Nba 2k14 vs. nba live 14 - what do you choose?

Beatrice Wehner asked a question: Nba 2k14 vs. nba live 14 - what do you choose?
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❓ How to dunk in nba 2k14 ps3?

Press R2 when driving to the basket, then hold together R2 and square to dunk. Some players couldn't dunk and that's because he doesn't have good vertical and dunking ability. Hope this message...

❓ How to play college basketball on nba 2k14?

Thanks to the tireless work of custom roster creators in the "NBA 2K" community, there are also ways to play with additional college basketball teams in an exhibition or dynasty format.

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Similar to NBA 2K, NBA Live 14 features a pick-and-roll system where players hold a button to call for the screen then release when ready. So, if you want the player to quickly slip to the basket ...

Since its release, NBA Live 14 has been both deservedly and undeservedly trashed for its gameplay and graphics. While the game is undoubtedly lacking in many areas when compared to NBA 2K14’s next-gen effort, it has provided myself and others with hours of mostly fun gameplay and a strange attraction to keep coming back for more.

easy one at the third game go to carrer and interact with the GM of your team and tell them that you are unhappy with the minute you play then select that you dont get alone with a particular member of your team and then select that you understand what they tell you after that select that you are happy with the way the couch is handeling things after that get out of carrer and go direct to home you going to have at least 3 minutes on yoiur play game and then two games latter you become a ...

"You can rebound the ball and block shots as a specialist defender—like a Serge Ibaka character—much more easily. You can have fun doing that, something we felt was really lacking until 2K14."

With 35 Signature Skills to select from, created players can now choose specializations that go beyond simply being a "good shooter." In NBA 2K14, "shooters" have to decide whether they want to excel off the catch, in traffic or from the corners. As many as three Personality Badges can also be equipped to further define your player's on-court role.

It will ask you to overwrite/replace some existing files so choose yes (Copy/Move & Replace). - NBA 2K14 game directory: 32 bit: C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14 64 bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14 4. Download and Open the "Roster File" folder and copy the roster (FIBA 2K14.ROS) into NBA 2K14 Saves folder. - NBA 2K14 Saves folder:

I've been playing a fair bit of NBA 2K14 and there are certain aspects of the game that I feel need fixing. 1) GOAL TENDING. Every time I contest a shot and it is a clean block I still get called for goal tending.

Nevertheless, there was still plenty to talk about this week, so please join Arcane, JaoSming and myself as we recap and react to the latest NBA Live 14, NBA 2K14 and NBA news. Last week’s NBA Live 14 Developer Blog delivered some insight into Signature Styles and dribbling controls. Was it what we were hoping to hear? The PlayStation 4 Trophies have been revealed, giving us a few snippets on NBA Live 14’s game modes. Dynasty Mode is back!

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