How to do walk the dog with a yoyo?

Morris Bartoletti asked a question: How to do walk the dog with a yoyo?
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Performing the Walk the Dog Trick Download Article

  • Perform the Sleeper trick. Complete all the steps required to get your yo-yo into the sleeper position, where it...
  • Lower the spinning yo-yo gently to the ground. At this point, your yo-yo should be in the sleeper position.
  • Walk forward while the yo-yo is moving forward. The spinning motion of the yo-yo will...


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❓ How to walk the dog with a yoyo?

  • If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Learn how to yoyo, play kendama, and learn cool tricks from and Beginner Yoyo Tricks and Kendama Tricks, 1A (String Tricks), 2A (Looping Tricks), 3A, 4A (Offstring Yoyoing), and 5A (Freehand) yoyo tricks.

❓ Can you walk a yoyo around the park?

  • You do not actually have to walk the dog all the way around the park, you could just do a normal walk the dog and if you do it long enough, the yoyo will naturally turn and again, same thing, once it is perpendicular to you, just kneel down, put your hand to the ground.

❓ Why does the yoyo spiral when you walk the dog?

  • As you could see with that trick, when the yoyo gets to the end of the string and it comes back, the string starts to spiral around the side of the yoyo. The reason that that happens is, when you walk the dog around the park, the yoyo naturally changes its orientation.

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The spinning motion of the yo-yo will make it want to move forward along the ground. At this point, you too should start to move forward, holding your arm at the same height to keep the yo-yo just touching the ground. This movement looks like you’re walking your yo-yo on a leash, hence the Walk The Dog name of the trick.

The second thing that you can do with Walk the Dog is what is called the Creeper. This is where you are going to walk the dog all the way out in front of you and then pull it back after you have knelt down to the ground. The yoyo will come back to you, sliding along the ground. So that looks like this. Again, that is a pretty straightforward variation.

Learn how to perform the popular yoyo trick Walk the Dog, plus variations Walk the Cat (Naughty Dog), Creeper, Walk the Dog Around the Park, and Walk the Dog...

Namely, how to throw a sleeper. Throwing a sleeper means getting the yo-yo to spin freely at the end of the string, instead of returning to your hand. It’s the first step to learning how to walk the dog. The harder and cleaner your sleeper throw, the easier it is to walk the dog.

How to Do the Walk-the-Dog Yo Yo Trick - YouTube.

How to Do the Creeper & the Walk the Dog | Yo-Yo Tricks - YouTube. How to Do the Creeper & the Walk the Dog | Yo-Yo Tricks. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If ...

So, you say stop, chop, four fingers pull, spread, point, swoop right underneath the yo-yo. That's how you are going to do, Rock the Baby in the Cradle. Now we can do it with a sleeping yo-yo; again, because this is a sleeping yo-yo you have to trap the string, clear the loop, okay?

Practice the Sleeper trick many times before moving onto trying the Walk the Dog trick. 2 Lower the spinning yo-yo gently to the ground. At this point, your yo-yo should be in the sleeper position.

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