If you break your back can you still walk?

Baron Wyman asked a question: If you break your back can you still walk?
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Depending on how severe your injury is, you may experience pain, difficulty walking, or be unable to move your arms or legs (paralysis). Many fractures heal with conservative treatment; however severe fractures may require surgery to realign the bones.


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❓ Can you break your foot and still walk?

Broken Foot Symptoms

Broken bones in the foot cause pain and swelling. Usually (but not always) the pain is so bad, that you are not able to walk. Broken bones in the toes cause less pain, and you may be able to walk with a broken toe. Bruising of the foot with a broken bone is also common.

❓ Can you break your knee cap and still walk?

Knee cap injuries are fairly rare as they usually only occur if there is a great deal of force through the knee. The two most common injuries here are a broken kneecap or dislocation. The kneecap (patella) is a small, inverted triangle shaped bone that sits at the front of the knee joint.

❓ Can you still walk if you break your hip?

You'll probably have a lot of pain in your hip or groin. You may be unable to walk. Your skin around the injury may also swell, get red or bruise. Some people with hip fractures can still walk.

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Tighten the abdominal muscles while gently pressing your lower back toward the floor. Hold the tension for five to 10 seconds, relax, then repeat the movement 10 times. Do this daily.

Call 999 for an ambulance if the injury to the leg seems severe or you're not able to get to A&E quickly. Always call 999 for very severe suspected breaks, such as a broken neck or back. The broken bone must be properly aligned and held in place, often with a plaster cast, so it heals in the correct position.

If you sustain a complete break, you will need to wear a medical boot for at least two months to help stabilize and protect the leg. Depending on the extent of the fracture or break, surgery may be the most appropriate option to fully recover from a break in your fibula.

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Can you fracture your femur and still walk?

A femoral shaft fracture is a severe injury that usually occurs as a result of a high-speed car collision or a fall from a great height. The treatment almost always requires surgery. The most common procedure involves the insertion of a metal pole (known as an intramedullary rod) into the center of the thigh bone.

Do you walk on your friend's back or your own?
  • I walk on my friend's back. He says it helps. Popping is the release of gas buildup in the joints. I have scoliosis and need to pop my lower back several times a day to keep it aligned properly so that I can walk with less pain. Walking on his back- is one of the clearest memories I have of time spent with my dad when I was a child.
What massage do they walk on your back?

Ashiatsu Massage is the “walking on the back” massage, explained by Lauren Potter Ashiatsu massage – a little known, yet very powerful massage therapy technique dating back 2,000 years – features the massage therapist using his or her feet instead of hands .

Can you still walk if you fractured your leg?
  • Sometimes, a really bad complete fracture will not be able to carry weight or otherwise function properly. Most of the time, however, fractures can indeed support weight. The patient can probably even walk on a broken leg-it just hurts like the dickens. You can safely assume that any fracture is going to hurt, so pain is not on this list.
Can you still walk if you lose your toes?

For women, it’s tempting to wear high heels, but flats are a safer option if you are worried about losing your balance. For men and women, be sure to wear shoes that have a good tread so you don’t slip on slippery floors.

Can taking walk actually help your low back pain?
  • YES YES! The straight answer is yes! Walking can help with lower back pain, as long as you're not settling for less than your best efforts. In times today, the word exercise gets used on the regular.
Is it good to walk when your back hurts?

One often overlooked form of exercise for people with sore backs is walking. Substituting walking for a harder workout may help you keep the health benefits of aerobic activity going—not to mention alleviating some or all of your pain. That said, walking may only be a short-term pain relief solution.

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Can you walk with a herniated disc in your back?

A herniated disk can press on the nerves in your spine and cause pain, weakness, and numbness in your neck, back, arms, and legs. Sometimes these symptoms can be severe enough to disrupt your life.

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Can a baseball break your ribs?

Stress fractures of the first rib are uncommon, and few reports have described the occurrence of this injury in overhead-throwing athletes. Furthermore, although there have been a few reports of first rib stress fractures on the throwing side in baseball players, fractures on the nonthrowing side are very rare.

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Paintballs traveling faster than 300 fps will leave large bruises and can potentially break the skin or even fingers.

Can you break your ankle skateboarding?

Foot, ankle, or lower leg fractures — While most fractures stop you from continuing your activity or walking, others may either be minor enough or in locations that don't prevent you from continuing. Fractures typically result in pain, bruising, and swelling that don't quickly resolve.

Can you break your neck skateboarding?

Common (But Dangerous) Skateboarding Injuries

An extreme sport like skateboarding often results in a lot of hard falls. Depending on how a person lands, these falls can result in head, neck, and back injuries.

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Can you still walk if you tore something in your knee?

In a typical moderate tear, you feel pain at the side or in the center of the knee, depending on where the tear is. Often, you are still able to walk. Swelling usually increases gradually over 2 to 3 days and may make the knee feel stiff and limit bending.

Can you still walk with a torn ligament in your knee?

The short answer is yes. After the pain and swelling subsides and if there is no other injury to your knee, you may be able to walk in straight lines, go up and down stairs and even potentially jog in a straight line. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is an important ligament that provides stability to the knee.

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Is it bad to have someone walk / step on your back?
  • I can't see is as any different from what you would pay a good sum of money to have a chiropractor do. As others have said it can actually be good for your back, relieving pressure and pockets of air that can cause damage. It can get detrimental if you over do it.
What is the massage called when they walk on your back?

What Is a Back Walking Massage? Walking massage, also known as ashiatsu (meaning foot pressure), has been practiced for centuries in the East.