Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:50:47 -0800 Sportsman
Learn from Being Bad Nobody's perfect... not coaches, teachers, writers, doctors, or even "Inspected by No. 8." I'm a "Monk" fan and he choose shirts by the inspector. He doesn't want the slightest button off center or pulled thread. 

Learn from mediocrity. If we ran ten practices, one will be best and one will be worst. Raise the average and reduce the variance. That "rising tide lifts all boats." 

In his MasterClass Steve Martin shares that during his comedy career, he bombed plenty. He evolved. 

"Experience is the best teacher; the tuition is high." The first "scrimmage" of the first 6th grade group I coached, we got invited to face a team that had played together for a year. They destroyed us from the opening tap. We had two practices and zero clueThey ran "Five Out" and beat us off the dribble or with give-and-go or back cuts. They pressed and we turned the ball over. But we learned. 

We got invited back the next year and beat them on a three at the buzzer. The invitations stopped. 

What's the best way to practice ball containment and defending cuts? Teach players to attack the paint with the dribble, cutting and passing. Then add hard-nosed defense committed to stop them. 

Stubbornness isn't strategic. Teach young players to play individual on- and off-ball defense. While refining technique in later seasons, it's okay to add zone and hybrid defenses. 

Beware the deep end of the talent pool. Extending our defense against superior athletes is likely to end up with tears not joy. It's okay to spar with half-court defense while sizing up the terrain. When four of the top five athletes on the floor are theirs, avoid a track meet. 

Love our losses. In the developmental setting, I'm fine with competing, being a worthy opponent, and learning what mistakes need cleaning. I'll never win any "Middle School Coach of the Year" award, which is great because it's about the players.  


  • Raise the average quality of practice and reduce the variance.
  • Experience is the best teacher.
  • Contain the ball and defend cuts better. 
  • Stubbornness isn't strategic. It's just stubbornness.
  • Beware the deep end of the talent pool.
  • Love our losses. 

Lagniappe. Separate with change of pace. 

Lagniappe 2. Repost...because I believe it's vital. 


Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:50:43 -0800 Sportsman
Raptors news: Nick Nurse jinxes Toronto, Kyrie praises Fred VanVleet Things have gone from bad to worse for Fred VanVleet and the Toronto Raptors, who have lost seven of their last nine games. Nick Nurse losing seven of his last nine games was bad enough, but blowing double-digit second-quarter leads in two straight games while getting swept by Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are […]

Raptors news: Nick Nurse jinxes Toronto, Kyrie praises Fred VanVleet - Raptors Rapture - Raptors Rapture - A Toronto Raptors Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:44:38 -0800 Sportsman
This Raptors trade target may be a better fit than Jakob Poeltl The Toronto Raptors will likely make some move of note in the next few months, as the club’s 2-7 record in the last nine games is a painful illustration of how the roster has stagnated. Home wins against the Kings and Nets were choked away in brutal fashion. The Raptors’ two biggest issues are a […]

This Raptors trade target may be a better fit than Jakob Poeltl - Raptors Rapture - Raptors Rapture - A Toronto Raptors Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:44:37 -0800 Sportsman
San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat Mexico Game Details One of the highlights of the 2022 holiday basketball schedule, the San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat Mexico game is here. It has been a longstanding tradition of the NBA to play games internationally around this time of year, and it is exciting to see it return. The last regular showcase game like this was […]

The post San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat Mexico Game Details appeared first on Project Spurs.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:42:07 -0800 Sportsman
Does Signing Stanley Johnson Hint a Trade for the Spurs? Nearly two months into the season, the San Antonio Spurs roster is still seeing changes. On Tuesday, the team announced the release of Alize Johnson and the subsequent signing of former top-10 pick Stanley Johnson. While the transaction makes the news as an update to the roster, does it really impact the team? No. Still, […]

