Professor x why can't he walk?

Kavon Kuvalis asked a question: Professor x why can't he walk?
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  • It is well known by X-Men fans that Professor X is bound to a wheel chair as a result of a severe accident that had occurred years ago. The aftermath being that he was unable to stand, let alone walk.


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But this isn't the first time Professor X has found himself no longer needing a wheelchair to move. In fact Professor X has a long history of being temporarily given the power to walk again. Professor X has been cured of his paralysis multiple times in X-Men history, but every time so far it's been undone.

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Cambry was an international equestrian vaulting star and suffered a spinal cord injury after falling from her horse in a training accident in 2005. The couple were searching for a mobility solution that would enable Cambry to move safely and independently between floors, as at the moment Zack has to carry her upstairs.

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3) Sloths cannot walk on the ground. While on the ground, sloths do not walk but rather crawl, and they do so by dragging their bellies against the ground surface. They’ve completely lost the ability to support themselves on the ground ever since they traded their terrestrial habitats for an arboreal one.

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Professor X is disabled and moves around in a modified wheelchair. His disability occurred in the climax of X Men: First Class, where Magneto deflected a bullet and it struck Professor X in the spine. This resulted in him being paralysed from the waist down.

However, because Xavier’s mind initially refused to believe he could walk, it took a long time for his mind to make his new legs function. Eventually, he makes a full recovery and even takes up sports again while leading the X-Men in the field. Soon, however, he returns to a more professorial role to train the New Mutants.

If he lowered his dosage gradually, he would regain hy psychic powers but keep the ability to walk. As for the fact that he is freind with Erik in the Last Stand flashback; I personally don't think it's very far-fetched that they might have joined forces again temporarily, and then seperated before the events of X-men 1 again, possibly due to their contrary ideals.

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In X-Men First Class the story at the end of the movie indicates that Charles Xavier loses his ability to walk after a shot fired at Magneto hits him in his lower back.

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We know that Charles was taking the serum that gave him the ability to walk in 1973. Because he was taking too much of the serum, it stripped him of his psychic abilities.

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