How long to walk stairs empire state building?

Jarret Murazik asked a question: How long to walk stairs empire state building?
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The fastest runners take about 10 minutes to climb the nearly quarter-mile (. 4 km) of steps, round the Observation deck of the iconic skyscraper and finish the evening run. “We have wide mix of people who apply,” Talve said. Feinstein calls it the quintessential New York City race.


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  • Ms. Modelski said the walk was a way of maintaining a crucial ''dancer pride'' in the face of cutthroat competition within the dance world and being unrecognized artistically by outsiders. ''They're not like the rest of New York City,'' she said.

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If you casually walk up the stairs, the calorie-burning and aerobic benefits are only slightly higher than running or walking, but if you expend some effort and energy, quickly moving up the stairs, the benefit is greatly enhanced. Overall benefits of adopting stair climbing as your exercise of preference include: Build and tone and muscle

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by Sabrina Wieser. Running Expert, USATF Coach. The Empire State Building Run-Up: It’s the most famous tower race in the world. It challenges athletes from all over the globe to run the 1576 stairs (86 flights). This year I was one of them.

The Empire State Building Run-Up (ESBRU)—the world’s first and most famous tower race—challenges runners from near and far to race up its famed 86 flights—1,576 stairs. While visitors can reach the building’s Observatory via elevator in under one minute, the fastest runners have covered the 86 floors by foot in about 10 minutes. Leaders in the sport of professional tower-running converge at the Empire State Building in what some consider the ultimate test of endurance.

Only a limited number of Express Passes are sold meaning that the waiting time is never longer than 7 minutes. With the new entrance, VIP Express Ticket holders are getting a very special treatment including walking on the red carpet right into the Empire State Building. 5.

Inside the stairwell, guards / crew members were posted on floors 80, 83 and 86 - so you couldn't really have gone off on a walk by yourself. But it's not like the stairs are totally off limits to visitors either. Security at One WTC was even more strict than at the Empire State Building though (think airport security checkpoint).

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