The post Does Signing Stanley Johnson Hint a Trade for the Spurs? appeared first on Project Spurs.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:42:05 -0800 Sportsman
Spurs Fall to Heat 111&101 in Mexico City Game The San Antonio Spurs fell to the Miami Heat tonight in an international game in Mexico City, Mexico. The game was closely contested throughout the first three-quarters of play until the Heat would eventually make their biggest impact on the game in the fourth. The Spurs were outscored 31-17 in the last quarter of play. […]

The post Spurs Fall to Heat 111-101 in Mexico City Game appeared first on Project Spurs.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:42:03 -0800 Sportsman
Cowgirls Ready For Showdown With UNLV

Oklahoma State Cowgirls ]]>
Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:36:42 -0800 Sportsman
Four Double&Digit Scorers Lead Women’s Basketball to Fourth&Straight Win

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. - The Coe College women's basketball team picked up its fourth-straight win on Saturday afternoon, defeating Illinois College 73-56 at Sherman Gymnasium. The Kohawks had four players reach double digits in the win and eight different players recorded at least one basket during the game. Coe, which outscored the hosts in all four quarters, got off to a solid start with a 15-10 advantage in the opening frame. The lead was extended in the second period as Coe slightly edged the Lady Blues 16-13, taking an eight-point advantage into the half. Coe continued to cruise in the second half, outscoring Illinois College 42-33 en route to the victory. Ellie Wisner, Kaalyn Petersen, Molly Buck and Caydee Kirkham all reached double figures in the win with Wisner's 14 points leading the team. Petersen grabbed a game-high 15 rebounds, posting her third double-double in the previous four games. The win moves Coe to 8-3 on the season while Illinois College drops to 3-6 overall. ]]>
Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:21:49 -0800 Sportsman
UNC Basketball: Carolina Outlasts Ohio State in Overtime Thriller The UNC basketball team picked up a critical non-conference win in dramatic fashion on Saturday afternoon. When Brice Sensabaugh buried a mid-range jumper to put Ohio State up by two with just two seconds left in regulation, it looked like Carolina would head back to Chapel Hill with another tough non-conference loss.  Barring a miracle, […]

UNC Basketball: Carolina Outlasts Ohio State in Overtime Thriller - Keeping It Heel - Keeping It Heel - A North Carolina Tar Heels Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 22:19:36 -0800 Sportsman
Paul George, Reggie Jackson remain out for Clippers
Mark Medina: Clippers coach Ty Lue said Paul George and Reggie Jackson are out for today’s game vs the Wizards
Source: Twitter @MarkG_Medina

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Really cool moment before starting lineups
Paul George came out, sat next to Moussa Diabaté, they do their dap and PG puts his arm around Moussa before dropping some wisdom for the rookie – 4:12 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
John Wall starts again vs old team.
Reggie Jackson out but on the floor pregame. PM
Brad Turner @BA_Turner
Clippers coach Ty Lue said Paul George and Reggie Jackson are both out today for game vs Wizards – 2:33 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
With PG, Reggie Jackson and Ivica Zubac out, Ty Lue is starting John Wall, Kawhi Leonard, Nic Batum, Marcus Morris Sr., and Moussa Diabate. – 2:22 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Paul George and Reggie Jackson will not play for the Clippers against the Wizards this afternoon, Ty Lue said. John Wall will start. – 2:21 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Paul George, Reggie Jackson, Ivica Zubac, and Norman Powell are all out for the Clippers vs. Wizards.
John Wall gets another start against his former team. – 2:21 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Reggie Jackson and Paul George are out for the Clippers today, meaning John Wall will start against the Wizards again. – 2:21 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
My bad for raising expectations on a matinee game
Reggie Jackson and Paul George are out today vs Wizards – 2:21 PM
Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Clippers coach Ty Lue said Paul George and Reggie Jackson are out for today’s game vs the Wizards – 2:20 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Paul George and Reggie Jackson are OUT vs Wizards. – 2:20 PM
Janis Carr @janiscarr
Norm Powell and Zubac are out for tomorrows game vs. Washington. PG and Reggie Jackson are questionable. – 8:50 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Paul George (left knee soreness) and Reggie Jackson (left Achilles inflammation) are questionable for tomorrow vs Washington.
Kawhi Leonard and Luke Kennard are not on the injury report.
Ivica Zubac (left knee bone bruise) and Norm Powell (left groin strain) are out. – 8:37 PM
Brad Turner @BA_Turner
Clippers list Paul George (left knee soreness) and
Reggie Jackson (left Achilles inflammation) as questionable for game vs Wizards at Arena and
Norm Powell (groin strain) and
Ivica Zubac (left knee contusion) as out. – 8:31 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
The LA Clippers are listing Paul George (knee) and Reggie Jackson (Achilles) as questionable for Saturday’s game vs Wizards. Both are expected to play.
Ivica Zubac and Norman Powell remain out.
Kawhi Leonard and Luke Kennard are unlisted, because this isn’t the Miami Heat. – 8:28 PM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
The Thunder’s All-Exes Team
James Harden
Paul George
Kevin Durant
Jerami Grant
Domantas Sabonis
Who would beat that squad? – 5:26 PM
Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
The Thunder’s All-Exes Team
James Harde
Paul George
Kevin Durant
Jerami Grant
Domantas Sabonis
Who would beat that squad? – 5:25 PM

