Jimmie reese how many years in baseball?

Okey Deckow asked a question: Jimmie reese how many years in baseball?
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Reese served in the Army from November 1942 to July 1943 with the 12th Armored Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where he managed the baseball team. After the war, he worked as a scout for the Boston Braves for two years, and coached in San Diego from 1948 until 1960, when he was appointed manager. But he preferred to coach, so he resigned partway through the 1961 season.

Jimmie played in the league for 13 years. His PCL career batting average was.289 in 1,673 games, and he holds the league record for most putouts by a second baseman (4,771) and most assists (5,119). He was selected as the second baseman on the All-Time Pacific Coast League in 1937.

Ah, Jimmie Reese, fungo-hitting coach extraordinaire for many decades and the man who lived the best baseball life ever! His love of baseball was endless, his enthusiasm infectious! Too bad he never got to write his autobiography, which should have been titled "I roomed with Babe Ruth's suitcase!" A history of the Sports Reference Sponsorship System

Jimmie Reese Minor Leagues Statistics & History | Baseball-Reference.com.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) _ After a couple of hours of hitting fungos in the hot desert sun, Jimmie Reese is relishing his ice cream cone. ''Ice cream is one of my vices,'' he says. ''At my age, what else is there?'' The 83-year-old Reese chuckles, his eyes - and his wit - sparkling. Heading into his 72nd season of professional baseball, Reese again feels refreshed and renewed.

Regularly called, “the nicest man in baseball”, Jimmie Reese spent a lifetime in baseball. He first played professionally in 1920 for the Pacific Coast League Los Angeles Angels. Though he’d play three season in the Major Leagues, two with the Yankees, and one with the Cardinals, it was his 14 years in the PCL that stand out as a player.

Drill down to fielding, and he is in the upper echelon of big-league second basemen by common standards. Methodical observers may double-take at his pinch-hitting numbers—15-for-33 over three seasons. But the point is not to invite analysis. It’s that most of the amazing baseball life of Jimmie Reese was lived beyond statistics.

Jimmie Reese Baseball Cards. Jimmie Reese Baseball Card Checklist | Baseball Card Database. Jimmie Reese Baseball Cards: 1973: Topps #421 (Manager & Coaches) 1991: Bowman #186: 1991: Studio #21: 1994: Upper Deck All-Time Heroes #199: Jimmie Reese Baseball Cards

Angels Coach Jimmie Reese Dies at Age 92 : Obituary: During 78 years in baseball he won the friendship of game’s greats, regard of legions.

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