Princess regal what deck is the sea walk on?

Leanna Glover asked a question: Princess regal what deck is the sea walk on?
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  • The SeaWalk is a glass-bottom enclosed walkway extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship’s starboard top deck and 128 feet above the ocean. From here passengers will enjoy dramatic views off the side of the ship and to the sea below.

The SeaWalk is a 60-foot-long enclosed glass hallway that juts out over the side of the ship, allowing those walking on it to watch the ocean glide by 128 feet below them. On ships that have it, it's located on Deck 17, starboard.


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  • The small Terrace Pool is aft on deck 17 of the Regal Princess. It offers nice views of the wake of the cruise ship and is just a short flight of stairs up from the Horizon Terrace. Continue to 3 of 7 below. The Fountain Pool and Plunge freshwater pools are on the Lido deck 16. This pool area has lounge chairs and tables and stools.

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Regal Princess (c) Linda Garrison The small Terrace Pool is aft on deck 17 of the Regal Princess. It offers nice views of the wake of the cruise ship and is just a short flight of stairs up from the Horizon Terrace. Continue to 3 of 7 below.

SeaWalk Two level high sea walk that extends out over side of the ship. The first level has a glass floor that allows you to view all the way down to the ocean. Regal Princess Public Areas Click on areas below to jump to those pages:

Adding to the laundry list of ocean-centric features is the SeaWalk on Princess Cruises. What It Is. The SeaWalk is a 60-foot-long enclosed glass hallway that juts out over the side of the ship ...

Regal Princess deck plan view at Cruisedeckplans showing the newest deck plan layouts, public venues and stateroom pictures and our own deck plan pdf (printable version). Regal Princess cruise ship deck plan has 1780 staterooms for 4272 passengers served by 1350 crew. There are 18 passenger decks, 8 with cabins. * Size may vary, see details below.

Regal Princess cruise ship deck plan shows a total of 1780 cabins for 3560 passengers (lower berths/max capacity is 4272) served by 1346 crew/staff. The boat has 18 decks (15 passenger-accessible, 8 with cabins), 14 bars and lounges, 2 swimming pools, 8 outdoor Jacuzzis, 16 elevators.

Position Deck plans Cabins News Accidents Regal Princess current position Regal Princess current location is at North East Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 49.93991 N / -3.80976 W) cruising at speed of 15.7 kn (29 kph/ 18 mph) en route to BELFAST. The AIS position was reported 2 minutes ago.

Plaza deck (5) Ship plan / cabin plan / deckplan / floor plan / deck layout Regal Princess. To the top. 170 Cruises from 253 €.

Enjoy sweeping views from one of more than 1,400 balconies on Regal Princess or stroll on the SeaWalk®, a glass-floor walkway extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship! From the tranquil Sanctuary, a retreat reserved for adults, to the dazzling Princess WaterColor Fantasy light and water show and more, you'll find diversions for every mood.

I have heard that on some decks on the Royal Princess people on the Sea Walk and maybe in the Sea Walk Bar can actually see into your balcony room. Is this really an issue? On what side of the ship is each located.

Unparalleled Views of the Sea A dramatic over-the-ocean glass walkway, the SeaWalk® is the first of its kind at sea. At 60 feet long, cantilevered 128 feet above the waves and extending 28 feet beyond the edge of the ship, it affords thrilling vistas of the ever-changing seascape.

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