Is it really true that paintball is dying?

Layla Nitzsche asked a question: Is it really true that paintball is dying?
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  • Paintball dying…. Not a concept I like to hear, and it is one that I see crop up more often on a few forums. The responses I see are pretty typical, “no paintball isn’t dying, its just your area”, “paintball is just shifting towards woodsball/rec ball/scenario ball”. What are my thoughts on all of this?


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❓ Is it true that major league baseball is dying?

  • No. It still isn't dying. The reasons for baseball's impending doom are full of misnomers, contradictions and false presumptions. Here's why baseball is not a dying sport in America in 2020. Baseball keeps dying. Over and over again. Baseball has a long history of repetitious death. [1]

❓ Is paintball dying?

The overall popularity in paintball has declined since 2000, but it is certainly not dead or dying. Since about 2015 paintball has maintained a steady and consistent plateau in participation and overall internet activity. Some fields and events are even seeing an upward trend in participation and seeing many signs of growth.

❓ Is paintball dying reddit?

Paint ball is not dying. The events are still getting larger and new fields are still opening.

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The appropriate statement that must be known by every person who loves the sport is, 'If paintball is dying, it's your fault!” The life and death of the sport we love is up to every one of us. We all have a part to play, and we need to come together again to make our sport flourish. Photos courtesy of

Paintball is a very safe sport, but the short answer is yes, there are several confirmed cases of people who have been killed while playing paintball and some anecdotal stories.Overall, there have been very few deaths from paintball and most of those have been related to carelessness or indirect causes.

Since I really got back into the sport in 2008 I have heard this argument over and over again; “paintball is dying because of _____”. Is paintball really dying? No, I don’t think it is. I do however see a shift in the dynamic of the sport.

And when I said spawn trapping isn't the reason paintball is dying I didn't mean to imply that spawn trapping isn't a problem. Every game has flaws, but usually they get fixed quickly, but because paintball gets almost no attention, spawntrapping and force field hasn't gotten the long awaited nerf it needs.

No one will be shot to death with a paintball gun unless some very odd factors take place. The basic safety precautions like a mask, minimum age, shooting paintballs, and chronoing the gun less than 300fps will prevent a lethal or near lethal event. The lethal danger in paintball has to do with the air supply.

All you have to do is bring it to mind and with new items/killstreaks/hats, I believe paintball may start to recover. Click to expand... Wait, let me bring every suggestion I've made for paintball which has been pushed to the bottom of suggestions and feedback.

Such markers may be capable of rates of fire reaching or exceeding 30 paintballs per second using electronically assisted firing modes markers including those produced by Planet Eclipse, Dye precision, DLX, Smart Parts,APS (Angel Paintball Sports, formerly WDP (company)Dangerous Power, Proto, Empire, Invert, Veiwloader, Halo,and Evil.)"

Lots of people on TikTok are pushing the horror movie Antrum.They say the movie is cursed, that it’s the “deadliest movie ever made,” and that people have died watching it and you could too.

Yes, Someone Really Did Predict the Bucks-Suns 2021 NBA Finals in 2016 Wisconsin man Jarrett Plahmer amazed many basketball fans in July 2021, with an unlikely, five-year-old...

Well, in a conventional sense, it is dying. None of the major publishers and developers will survive. Who I believe will survive are those who are not tied into the stone rock foundations. In a sense, it is dying, just being replaced. That said, I don't feel it is dying. What I feel is not what is true, always.

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Paintball guns may be legally taken on an airplane if they are in checked luggage. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) does not consider paintball guns to be firearms and allows them to be in checked baggage with no requirements relating to the type of container they are in. Paintball guns may not be brought on the plane in carry-on luggage.

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You can trust me when I say that the pain won’t be anything that you can’t handle. Whether you feel pressure on a padded area or a little sting on a less protected area, you should be able to jump right back into gameplay. If you are extremely close range or if you get hit in an exposed area, paintballs can cause welts and bruises.

Can a paintball gun really hurt your face?

If you get hit on your face, even from a medium-range by a 300 or higher fps gun, it will definitely hurt. However, if you get hit from 50 feet distance with a 200 fps gun, and you’re covered with protective gear and clothing, no it Won’t hurt.

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That makes .68 caliber and reusable paintballs most painful overall. For less painful options, you’ll want to go with lower caliber paintballs, like .50 caliber, and paintballs that break easy, like tournament paint. There are a few different types and calibers in paintball, but one is the most common and widely used.

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Instantly play your favorite free online games features some of the best games accessible online, all of which are entirely free to play. Our extensive game library includes some of the most popular online genres, including racing games, puzzle games, action games, MMO games, and many others, all of which are sure to keep you engaged for hours. Play these free games on any Android, iOS or Windows device.

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  • Hopper…
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