Is it bad to drain your pool?

Russel Keeling asked a question: Is it bad to drain your pool?
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Your pool is not meant to be empty. Whether you have a vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass pool, it is at its best when it's full of water. Once the water is drained, you open yourself up to all sorts of damage, so drain a pool only when there is no other option… Water is heavy, and hydrostatic pressure can be significant.


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❓ How to drain your pool?

When and why should you drain a pool?

  • Dry climate. Various locations have drier climates than others,and these dry climates can cause more water to evaporate than you'd like in your pool.
  • Routine heavy pool cleaning. Experts recommend a complete pool drain every five to seven years to give it a full clean…
  • Calcium buildup and staining…
  • Pool repair or painting…
  • Unsafe stabilizer readings…

❓ How often should you drain your pool?

When and why should you drain a pool?

  • Dry climate. Various locations have drier climates than others,and these dry climates can cause more water to evaporate than you'd like in your pool.
  • Routine heavy pool cleaning. Experts recommend a complete pool drain every five to seven years to give it a full clean…
  • Calcium buildup and staining…
  • Pool repair or painting…
  • Unsafe stabilizer readings…

❓ Can you drain your pool into the street?

In simple terms, you cannot drain pool water into the streets, curbs, catch basins, gutters, ditches, channels, and ultimately, into storm drains (which flow directly into local streams)! ... A Contractor – if the water contains serious contamination, you may want to hire a Contractor to pump out the water.

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How to change the drain cover on your pool?
  • Use any and all advice viewed on this channel at YOUR OWN RISK! Watch how-to videos, pool product reviews, listen to Chlorine King Podcasts, tune in to advice filled swimming pool vlogs, learn how to work on your variable speed pool pumps or other swimming pool equipment, listen to pool hip hop music and have some laughs on this channel.
How to drain your pool with a submersible pump?

Can I use a sump pump to drain my Pool?

  • While it is generally not a good idea to completely drain an above-ground swimming pool, there may be situations, such as extreme algae infestation, that require water drainage. In this case, you can use a submersible sump pump to drain the water from your pool and allow you to clean and refill it.
What happens to your pool if you drain it?
  • Empty pools are also susceptible to damage from exposure. Vinyl pools tend to contract when emptied, which can result in damage when they are refilled. Gunite or fiberglass pools can crack, and fiberglass pools may suffer bulging or splitting if drained.
What is the best way to drain your pool?

You can rent an electric pump and hose from Home Depot for $50-75 a day. Set up in the evening, test to make sure there are no leaks, and pump can run overnight. It has a sensor that will shut the pump off when the water level gets below the top of the pump. Be aware that many states have laws against dumping pool water into the streets. Check with your local water department for guidelines.

Pool drain are scary?
  • They are a potential death trap if opened or if they malfunction. To give you an idea of the potential force of draining water, people have been caught up in water flowing into storm drains and sewers in city streets and been unable to escape. Be it flash flood or pool drain, flowing water is dangerous.
Where to drain pool?
  • The best way to drain the pool is to empty it directly into the sanitary sewer line outside your home. The process is simple but can be time-consuming, depending on how fast you are able to pump the water.
How to drain intex pool with drain valve?
  • Draining Intex Pool With Drain Valve The first step is still to test your pool water chemistry levels. After that, you must locate your drain valve and gather the necessary equipment to drain your pool water out. Set up your garden hose to an area where you want the drained pool water to go.
Do you have to drain your pool to clean it?
  • You may think that draining all that yucky water out of your pool is the only way to get it really clean. But two to three days of shocking the water, vacuuming and filtration can handle the problem just as well, without the risk of damaging your pool's liner or the high water bill that comes from draining and re-filling.
Do you have to drain your swimming pool every day?
  • That means the parents must go through the hassle of filling the pool with fresh water each day. This is not a good use of water. The reason the water must be drained daily is that algae and bacteria are quick to grow in stagnant water.
Do you need to drain your pool in the winter?
  • These steps do typically involve some draining: for example, draining the heat pump to get rid of excess water or lowering the water below the skimmer level and jets to prevent plumbing freezes. But make no mistake: you should NOT be draining water completely from the pool.
How far down do you drain your pool for winter?

Drain the water down to no more than 6 inches from the bottom of the skimmer if you plan to use a standard floating winter cover. Use your pool filter, switched to the "Drain" setting, to empty the pool water.

How often do you have to drain your phoenix pool?
  • About 25 percent of the volume of a typical Phoenix pool is estimated to be intentionally drained each year. (At a minimum, check pool chemistry twice per week in the summer and once per week in the winter.)
How often should you drain and refill your swimming pool?
  • At the other end, many public swimming pools are drained and refilled twice a year. For homeowners, the best recommendation is to drain and refill your swimming pool every two to three years.
What happens if you drain your pool during a hurricane?
  • If you have a concrete, plaster or fiberglass pool draining the pool will significantly reduce the pool’s weight and once the ground becomes saturated, as typically happens during hurricanes and continued torrential downpours, the pool could ‘float’ vertically out of the ground. If you vinyl liner...
Can i drain my pool into the storm drain?
  • Avoid draining pool water directly into a storm drain or a stream except as a last resort. As a courtesy, avoid draining pool water across neighboring properties and creating puddles, standing water, or ice.
Does backwash drain the pool?

It is not recommended to drain a swimming pool through the backwash valve. While sucking from the main drain and putting the water down the backwash line will work in some scenarios it puts your pool pump at risk of losing prime and running dry… It is best to drain and refill a swimming pool as quickly as possible.

How pool main drain works?

A pool's so-called main drain is not actually a drain; that is, it is not used to drain the pool. Instead, it is an outlet, housing a pipe that runs to the pump, which sucks water through a skimmer, then through a filter, then through a heater (if you have one), and then back to the pool via multiple inlets.

How to drain my pool?
  • Get A Submersible Pump. While some people recommend you use your pool pump to drain the water,we highly recommend NOT doing this.
  • Drain The Pool. This is as simple as turning on the pump to siphon the water from the pool…
  • Open The Relief Valves…
  • Do The Work…
  • Close The Relief Valves…
  • Fill ‘er Up! ...
  • Pump&Balance…
Should i drain the pool?

Pool owners should never drain their inground pool as part of regular swimming pool maintenance, as draining the pool can actual cause the TDS (total dissolved solids) factor to rise… Inground pools should only be drained when you need to stabilize your pool's TDS or if a repair to the interior is necessary.

What is a pool drain?
  • A swimming pool drain is located at the deepest point of the pool. The drain is an outlet that draws water from the pool, which then passes through a filter before it flows back into the pool through several inlets.
What pump to drain pool?

9 Best Sump Pumps to Drain Pools (Updated Reviews) 2021

  • Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump…
  • Homdox 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump 400W Dirty Clean Water Pump…
  • Wayne WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump…
  • Wayne WaterBUG Submersible Pump.
Do you have to drain your above ground pool every year?

Draining your pool will require a lot of new water later

Keeping your pool full (or close to it) also prevents the need to completely refill the pool when warmer weather returns. No need to waste all that water every year! By not draining it, you'll save money and help out the environment at the same time.