How is muscle spasm treated in a person with a dislocated jaw?

Sheila Mitchell asked a question: How is muscle spasm treated in a person with a dislocated jaw?
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❓ Can deep tissue massage cause muscle spasm?

Any massage that is done improperly can lead to muscle spasms, sore muscles, and bruising. This is especially true if the person receiving the massage does not feel good about the pressure and speed.

❓ What massage technique can help relieve muscle spasm?

The recommended way of relieving a muscle spasm is a muscle-energy technique called reciprocal inhibition. What you do is have the person with the spasm contract the antagonist muscle(s) related to the ones in spasm. Works like a charm.

❓ How long does it take to heal back muscle spasm?

that will depend upon several factors, not limited to: the cause of the spasm, the exact muscle in spasm, the overall health and fitness of the patient, permitting ample healing time, whether or not an anti-inflammatory (NSAID) or analgesic used to treat the symptoms...They can be short term lasting only a day or so, but left untreated, un-rested, can go on chronically.

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If muscle spasm prevents the jaw from moving back into alignment, a sedative is administered intravenously (IV) to relax the muscles.

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