How much do you need to walk to see antelope canyon?

Eddie Moore asked a question: How much do you need to walk to see antelope canyon?
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Upper Antelope Canyon Trail is a 6.5 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Page, Arizona that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. There is a fee to enter Navajo Park and a MANDATORY tour.


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❓ How much walk in lower antelope canyon tour?

  • Lower Antelope Canyon Tours departs every 1/2 hour a quarter after & a quarter till the hour. The tour is a 1.5 hour walking tour and climbing down some ladders is involved. During peak season the wait time to get into the canyon can vary. Please wear comfortable shoes for this 600 meter trip.

❓ Can you walk through antelope canyon?

No, the Antelope Canyon is protected by the Navajo Parks and Recreation and only authorized tour companies can take visitors to the canyon… There are no self-guided hikes into the Antelope Canyon.

❓ How big is the upper antelope canyon walk?

  • Upper Antelope Canyon is an above-ground slot canyon. It’s an easy, flat 100 yard walk, following a 2-mile off-road ride from the Navajo Tribal Park Gate on US98 to the canyon’s entrance. Upper Antelope Canyon is also where you can catch those world-famous sunbeams between the spring and fall months, but only during peak time tours.

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From Zion to Antelope Canyon is a 100 miles journey that takes about two hours. From Bryce Canyon to Antelope Canyon, it takes about 3 hours traveling 149 miles. You can also check out our Guide to Bryce National Park and Guide to Zion National Park, with our recommendation and photography tips for your visit.

In total we are walking 1,200 meters, the first 400 meters is relatively easy, there are no ladders/stairs inside the Upper Antelope Canyon – it is all ground level. The entire time you’re at the canyon you will be walking on sand, some areas have softer sand and some areas are more packed down.

In addition to the cost of your tour, you’ll be required to pay $8 for a permit to enter the Navajo area. You only need to pay for one permit to visit both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon, so hold on to your voucher.

Visiting Antelope Canyon is expensive. The guided tours companies charge $40-$50 per person for the tour itself (discounts available for children under 12) and there is an additional $8 fee to be paid to the Navajo Tribal Parks. There is also a 6% sales tax (collected by the Navajo authorities).

Take AZ-98 east for 4.8 miles. Then turn left onto Indian Route 222. Follow it north for 0.5 miles, then turn left. This road will take you to the parking area for Lower Antelope Canyon. If you are heading to Upper Antelope Canyon, where you go will depend on what company you are doing the tour through as they have different staging locations.

What you need to know if you’re considering a self-guided tour of Antelope Canyon. If you want to see Antelope Canyon in person but want to bypass the guided tour experience, you have a great option: Paddle a kayak or stand-up paddle board from Antelope Point boat launch site to the end of Antelope Canyon cove, then hike up into the slot canyon.

The walk through the canyon is a good 1/4 mile, once we’ve reached the end of the canyon we will then proceed to hike around the canyon – this hike does involve soft sand, stairs, and ramps, best to wear closed-toe shoes. With the new hike we’re walking a total of 3/4’s of a mile. We will be in the elements so be prepared for hot summers (temps can reach 100F+) or cold winters, dress for the weather!! Bring water, we hope to see you soon. We are open year-round. | 7 days a week.

You’ll need to decide ahead of time whether to tour Upper Antelope Canyon or Lower Antelope Canyon. Upper is 100 yards long, flat pretty much the whole way, easy-peasy. Upper is 100 yards long, flat pretty much the whole way, easy-peasy.

This tour is very informative, sharing the history and geology of the canyon and lasts about 1 hour in the park. Come with your guide to a spectacular petrified sand dune, created by wind, water and time, presenting a sculptured masterpiece. Nothing can describe this work of Mother Nature and experiencing this beauty will leave you breathless. For more info, availability and pricing on Upper Antelope Canyon tickets, please see below. Tour Availability

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How much does it cost to walk the skywalk at grand canyon?
  • To walk on the Skywalk will cost another $41 each. (check for current pricing) The Hualapai Legacy Package is the basic entry package to Grand Canyon West. It is a self-guided tour of all points of interest at Grand Canyon West.
Can you walk down into the grand canyon?

Backcountry rangers recommend that hikers make their first trip into the inner canyon on one of the park's Corridor trails: Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, or North Kaibab Trail… Most first-time Grand Canyon hikers walk uphill at an average speed of one mile per hour.

How far did nik walk across the grand canyon?

1,500 feet

Wearing jeans and a T-shirt and holding a 43-pound balancing pole, he prayed out loud as he walked untethered across a 1,400-foot-long, 8.5-ton cable suspended 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River. It was the highest walk of his career up to that point, and he completed it in just less than 23 minutes. When did nik wallenda walk across the grand canyon?
  • He became the first person to high-wire walk across a Grand Canyon area gorge on June 23, 2013, crossing the Little Colorado River outside Grand Canyon National Park; the feat aired live on Discovery.
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Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

The trip is strenuous and requires a good level of physical fitness and adequate preparation. Depending on which trail you choose, the distance is roughly 15.5km (9.5 mi) from the rim to the river, with an elevation change of over 1,300m (4,300 ft).

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Save your knees and walk for miles along the rim of the Grand Canyon. The Rim Trail stretches for over 13 miles along the rim of the Grand Canyon. With 14 shuttle stops spread out along its course, you have options abound. Hike part of it, or hike all of it. Distances between shuttle stops range from 0.3 to 1.8 miles.

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How Long Does it Take to Hike the Grand Canyon. Typically, it takes most hikers between four and five hours to get to the river no matter which trail they choose. On average, it takes hikers seven to eight hours to get back out.

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  • You can always do a SHORT hike down one of the trails just to get a feel for the trails then come back after much planning and hike to the bottom with an overnight or two!! Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon takes almost a years worth of planning.
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