More on this storyline

LA Clippers: Kawhi Leonard (right knee injury management) and Luke Kennard (right calf soreness) have been upgraded to available for Saturday’s game against Washington. Paul George (left knee soreness) and Reggie Jackson (left achilles inflammation) are questionable. -via HoopsHype / December 16, 2022
“I don’t know how he had 11 assists. I asked him, ‘Who was you passing the ball to?’” Kawhi Leonard on Paul George’s triple-double despite the Clippers shooting 38% for the game ???? -via Twitter @ClutchPointsApp / December 15, 2022
Law Murray: For the L2M fiends NBA says that Paul George should have been called for foul on sideline after Jimmy Butler gets to loose ball (Spo won challenge) And that Caleb Martin should have been called for 5 seconds with 31 seconds left (Bam Adebayo turned it over on backcourt anyway). -via Twitter @LawMurrayTheNU / December 9, 2022
Law Murray: Clippers will be extremely shorthanded tonight vs Suns. Kawhi Leonard and Norman Powell out as expected Paul George out (left knee sorness). Reggie Jackson out (left Achilles inflammation). Ivica Zubac (knee) and Luke Kennard (calf) questionable. -via Twitter @LawMurrayTheNU / December 15, 2022
LA Clippers: Reggie Jackson (rest) has been downgraded to out for Saturday’s game against Washington. Kawhi Leonard (right knee injury management) has been upgraded to available and Terance Mann (head concussion protocol) has been upgraded to questionable. -via HoopsHype / December 9, 2022

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 13:25:42 -0800 Sportsman
Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie and Dwight Powell out vs. Cavaliers

