Jewish wedding what side does mother walk on?

Hilma Muller asked a question: Jewish wedding what side does mother walk on?
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The bride, escorted by her parents (father on her right, mother on her left)


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Additionally, who Should mother of the groom seat? As the wedding begins, the groom's mother will be escorted down the aisle, to the first pew, right-hand side, by the head usher or a groomsman who is a family member. A nice touch includes the groom escorting his mother down the aisle.

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Bizarrely, the mother of the bride is always shown sitting by herself on one side of the aisle, with tears of happiness streaming down her face. In contrast, the groom’s parents are left to their own devices on the other side of the aisle.

It is traditional for the bride to stand on the left side of the altar (if you’re facing it), and the groom on the right. But it’s actually the opposite for Jewish weddings, where the bride stands on the right (and her family is on the right side) and the groom on the left.

Quite contrary to the Christian wedding or traditional wedding, in a Jewish wedding, right is the bride’s side of the aisle and left is for the groom. Same is the rule for their families. Which Side does the Bride Walk up the Aisle with Her Father?

For Jewish services, the groom's side will typically make up the left and the bride's side fills the right when looking down the aisle toward the front. However, should someone express a preference for one side or the other (many guests will just say off the bat that they're friends or relatives of the bride or groom), they should be seated where they choose (makes sense, right?).

In the Jewish tradition, both of the groom's parents walk him down the aisle to the chuppah, the altar beneath which the couple exchanges vows. Then the bride and her parents follow. Traditionally,...

During a Jewish wedding ceremony, the officiant and parents of the couple stand with the soon-to-be married couple under the chuppah. The best man and maid of honor may also stand under the chuppah, if desired. The processional. In Jewish wedding tradition, the processional is a bit different than one you’ll see at a Christian ceremony. After the rabbi, the bride’s grandparents and the groom’s grandparents are escorted down the aisle, followed by the groomsmen and best man.

During the Jewish ceremony procession, the grandparents, the groom's parents, and the bride's mother all join the processional in this order: Rabbi and/or cantor (stands beneath the chuppah in the...

Once the bride and groom are standing side-by-side under the chupah, the cantor welcomes them on behalf of all gathered by singing several Hebrew greeting hymns, which also includes a request for G‑d's blessings for the new couple. After all this preliminary activity, we are ready to begin the actual marriage ceremony. Learn more: The Procession

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In traditional Jewish ceremonies, the mother of the bride gets equal aisle time with the father of the bride by walking as a threesome. It's a lovely tradition that anyone who's not Jewish can borrow, too. `

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