Is the xiaomi mi sports bluetooth headset good?

Melyna Bayer asked a question: Is the xiaomi mi sports bluetooth headset good?
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  • The Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset is Xiaomi’s first attempt at making a headset for fitness junkies. The audio quality isn’t bad ass as it is on their wired headsets but it is still good enough for workouts.


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❓ How to wear mi sports bluetooth headset?

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset is Xiaomi's first attempt at making a headset for fitness junkies. The audio quality isn't bad ass as it is on their wired headsets but it is still good enough for workouts. I bought one as a replacement/backup for my LG HBS730 which unfortunately has started falling apart and isn't [...] Read More "How To Set Up and Use Xiaomi's Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones"

❓ Is the mi sports bluetooth headset ipx4 certified?

  • Xiaomi provided the Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset with IPX4 certification, meaning it will resist sweating or light rain. Volume control is independent of the phone’s volume. Since volume is just a parameter when using Bluetooth, the headphones just disregard the settings they receive from the phone and apply their own.

❓ How do i reset my jabra sport bluetooth headset?

  1. Turn on your Jabra Elite Sport.
  2. On the right earbud, simultaneously press and hold (5 seconds) the Multi-function button and the Sports button.
  3. Your Jabra Elite Sport is now reset, and goes directly into pairing mode.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, and select Jabra Sport Elite.

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