How long and wide is a skateboard?

Jeff Toy asked a question: How long and wide is a skateboard?
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Deck Length and Wheelbase

The length of your skateboard deck is another measurement to consider. Most skate decks are right around 31" - 33" long. Decks with a length of 33" and longer will also generally have a width of 8.5" or wider.


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❓ How wide skateboard?

Skateboard Size Chart. Micro Skateboard Deck width: 6.5″ – 6.75” with an average deck length of 27.2” – 27.6” Micro decks are the best skateboards for beginners who are under 6 years old, less than 3’5” tall who wear a size 3 shoe or less. Mini Skateboard Deck width: 7.0″ with an average deck length of 28”

❓ How wide is a wide skateboard?

The length of your skateboard deck is another measurement to consider. Most skate decks are right around 31" - 33" long. Decks with a length of 33" and longer will also generally have a width of 8.5" or wider.

❓ How wide are skateboard bearings?

Nearly all skateboard bearings have been standardized so that all wheel and bearing brands are compatible. The standard skateboard bearing size is an 8mm inner race diameter. Here’s what we’ll cover:

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Skateboard Deck Width & Shape. Skateboard widths (barring longboards, cruisers, or miniature ...

A skateboard width is just as important as its length. The wider your feet are, the wider the board’s width should be. Take for example if you have average feet, your board should fall in the bracket of 7.5 inches to 8 inches. If you have larger feet then you should consider looking at a wider size board to ride on.

When your shoes are men’s 6.5 to 9, you should go for a board that is wide by 7.5-8 inches. And if ...

Any skateboard between 7.75″ and 8.25″ is a great all-around option for a wide variety of skating styles. Just remember, it’s all personal preference, there’s no right answer! Skateboard Deck Size – Length. Skateboard deck length is primarily dependent again on your riding style. Most skateboard decks range from 28”-33” in length.

Standard skateboard decks are usually between 28 and 33 inches (71 and 84 cm) long. The underside of the deck can be printed with a design by the manufacturer, blank, or decorated by any other means. "Long" boards are usually over 36 inches (91 cm) long. Plastic "penny" boards are typically about 22 inches (56 cm) long.

The skateboard deck is usually around 30 inches long and 7 inches wide, while the longboard deck’s length varies from 22-45+ inches depending on the function of the board, and has a width of about 9 inches.

They can be as long as 59 inches, while the typical skateboard is around 36 inches. Here's where it gets confusing: longboards also come in sizes as small as 28 inches long.

A longboard is a type of skateboard. It is often longer than a conventional skateboard and has a wide variety of shapes. It tends to be faster because of wheel size, construction materials and more precise hardware. Longboards are commonly used for cruising, traveling and downhill racing, known as longboarding. Longboard 'dancing' and 'freestyle' are also becoming more popular styles, in which the rider uses skateboard-like motions and steps up and down the board, generally in a fluid manner.

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How wide is a skateboard deck?
  • The skateboard deck is usually around 30 inches long and 7 inches wide, while the longboard deck’s length varies from 22-45+ inches depending on the function of the board, and has a width of about 9 inches.
How wide is a skateboard ramp?

Standard Outdoor 4 ft high x 8 ft wide Mini Ramp / Half Pipe Skate Ramp.

How wide is a skateboard wheel?
  • Most skateboard wheels will start around 49mm and go up to around 60mm. Once you cross over that 60mm threshold, you will be dealing with more longboard-style wheels. Checkout our guide on understanding longboard wheels if you want more information on cruiser/longboard wheels.
How wide should my skateboard be?

For all-around skating, a width between 8.0" and 8.38" should work out for you. Almost all skate deck brands will have many options in this size range. NOTE TO BEGINNERS: If you are completely new to skateboarding and are unsure what style of riding you may be attracted to, go with a deck size between 7.75" and 8.38".

How wide should skateboard trucks be?

Usually, skateboard trucks are described by their inner width (hanger width)… In general, we would recommend choosing a truck with an axle width that's exactly the same width as your deck. A margin of +/- 0.125″ is totally okay. So, for a deck that is 8″ wide trucks an axle width from 7.875″ – 8.125″ are ideal.

How wide should your skateboard be?

If you skate mostly vert, parks, pools, (we call this "transition skating") or just like more stability and surface area under your feet, you'll want to skate a deck that is slightly wider. However if you like to do flip tricks, prefer a lighter weight setup, and skate mostly street freestyle (we call this "street skating"), you may want a narrower board - something under 8 inches wide.

What size skateboard trucks go on a 8.5 wide skateboard?

The width of your truck should match the width of your skateboard deck. This data table shows ...

Which is better a wide skateboard or a narrow skateboard?
  • A wide skateboard will give you more control, stability and a smoother ride. The extra width will also give the board a longer life. Pool skateboarding involves big landings and when you bail your board will take a bigger beating than street skating.
How many inches wide is a skateboard?

Most skateboards range between 7.5 and 8.4 inches the most popular being 8 inches. At SkateHut you can shop for skateboard decks with a width size of anywhere between a 7.5 inches and 10.5 inches.

How wide are skateboard wheels in inches?

They can be used in almost any skateboard deck and excel on nearly any surface, be it a smooth or rough pavement or terrain. They range from 54 to 60 millimeters in diameter and between 78 and 90a in hardness or durometer. Longboard Wheels. Longboard wheels are the largest models available.

How wide should a kids skateboard be?

Smaller skateboards can be fun, but it's better for kids to grow into the sport using a full-size skateboard, 27" to 31" inches in length… Plus, kids' skateboards are usually about 6" wide, and kids may actually do better with the 7.5"-inch wide deck on a full-sized board.

How wide should my first skateboard be?

We recommend starting with a skateboard deck width that is proportional to your shoe size. If you wear men's size 6.5 to 9, start out with a deck width of 7.5 to 8.0 inches. If you wear shoes 9.5 or larger, we recommend getting a deck between 8.0 and 8.5 inches.

How wide of a skateboard should i get?

What Size of Skateboard Should I Get? Most skateboards are similar in length, so width is used to choose a size. They range in width from 6.5-inches to 10.5-inches. But most boards you will see are between 7.5-inches to 9.5-inches. The rule of thumb is to start with a skateboard that has the width proportional to your shoe size.

Can a skateboard be too wide for your feet?

Skaters that are 13+ or wear an adult shoe size of 8+, should be able to handle a full-sized skateboard (7.5" or wider). We offer mid-sized skateboards (7.25 - 7.375") for kids 9-12 years old, mini skateboards (6.75 - 7.25") for kids 6-8 years old, and even micro skateboards (6.5 - 6.75") for kids under 5 years old…

What happens if your skateboard truck is too wide?
  • If your trucks are too wide for your board you can’t do any primo tricks as your board will position itself in an angle when resting on its side. Another issue you might experience is your feet hitting the wheels as they stick out, not much of a problem for taller skateboarders though.
What is a standard wide lip wheel size for skateboard?
  • Skateboard wheel diameter is normally measured in millimetres, and most wheels range from 50-75mm. So if you need small wheels, shop around the 50mm end of the scale.
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What happens if you buy a skateboard that is too wide?

If a Skates Too Big . If your skates are too big, you will feel a world of hurt which will only end when you get the proper size skates. A skate that is too large will cause blisters, hammertoes, bunions or calluses which come from the constant irritation which in turn gives you constant foot pain.

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