Is there such a thing as a successful paintball field?

Lamar Hayes asked a question: Is there such a thing as a successful paintball field?
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  • Countless fields have come and gone and those owners have learned that the "field owner's dream" is a lot more work and a lot riskier than they expected. There are, though many fields that have been successful for years and provide their owners with constant, enjoyable employment.


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❓ Is there such thing as professional paintball?

A professional paintball team is one that plays paintball with the financial, equipment or other kind of support of one or more sponsors, often in return for advertising rights. Several professional teams have different names in different leagues due to franchising and sponsorship issues.

❓ Is there such a thing as nitro paintball?

  • Most folks outside the paintball community have no idea this type of paintball exists. It’s our job to change that one person at a time. If you’re playing competitively in Georgia, you’ve been to Nitro. “ First time playing again since I stopped when I was younger, had a blast.

❓ Is there such a thing as pump paintball?

  • While pump paintball is no longer anywhere near the dominant form of paintball, it is still enjoyed by many players today. While there are much more efficient guns available, pump players still enjoy the challenges, the accuracy and the price of playing with a pump.

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What are some skills and experiences that will help you build a successful paintball field? Physical dexterity for demonstrating the use of equipment and leading teams participating in tournaments Knowledge of the rules of paintball and the equipment required, which consists of standardized helmets, vests and regulation pads for each participant

The reality is that paintball fields are not a guaranteed success and running a field takes a lot of effort with no guarantee of a payday down the road. Countless fields have come and gone and those owners have learned that the "field owner's dream" is a lot more work and a lot riskier than they expected.

Welcome to Parkes Paintball. Parkes Paintball has some of the best paintball fields in the west, and also the biggest. With 12 fields covering over 300 acres they range from bush, forest, creeks, dams, forts, tyre fields, car yards and makeshift towns. So your sure to find something you can battle on. After you’ve chosen from our 4 affordable packages you can play as long as you like with ...

Opening and successfully running a paintball field in the new, highly competitive local paintball marketplace is difficult at best. A paintball-interested entrepreneur needs all the help he or she can get, and one of the best sources for this help has, for quite some time, been the Paintball Field Operator's Guide from Pro Star Sports.

This start-up capital will cover the amount that you will spend for the paintball equipment, the portable trailer, advertisement, and land lease. You can reduce your spyder paintball business capital if you have land that you can convert into a paintball field. You will earn from your paintball business by charging your clients a fee for a game.

Paintballing has been around since the 1980s. Clubs, players and teams can be found around the world. There are around a dozen semi-professional and professional leagues. To be a good paintballer, you have to be better than other...

Some paintball players believe that paintball should not be realistic. And the logic is understandable. Some people like to think of paintball as a fantastical world, in which there is no fictional connection to real life. The guru stands on the other side of the fence. We like the idea of pretending that paintball is a battlefield.

Walking tanks are generally built for smaller scenarios and fields. Technically a suit of body armour rather than a vehicle, walking tanks are the most common type. Weight concerns usually limit their armament to a pair of paintball markers, and occasionally a pneumatic gun.

Dynasty is the most successful team in the history of paintball. In their 20 years as a professional team, they have won more tournaments and series titles than any other team. The front of the shirt has the iconic Dynasty Dragon logo along with a blue trophy for every professional tournament win and a black trophy for every series title.

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