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
Against #Cavs, the Mavericks will not have Luka Doncic, Josh Green, Spencer Dinwiddie or Dwight Powell tonight along with Maxi Kleber, who was already known to be out. – 12:47 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Luka Doncic (quad), Spencer Dinwiddie (knee), 3 other Mavs to miss Cavs game tonight:…12:41 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Dallas Mavericks list Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Dwight Powell all OUT tonight against the #Cavs. – 12:30 PM
Mark Followill @MFollowill
The Mavs have announced that in addition to the already known absences of Maxi Kleber (hamstring) and Josh Green (right elbow), Luka (R quad strain), Spencer Dinwiddie (R knee injury recovery), and Dwight Powell (L thigh contusion) are out for tonight’s game in Cleveland. – 12:27 PM
Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
The Mavericks say Luka Dončić (right quadricep strain) is out tonight in Cleveland.
More NBA from me: marcstein.Substack.com12:21 PM
Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
Nothing but excellent words for Luka Doncic #NBA…5:47 AM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
Walter Tavares sat down with BasketNews to share nostalgic memories about Facundo Campazzo and evaluate the next superstar after Luka Doncic ????
A hidden gem from Cape Verde also revealed one comparison in today’s NBA that fits his playing style:…5:00 AM
BasketNews @BasketNews_com
HOW can we believe Santa is real when Luka Doncic cannot believe his own posters anymore?! ????
???? @NBATV AM
Mark Followill @MFollowill
Mavs win tonight 130-110. First time since November of 2021 that they had two players with 30+ as Luka had 33 and Christian Wood w/ a season high 32 pts and also tied a season high of 12 rebs. A night for great offense, almost 56% FG & nearly 42% on 3s. – 12:09 AM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Luka Doncic, Christian Wood answer Mavs fans’ hopes for dominant duo, pummeling Portland…11:53 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Here’s what the Mavericks had to say about Christian Wood, Luka’s dunk and the runaway win over Portland.…11:39 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Jason Kidd didn’t have a postgame update on Dwight Powell (left thigh contusion): “He’s hurt. That’s all I can tell you.”
Said Powell is “probably out” tomorrow night vs. Cavs. – 11:06 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
More from Doncic on The Dunk. PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
About that dunk: Deadpanned Doncic, “I’m used to it by now.” – 10:57 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Mavs beat Portland by 20 to guarantee at least head-to-head season split if playoffs require tiebreak.
Luka Doncic: 33 pts (11-18 FG, 5-9 3FG), 6 reb, 9a in 29 mins before sitting Q4 on 1st night of back to back
Christian Wood: 32 pts (11-17 FG), 12 reb, 2 blocks
Not too bad. – 10:49 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Suzanne Vega warned us about Luka and the upper room!!! #SecondFloorLuka PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Suzanne Vega warned us about Luka and the upper room!!! #SecondFloorLuka PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Twice in one week, Luka Doncic poster dunks have made Frank Ntilikina look like he saw a ghost. PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Luka tonight:
33 PTS
11-18 FG
5-9 3P
In only 3 quarters. PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
32 points for Wood. Had he made that free-throw he and Doncic both would have had 33. That would have seemed fitting. – 10:34 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Wondering if Kidd will try to get Wood to 30 points and get him out soon after. Luka Doncic is certainly done for the night, barring a super-sized Portland rally. – 10:27 PM
Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
Luka Doncic has a 33-6-9 through three quarters and should be done for the night. Mavs up 25 and face a tough Cavs team in less than 24 hours. – 10:25 PM
Dan Favale @danfavale
the best part about this luka doncic dunk is luka doncic’s reaction to luka doncic dunking PM
Dwain Price @DwainPrice
My goodness, Luka!! Did see that @espn ? Wow! That’s the best dunk of Luka’s career. – 10:20 PM
Michael Dugat @mdug
Wow … Luka – 10:19 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Even Doncic couldn’t believe it. PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Wow. Luka just threw that one down! – 10:18 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Luka Doncic just dunked so hard he shocked himself. – 10:17 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Wood subbed in just 1:34 into the second half and has continued his scoring barrage. He has 25 points and Doncic has 28 and Mavs are blowing out the Blazers — 95-70.
