How much is barry bonds baseball cards worth?

Mattie Wilkinson asked a question: How much is barry bonds baseball cards worth?
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  • This is surely one of Barry Bonds most valuable cards. This epic card is ultra rare. Only 241 of these Barry Bonds baseball cards were produced in 1993. These incredible cards are very hard to find centered which is why Mint 9 cards sell for over $500 on Ebay. Gem mint 10 cards have sold for over $1500.


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❓ How much is a barry bonds signed baseball worth?

A Barry Bonds single signed baseball is worth between $150. -$250. A Barry Bonds signed Photo is worth between $100.

❓ How much is barry bonds rookie baseball card worth?

Barry Bonds’s most expensive rookie card is either the 1987 O-Pee-Chee rookie card #320 or the 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany rookie card ##11T. If you have a Barry Bonds rookie card and would like an estimate on how much the card might be worth please email us at [email protected] (include card photos). Looking to purchase a 4 or 5 figure Barry Bonds baseball card?

❓ How much is a 1986 barry bonds baseball card worth?

  • Just like Bo Jackson, the 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany version of Barry Bonds' card can be worth big bucks, as much as $1,250 in PSA condtition. Of all the cards in this set, I think Bonds' is one of the best-looking and most memorable.

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How much are baseball cards worth?

Use Mavin to see what your baseball cards are worth. Search for your card and Mavin tells you what it's worth based on recently sold cards just like yours. What your baseball cards are worth.

Is barry bonds a goat?

A G.O.A.T.

During his career Bonds was one of the most feared hitters in the game… He may appear tainted but Bonds was the best among those in his era (who were also on steroids) which gives him his rightful spot in the greatest of all time debate.

What did barry bonds bat?

WPW Throwbacks: Barry Bonds' Sam Bat 2K1, the Bat that Changed the Game. It wasn't the first maple bat used in major league baseball, but it is the most important. Barry Bonds' 2K1 from Sam Bat, for better or worse, ushered in the most radical change to the game of baseball since the introduction of the aluminum bat.

What was barry bonds number?

Barry Bonds has number retired by Giants, takes left field in San Francisco one last time. Prior to Saturday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the San Francisco Giants retired Barry Bonds's No. 25 jersey. Bonds, of course, is Major League Baseball's all-time home-run king, having retired with 762 dingers.

Who is barry bonds godfather?

His godfather was the legendary Willie Mays, who was a teammate of Bobby Bonds. Barry Bonds excelled at baseball from early childhood.

Who is barry bonds son?


30-year-old Nikolai Lamar Bonds is Barry's oldest child and the baseball star's only son, shared with his first wife, Susann Margreth Branco.

How much are 1980s baseball cards worth?

In fact, you can just about bet that Ryan will be in the top two or three cards, value-wise, in pretty much every set where he appears, regardless of decade or competition. That certainly holds true for the 1980 Topps set, where The Ryan Express checks in at $75 in PSA 9 and $2000 in PSA 10. Check prices on Amazon (affiliate link)

How much are 1990s baseball cards worth?

And where packs of 1990 Leaf Series II once went for $12 a pack in search of Frank Thomas rookie cards, or RCs, worth $70 each back in early 1993 , whole sealed boxes with 36 unopened packs and an average of about two $20 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas RCs per box can now be had for $70 to $80 per box on eBay.

How much are my baseball cards worth?

Use Mavin to see what your baseball cards are worth. Search for your card and Mavin tells you what it's worth based on recently sold cards just like yours.

How much money baseball cards are worth?

Use Mavin to see what your baseball cards are worth. Search for your card and Mavin tells you what it's worth based on recently sold cards just like yours.

Does barry bonds have a brother?

Bobby Bonds Jr. Robert Lee Bonds Jr. (born March 7, 1970) is an American former minor-league baseball player. He is the son of former baseball player Bobby Bonds and the younger brother of Barry Bonds and Ricky Bonds.

Was barry bonds a good fielder?

Offense was not the only thing Bonds did well. He was an excellent fielder, who specialized in knowing hitters' tendencies and positioning himself to be in the best spot to make plays in the outfield. Bonds won five Gold Gloves, as a Giant.

What bat did barry bonds use?

He has used the Canadian maple bats since 1997 and swung a 2K1 model when he hit a record 73 homers for the San Francisco Giants in 2001.

What team was barry bonds on?

Barry Lamar Bonds is a former professional baseball left fielder who played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.

Why isn't barry bonds the goat?

Bonds, Mays, and Mantle could have batted leadoff or cleanup. What separates Bonds from both Mays and Mantle is the fact that he simply had a longer peak than Mays and Mantle which by logical deduction makes him the GOAT.

How much is rick barry worth?

Rick Barry net worth: Rick Barry is an American former professional basketball player who has a net worth of $3 million.

How much are 1986 topps baseball cards worth?
  • This Topps Traded card was near the top of that leaderboard, and it’s still the gem of all Topps cards issued in 1986. Raw copies might set you back a few bucks with high quality slabbed specimens stretching to $10 and well beyond.
How much are darryl strawberry baseball cards worth?

In average, a Rookie Card from Darryl Strawberry is valued with $8.47.

How much are jackie robinson baseball cards worth?
  • Estimated PSA 8 Value: $17,500. The 1952 T opps set itself is truly iconic in the baseball card community and luckily Jackie Robinson was a part of it. The red background complements the great imagery of Robinson shown in a head shot, with his bat slug over his shoulder.
How much are mickey mantle baseball cards worth?

A new record for a baseball card has been set with a mint 1952 Mickey Mantle selling for $5.2 million (£3.8 million/ €4.3 million) in a private transaction.

How much are my old baseball cards worth?
  • As for value, cards from the Vintage era (1948-1969) typically have more value the older they are. Complete sets (mid-grade) from the mid to late 50s are typically worth between $2000-$3000, while complete sets from the 60s are typically worth between $1500-$2500.
How much are will clark baseball cards worth?
  • Will Clark baseball cards are still great investments. He has an outside chance at the Hall of Fame but either way will always be a Giants favorite. This will alone drive the value of Will Clark rookie cards. Will Clark autographs cards are also worth picking up at the right prices. You can buy these cards on Ebay for around $25.