How long before you can walk on stained stairs?

Ivah Goodwin asked a question: How long before you can walk on stained stairs?
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Why? Well, you can't walk on stained treads for at least eight hours after application.


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❓ How long before i can walk in stained stairs?

When they stain afterwards, how long before you can walk on the steps? How long before it is safe to be in the home? A: I assume the gel is a chemical stripper.

❓ How long before you can walk on stained wood?

You can stain now as long as it’s 48 hours prior to rain 24-48hrs light foot traffic 72hrs before placing furniture on it as long as it’s 70° and up its fine higher humidity follow the hour rule on the longer side I have already stained 5 decks this year if you use a roller be sure to back brush what you roll for an even professional look.

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by Sabrina Wieser. Running Expert, USATF Coach. The Empire State Building Run-Up: It’s the most famous tower race in the world. It challenges athletes from all over the globe to run the 1576 stairs (86 flights). This year I was one of them.

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Be sure to let your stairs dry completely (at least overnight, ideally 24 hours) before walking on them. See more inspiration below! Follow House Beautiful on Instagram .

From what I can tell, if I let the oil based gel stain dry for 72 hours, I can use a water based topcoat, ? I would let it sit a week since i have so many ridiculous houurs into this project bilyo | Sep 15, 2019 06:57pm | #4

Low nap is your friend. small angular brushes for getting into those weird spots will be your friend...remember you CANNOT "cut in" edges. These products have a 10 minute "wet edge" which means you cannot "cut in" the stair and then go back and apply more product 30 minutes later. You will complete each stair before moving on to the next.

Either wait until the stain on the steps has dried or use a small ladder to access handrails from the other side. Wet the entire length and the spindles a little at a time. Apply a small amount of stain to a large cloth and rub in the direction of the wood grain once more.

Wait 24 hours before walking on the stairs and avoid using rugs, cleaners or subjecting the stairs to heavy traffic for about one week. Polyurethane takes about 30 days to fully cure. Things You ...

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