A nice bonus with a game tomorrow night in Cleveland. – 10:09 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
A Dwight Powell injury is precisely what the Mavericks’ frontcourt didn’t need. – 10:03 PM
Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
Mavs C Dwight Powell limped off during the timeout and headed to the locker room. Dallas is already missing Maxi Kleber. Christian Wood (20 points in first half) checks back in early. – 10:02 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Luka Doncic (23 points and almost a halftime buzzer beater at mid-court) and Christian Wood (20 points) are the first pair of Mavs to each score at least 20 points in a half since Luka and Seth Curry on vs. Pistons in Mexico City on Dec. 12, 2019, per @Dallas Mavericks PR. – 9:44 PM
Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Luka Doncic (23 points and almost a halftime buzzer beater at mid-court) and Christian Wood (20 points) are the first pair of Mavs to each score at least 20 points in a half since Luka and Seth Curry on vs. Pistons in Mexico City on Dec. 12, 2019. – 9:44 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
It’s a 41-point second quarter for the Mavericks, who go up 72-63 behind 23 points from Luka and 20 from Wood. Excellent offensive quarter for the Mavericks. Actually, the whole half was good after the first four minutes. – 9:42 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
First half isn’t even over and Luka Doncic has extended his team-record streak to 36 games with at least 20 points. Has has 23. – 9:37 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Josh Hart raised both arms as if to say “How the heck did we leave Luka Doncic wide open like this?” – 9:30 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
First time we’re seeing Doncic-Walker backcourt. – 9:29 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Mavs are playing so well that Luka Doncic is still on the bench. Remember they have a game tomorrow in Cleveland, but I don’t think he’s sitting for that reason. Why fix what ain’t broken? – 9:24 PM
Casey Holdahl @CHold
Blazers have had the most efficient offense in the NBA as of late, but it sure hasn’t carried over to the second quarter of tonight’s game. Not much going right here even with Luka on the bench. – 9:19 PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Mavericks prospering in the non-Luka minutes, going up 43-34 with a 15-2 blitz to start the second quarter. – 9:18 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Frustrating quarter for Doncic (regarding lack of foul calls) but he finishes with a 3, giving him 12 points.
We should all fare that well when frustrated. PM
Eddie Sefko @ESefko
Luka’s 3 just before end of quarter gets the Mavericks within 32-31 after the first. They haven’t led yet. Luka had 12 in the first. Blazers cooled off to 50 percent shooting after sizzling start. – 9:07 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Doncic very animatedly talking to the refs, wondering how the heck they missed him getting poked in the eye. Looks like he’s got a little cut there. – 9:00 PM
Casey Holdahl @CHold
Blazers gotta do a better job of rotating to the corner on Luka drives. Majority of Dallas’ offense so far tonight. – 8:57 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA
Wolves compensating for Rudy Gobert’s absence defensively with a 2-3 zone. In terms of personnel, the center tweak is starting Naz Reid and then Nate Knight getting the backup center minutes — and making his presence known (6 pts, 1 blk, 1 reb in 3 1st Q mins) — over Luka Garza – 8:38 PM
Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Quick 14-4 lead for the Celtics, 8 for Jayson Tatum, putting him just four behind Luka Doncic for the NBA’s scoring lead.
1. Doncic, Dal 857
2. TATUM, BOS 853
3. Durant, Bkn 840 – 7:48 PM
Brad Townsend @townbrad
Chauncey Billups on why Doncic is a “generational talent.” PM
Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Load Mismanagement is LIVE @Underdog__NBA w/@jphanned
– 10-game slate
– Robert Williams Returns
– Luka vs. Dame
– Breaking lineup & injury news across league
– Red-hot Knicks
– Bol Bol plays tonight
– Picks, Q&A
NBA’s Closing Bell, now through tipoff!
???? PM
Tas Melas @TasMelas
Kyle Kuzma for Josh Green and Dwight Powell?
Who says no?
I know Josh Green-protecting Mavs fans do, but objectively, who says no? – 1:48 PM

