How long after a broken ankle can i walk?

Jaylan Reichert asked a question: How long after a broken ankle can i walk?
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It takes around six to 10 weeks to recover from a broken ankle. During this time, you will probably need to wear a cast or boot. Most people are able to walk normally again and resume their daily activities by around three months.


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❓ How long after broken ankle surgery can i walk?

How long before you can walk on a broken ankle?

  • Our standard protocol for ankle procedures are: Follow up to the office 5 to 7 days after surgery. Keep the postoperative dressing dry. 3 weeks in a fiberglass cast nonweightbearing. No weightbearing activities are allowed: no walking, standing, or balancing on the cast. 4-6 weeks in a boot walker.

❓ How long to walk without crutches after broken ankle?

The Doctor said to keep the cam boot for another 2 weeks, then start transitioning to full weight bearing. I kept the cam boot on for one week longer than what the Doctor said. My ankle still felt weak and painful. Now I am completely out of the cam boot (for 3 weeks) but I am still using crutches to walk.

❓ How to walk after a broken ankle?

The non-surgical beginning steps from a recovery include using an ankle brace, air cast, walking boot or even fiberglass cast. It takes six weeks for the bone to recover with such medical treatment. 4 .

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It could be difficult to ascertain between an ankle break vs a sprain and in such cases an X-ray will be required to know for sure. How Long Is The Recovery Time For A Broken Ankle? The typical broken or fractured ankle recovery time can be entirely dependent on how serious the break is, but in most cases this can last between 6 to 12 weeks.

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Is it possible to walk on your own after a broken ankle?
  • It’s the worst fracture you can get and the worst case my surgeon had seen in many years. And from that fateful day the only thing I wanted to know was when can I walk again. The short answer to that question is this: I was able to walk on my own 20 days after the doctor said I was allowed to walk.
How long must i wait to play basketball after a broken ankle?

Following more complicated fractures and/or those that required surgical intervention, an athlete might be able to return to competitive basketball within four to six months after the injury occurred.

Can you still walk on a broken ankle?

Can you walk on a broken ankle?

  • Depending on the bone that is broken, the different types of fractures, and whether it involves another soft tissue injury or sprained foot or ankle, you may be able to walk on a broken foot.
When can i walk on a broken ankle?

Can you walk on a broken ankle?

  • It is usually very difficult to put weight on your fractured ankle and you should not put any weight on your broken ankle for the first few weeks at least (most commonly 6-8 weeks). Just walk with assitance and shifting weight to the good foot.
How long after ankle fusion surgery can you walk?
  • Though your arthritic ankle joint has been fused in surgery, the other bones in your foot still bend a little. You should be able to walk and get around. After 10 to 12 weeks in a cast, your leg muscles usually feel weak and you may need a few months of exercise before your leg feels strong again.
How long after ankle replacement surgery can you walk?

It can take a full year for you to walk like you used to and get back to most of your activities. Eventually, you should be able to swim, hike, and bike. Avoid high-impact activities like running or contact sports, which can damage the new ankle. Most of the newer replacements last 10 years or more.

How long until i can walk after ankle surgery?
  • Formal physical therapy is started at 6 weeks and an ankle support is worn for walking until 12 weeks after surgery. "By ten to twelve weeks, most people no longer require a brace and can return to all their normal activities including participation in sports," says Dr. O’Malley.
Can t walk after sprained ankle?

Is it okay to walk on a sprained ankle? If you can avoid it, do not walk on a sprained ankle. If you suspect that you've sprained your ankle, try to get off it immediately and begin the R.I.C.E. regimen. Walking on a sprained ankle can make the injury worse. You've just suffered stretched or possibly torn ligaments in your ankle.

How to walk after ankle fracture?

is it okay to walk around with an ankle fracture? Dr. Arnold Beresh answered 41 years experience Podiatry Not advisable: It would be best to elevate and keep pressure off the ankle unless you have been put into a walking brace or cast.

How to walk after ankle surgery?

Heel-to-toe walking is another balance exercise that can be useful, and those where you stand on one leg can be made more challenging by adding back and side leg raises. “The injured joint ‘leads’ the movements,” advises tai chi instructor Chris Cinnamon, who used his training to recuperate after knee surgery.

How long before you can walk after an ankle fracture?

I say it's around 71/2 weeks before you can walk again.

Are you able to walk on a broken ankle?

Can you walk on a broken ankle?

  • Common impairments that you may need to work on after an ankle fracture include: You may initially be required to walk with an assistive device like a walker or crutches after breaking your ankle. Your physical therapist can help you choose the correct device.
Can you walk on a broken ankle without pain?
  • Yes: Yes, but it may depend how serious a fracture and swelling there is. People have been known to walk on ankle fractures, so just because you can walk on it, does not exclude fracture diagnosis. Hope that helps.
How soon can i walk on my broken ankle?

Typically, a minor ankle fracture won't prevent you from walking. You might even be able to walk right after the injury. If you have a serious break, you'll need to avoid walking for a few months. As your ankle gets better, you can slowly return to normal activities. Know more about it here.

What happens if you walk with a broken ankle?

Simple Missteps: Sometimes, twisting or rotating your ankle during a walk can result in a broken bone. Even putting your foot down wrong may cause a fractured ankle. Car Crash: The impact of a car accident may cause dislocations, which require surgical repair.

How long after a broken femur can i walk?

How long to walk after broken femur?

  • Full recovery from a femur fracture can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 12 months; however, most people begin walking with the help of a physical therapist in the first day or two after injury and/or surgery.
How long after a broken foot can you walk?
  • The first thing is an x-ray, then treat accordingly. how long after the cast comes off a broken foot till able to walk again? Soon: When cast taken off this means the fracture healed, then you should be to walk with some limp, 2 weeks should be fine to start walking again.
How long till you can walk after broken tibia?

Any time a bone is broken we have to remove pressure on that bone to allow it to heal. This contributes to the prolonged healing time and requires a period of about 6 weeks where no weight is put on that leg.

How long after a sprained ankle can you walk without crutches?
  • How long after a sprained ankle can you walk without crutches? The majority of grade 1 ankle sprains will have healed after a two-week time span. After this time frame, you should be able to put weight on the ankle even with some slight pain most can still walk and get around.
How long does it take to walk after a fractured ankle?

It can take a few more weeks before you're walking around normally again. It generally takes 6-10 weeks for a broken ankle to heal.