Little girl who could not walk from a tick bite?

Casandra Tromp asked a question: Little girl who could not walk from a tick bite?
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A Mississippi mother panicked when her 5-year-old daughter woke up unable to walk, and could barely speak. Then, she saw a tick on her head. Jessica Griffin's daughter Kailyn was suffering from a rare disease known as tick paralysis, hospital staff told her last week.


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Last year, an Oregon mom posted a now-viral video of her 3-year-old daughter struggling to walk after being bitten by a tick, per CBS News. Tick paralysis can cause intense paralysis that starts ...

A five-year-old girl woke up unable to walk following a tick bite, and was later diagnosed with tick paralysis, a rare infection caused by a toxin in tick saliva. Search About Women's Health

When Evelyn woke up in the morning, she couldn't walk. Even just taking a few steps seemed impossible for the little girl, and she kept falling as she tried to move across her room.

From Woman's Day. A 5-year-old girl in Mississippi was temporarily paralyzed following a tick bite. Doctors realized she had contracted tick paralysis, a rare disease caused by a toxin in tick...

A mother has warned parents to be vigilant about insect bites after her daughter,5, was paralysed by a tick. Jessica Griffin from Mississippi said her 5-year-old daughter, Kailyn lost the ability to walk and talk after contracting tick paralysis.

In a video posted to Facebook, Amanda Lewis’s daughter Evelyn is seen crying and struggling to stand up, despite encouragement and help from her parents. (Facebook/Amanda Lewis via Storyful) A ...

Amanda Lewis, who lives in eastern Oregon with her husband, Lantz, their daughter. Evelyn, and a young son, said Evelyn had trouble standing earlier this week and had been acting strangely.

Amanda and Lantz Lewis say their daughter, Evelyn, age 3, suffered a tick bite and then couldn't walk

In a Facebook post, Amanda Lewis described how her 3-year-old daughter, Evelyn, became fussy after a bath on May 13 and didn't want to stand up. "Evelyn started acting a little weird last night ...

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