Pokemon go keeping track of how far i walk?

Johanna Christiansen asked a question: Pokemon go keeping track of how far i walk?
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It uses a recently introduced feature called Adventure Sync. Since most modern phones track your steps, or distance via exercise/health features anyway, you simply grant Pokemon Go access to this data, and now you can hatch eggs, and gain daily distance simply by walking, with or without the app open.


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❓ How do i track my pokemon walk?

Adventure Sync is Pokémon Go connecting to your phone's health app (Google Fit or Apple Health) to keep track of all the walking you do regardless of whether or not Pokémon Go is open, and giving you credit for it.

❓ Why does pokemon go track distance you walk?

  • Pokemon Go is going to track the distance you’ve traveled for walking Pokemon in the same way that it tracks the distance you’ve traveled for hatching eggs. Although this is helping it get the feature out faster, it also means that some of the errors you’ve encountered while hatching eggs will be carried over when you’re walking your Pokemon.

❓ Does pokemon go track steps on treadmill?

Sometimes Fit counts steps, and sometimes it counts GPS distance. And of course, you need to not have Pokemon Go itself running while you walk on the treadmill. If you do, it will ignore Adventure Sync and do its own distance tracking instead, which will be based entirely on GPS distance and not on steps.

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Adventure Sync credits for walking and jogging below the Pokemon GO speed cap. Make sure the game is fully closed. It is important to remember that your fitness data will get credited only when the Pokemon GO app is closed. Keeping the Pokemon GO app could utilize Niantic’s own distance tracking.

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Getting annoyed every time you look at your eggs, wondering why they’re not hatching? It’s because the Pokemon GO app doesn’t track distance walked when the app is closed.

The final thing you need to keep in mind, when choosing which pokemon to keep or to transfer, is one of the most important and can ruin a potentially perfect Pokémon, the moveset. You should consult THIS SHEET for a list of all the possible move combinations and their offensive and defensive viability.

Accentuating the problem, you’ll need the app to be open and active for any walking to count, so go into your display settings and set the screen auto-off to 10 minutes or more.

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