More on this storyline

It’s a testament to the eight-year veteran’s ability to stay ready, especially in the face of adversity. And the way he tells it, it’s a testament to all the little habits he has picked up along the way, helping him develop a routine that keeps him prepared for any role at any given moment. “I think one of the biggest things (I have learned) is routine. Having a routine in terms of how you prepare, in terms of reading the scout and going through everything,” Powell told me when the Mavericks were in Toronto to play the Raptors in late November. “Being able to know that that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about in terms of preparation-wise for my body and for our scouts and all those things to really lock in.” -via SportsNet / December 3, 2022
“A lot of things that he does goes unnoticed,” Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd said about Powell. “It’s not going to be on the Instagram reel or on Twitter, but he’s a team guy. He’s about doing the right things at all times … he’s going to do everything he can do in his powers to put his team in a position to win.” -via SportsNet / December 3, 2022
And so, 23 minutes before the buzzer sounded, Dallas officials redialed Washington. The Wizards and Mavericks had held discussions on other trade frameworks, but these waning moments, sources said, were when the two teams first discussed sending Porzingis to the nation’s capital. Dallas was able to net an additional ball-handler in Spencer Dinwiddie, a secondary creator for Doncic, who could also spearhead bench units if the Mavericks were to, gulp, ultimately lose Jalen Brunson in free agency. Davis Bertans could recreate some of the spacing Porzingis provided — and for half the cost. -via Yahoo! Sports / December 6, 2022
Callie Caplan: Kemba Walker on his fit with new teammates... Luka Doncic: “That kid is special.” Spencer Dinwiddie: “Been killing it this year.” Also said he’s looking forward to playing with Josh Green: “Another guy who can create for others and myself, I think I can help in that aspect.” -via Twitter @CallieCaplan / November 30, 2022
Justin Kubatko: Luka Doncic last night: ✅ 33 PTS ✅ 6 REB ✅ 9 AST It’s the 20th time Doncic has recorded at least 30p/5r/5a in a game this season. He’s the fastest player in NBA history to produce 20 such games in a season, needing just 27 games to do so. -via Twitter @jkubatko / December 17, 2022
Callie Caplan: Christian Wood’s reaction to the latest big Luka Doncic dunk: “We’ve been having a conversation — he thinks he has more bounce than me. I told him not a chance in hell.” -via Twitter @CallieCaplan / December 17, 2022
Callie Caplan: Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups on Luka Doncic: “He’s the best in the league at just manipulating defenses. … He’s just one of those generational talents that’s seen every coverage.” -via Twitter @CallieCaplan / December 16, 2022

Sat, 17 Dec 2022 13:25:42 -0800 Sportsman
Wizards 15, Clippers 10: Play&by&play, highlights and reactions
The Washington Wizards (11-18) play against the Los Angeles Clippers (14-14) at Arena

Game Time: 4:00 PM EST on Saturday December 17, 2022

Washington Wizards 15, Los Angeles Clippers 10 (Q1 07:02)

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
LA transition defense can be better.
After Wall found Diabaté for a dunk, Wizards scored their next two baskets in 5 seconds each.
Porzingis missed his first shot over Diabaté, but hit the next three.
Wizards on 6-0 run and lead 15-10 with 7:02 left in first quarter. – 4:19 PM
Janis Carr @janiscarr
Wizards lead, 15-10, at the 7:02 mark. Kawhi is 0 for 3. Morris 0 for 2. Could be a long afternoon – 4:19 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Really cool moment before starting lineups
Paul George came out, sat next to Moussa Diabaté, they do their dap and PG puts his arm around Moussa before dropping some wisdom for the rookie – 4:12 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Gonna be interesting to see this Clippers lineup without PG, Reggie and Zu. Kawhi starting at shooting guard alongside John Wall. – 4:11 PM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Wizards @ Clippers Watch Party | Dec. 17th PM
Washington Wizards @WashWizards
laser focused in LA.
#DCAboveAll | @CaesarsSports PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
The Clippers’ season has been start and stop, nonstop. Kawhi and PG have played together just 9 times. With 51 games left, Ty Lue says there’s still time to build chemistry: “Let’s try 15 games together whole as a team… 15! F—. Not two, not three, 15”…3:51 PM
Washington Wizards @WashWizards
afternoon hoops start in ???? on @NBCSWashington ⏰
#DCAboveAll | @CaesarsSports PM