How hard is it to sell a pool table?

Lonie Dietrich asked a question: How hard is it to sell a pool table?
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It's very difficult to get a lot of money for your pool table… Start by putting the word out to friends and family that you are looking to sell your table. If you don't know anyone looking to buy, turn to online classifieds such as Craigslist. The lower your price, the faster you will sell.


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❓ Why do pool table rails get hard?

Extreme heat, cold or moisture can cause your table's rail rubber to become either, brittle or very hard.

❓ Is it hard to level a pool table?

Fortunately, leveling a pool table doesn't have to be hard or time consuming. And there are multiple ways of getting the job done. Most of the time a pool table can be leveled with a pack of playing cards, and of course, a level. Alternate methods include using shims, or installing/adjusting pool table leg levelers.

❓ Is it hard to replace pool table felt?

Replacing the felt, or more accurately the pool tablecloth, is often left to professionals, but the tools used are not expensive or complicated. The reason some consider it difficult is the exacting requirements of a pool table.

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How is a slate pool table different from a regular pool table?
  • A: An obvious difference is thickness. Three piece slate pool tables with less than 1" Thick Slate are much lighter and more likely to go out of level over time. The biggest difference is how the slate is cut. Slate is mined out of the ground, cut into 3 pieces, sanded or "honed" flat, then backed with a wood or MDF Frame.
Are there hard pool covers?

Safety covers are light weight yet extremely strong inground swimming pool covers that prevent your pets and children from falling in to your pool during the Winter, while also keeping dirt, leaves and stagnant water out. This ensures you'll have a clean pool come Spring time!

Is pool hard to learn?

Is billiards an easy or difficult game? It depends. It is easy to put balls, but it is very complicated to dominate the control of the white ball, win continuous matches, compete under pressure ... There is something about billiards that stand outs more than any other, the challenge of this sport.

Why is pool water hard?
  • Hard water occurs when there is too much calcium and magnesium present in the pool. According to San Francisco Gate , the top three things a pool owner has to worry about with regard to keeping the chemicals in the pool balanced are hardness, pH and chlorine.
Can slate pool table warp?

Slate is only a nearly waterproof material, meaning after continuous exposure to moisture it can still become warped. In rooms with warmer temperatures, the process of water absorption is sped up, so be sure to keep your table in a room that's always cool.

How big room pool table?
  • A 4½-foot-by-9-foot table needs 14½ by 19 feet of floor space or more; this provides 10 feet,centered,for the width and length.
  • A 4-foot-by-8-foot or "bar" table requires 14 feet by 18 feet of floor space.
  • A 3½-foot-by-7-foot table -- which is not recommended unless you are super-tight on space -- would need 13½ feet by 17 feet of floor space.
Is 6ft pool table small?

Typical Pool Table Dimensions. British 6ft: Popular in home games rooms as well as in pubs and clubs. British 7ft: Full size eight ball tables as used in leagues and tournaments. American 7ft: The smallest American table.

Is 8ft pool table big?

Which Are Regulation Size Pool Tables? ... Simply put, a "regulation-size pool table" is any table where the play field — or playable size — is exactly twice as long as it is wide. For instance, standard 8ft pool table dimensions of 44" x 88" would be considered regulation.

What color felt pool table?
  • There are many different colors of pool table felt from which to choose, therefore giving you plenty of options when deciding what color felt to choose for your rec room. Common billiard table felt colors include beige, black, blue, burgundy, charcoal, green, purple, and red. Most colors have many different shades, as well.
What is pool table cloth?
  • Pool table cloth for standard American pool games is made from a combination of wool and nylon, or wool and polyester. It is the way the cloth is woven, the quality of the wool, and the manufacturing process that separates different brands and styles of cloth for a pool table. Pool table cloth is...
What is pool table fabric?
  • Pool table cloth for standard American pool games is made from a combination of wool and nylon, or wool and polyester. It is the way the cloth is woven, the quality of the wool, and the manufacturing process that separates different brands and styles of cloth for a pool table. Pool table cloth is generally...
What is pool table felt?
  • The most common type of pool table felt is woolen cloth. This is the "felt" than many people are familiar with. It is usually thick and heavy, comprised of at least 60% wool, and has that familiar "felt" feel when you touch it.
What is pool table game?
  • Pool is a classification of cue sports played on a table with six pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited. Each specific pool game has its own name; some of the better-known include eight-ball, eightball pool and its variant blackball, nine-ball, ten-ball, seven-ball, straight pool, one-pocket,...
What is pool table light?
  • Pool table lights represent more than ambiance -- they provide the illumination needed to play the game. For 7- to 8-foot tables, hang a series of lights that equal 52 inches long combined. Nine-foot tables typically require a light that consists of one to four shades, totaling 62 inches long.
What size pool table regulation?
  • A regulation sized pool table is 4.5' x 9'. Pool table dimensions vary depending upon what country it is made in and what place it is bought from. Most pool tables have a size range of 3.5 ft x 7 ft, 4 ft x 8 ft, 4.5 ft x 9 ft, 5 ft x 10 ft, and 6 ft x 12 ft. The sizes represent the actual playing surface and these standards do vary a little.
When was pool table invented?
  • Billiard tables were first thought to have originated as early as the 1600's in France. Things get a little murky after that though. Pool tables (with pockets) are best traced to the early 1800's in England.
Why coin on pool table?

But for older people, there's a non-mystical explanation. At coin-operated pool tables, players deposit money that allows the table to release the balls from a storage area under the playing surface. As players sink each ball, they return to the collection area until more money is inserted.

Why is pool table slow?

Old cushion rubber slowly breaks down over time and can become mushy and slow to respond. The opposite problem is a little more common, that is the cushion rubber dries out and becomes rock hard. If your table has bad cushions it will definitely slow down the roll of the ball as it bounces off the cushion.

How do you build a pool table table top?
  1. Step 1: Cut your plywood. Select your plywood and have your local home improvement store cut it in half…
  2. Step 2: Pre-drill one piece…
  3. step 3: sand…
  4. Step 4: stain and paint…
  5. Step 5:Apply a top coat…
  6. Step 6: Install wood inserts…
  7. Step 7: Apply grip tape…
  8. Step 8: Install.
What's the difference between a miniature pool table and a real pool table?
  • This Folding Miniature Billiards Pool Table is made of the same materials as an authentic table with its fleece top to help the balls roll smoothly. The cushions attached to the edges help the balls ricochet so you can find the perfect shot just like the pros.
How many pool balls on a pool table?

Different numbers for different games. 8-Ball has 15 numbered balls and one cue ball. 9-Ball has 9 balls and one cue ball.

Can a pool table be converted to a billiard table?
  • Remove or flip over the dining top to instantly convert your table to a full-size billiard or table tennis table for hours of fun. The table comes ready to play with all accessories included required to play table tennis and billiards.