How to do a toe drag in hockey?



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How to toe drag in ice hockey with coach jeremy


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❓ What is a toe drag in hockey?

Toe Drag is when the puck carrier drags the puck along the ice with the toe (open) end of the hockey stick blade faced down to keep it away from an opponent. The toe drag is an excellent way to control and protect the puck when moving around defenders. It is a fine motor skill maneuver that is exciting to watch when executed by the pros.

❓ How do you use a toe drag in hockey?

  • Make sure you have the toe centered on the puck, otherwise it will slide to the side. This is the most basic toe drag, once you get better you can use the toe drag to move the puck straight back, in a J motion, or a wide U to pull the puck from one side of your body, all the way to the other.

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Forehand toe drag slip full tutorial!

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How to do a toe-drag. How to get better toe-drags. Today we go over different skills that will help your toe-drags!Todd Drevitch's Hockey Techniques.Visit ...

The toe drag is pretty simple on paper (or computer screen), but actually getting it down is tough, here is how to toe drag Roll your wrists to roll the blade of the stick over, so the toe of the blade of the stick is pointing down Catch the puck with the toe, and pull it backwards (or sideways if the puck is to your side)

The Green Biscuit is a great puck to use to practice and perfect your toe drag off-ice. The toe drag can be pretty tough to learn (using the proper technique) practice, practice. Roll your wrists away from your body to roll the blade of the stick over the puck, so the toe of the blade of the stick is pointing down

Using your top hand on the hockey stick, roll the stick over and grab the puck with the toe of the blade. Practice rolling your top hand to achieve this motion. Pull the puck in towards your body by moving the shaft of the stick. Make sure the center of the puck is on the toe of the stick.

You can pull a regular toe drag and pull the puck in close to your feet, but I find it’s a lot easier to just roll the blade over and catch the puck with the back of the blade, then pull it in and push it forwards (shown in video) Backhand Toe Drag in Front

The toe drag is an excellent way to control and protect the puck when moving around defenders. It is a fine motor skill maneuver that is exciting to watch when executed by the pros.

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