Lehigh what is a walk in tutoring?

Maci Rowe asked a question: Lehigh what is a walk in tutoring?
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  • The walk-in tutor is responsible for assisting students who attend walk-in tutoring sessions. The walk-in tutor works two-hour shifts approximately 2-3 days a week between 3:00pm-10:00pm Monday through Thursday. During a walk-in tutoring session, the tutor should expect to answer student questions and facilitate student learning.


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Walk-in tutoring is available in a handful of first- and second-year courses. The walk-in tutoring center is located in Williams Hall 451 and is staffed by peer tutors …

Tutoring begins the third week of classes and continues through the last week of classes every semester. Students have the option of participating in walk-in …

This video shows you how to access the schedule of tutors and available courses for a walk-in tutoring session!

The Center for Academic Success offers tutoring in select first-year and sophomore-level courses free of charge to students. Tutoring begins the third week of class …

Center’s undergraduate peer tutoring program. Specific responsibilities include: Coordinate Center’s walk-in tutoring program which includes interviewing …

Tutoring Services. LCCC offers free tutoring to enrolled LCCC students in a variety of subjects. Individual face-to-face tutoring sessions last up to 60 minutes.

Free Tutoring Services. LCCC offers FREE face-to-face and remote tutoring to enrolled LCCC students in many courses.Smarthinking Online Tutoring is also available …

Tutoring is available in two formats: drop-in tutoring through the Learning Centers and one-on-one tutoring in partnership with the SAS Honors Program. During the …

I am a senior Accounting and Marketing double major studying at Lehigh University, and I have had experience tutoring at all age and ability levels. During the …

NEW WALK-IN TUTORING HOURS: As of Sunday, December 9, we will be switching to our "Getting Ready for Finals" Walk-in Tutoring Schedule. You can find...

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