My cat lays and can't walk what is wrong?

Marshall Wilkinson asked a question: My cat lays and can't walk what is wrong?
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  • There are numerous causes which can explain your cat having trouble walking or standing. In older cats, you may notice that they stop climbing heights .This is often a a sign of pain, often caused by a degenerative process such as osteoarthritis in cats.


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Toilet accidents are common when a cat can’t move its legs properly. The cat may find it difficult or painful to climb in or out of the litter box. You might also notice that your cat is more aggressive or depressed than usual. Gradual Onset Hind Leg Problems in Cats . Various conditions can cause a slow, gradual weakening or stiffening of a cat’s rear legs. You’ll notice that your cat is finding it more difficult to walk as time passes. Some conditions can develop over weeks, months ...

Back pain can also cause a cat to walk more stiffly. Though rare, neurological diseases such as lumbosacral disease and intervertebral disease can affect the way a cat walks. Cancers such as sarcoma and lymphoma can have a limp be the first symptom. When the vet declares a diagnosis of lameness. Your vet will perform a thorough examination on your cat and ask for a full history from you. The cat's age may be one of the first questions you are asked. An older cat will often have different ...

my cat is just laying around, not active, not playing( usually plays alot),(1-year old) seems to just lay and stare and not eating or drinking? was sneezing abit but not not more, has warm nose, eyes seems too be distant(no sparkle), not eating or drinking.what's wrong? Submitted: 13 years ago. Category: Cat. Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Cat Question. Share this conversation. Answered in 12 minutes by: 8/30/2007. Cat Vet: Terri, Feline Healthcare Expert replied 13 years ago. Terri ...

• Unable to walk or run normally • Difficulty walking up or down the stairs, or jumping up onto heights • Pain and general signs of discomfort • Loss of muscle mass around affected leg • Walking at a slower pace • Not placing paw on the floor properly (known as knuckling) • Swelling or abnormalities around the joints. Common causes • Trauma to leg, broken bones, torn ligaments, dislocation • Infection • Arthritis • Inflammatory diseases • Congenital abnormalities ...

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  • Cats are adept at hiding physical pain. For example, a cat that cannot walk without limping may not walk at all. Cats cannot hide all the symptoms of pain and constantly dilated cats’ eyes are a giveaway. If your cat’s eyes are wide, look out for other symptoms of discomfort.
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  • Kittens, especially when they are under the age of 8, are very fragile and susceptible to illness. If your kitten suddenly can’t walk, is lethargic and unresponsive, immediate veterinary attention is require!
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